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  1. S

    What tandem bike do i have?

    My dad and I recently purchased a Sears Roebuck and Co. Tandem bicycle. We are looking for more information on the bicycle. I know it says SportFlite. Any I information would help, year and serial number.
  2. L

    British English 3 Speed Chainguards, lights, Bits, Racks pedals and Accessories

    British 3 Speed Accessories and Parts (more to come , please see my other posts ) (All prices are plus shipping ) (willing to givevery substantial concession in price if you can offer a colson deep early post war front fender in trade ) this post will be ongoing , constrained by pic...
  3. B

    Sears Spaceliner:

    I found this Sears Deluxe Spaceliner on craigslist. It was really in excellent shape...all I had to do was clean it up, service the kickback hub, chrome paint the plastic housing on the tank...that's it. From reading a post on CABE, it appears to be a "1965-65 26" Deluxe chrome Mens, 2-speed...
  4. SteveF

    Sears spaceliner seven tank

    Hi guys! I'm looking for the beautiful and ever elusive Sears spaceliner seven tank, preferably in turquoise. I have a chrome frame girls bike with the incorrect tank on it right now. I'm looking to get this bike back to it's original glory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day!
  5. mongeese

    GP grips atomic era jet bike

    Coll scarce grips original uncleaned condition. 30 shipped from Wi.
  6. Jim Barnard

    Sold TRM Convertible Tank with Dual Light Kit $200 shipped

    Lovely high quality tank and light kit complete. Has original box, directions, stickers, switch, wiring and diagram. I no longer have the bike I bought this for and wish to pass it along to someone who can use it. This will make you look twice at a ladies bike and consult the google to find out...
  7. P

    Withdrawn sears spaceliner, JC higgans, Three star columbia, Murray built sears screamer (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

    ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE IF YOU SEE THE POST AND THINK PRICES ARE TOO HIGH LET PM ME THE REASONABLE AMOUNT PM me and we can discuss a price that works within a reasonable range that works for me as well as you OFFERS ARE WELCOME As life happens some things have to go. Currently located in...
  8. ZE52414

    Reduced Men’s 24” sears muscle bike (Nice)

    Up for grabs I believe is a 67 sears Spyder 5 speed. I don’t know a lot about these bikes. But this one appears to be OG condition minus the rear tire. this bike is as found condition. I haven’t even wiped it off. I will let the pics do the talking, if you need any other pics let me know. I’m...
  9. Nickinator

    Half Moon Bars Sears ~ Elgin JCHiggins Spaceliner +

    Look pretty straight. Still have good shine on them, some dark/worn chrome especially on one side, some gouges in the very center (stem covers it) and a rusty end that grip covers. Hard to find bars. This style used on Sears bikes ~ Elgins, JCH, Spaceliners etc. I didn't take them off the bike...
  10. M

    J.C. Higgins/Sears information and pricing information?

    This was literally a free street find and just trying to get some ideas of what year, model, year, etc. Thank you in advance!
  11. kirk thomas

    Vintage Sears Banana bike in NY

  12. Shawn Michael

    Sears Elgin

    I picked up this Sears Elgin at a swap meet today. The price was right so I had to pick it up. My original thought was to turn it into yard art and sell it, but I may be able to save it. It had a 24" rear wheel and a rusted chain stuck to it, also the forks were stuck at 90°. I was able to free...
  13. P

    sears spaceliner

    looking for tank parts for this bike
  14. Nickinator

    Sold Vintage Sears Stamped White Grips with Streamers

    Very nice condition. Grips are nice and white still, and have some flex to them. Came off an early postwar JC Higgins but may be 60's or later. Stamped SEARS. $30 shipped PP no fees, or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick (Double post- accidentally put in complete bikes, awaiting...
  15. Krakatoa


    Super neat Sears & Roebuck branded J.C. Higgins baseball bat, Yogi Berra Professional Model #1744, estimated late late 1950's. Nice condition with no splits or warps, the bat is nice and sound. SOLD!
  16. T

    Wanted: 1965 Sears Spyder Mark VII Chrome 3 spd.

