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  1. M

    Need some help with this 1950s Schwinn

    Ive had this for a little while just napping in my garage. I got it from a lady who used it as a lawn ornament for the past 30yrs. I’m just curious to year and model. I can make out a few letters which makes me think its a jaguar. I was told its a 56 but i think its a 54. Then again I’m almost...
  2. marius.suiram

    Wheels for the '57 Jaguar?

    What wheels were on the 57 Jaguar? 3 speed, I think, but which model? The back rack is not original. What about the seat and fenders?
  3. TheFizzer

    Sold 1959 Jaguar

    Crusty cool 59 Jaguar with brand new tires. $265 plus shipping
  4. T

    Vintage Schwinn Jaguar 1965

    Vintage Schwinn Jaguar 1965 On Ebay
  5. Chocolat96

    Schwinn 59 Jaguar Seiss lights

    Found a pair of N.O.S Seiss glass lens brake lights for my Schwinn Jaguar
  6. frank 71

    Sold Not So Fun Project 1954 Jaguar- Now $325.00

    Red 1954 Jaguar Basket case, Missing Pedals Rocket Ray Light & Spokes. Has S-2 Hoops. $475.00 Now $350.00. Frame & Fork $135.00 Chain guard $65.00 Bars $ Grips $50.00 S-2 Hoops $55.00 Fenders Sold. Crank & Chainring $40.00 Rear 54 Hub $65.00 Seat SOLD! Free Shipping CONUS...
  7. P

    1958 Schwinn Jaguar Mark 2 3 speed tank bike

    Here we have a Schwinn Jaguar Mark 2 3 speed bicycle. Numbers as we see are J824477 on the drop out. Sturmey Archer rear hub. Shifts as should. Parts appear original. Horn tank untested. Not sure about the seat material. Messinger seat. Previous owner started a repaint. Was missing shifter...
  8. S

    put together a 62 jaguar

    got a 62 jag frame last week,used parts i had on hand to put it together,pics are kinda dark,might have been low batteries in the cam,was slow shootin pics out the bottom!!
  9. Nickinator

    Sold 1959-61 Jaguar Panther Debutante etc 4 Tip Rack and Crash Rail S Seat

    Hard to find early 4 tip rack with the round bend. Tips are original and in decent condition, couple cracks and chips. Red lenses look good. rack has wear and dark chrome in spots. Straight. 26". SOLD 1959-61 deluxe blue crash rail S seat. Came on the deluxe bikes, this is off a boy's Jag...
  10. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V with tank springer and rear carrier

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments. Do not post anything here thank you. Buyer to pay actual Bikeflights shipping int he lower 48 USA. This is a repainted bike in as found condition. The seat is an older Persons reproduction, the tires are old original WW Westwinds. The S-7 rims...
  11. R

    Schwinn Jaguar Survivor

    My find this past weekend is this 1959 Schwinn Jaguar. An original survivor in fantastic condition. I plan to make this my swap meet cruiser.
  12. T


  13. Schwinn1776

    Withdrawn Blue1961 Schwinn Jaguar Mark lV

    Blue 1961 Schwinn Jaguar Mark lV coaster brake. Serial number M01887 Sun brust badge with small chip on side. Horn doesn't work, later 67 bars no grips, wrong pedals, missing one of the small reflectors on the rear rack. The rear tear drop reflector is cracked. It's rough but it's a great rider...
  14. Jay81

    Sold Schwinn Delta "Pumpkin" Light

    Not perfect but would look great on an original paint rider. Missing one reflector. Untested / assuming it does not work. $60 shippped in the lower 48 Paypal friends or USPS money order only
  15. Clark58mx

    Sold 1958 Schwinn Jaguar

    Up for sale is a 1958 Schwinn Mark II Jaguar. The hub is stamped 58. The serial number is E814997. This is a nice original bike. It’s only missing the rear taillight. I believe the tires are original. Nice paint and chrome. Asking $900 shipped. Any questions please ask.
  16. Jay81

