1. Praster89

    Took my 67 to the beach.

    Rode this thing about 11 miles the other day. Not very far but it was fun!! Fastbacks are so nice to ride!!
  2. K

    Schwinn Sting Ray 1979 For Sale

    This well-preserved (well loved) 1979 Sting Ray is in a dazzling two-tone color combination of golden yellow and cardinal red. It has the classic frame, high-rise handle bars, full length chain guard and super cool banana seat! The bike has 3 speeds with coaster breaks. All original (all...
  3. avanti

    Chrome Caliper Crown for Stingray Fork

    Looking for 3.25" chrome crown for Schwinn Stingray equipped with caliper brakes (see below). NOT the same crown used on Schwinn Fastback or lightweights.
  4. djhavikk

    Muscle Bike Taco Ride Stockton CA

    Muscle bike and Taco ride in Stockton CA Sunday, April 2nd. Two FREE tacos and a drink will be given out to each rider (while supplies last). Donations will also be accepted to help benefit the Okizu camp.