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  1. speeddemon

    Sale Pending FS: 1960's Violet Sears Spyder Banana Seat 5 Speed Bicycle $325 obo

    For sale is a 1960's Violet Sears Spyder 5 speed 24 in bicycle. Serial Number: 02459510 It is pretty darn close to all original, only non-original parts is the front tire has the original rear tire (Allstate Sports Tread by Sears) The seat has no rips, holes or tears, original paint is in...
  2. carlitos60

    Sears CHIEF Drop Stand!

    Looking for a Sears CHIEF Drop Stand!! Any Model Would be OK!! 1917?? Thanks!
  3. Balloontyre

    Sold Fantastic Mead Sears Davis, Sturmey Archer 3spd wheelset

    The ultimate Mead wheel upgrade, or other. Complete Package as shown! 700 c tires included. Steel insert wood rims with very good orginal finish & plating on hubs. They spin good, minor truing could be done to both rims. Finger joints are tight, small rise of exterior finger on 2. Sold
  4. R

    60s chrome Sears Spyder Mark VII

    Nice slick rear tire. Seat is free of rips or cracks 3 speed grip shift. Some pitting in chrome but has been cleaned and greased. Contact me for more info and pics. Text Rick 216-233-9015. 280$ may consider Stingray trade or partial trade any condition.
  5. kirk thomas

    Sold 1939-40 Fall/Winter Sears catalog

    This catalog is in pretty good condition with the normal wear for paper this old. The book has the complete ELGIN line up of bikes and parts. You can find pretty much everything in this catalog you would need to build or maintain your farm or anything. Very interesting stuff. I would like $30...
  6. partsguy

    Sold '67 SPYDER 5-SPEED! 24"! $225

    This 1960's classic is looking for a new home. I bought this three years ago with the intention to rebuild it. It is almost finished. I am trying to downsize projects and decided to get rid of this one. Hoping to sell local, but will ship if necessary. Note that in most cases, I can only ship on...
  7. Velocipedist Co.

    My Sears Dirt Bike early 80's

    "Track Certified" and undergoing some modifications apparently.
  8. 68avenger5

    70s Sears 5 speed

    A friend has it hanging in the garage and wondering if its worth anything before it gets donated to a charity.
  9. bikemonkey

    1970's Sears Spyder - need catalog pic

    Hi folks, I posted this thread in the BMX forum a couple of days ago and should have posted it here. I recently picked this Spyder up in a nearby area - Ser. No. 502459510248991. Thinking it was made by Murray? It looks like it's in very good condition - just dust, no rust! 24" wheels with a...
  10. Phazr

    Yet another Sears Model number query

    Hey all, i don't have an image at the moment but i have someone trying to identify a vintage sears bike, the model number is 502 46560 887408. I realize the 502 is a sears code likely built by Murray. Can anyone decode the 4656 ? I tried entering it at searspartsdirect and it only came up with...
  11. bikemonkey

    1970's Sears Spyder - need catalog pic

    Recently picked this Spyder up in a nearby area - Ser. No. 502459510248991. Thinking it was made by Murray? It looks like it's in very good condition - just dust, no rust! 24" wheels with a 1.75" Carlisle red striped rim/tire in back and 1 3/8" up front - crazy town. Seat is perfect - the...
  12. Frosty

    1966 Sears SpaceLiner Boys Bike Retro Chrome Jetsons Type Thing

    This 1960s Chrome Sears Spaceliner with almost complete with all original parts is up for sale. Mising headlight lens ,rear reflectors And the silver plastic headlight trim, all the internals for lights abd horn are included. It is a project Bike that is ride-able on Original 24" Sears Cruiser...
  13. P

    Sears Rail Year Confirmation

    I have a Sears 20 inch Rail in very original, excellent condition. I am trying to confirm the year that it was " born". On the bottom of the frame are the numbers 477321 but I cant tell if there were any numbers in front of these as there is a fairy deep scratch with the paint missing. On the...
  14. C

    Sears Flightliner?

