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  1. G

    Whizzer 26" WZ $2500

    NIce WZ with Rebuild J Engine (J201126) with Roller Crank, Cylinder.020, new piston and rings, valve job, Tall Breather Phantom frame Springer fork with key New Pearson Saddle Double knurled Schwinn rims, 0.120 Stainless spokes Rebuild Coaster Brake New Echo Tube Tank boiled out and sealed New...
  2. G

    Whizzer Pacemaker for Sale restored

    Whizzer Pacemaker Link to pictures - Rebuilt engine (J217818) Crank machined -.040 Cylinder Std. new piston and rings, Rebuilt carb. Tall Breather Re-chromed 5” Rear drum brake, Re-chromed Schwinn front drum brake New dimpled Lobdell rims...
  3. T

    Schwinn Black Phantom Bicycle Date Code 1615

    Schwinn Black Phantom Bicycle Date Code 1615 On Ebay
  4. Dave Stromberger

    Need advice to restore ugly old decals

    I've run across this problem more than a few times... the clear area of the decals have decayed and lifted. My first inclination is to carefully scrape away the clear areas, but maybe there's a better solution... any ideas?
  5. Dave Stromberger

    1965 Schwinn Varsity Tourist - Violet

    Just picked this gem up... needs a little cleaning, but very original!
  6. Freqman1

    1937 Schwinn BA96

    First a huge thanks to @ZE52414 for getting this one to me. I know it looks pretty crusty and it is a 16" frame but I see a lot of potential in this bike. Most everything I have has all the bells and whistles and I like this one because, although it is a base level bike, it has a (working)...
  7. Freqman1

    Schwinn Spitfire 20" NOS Tank

    This is a very hard to find NOS tank for a 20" Spitfire or DX. Shelf wear as shown in photos. Does not have the horn unit in it. This came out of a Schwinn shop many years ago. You will look long and hard to find a nicer original tank. The tank measures approx 16 1/2" long. This tank is nice...

    1946 Schwinn World Imperial B6 Survivor

    1946 Schwinn World Imperial B6 in Black and Ivory original Paint.Fully Loaded survivor. San Pedro Ca. Sorry I posted pics twice I couldnt takem back off.oops.Have a good day.Thanks for lookin
  9. L

    Schwinn Medium size quality cotton duck Touring Bag w/ side pockets Seat Bag

    Touring Bag Schwinn Medium size quality cotton duck touring bag w/ side pockets Interior is vinyl lined and sound/ no holes. Exterior wear to cotton /canvas facing material Missing one leather top hanging strap. (Fitted with some kind of plastic pre historic zip tie type strap) - Overall...
  10. T

    Schwinn Stingray 1973 Original Chicago Schwinn Survivor Red

    Schwinn Stingray 1973 Original Chicago Schwinn Survivor Red On Ebay
  11. That bike guy

    Sold N4 schwinn Slik chik stingray shorty

    It’s a shame to let this go. I’m moved to a smaller apartment and I just can’t leave it out on the porch another day. It’s to cool of a bike to be left out in the Southern California weather. If you know you’re schwinn stingrays you know this is a hard one to come by. And if you are unfamiliar...
  12. LarzBahrs

    Sold 1955 schwinn 20in balooner

    For sale is a 1955 20in schwinn ballooner kids bicycle project. A great mate to your full sized b6. All parts in red primer good for painting. Rear fender brace was repaired. S2 rims with deep fenders. Has new departure rear skiptooth hub. Will come with a coaster brake strap. Asking 400 shipped...
  13. hm.

    Reduced 27" x 1 1/4" Schwinn S-6 Front and Rear Wheels

    Beautiful set of vintage 27"x1 1/4 Schwinn S-6 front and rear wheels with original tires. I removed them from a 1978 5-speed lightweight Schwinn Suburban bike that had the Shimano FF system crank. Front wheel is very nice with no bends or dings. A single-knurled rim with chrome that has a...
  14. hm.

