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  1. Notagamerguy

    Schwinn tiger green 3 speed

    Will ship anywhere in the us. It has toledo ohio licence plate.
  2. Notagamerguy

    57 58 3 speed sw schwinn Corvette

    I will ship it anywhere in the us
  3. Notagamerguy

    Coppertone schwinn fastback stingray 66

    Will ship the bike anywhere in the us
  4. bikesnbuses

    Sale Pending Late 50s-60s Schwinn Boys original paint amd chrome middleweight Panther II peanut trimline tank

    Hard to find..A decent original tank for early boys Schwinn tank for a Panther 2 It cleaned up some and should clean up more ,inside has some rust but is SUPER thick and solid..No horn and has incorrect .It does have a vertical dent on one side(shown in first picture,it appears to be from truss...
  5. barnyguey

    The Many Faces of Schwinn Volume II update

    Hello everyone, I have the book pretty close but I've got my self strapped with some credit card payments from the last hundred books I had printed. It cost over $3000.00 to have a hundred of them printed and I didn't sell enough of the second printing to pay back the credit card. I still owe...
  6. Notagamerguy

    1957 20 schwinn hornet

    Will ship anywhere in the us
  7. T

    Schwinn Antique Bicycle Twin Packard

    Schwinn Antique Bicycle Twin Packard On Ebay
  8. Notagamerguy

    Schwinn tornado 26" straightbar

    I will ship this bike wherever
  9. Notagamerguy

    Schwinn heavy duty wasp s2

    Im will to ship the bike where ever and i will not just sell the rims
  10. T

    antique Schwinn DX balloon tire 24" bicycle TANK original

    antique Schwinn DX balloon tire 24" bicycle TANK original On Ebay
  11. T

    antique 20" Schwinn cantilever TANK

    antique 20" Schwinn cantilever TANK On Ebay
  12. rustjunkie

    Sold restored 1950s mesinger b-1 de lux saddle

    Restored as original, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the upholstery. This saddle had chrome plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring rods, nose spring bolt, and side plates are...
  13. Freqman1

    Schwinn Prewar Cycle Truck lot

    Here is what I have for sale--red prewar CT project with wheels, three prewar CT frames with one being the rare 20" tall frame version, an extra front fender with no braces (not shown in pics), two sets of basket braces, extra original sign-no clamps, set of bars/stem-no bolt and bars are...
  14. hm.

    Schwinn fresh from the trash

    Today in Inglewood I was helping a friend with his 56 bug and the neighbor rolls this out to the curb and dumps it next to the trash cans for the scrap guy. Knocked on his door to make 100% sure it was cool to swoop it up.. And he says "take it" Rear hub says Bendix 2 speed auto? Serial...
  15. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Phantom Pinback NOS

    Schwinn Phantom pinback with original package. If you look closely, the chainguard has "Phantom" on it. This is the rarest variation of the Schwinn pinbacks. $15 shipped in the CONUS.
  16. sold Schwinn Phantom Saddle

    sold Schwinn Phantom Saddle

  17. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Schwinn Approved Phantom Mesinger Saddle

    Restored as original, with the same shape, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the rivets and reproduction side plates. This saddle had zinc plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring...

    Sold 1952 Schwinn Black Phantom

    Selling my 1952 Black Phantom.This was my first Post War Schwinn I got 5 years ago.Original Paint on frame amd chaingaurd, repainted fork legs by previous owner.Original Key for fork.It had a 95 repro seat when I got it, soo I replaced it with a original 50-51 seat.The fenders are 95 repro as...
  19. Freqman1

    Schwinn 1936-39 Autocycle, Motorbike, Cycleplane fenders

    A set of crusty, bent, rusted, fenders for early Schwinn Autocycle or Cycleplane. Braces are original and correct. These will take some work to make right or you could use them on a crusty original/rat bike. Does not have rivets or wire holders on front fender. Please check your application and...
  20. mongeese

