1. T

    Vintage Dayton Huffman Bicycle FRAME TANK BADGE HORN Schwinn Fork Cruiser Bike

    Vintage Dayton Huffman Bicycle FRAME TANK BADGE HORN Schwinn Fork Cruiser Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Dayton-Huffman-Bicycle-FRAME-TANK-BADGE-HORN-Schwinn-Fork-Cruiser-Bike/382613820386?
  2. mongeese

    20” ballooner kickstand Wald patent

    Start at 100 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin.
  3. T

    Vintage Schwinn Varsity Bicentennial Bicycle 1976? AMAZING

    Vintage Schwinn Varsity Bicentennial Bicycle 1976? AMAZING On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Schwinn-Varsity-Bicentennial-Bicycle-1976-AMAZING/123476244030?
  4. A

    1977 Boys Chicago Schwinn Stingray

    Please PM direct with questions comments or concerns do not post replies here thanks. 1977 Chicago Schwinn Stingray bike. The seat is new, back tire is new (authentic reproduction), bitch bar is new, chain is new, labels are new but original NOS, paint is new but original NOS. Stored indoors...
  5. bobcycles

    Schwinn bicycle pedals 63/64 Stingray 'riders' and Mint NOS pair of 50s Schwinn Gems! F/S

    Here is an NOS pair of Schwinn 50s' or possibly early 60s? full size adult mens bicycle pedals. Look to be Nickel plated? Blocks are mint, pedals are unused and look like brand new mint pedals. Blocks are quite beefy and an unusual profile. Not sure what these were designated for but they are...
  6. Jon Marinello

    NOS Blue 170mm Team Schwinn BMX Drive-side Crank

    $165 shipped CONUS PayPal Friends and Family.
  7. Schwinn is life

    Black phantom schwinn tank

    Looking for a decent condition black phantom tank with no rust holes. It will go on this bike so would like one to match it. Surface rust is ok. Let me know if you have one thanks.
  8. ohdeebee

    Prewar Schwinn Front Drum setup. Pat. Pend.

    Complete setup, good stamping, original hard to find cable. $415 shipped
  9. Moseph

    Schwinn Wasp

    It's time that I look for a new daily rider and move into the balloon tire/heavyweight world. I'm looking for a 50s Schwinn Wasp and don't necessarily need it to have wheels because I want to run a different setup anyways. Thanks!
  10. locomotion

    Urgent! Badge collectors .... Need a very nice Schwinn New World badge.

    Urgent! Badge collectors .... Need a very nice 1940 Schwinn New World badge. If you have 2, or if you are willing to sell yours. I would like to change the badge on my bicycle. The bike is in great shape, but the badge has also no color left. thanks Max
  11. Krakatoa

    ~ 1946 Schwinn Tapered Kickstand for Lightweight Bicycle! ~

    Nice harder to find tapered kickstand for your Schwinn lightweight bicycle! Complete with pin. $40 shipped
  12. TheFizzer

    Reduced Schwinn Sweetheart Skip Tooth Sprocket

    Skip tooth sprocket. $34 shipped to lower 48 via PayPal
  13. bikemonkey

    NOS - Gulco Stimsonite Reflectors - Schwinn Lightweights & Muscle Bikes

    All reflectors are from a closed 1980's bicycle shop and are NOS and never installed. $15 shipped Gulco/Bright Star #2222 Orange Reflector $25 shipped Large Gulco Stratolite 6 Wedge Muscle Bike Red Reflector w/label. Reflector is approximately 3.25" in diameter.
  14. anders1

    Reduced 4 Sale Schwinn Kick Stand and Hub, Both for $50 SHIPPED

    $45 shipped for this ree cromed kick stand for Schwinn 26” Baloon Tire bike. $25 shipped for the Schwinn hub. Shipped from S California, personal messages only please. Thanks
  15. T

    Schwinn stingray FASTBACK 1966 original boys 5 speed blue

    Schwinn stingray FASTBACK 1966 original boys 5 speed blue On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-FASTBACK-1966-original-boys-5-speed-blue/143006568722?
  16. Schwinn is life

    Phantom Schwinn grips

    Looking for some red schwinn phantom grips. Let me know thanks.
  17. H

    WTB: 1968 - 72 Schwinn Stingray 5-speed or 1968 - 70 Schwinn Stingray Coaster with Bendix 2-speed kickback overdrive hub.