    Reduced 1965 Schwinn Jaguar "S" Reflector, Horn, Bars/stem/grips

  17. Tikibar

    Schwinn Jaguar Tricycle

    Not mine, unsure what to call this, but it's unique :tongueout:
  18. Jim Barnard

    Withdrawn Schwinn frame now for sale in parts section

    Frame and guard have been powder coasted black. Seat is NOS but has some shelf wear, pedals are union and new, wheels are in need of cleaning and maitenance, fenders are stainless, rear rack is AWOL, but has left a nice mark on the rear fender. Headlight is NOS schwinn, correct for a later year...
  19. Nickinator

    Sold Schwinn 1950's Screw Type Pedals for Vettes & Jaguars

    Pretty decent, chrome frames are nice, a bit of chrome loss rust pits. Centers look nice, one spins freely the other doesn't move (haven't tried oiling them). Blocks are pretty nice, some scrapes but no big chunks gone. Axles spins straight. Frames are slightly pushed in on one side, not...
  20. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 60s Jaguar hood ornament

    Mid 60s Jaguar hood ornament. Good for Rat Rod project $18.00 shipped
  21. Chocolat96

    59 Jaguar Schwinn

    Took off the ball light and went with the dual light on my bike I know it’s the right light for it but it looks much nicer than the ball light.
  22. Chocolat96

    Schwinn Jaguar

    Pick up a N.O.S set of red and white saddle bags and found this tigers tail in the bags to bike looks much nicer with the bags on it.
  23. deddings

    Rough Corvette or Jaguar

    Hey there Everyone. I just got this Schwinn (sight unseen, but for a $20 absentee bid what the heck), and am not sure what the heck it is. The chrome accented fork, and archer 3 speed leads me towards a Jaguar or Corvette. I do not pick it up until Sunday, but could anyone here fulfill my...
  24. CannonCam

    1957 Schwinn Jaguar 3 speed

    1957 Schwinn Jaguar mk2 original 3 speed. Will clean up very nicely! This will make a great rider! Fresh barn pick, needs a good cleaning hasn't been touched in 20 years. $375 shipped anywhere in the lower 48
  25. bikemonkey

    WTB Black/White Jaguar saddle

    Looking for a decent black & white Schwinn Jaguar saddle with crash rail. Thanks!
  26. bikemonkey

    Swap Jaguar Coppertone saddle for black one

    I have a tan/white saddle from a Coppertone '64 Jaguar and am looking to trade for a similar black/white Jag saddle. This is the saddle - springs were removed and painted silver by previous owner, the pan is original and look good. Can remove springs and clamp etc. if needed. Thanks!
  27. schwinnguyinohio

    Withdrawn 1962 Schwinn jaguar/Sale or trade

    November 1962 bike , nice overall shape , original paint except top bar , westwinds , kickback , both racks . Starburst head badge . Normal scratches spot of paint missing left side of tank , 600$ / offer picked up or can drop off at a bike shop at buyers cost . Also would trade for a orange ...
  28. IMG_20170815_194449502


    54 Schwinn Fat Tire 3 speed
  29. avanti

    1956-1958 Schwinn Jaguar Tank Wanted

    Looking for the left side of this 1956 to 1958 Jaguar tank. Must be "Opalescent Red" with the pre-1959 Schwinn script. Thanks.
  30. Dave Stromberger

    WANTED: Balloon Tire Schwinn Jaguar Brakes

    Big fat caliper brakes.. Wienmann .. you got'm? I need'm! Thanks!
  31. Krakatoa

    1956 Schwinn Jaguar Rack in Green

    For this nice bike pls PM! Should be the correct Opalescent Green with holes for and also need battery tray, front headlight and bracket. Thanks, Nate
  32. A

    Reduced 58 schwinn jaguar 500

    58 schwinn jaguar, the bike located in indiana 500 plus shipping , postal money order only
  33. bobcycles

    NICE ORIG RED JAGUAR /PHANTOM 4 hole Tailight rear carrier F/S

    Nice Orig red metallic mid- late 1950s Schwinn phantom or jaguar carrier paint is very good tell light has a nice lens battery tray is OK one contact has corrosion and the switch is missing also needs the lid and ball bearing for inertia light. Looks great although not a functioning taillight...
  34. bobcycles