    Torrington 10 pedals - 2 pairs

    Original uncleaned condition. 1 pair 120 shipped or both sets for 215 shipped from Wi.
  21. Notagamerguy

    Schwinn 66 67 stingray 2 3 5 fastback deluxe

    I am asking 700 a piece and 70 to ship a bike anywhere in the 7s except alaska and Hawaii
  22. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Sale Pending 3 Schwinn owners manuals

    Have 3 manuals, 1970 Sting Ray, '79 Collegiate and random '73 lightweights. Asking 20$ shipped for the lot from Louisiana, 70525. PayPal F&F please. Rather not separate and get stuck with a lightweight manual.
  23. Notagamerguy

    Schwinn Typhoon Straightbar black

    I live in the Allentown area im asking 325 for this bike and i will ship it for 75@ anywhere in the us except Hawaii and Alaska
  24. Iverider

    Schwinn heart chainring, cranks and bottom bracket hardware

    $40 shipped continental U.S. pulled from a 52 straightbar boys bike. Cranks (measure 6.5" from center of pedal shaft to center of bottom bracket) Chrome is meh, but not deeply pitted. Bottom Bracket Cups, Cones, Bearings, lock nut and tabbed washer Bearing surfaces are pretty nice and perfectly...
  25. kingfish254

    Lot of 19 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc

    Lot of 18 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc $30 shipped US 3 matched pairs plus 12 singles
  26. dogdart

    Sold Schwinn Stingray seat

    Very nice yellow glitter Stingray seat. One small Nick as seen in pic. Some peeling off silver. Overall very nice. $150 plus shipping from 15210. PayPal as F &F or USPS money order
  27. Baldy Jeff

    ( Sale Pending ) F/S/T --- 1965 Schwinn Sting Ray Violet Deluxe

    F/S/T - Sweet June '65 DELUXE ------------------Super original paint / screens + all very nice original component parts ........ No repo parts here ......... Not totally perfect, but awfully darn nice ------------------ Crackfree American made Schwinn tires are not dated correctly, but correct...
  28. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Prewar Long Spring PERSONS MAJESTIC bicycle saddle-Nice!----F/S

    1930S era Persons Majestic Long Spring bicycle saddle fully restored. leather top and bottom stitched / sewn edge. Really cool and quite unusual Heavy Duty Long Spring chassis the likes of which I don't see too often. Nice old seat for your MOTOBIKE etc 1930s era bicycle wood wheel or...
  29. E

    Withdrawn 1936 Schwinn wheelset 150.00 now

    1936 Schwinn wheelset..complete..with tires..drop center missing spokes..New Departure rear hub with boys skip tooth sprocket Tires are is in great shape..the other is bald but looks serviceable . This set was on a 1936 Schwinn Motorbike.The rims don't have any chrome or...
  30. D

    Need help identifying Pre-War Arnold Schwinn

    Thrift Store Find. Need Help Identifying. Arnold Schwinn World Head Badge. Looks To Be All Original.
  31. barnyguey

    Schwinn Wisco head badge wanted

    Hello Folks, I'm searching for a Wisco head badge. Thank you. Barry, 1-208-687-5319-home, 1-509-230-0613-cell
  32. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1946 Schwinn Continental 3 speed in CONN $420

    By no means am I knowledgeable to say what is correct on this bike. I do know when something has been loved and cared for. This seem like this bike has not been altered from original. Looks like the original cables are still present. Front wheel says Schwinn Stainless. Looks like some war time...
  33. Spartan 02.jpg

    Spartan 02.jpg

  34. A.M.C. Flash 05.jpg

    A.M.C. Flash 05.jpg

  35. T

    Original 1968 Campus Green Schwinn Stingray 5-Speed Fenderless Musclebike

    Original 1968 Campus Green Schwinn Stingray 5-Speed Fenderless Musclebike On Ebay
  36. barnyguey

    Schwinn bikes sold by A. R. Adams, anyone have one?

    A. R. Adams was a Schwinn dealer for years. They had the badges Butler and Diamond, maybe more. Does anyone have a Schwinn with one of these badges?
  37. dave429

    Art Deco Gooseneck Stem I.D.?