    Hello All! I just discovered this site after getting the bug to find my bikes that I had in the 60's and 70's. I loved and lived on my old Stingrays, as I'm sure that many of you have! My goal is to find a bike to restore or find one that is restored. I'm looking for a complete 1968 - 72...
  18. Clark58mx

    Sold Schwinn B6 Liberty Deluxe Men’s bicycle 2 Speed

    Up for is a Schwinn B6 Deluxe Liberty men’s bike. The serial number is C34246. I believe it’s a 1947. The original black and cream paint is in fair condition. The tank has been touched up. The bike has a great patina. The fork has the original key. Equipped with a New Departure 2 speed hub and a...
  19. Jay81

    1956 Schwinn Spitfire

    Here's a neat bike. It's one of Schwinn's first middleweight bikes but still has that classic 50's two tone paint scheme. The S7 wheels are kind of rough, but the rest of the bike is in nice shape and has the potential to look even better if cleaned up and waxed. Apparently it's been a local...
  20. mbstude

    '53 Schwinn Panther Part Out

    I bought a '53 Panther last month and upon disassembly, I discovered that very little on the bike is original. Here's the pieces. All prices include shipping (US only); offers considered. I'm more than happy to negotiate, I honestly don't know what this stuff is worth. I overpaid for this bike...
  21. Clark58mx

    Sold 1954 Schwinn Panther Deluxe Men’s RARE BLUE

    Up for sale is my 1954 Schwinn Panther deluxe men’s bike. Rare two tone blue. The serial number is M54013. This is a original paint bike, except the tank. The tank has been repainted and is a reproduction. It’s the metallic Schwinn paint. It’s a nice rider. Equipped with a Schwinn front drum...
  22. frank 71

    Reduced 1948 Schwinn No Knurl Wheel Set $289.00 - $250.00

    Hard to find in any Condition. This Set is in very very good Condition, A little chrome pitting on the front Wheel, one curb ding & one other ding on the front wheel. Rear Wheel has Excellent Chrome, & one small ding. Hubs appear to be in very good Condition, Some pitting on the front hub...
  23. barnyguey

    Who has Schwinn B10 parts?

    Anyone know who I need to contact for B10 parts? Thanks, Barry
  24. T

    24" Schwinn

    Not mine. https://omaha.craigslist.org/atq/d/antique-schwinn-boys-bicycle/6722601537.html
  25. HARPO

    Schwinn Jaguar...early 60's...just got it...

    I saw this on an Estate Sale listing, and since I sold the last Jaguar I had years ago, I figured it was time for another. This sale was being run by an outfit, so you know they did homework on most of the items. I even contacted them the day before to buy it, but I was told I had to wait until...
  26. Vintagedad

    Saddles for sale Schwinn, Mesinger Etc.

    The banana seat came off a 73 fastback and obviously is in rough shape. It does still have it’s stingray tag on the back. I believe the black and white seat may have came from a typhoon but I’m not completely sure. These all came from a large parts lot I bought and I don’t need them. There were...
  27. mr.cycleplane

    schwinn deluxe reflector pre/post war patina'd

    Schwinn deluxe reflector used from 1936 autocycle to postwar phantoms! sometimes when building an all original bike using a re-chromed or new reflector doesn't cut it. to give the look and keep the overall appearance of original/patina one must use patina'd parts-and here it is! this taillight...
  28. atencioee

    Looking for Schwinn hornet 9 hole rear carrier rack

    Hello! I'm looking for a Schwinn hornet 9 hole rear carrier rack that is in fairly good condition (no cracks and not bent).
  29. P

    Want 20 or 22 inch Schwinn Suburban frame

    I bought a 24 inch Schwinn Suburban to restore, but after getting it all back together I just can't get used to the size. I'd like to find a smaller frame I can fit all the parts to.
  30. Schwinn is life

    Schwinn Stingray parts

    Any interest on the parts on this bike everything is up for sale. I’m trying to get out of muscle bikes so need to sell this one. $425 plus shipping or if you want the parts. Happy to send more pictures if needed. Prices don’t include shipping Both wheels are s2 $150 Shifter cables and...
  31. D

    1956 Schwinn Starlet

    Needs a little elbow grease, but it's a nice original with a very late '56 serial number.
  32. F

    Sold Schwinn Lincoln DX tank og paint

    Original paint tank for your DX, 225 shipped from 60423. No screws or horn. Postal money order only

    Sold Schwinn fender hood train light with Schwinn lense!