    Sold 1981 Schwinn Cruiser 5

    Selling my Cruiser 5. This is a real Cruiser 5 with the one year only original chrome BMX style fork.. This is not a pieced together or upgraded coaster model. Bike is all original cardinal red paint with straight S-2 wheels. Paint shows well but has the scratches and chips that you would expect...
  15. Freqman1

    Reduced 24" Schwinn Spitfire Tank Original Paint

    This is a fairly scarce tank for a 24" postwar Spitfire/DX. Shelf wear as shown in photos. Has the horn unit in it but untested. The tank measures approx 20" long. This tank has been banged around a bit and has minor dents as seen in photos along with scrapes to the paint. This is still a pretty...
  16. L

    late 1950s Schwinn Tubular S-7 Wheelset wheel set Painted Enameled Uniroyal Airflight 1x 1 3/4

    Late 1950's wheelset from Schwinn Tornado Tubular S-7 Schwinn script and approved markings, as found, not done anything more than a quick clean to take pics and post enameled / Painted rims with good pinstipes - Hubs need serious de-greasing , but these are from what appears a...
  17. mongeese

    Sold Drop center rear wheel 3 speed coaster brake

    75 obo plus shipping from Wi. 9 tooth skip tooth cog- sturmey archer rare AB hub. 26 inch
  18. A

    Sold Schwinn panthers

    His and hers 26” 1950s panthers in super condition
  19. nj_shore

    For Sale: *Schwinn Display Sample* Display Simulator Salesman

    Great condition Schwinn Display Simulator. Central New Jersey $290
  20. bikesnbuses

    Sold NOS Schwinn middleweight plastic sunburst reflector headbadge badge

    Super sweet NOS Schwinn early 1960s badge! PERFECT for your restored Jaguar NOW Asking $50 shipped in the USA obo Trades? The only things I need right now are these...
  21. L

    Union diamond pattern Block Pedals Schwinn style w/ tpp12 reflector

    Union Block Pedals fine diamond pattern blocks Made in Germany Schwinn style , with Union logo on caps these have the smaller , tpp12 reflectors , c1971 marked k-10 476 on inside $12 ships for $8 from dc via usps
  22. Bubble Gum Contest for B.F. Goodrich bike Hamilton Daily News Journal July 23, 1948 .PNG

    Bubble Gum Contest for B.F. Goodrich bike Hamilton Daily News Journal July 23, 1948 .PNG

    Bubble Gum Contest for B.F. Goodrich bike Hamilton Daily News Journal July 23, 1948
  23. mongeese

    Winter 2020 swap meet table # 1

    Prices are marked next to part or parts- prices are shipped. Leave your phone number for fastest service in private message. California add 5 dollars unless you have purchased from me before.
  24. L

    Miller Kickstand

    Miller Kick Stand came off a circa 1939 -1941 department store badged ballooner. includes Fragile Remnants of Tag still with it when removed $55 plus shipping please send your address or at least zip when responding for shipping calculation
  25. A

    Sold Schwinn phantom seat

    Nice original seat just surface rust no rot or cracks needs to be recovered
  26. 1939 July 4th.JPG

    1939 July 4th.JPG

    July 4th 1939 Schwinn Dx ad
  27. Dr. Pepper Schwinn March 4th 1938.JPG

    Dr. Pepper Schwinn March 4th 1938.JPG

    Dr. Pepper girl posing on Schwinn bike
  28. 1936 Schwinn Ad.jpg

    1936 Schwinn Ad.jpg

  29. MatrixFab

    Schwinn Scrambler Banana Seat 18" or Persons Tufted or STINGRAY PERMACO

    PM with details - Picture for attention only, Thanks
  30. A

    30s 40s 26 inch Schwinn fenders

    Early fenders front tail is slightly bent but easy fix original paint all braces intact no rips or tears standard front fender
  31. abe lugo

    Sold Peewee Big Adventure Bike X1 custom Schwinn DX

    Well here it is. Probably the best replica of the Best bike in the World. A X1 based on the movie Peewee’s Big Adventure. I built a this years ago. Got measurements from about three real deal bikes. Then built a replica Dottie bike for My wife. It has all the same setup as the movie...
  32. atencioee

    Sold Original Delta Rocket Ray Light

    Original Delta Rocket Ray Light for Schwinn D / DX model bikes, such as the Hornet, Starlet, Streamliner, Panther, etc. Has some patina and the light doesn't work, but perhaps there is someone willing to take the time to clean up the contact points, although there is some deterioration from rust...
  33. bikesnbuses

    Sold Vintage 1978 original paint Schwinn Stingray jr for local pick up in RI

    Uncleaned original Schwinn Stingray junior Needs slight fork straightening . Needs complete tune up and gone through before riding.Far from perfect but still a great old 20" Schwinn I dont know what is under the white tape on the seat,sorry Im located in southern Rhode Island off rt 95 on the...
  34. 4

    Sold Schwinn Bicycle Books *Updated Price*

    2 Books on Schwinn Bicycles - Balloon Tire *Updated price* Books are in very good condition - Selling together - ** Updated price** $30 (includes priority shipping) No returns - prefer Paypal
  35. M