    Interesting looking stem I came across. I'm wondering if anyone knows what brand or bike it came off of? Thank in advance!
  38. P

    Old school bikes for sale A Mint Condition ELGIN And A SCHWINN Super Sport SERIOUS Inquiries ONLY Please And Thank You !!

    Asking price for elgin is $500 ... Asking price for schwinn $300 ... Location : pittsfield ma Prices are negotiable ... I haven't checked the going rate ... these are my prices ... so if they are high to you then don't respond and keep it moving not trying to be rude just grown ... in which...
  39. P

    Old school Schwinn super sport for sale ... PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!!

    Hey I am new to this and to this site and if I'm doing anything wrong please lmk all I am trying to do is sell my old inherited bikes one is a you guessed it schwinn and also a Elgin here's pictures of the schwinn since this isnt a elgin thread lol ... Let the bidding begin and serious...
  40. eaglesfan

    1940's Schwinn Lifetime guarantee certificate

    I recently bought a 1940's Schwinn certificate from an estate auction. I was wondering if someone could please give me any additional information about the potential worth of the item. Thanks!
  41. K

    1970 Schwinn Run-A-Bout $900. OBO

    1970 Schwinn Run-a-bout: $900. OBO. Color: Campus green, Excellent Vintage 1970 SCHWINN RUN-A-BOUT folding 3 speed bicycle All original parts (except new tires and seat) Original campus Green paint and decals in excellent condition Includes front rack - bike has been in storage for years Rims...
  42. Bike Magnet

    Sold 1960's Schwinn tandem

    I have a 1960's Schwinn tandem for sale. It isn't rideable as is, but would make a good project. One rim is incorrect and the bike is missing one chain. The rest of the bike is all there though. If I'm unable to sell the bike whole i'd be willing to sell parts off of it, just let me know what...
  43. Delivery boy with Schwinn, DEL RIO TEXAS.jpg

    Delivery boy with Schwinn, DEL RIO TEXAS.jpg

  44. Atlantiques

    1954 Schwinn Panther, original bike!

    This bike is an original parts, original paint bike. Only parts not original to the bike are the tires, which are a very nice set of white walls btw. This bike rides as nice as it did the day it came out of the shop, it floats. It also comes with a great working Cadet speedometer! I personally...
  45. danwiscool

    Coolest King Size on the block

    This frame dropped into my lap a couple years ago. My homie found it on Ebay and scooped it up (had never seen/heard of a King Size). When he saw that it was too big for him, he kicked it to me. I proceeded to turn it into a BMX cruiser (Santa Barbara style). We modified some Kona forks and...
  46. atencioee

    Found Non Knurled Schwinn Tubular S2 rims chrome or painted

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a set of original 26 inch 1948 non-knurled Schwinn Tubular S2 rims or wheels. Wheels can be either chrome or painted S2s. It's great if they are in decent condition, but even if not in the best of conditions I'm open to what you have. I don't necessarily need...
  47. B

    Partial Schwinn Mini Twinn

    For Sale: Blue Schwinn Mini Twinn that is incomplete. This bike was a rental at a local bike shop here in Seattle, WA. When I bought it, years ago, it was already missing the original seats, fenders and wheels. I just got done cleaning it up and as far as I could determine everything else is...
  48. atencioee

    Wanted: Original (late 40s-early 50s) Schwinn script brake lever assembly

    Hello! I'm looking for an original brake lever assembly, like those pictured, for what I believe to be correct for a 1952 Phantom with a front drum brake. If the lever assemblies pictured would not be correct for a 52 Phantom, then please give some guidance...I've seen some a little different...
  49. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1964 Schwinn Varsity - Terra Cotta

    Rare color! Paint is overall pretty good, worse of it being the left side fork blade and the chain stay where the chain slaps it. It will need your TLC... a complete detailing and lube/tune would bring this bike back to fantastic condition! Soak those pedals in an OA bath and BAM! Wheels...