    Got this schwinn train hood cover with lense, the chrome is in like new condition. Asking $100 plus shipping. Great to finish of your bike that is missing one! Pm with any questions!
  34. Glenn Rhein

    Schwinn panther

    I know it’s hard from one picture but can anybody tell me with this bike is worth?
  35. mr.cycleplane

    prewar schwinn rack reflector-nice

    prewar Schwinn deluxe rack reflector. rare item-seems to always be missing . this is the cateye iridescent red reflector found on the Schwinn autocycle rack(1936) thru 1942 (as available) on other deluxe schwinns with this rack. has the mounting cup(worthless without this part). hard to...
  36. mr.cycleplane

    prewar schwinn rack reflector

    prewar Schwinn rack reflector with mounting cup(without cup-its useless). this is the cateye iridescent red found on the deluxe rack. this one is missing the nickel/stainless trim(90% of them are). priced right 80shipped pp/ff
  37. mr.cycleplane

    schwinn prewar a.s. gooseneck

    Schwinn prewar gooseneck-removed from 1940. 85 shipped pp/ff
  38. mr.cycleplane

    schwinn prewar double adjustable goose neck

    Schwinn prewar double adjustable gooseneck. little rough with overall patina's condition-rust on shaft and the a.s. screws rusted/damaged not show-y at all. still usable- good for rider or place holder-priced right considering these are hard to find and getting pricey. 180 shipped pp/ff
  39. mr.cycleplane

    Sold prewar schwinn forebrake 1940

    prewar Schwinn forebrake complete patina'd condition. spins smooth-'meat' left on the shoes. nice original cadium on the porkchop would look great on decent original bike. clamp is for the truss rod-not springer.350 shipped pp/ff
  40. Clark58mx

    Sold Prewar 1937 Schwinn C Model

    Up for sale is a prewar Schwinn C Model men’s bicycle. I believe it’s a 1937. Serial number is T15375. The paint is original, except the fork. The fender tips have been touched up. Has the original Schwinn Key. Original seat has been restored. Schwinn Aerocycle rack. The tank is clean and has no...
  41. Danny the schwinn freak

    Nice OG paint early Schwinn deluxe chainguards for sale

    Selling off some of my collection. All are original paint all in very nice shape. The red Wasp guard is NOS, all of the rest are in great shape. Asking $100 shipped each or $550 shipped for all 5 with the display. Display is fully welded sturdy “C” channel and powder coated satin black. Please...
  42. T

    1970 Schwinn Apple Krate Old School Stingray Stikshift Chopper Muscle Bike 5 spd

    1970 Schwinn Apple Krate Old School Stingray Stikshift Chopper Muscle Bike 5 spd On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Schwinn-Apple-Krate-Old-School-Stingray-Stikshift-Chopper-Muscle-Bike-5-spd/142866853064?
  43. barnyguey

    What was the first year the Schwinn Quality decal show up?

    Anyone know the first year a Schwinn Quality decal was put on a Schwinn frame? Thanks, Barry
  44. D

    Super Nice SCHWINN sign - Any Info?

    Hey all, can anyone tell me anything about this sign? It's one of the nicest I've seen, can't find any information about it. Great size (24x11x5), works perfect and is in amazing condition. Great colors. If you can't tell from the pictures, it is an army green color with silver side trim pieces...
  45. 5760rj

    WANTED 7/16" 20 Tap & Die Schwinn

    Tap and Die, 7/16" 20 tpi by Schwinn, example of one is the fork and steer tube bolt on 50s era big balloon tire bicycles with a springer fork
  46. PlasticNerd

    Prewar Schwinn wheelset

    Looking for a decent set of drop center chrome wheels, rider quality. For a 38-39 motorbike. Morrow hub a plus.
  47. Y

    1971 Schwinn Twinn Deluxe Tandem $700

    Yellow tandem 5 speed with easy step thru frame. Perfect for cruising around town with your honey. Located in Davis, CA 95616 Excellent shape: stored inside, no rust or major dings. Original Schwinn leather seats. Chrome fenders, front basket. Chains, cables, housing; bearings, tubes, & tires...
  48. Rust_Trader

    Sold Schwinn DX project $180

    SOLD Need it out, project bike. $180 local pickup only. Irvine Ca 92618
  49. marius.suiram

    Schwinn S2 set of wheels, late 40's

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price: 110$ plus shipping Front hub marked Schwinn, the front wheel looks straight, no bents. Rear hub is New Departure model D. Missing one spoke. Skiptoo th sprocket. One ding as seen in photo 9. Both hubs should be...
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