    Very clean orig red Schwinn Jaguar tank, chrome and paint are super nice. Few small dings on one side. 200 shipped for very nice orig tank Email Or msg here
  35. Chocolat96

    Schwinn 59 Jaguar 3 speed

    Almost done with my 59 Jag project just need to get the speedometer cable and I should be done.
  36. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Jaguar Tank

    Pics tell the story. Surface rust inside is just superficial, metal is not compromised. Has a few minor dings... easy fix! $110 shipped in the USA.
  37. avanti

    Narrow D-Bolt Seat Clamp on 1957-58 Jaguars?

    I've recently noticed these narrow D-bolt seat clamps on 1957-58 Schwinn Jaguars. In some instances, the clamps are on bikes, which have the Sturmey-Archer shift cable pulley mounted above the top tube. Does anyone know why Schwinn made this modification to the older wider D-bolt clamp and why...
  38. schwinnguyinohio

    Blue Jaguar project

    Looking for a good start (frame and tank) 60-62 Jaguar that was a single speed or had a kickback . I know it's a long shot but never know till you ask .
  39. jungleterry

    Found Needed for my jaguar

    Hello looking for an S7 bendix two speed kick back rim for our 62 jaguar also looking for correct light and a nice teardrop rear fender reflector unit please let us know if you have any of these thank you so much Terry and Tammy
  40. schwinnguyinohio

    1962 Jaguar

    I've been selling a few bikes lately in order to go after one that's been on my want list since I sold my other red one . It's a May 62 bike .
  41. Jay81

    Sold 1965 Schwinn Jaguar

    Nice rider. $225 shipped / lower 48 PayPal - only accepted as friends Or USPS money order $175 if you want to pick it up.
  42. 66sprint


    SOLD I have two schwinn reflectors for a rear rack 25.00 dollars shipped SOLD
  43. Chocolat96

    Delta Twin lights Schwinn Jaguar

    The other light set I got just for the lens and bezel didn't think the lights would work but they did before and after Finally completed my Delta twin lights I was missing one lens and bezel I found another light set these lights are hard to find took me awhile I restore the light on my bike...
  44. jungleterry

    Found Schwinn red seat with crash rail (jaguar)

    Hello picked up a nice rider Schwinn Jaguar but seat Is wrong so looking for correct seat I believe in 59 it is the three rivet style like the one pictured here please let us know if you can help take care Terry and Tammy
  45. Chocolat96

    Schwinn Jaguar project

    Been working on my jaguar lately need a couple more things to finish it hopefully by the end of this month I'll post pictures of it as soon I'm done with it.
  46. Nickinator

    Schwinn Jaguar Mark II Blue Chainguard

    This was the original guard for my daily rider '58 Jag, I found a better one so this one can go to another bike- they are actually not easy to find if you need one, and I know someone asked me about one a while back but sorry I forgot who that was. Has not had the decal replaced, but could if...
  47. Chocolat96

    Schwinn 59 Jaguar

    Need help I'm trying to put a Delta dual light set up on my Jaguar this light I pick up by itself not the original light from the bike I have an existing front carrier I mounted the light but it sits downward do I need a different carrier or bracket for it for the light to sit straight? 1959...
  48. jungleterry

    Needed Schwinn Jaguar rear rack

    Hello hoping to find a really nice rack for our 59 Jaguar . Please let us know if you can help . Thank you Terry and Tammy
  49. schwinnguyinohio

    Jaguar question

    I know you could get s single speed ,2 speed kickback, and a 3 speed , but did they ever offer a Jaguar in the 2 speed handle bar aviation shifter and if so what years ? I see them on other middle weights
  50. Kupa23

    1957 Schwinn mark 2 jaguar

    It's a 1957 all original mark ll Jaguar asking $700 shipped U.S.A. it's a Chicago Schwinn made 3 speed shifter cable snapped 700 shipped it's all original bike