    Please help me clarify something. In looking through a few threads it would seem the serial number of this bike, found for peanuts at a garage sale on my street, is a '62. However, it has Sears only branding and other threads suggest it's a "later than '63" bike. I'm confused. Thanks in advance...
  15. Balloontyre

    Sears and Schwinn 1900

    This clip was in my stash of literature, I believe it originated from a thesis on Illinois bicycle manufacturing at the turn, authored by a historian affiliated with the historical society in Springfield. Anyway...figured it was noteworthy to put in perspective the mass of Sears at the turn...
  16. Dave Stromberger

    Sears CHIEF Paint Stencils

    Set of paint stencil masks for the Sears Chief. Will have instructions and photo references ready and posted to a permanent web page soon (will update this post). $25 shipped in the USA
  17. J

    1969 Sears Gremlin

    Found this Sears Gremlin, guy is asking $300. The handlebars and rear fender look unoriginal I think? What are you guys' thoughts? I am not sure on Sears bicycles.
  18. P

    Sold Nice Sears free spirit 3 speed banana seat bike muscle bike Stingray style

    We have here a Ted Williams Sears free spirit. Bike is all original. 3 speed Everything works as it should. Ready to ride. Asking $150 shipped. Payment by PayPal and shipping by bike flights
  19. Sears Wildcat

    Sears Wildcat

  20. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1970 Huffy Slingshot Sears Gremlin 16 x 20 original paint

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments so I know you are interested. You pay lower 48 USA shipping 1970 Sears Gremlin serial # 0C78319, missing the front spring assembly in the fork. The bike had a 20" wheel up front when I bought it and was well used but still has pretty nice...
  21. Wayne Adam

    Sears Spaceliner Racks

    Here are two original paint racks with pretty nice chrome. $25.00 each plus actual shipping. PM if interested or email me directly at Thanks, Wayne
  22. Balloontyre

    Sold 1905- 1928 Mead, Sears bikes, others...Nice 20 tooth ND mod A driver.

    Very good 20 tooth cog New Departure Model A driver, complete. Original plating in great shape, teeth show minimal wear. $59 shipped USA from Milwaukee. Cash, MO, PayPal friends. Thank you
  23. jamestheshark

    24" Sears Spaceliner Chrome Bicycle

    For sale... 1966-1968 24" Sears Spaceliner Chrome Bicycle Bicycle is in excellent condition considering its age. There is a small dent on the rear wheel guard and very little rust -- excellent candidate for full restoration. $400 obo Location: Santa Paula, CA Call or text (805) 420-5389 Cash...
  24. tripple3

    Sold Sears September T shirt "Re-Run"

    Lets do these again! Light Blue, Tan, and Light Grey with Black Ink Med. Lg. and XL will cost $20 shipped Bigger shirts cost more. Taking pre-orders until Sun. 8-13
  25. fordmike65

    Second Annual Cyclone Coasters Sears September Ride!

    We had such a great turnout at last year's Cyclone Coasters Sears September Ride, I thought why not do it again. Not sure how, but September kinda snuck up on me this year, but u still have a month to get your Elgin, Higgins, Chief and Free Spirit ready to roll. Last year we had the largest...
  26. OldSkipTooth

    Sears tote cycle

    As you see it, missing tubes, part of the rear rack is missing. Left side of crank is bent in a bit. Asking $45 plus actual shipping.
  27. mongeese

    Bendix aviator lever & cable

    37 shipped from Wisconsin. Rust on lever will clean off if needed.
  28. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins Springer fork parts, light mount for Jet Flow springer fork

    Here's a few parts for a J.C. Higgins fork. I'd call the lower parts for the fork, rockers maybe ($20.00) The upper part that hooks to the spring etc.I don't know what to call but here it is. ($20.00) The mount for the light that goes on the fork for I believe Jet Flow Models is also...
  29. S

    Space liner women's how much?

    I bought a women's space liner bike and I was going to sell it. I don't know if it is "rare" and I can't find much on it. It has rust I redid the wiring and put a switch because there was no dial. The tires seam to be stock just need air.Check out what I'm selling on letgo...
  30. FB_IMG_1459210554626


    64 sears
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    64 sears
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    64 sears
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    64 sears
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    ,64 sears
  35. mtnbikeman

    Found Flightliner Parts Complete Wheelset

    Hi I just got these two Flightliners and the ladies bike is in better shape they are almost complete but need a couple of parts to make them fully original. the ladies bike needs a new rear wheel with a Bendix hub and a drop center rim (although it does not look like a true drop center can...
  36. LGibbs1372

    Help Identifying Sears Ladies Model

    The seller has this advertised as a 1950s Sears bike. I'm thinking it's more likely from the 60s but I don't know a thing about Sears bikes...or most bikes for that matter. I'd like to know what model this is and if it's worth picking up. I've seen a Flightliner that looked similar but I want...
  37. 13102821_1095085883888024_5788477928902117330_n


  38. kingfish254

    Old Hubs

    Prices do not include shipping from Savannah, GA 1968 Sears Higgins Steyr / Puch Austrian Made Three Speed Hub 36H = $20 1963 Sears Higgins Steyr / Puch Austrian Made Three Speed Hub 36H = $20 SOLD - 1953 Sturmey Archer AG Dynohub Three Speed 40H =$30 - SOLD SOLD - Bendix Two...