    1950's Schwinn Paramount Track Bicycle on Ebay

    1950's Schwinn Paramount Track Bicycle Follow the ebay link for more info and photos. This is my item. Anybody looking to buy this bike outside of ebay will save 10%. PM me if...
  36. atencioee

    Vintage Deluxe Bicycle Checkered Flag Mud Flap

    Vintage large checkered flag bicycle mud flap! I haven't seen many. Although used, this mud flap is in good condition. Use it on any bike, including Schwinn.
  37. atencioee

    Sold Original Schwinn Deluxe Chainguard for Phantom, Autocycles, B6, Panther, etc

    Original 1940s-1950s Schwinn deluxe chainguard. As you can see this guard was painted in various ares and decals had been placed on. This guard can used for a restoration, repaint, rat rod or whatever you desire! It is not perfect, but it is a decent guard. I did not clean the chainguard, but it...
  38. atencioee

    Sold Postwar Lobdell Wheel / Rim Set Schwinn, Hawthorne, Colson, etc

    Here is a nice set of postwar non-stamped flat Lobdell wheels, which were used on several vintage bikes including Schwinn, Colson, and Hawthorne among others. Several Schwinn bicycles had these from 1946 - 1948. Aside from the the dulled away chrome plating, the rims look good, there is very...
  39. atencioee

    Sold Lot of Postwar Schwinn Fenders, Hornet Starlet etc

    Here's a lot of 5 late 40s - 50s Schwinn balloon tire 26" "D" Model fenders. There are two rear fenders and three front fenders. Buy the entire lot for $100 shipped or buy fenders individually! There are a few dings & dents here and there, some rust on some rear braces. All in all, the fenders...
  40. atencioee

    Sold Rare Original (USA) 26" Schwinn Typhoon Cord WW Tires lot

    Rare and hard to find Schwinn Typhoon Cord Whitewall / WW tires (Made in USA), lot of 3. Seems anyone who has these, doesn't want to sell, but here is a set + 1! These are the earlier Typhoon Cords that do not have the "NYLON" script and black inner tubing of the tires that came a little later...
  41. Danny the schwinn freak

    Withdrawn Nice 1952 Schwinn DX frameset.

    1952 Schwinn heavyweight DX frameset. This is a nice, original paint frameset. It has chips, scratches and wear throughout, but for it’s age, it’s really clean. Nice and straight with no issues. I can deduct a little if you don’t want everything pictured, otherwise price is $350 shipped in the...
  42. atencioee

    Sold Original Schwinn Phantom Taillight w/repop lens

    Original Schwinn Phantom B6 Tail Light with repop lens. This taillight doesn't work, but perhaps a talented individual willing to take the time may be able to get it to work. Someone replaced the lens with a repop. This tail light has the black switch that came out on the later 50s Phantoms...
  43. atencioee

    NOS Union Chain

    NOS in the box Union chain, 1/2 inch regular pitch, 56 link. Used on several Schwinn bikes. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the chain is anywhere from the late 1940s to early 1960s.
  44. P

    Withdrawn 1941 Colson Double Eagle Deluxe Clipper

    Hello, I have a cool Double Eagle Deluxe clipper for sale. Condition: First off, the tank is solid with no rust. It does have some light dings and has the original Delta horn, button and battery tray. The fenders are also solid but have some dents which could be worked out. The front lower...
  45. barnyguey

    Burgess Schwinn Cyclery information wanted

    Howdy! I'm looking for information about Burgess Schwinn Cyclery out of Salina Kansas. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Barry, Cell 1-509-230-0613, Home 1-208-687-5319
  46. atencioee

    1960s Schwinn Jaguar, Corvette, Middleweight 4 Reflector Rear Rack, Handlebars

    HANDLE BARS STILL AVAILABLE...EVERYTHING ELSE SOLD!! Various 1960s Schwinn middleweight parts. #1 Restored AS seat post clamp $30 shipped - SOLD #2 Restored handlebars / steerhorns $55 shipped #3 Restored/Rechromed chaingaurd. The areas that get painted have been sanded with 220 grit to...
  47. atencioee

    Sold Vintage 2 Speed Bendix Hub Assembly

    2 Speed Bendix hub with shifter, cable, clips, etc. I believe this to be a mid 50s model used on some Schwinn bikes, but not sure. To be honest, I don't know much about these, and I lack familiarity as I have never used one of these on any bike, nor did I take the time to disassemble/rebuild...
  48. stezell

    Sold Schwinn script prewar glass reflector

    Schwinn script prewar glass reflector no cracks, 1 3/4" in diameter, mounting stud is good. For either a survivor or rider, asking $60, now $55 shipped. Thanks for looking. Sean