    Must have the Twist Grip shifter. And must be rideable with minor work (tubes, brakes,). Seat preferred to have no rips/tears/holes, Chrome in good shape. This is to replace my original that got stolen in Hawaii in 1968 when I was 13. Now my 7 year old Grandson wants one bad. I offered him...
  17. stoney


    NEED--VERY NICE chome headlight trim as in photo, mine got broken in shipping. Thanks, Ray Send PM
  18. alecburns

    39-41 Sears Collegiate: My First Project!

    [tl;dr: I got an old bicycle and intend on fixing it up. This will be proof.] I am very excited to get started on this one. If anyone has seen my threads looking for a wartime/prewar bike, you'll know that I have been looking for a bike like this for a long time. In Colorado, these bikes seldom...
  19. John

    Sold Elgin Sears Motorbike prewar bicycle with original paint

    $910.00 shipped or best offer
  20. M

    Help identifying this sears Murray bicycle

    Well what I thought was a Schwinn Corvette by running the numbers through bikehistory.org is really a Murray bicycle. I would like any info on this bicycle. I don’t know where to look, so far I can’t find the info to determine the year or model. MOP 502 47600 8-57165 Thank you. Tracy
  21. morton

    Another Sears Bites the Dust

    I had mentioned in an earlier post that I didn't think this store (York, PA) would last the new year. Sadly I was correct. It's closing was announced today. About 2 years ago they started having some great sales on some of the bike items they carried like wireless speedos at $9, balloon tires...
  22. Pedals Past

    Sold Sears Elgin Bike clock eight day wind up

    Elgin 8 day wind up bike clock needs spring or cleaned have not had it investigated but sure a good watch guy can make it work hands move for adjusting time winder is bound never seen one before but its pre war handle bar mount $500 obo shipped 48 usa ff/pp pm to buy
  23. stoney

    WTB Sears Spaceliner

    WANTED, boys Sears Spaceliner. Chrome with springer version. Really don't want a project. A couple of minor needs are okay. Please PM with pics, price info etc. Thanks, Ray
  24. stoney


    WTB, Sears boys Spaceliner. Very nice, chrome version with springer. Really don't want a project. Couple of minor needs are okay. Please PM with info, pics , price etc. Thanks, Ray
  25. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Sears Spaceliner project

    I believe this is a 64 , mostly original and complete . Frame should clean up well , front fender has dents shown ,rims have nice chrome but they have a few loose spokes and wobble some . Grips not original and missing rear light lens . Good project spaceliner has great potential. 275 delivered...
  26. szathmarig

    Sold PeeWee Herman Sears Spaceliner

    Working tank lights, working handle bar horn, no dents, no cracks, no welds, or repairs on this bike. Original paint is scratched up, but still shows well. Original tires hold air. $300 plus shipping, now $250 plus shipping from Was. D.C. Now $200 plus shipping without the hubcap. Hubcap is sold.
  27. Dan the bike man

    Sale Pending 1897 sears mens now $1200 shipped!

    I believe this is 1897 but definitely 1890’s. Sold by Sears. Super nice original maroon paint with fancy designs on tubing. 24” seat tube for the TALL guys! This is a really nice bike! No longer for sale or picked up in SE Michigan or best offer. Thanks for looking
  28. ADReese

    Sold Sears allstate tires

    Beautiful pair of 26x2.125 Sears allstate tires. These came on my immaculate '50 Schwinn ladies bike. The bike was stored indoors and cared for its entire life. I have decided to go with clay colored tires and wont be needing these. Some random light sidewall cracking when you squeeze the tire...
  29. Thonyv1974_

    Withdrawn Sears /Puch ?

    Hello fellow cabers, we'd like to trade this late 60s / early 70s Sears 5spd bicycle for a pair of inner tubes. .26 in balloon or 20x1 3/8..Believed to be built by Puch. Straight wheels, nice paint, been sitting 30 yrs or so untouched. Definitely need to be cleaned and serviced. .. Local pick...
  30. Lorcan Otway

    Sears Higgins - Spaceliner? Date?

    Hi Folks. As I said in my introduction post, I am restoring a Sears Higgins. It spent years in a truck back, which raccoons had gotten into, and was covered in raccoon excrement dust and rust. I carefully removed the rust and found really good metal under it, and even the chrome looks good...
  31. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Sears Chief Drop Stand

    It's what you need! $350 shipped in the USA.
  32. Dave Stromberger

    Reduced Sears Chief Sprocket

    Pic tells the story. Bitchin' wall hanger or install on a survivor bike! $210 $175 shipped in the USA.
  33. Jim Barnard

    Sold Sears Spaceliner Chrome and turquoise

    Well done Ladies 1966 (?) Sears Spaceliner in mild custom condition. This old girl sat in the New England Muscle Bicycle Museum for about a decade before being bought by a private individual. This is in New London CT and can be picked up here or in Hartford. Shipping will be bike flights at cost...
  34. toyman


    This is a real nice Sears Chief bicycle.It has the original red and white paint.It has a very nice badge that is also in great shape.It has the deep fenders fenders that are dent free.Three speed.I have an extra shifter that I am throwing in that has very nice nickeling.It has the correct...
  35. ejlwheels

    Davis Sewing deep fenders for late teens Sears Chief

    Pretty clean and solid. No braces. Should fit many late teens 1918-1922? Davis Sewing bikes. I'm guessing someone repainted them intending to use them on a 1918-19 Sears Chief. There is one extra hole in the top of the rear fender. Not sure if that is for a rack bumper or rear light? Front...
  36. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ SEARS Allstate Premium 26" x 1 3/8" Period Tire Pair! ~ ~

    Best for super correct display or collection bikes authentic vintage period tires brought to you by Krakatoa~ Nice used vintage period pair of SEARS Allstate Premium 26" x 1 3/8" tires. Good used condition with tubes, some old demounting bruises at inner bead edge, not problematic or visible...

    Sears Spaceliner Pedals Needed

    I have a 1964 26 " Sears Spaceliner. I need a good set of pedals. About 4" wide , Stock is what I'm looking for. See Photo. Call Curt if you have some to sell. Thanks ! 425-354-8263
  38. G

    Teens Sears Chief

    I am looking for parts for my original unrestored teens Chief. I need the Sturmey Archer shifter and rear 3 speed coaster hub. Also need rear fender and drop stand. Any help or direct me to someone who might would be very much appreciated. Thank you Gordy
  39. Jim Barnard

    Star Trek Sears Spaceliner

    So I am a geek. Of this there is no doubt. This gorgeous bike was one of the very best space age designs to come out of the late 50's and 60's middle weight Jetson's style bikes. It reminded me of the optimism the USA had in everything it produced during the space race to the moon. The 59...
  40. rrtbike

    Sold Sears Allstate 26x1.75 Whitewall

    For Sale: 26x1.75 Whitewall Original Sears Allstate tire off a Chrome mens Spaceliner. Some cracking but was up and ridable. $10 plus the shipping from IA50022 PayPal or Money Order Thank you.
  41. Jaxon

    Found Sears Screamer Front Fender 16 inch

    I need a 16 inch front fender for a Sears Screamer. It can be a Screamer fender or a plain 16 inch front fender. I could use the kind with the slot in it for the springer. Thanks for any help! Jaxon
  42. Jim Barnard

    Sold Boys and Girls Sears Spyder banana bikes *NOW $500 SHIPPED

    Very Nice riding pair of banana bikes. Original paint, parts and accessorized with correct add ons. Red line tires are original. Butterfly bars are correct on the Boys bike. 24" wheels make these easy for adults to use.The 10 speed has a rear caliper AND drum brake! 1968 or 69. $600 pr. Shipping...
  43. rideahiggins

    Sold Sears Spyder 10 speed

    Clean Sears Spyder 10 speed. $350 delivered to Hoosier Swap on the 27th.
  44. D

    WTB: Sears Screamer Parts

    Looking for parts for 69-70 Sears Screamers. Need a seat, chainguard, and other parts. Let me know what you have.
  45. A

    Reduced 1966 sears spyder

    1966 sears spyder $375 plus shipping ,postal money order only, the bike is located in Indiana
  46. Rick Sommer

    Finding good homes for my collection

    Dear Fellow Classic and Antique Bicycle Collectors! I am a bicycle enthusiast who began accumulating classic/antique/vintage bicycles about 40 years ago. Storage has been an issue, and I have not had the time to care for or restore these collectables. I now need to sell them, and I would like...
  47. Iceyak

    Sears Spaceliner 1966-68

    Looking for a 26” 1966-68 chrome, deluxe, Sears Spaceliner.