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  1. MTGeorge

    Hiawatha pins

    I've got a limited number of Hiawatha Arrow pins if anyone is interested. $20 each including shipping to the lower 48. The ornament was cast with a badge style pin and the bike is enamel with 2 push pins. They were both done in very small runs so when they are gone, they are gone. I...
  2. Freqman1

    Sold 1941 Hiawatha Arrow

    Just got the seat back from Bob U. today. This thing was rode hard put away wet and missing some things including correct fork, crank, headlight bezel, lens, chainguard, seat, and pedals. I tracked down all the correct parts for this bike including a good kickstand. Tank is rock solid with zero...
  3. N

    Shelby experiment

    I picked up a Shelby supreme the other day with so many layers of brush paint I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I decided to see if I could get down to the original paint. When I finally got there there wasn’t much left but it was a interesting experience to say the least.
  4. bluetoronado

    Shelby "Flower" sprocket, crank, and BB.

    Hello, looking for a Shelby flower sprocket, crank, and complete bottom bracket.
  5. A

    VINTAGE 1938 SHELBY Hiawatha

    Looking to sell this beautiful vintage 1938s Shelby Hiawatha. Amazing condition, $10000 all original parts, pre war metal, custom seat and saddle bags located in East Aurora, NY
  6. Rustngrease

    Trade list

    I have several goodies to trade, Shelby men's shock ease fork good spring, 28'' drop stand, 1950s cycle master motor wheel with the tags, toc suspension seat post, new brooks saddle, Shelby men's tank, iver badge. Let me know if you need more pics or info on items. Looking for toc...
  7. stezell

    Hawthorne and Shelby badges

    Hawthorne badge and Shelby Eagle badge asking $20 each shipped or get both for $35 shipped to the lower 48. Thanks for looking, Sean
  8. Freqman1

    Shelby Shock-Ease orignal paint fork

    Boys fork in pretty decent shape and spring seems to be ok. Condition as shown and I have not attempted to clean it--I think it would clean up pretty decent. This would make a nice upgrade for an original paint bike with a standard fork. PP as FF or add the 3%. Reduced $250 shipped. I ship to...
  9. L

    Sold White Waffle Pedals

    White Waffle Pedal Set see pics These measure 4 1/2 inches excluding the threaded portion of the spindle ( blocks are 4in wide overall measured from tip to tip where they meet the pedal cage blocks are pretty clean , metal has not been cleaned $32 shipped conus SFS /...
  10. 4

    Sold Books on Vintage Bicycles

    3 Books on Vintage/Balloon Tire Bikes Columbia Elgin - J.C. Higgins - Hawthorne Shelby Books are in very good condition. $40 for all 3 - Buyer covers shipping TBD based on location. no returns -prefer payment thru Paypal
  11. Rustngrease

    Iso two crusty tanks ,shelby and prewar columbia

    Looking for a a couple crusty tanks, for a Shelby and prewar columbia, I'll post pics of the frames, a little rusty and crusty would be great. Thanks guys
  12. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar or early postwar ? Shelby ?Western Flyer board track racer bicycle with 28" wheels

    I believe this is a late prewar/early postwar Shelby built? Western Flyer crusty track bicycle for display,It is a fixed gear bike.Seat is obviously dead/gone. The rims are metal clad. The tires are 28 x 1/8 US Royal Special Racer with some cracks but mostly pliable for display,,Unfortunately I...
  13. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Shelby Hiawatha Arrow killer Chrome Chain Ring and Crank

    This came off a late 30’s restored Shelby Hiawatha Arrow. Beautiful chrome, minor tone spot and fine scuffs on crank bend (see image). $145 shipped. Please PM to purchase. Ready for that restoration project!
  14. C

    Sold 1938 Morrow Hub for sale $120

    1938 Pre-war Morrow Hub by Eclipse. Date code: H4 Asking $120-but an open to reasonable offers. Bearings & races are all there & is working smoothly. It’s been cleaned thoroughly, inside & out & runs like butter. On the outer casing there is some black pitting near the engraving but all...
  15. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Shelby assistance wanted

    I’m over in Texas with the family for the Round Top antique show, hoping to find bike stuff and came across this old Shelby. Good bit wrong with it, but I was determined to find SOMETHING and Pickens are slim on bike stuff. He was asking pretty high for it, so we haggled a bit and he wouldn’t go...
  16. MTGeorge

    Withdrawn Hiawatha Arrow for trade OR SALE!

    Anybody got a 20" boys tanker they would like to trade for this project? Might also consider trading for a complete 26" boys bike or cash offers but I would prefer to trade.
  17. RUSTandCRUST

    Pre War Drop Stand and Fender Clip with Glass Prism Reflector

    $110.50 Drop Stand is very crusty, Fender Clip is also crusty and greasy, and Glass Prism is intact with a scratched spot/possibly a chip on the top (see photos below). Rough Dimensions: base of drop stand is 8.5” wide and tapers to 6”, 14.25” tall (without counting the ears), ears are 3.5”...
  18. RUSTandCRUST

    Sold Pre War Stewart Warner Bicycle Speedometer

    Stewart Warner Bike Speedometer with Cable and Ring Gear...crazy 6902 miles! $150.50 For additional photos and other bike accessories see my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RUSTandCRUST?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=712678789
  19. C

    Found ISO Prewar Shelby Chainguard

    Hey friends I’m in search of a chainguard for my 1938 prewar Shelby. Wishbone frame, men’s bike. No deep rust please. Thank you. Side note: If you have any rear square head adjuster screws I’m looking for a pair of those as well. Thanks y’all!
  20. C

    Found ISO Prewar Shelby Chainguard

    Hey friends I’m in search of a chainguard for my 1938 prewar Shelby. Wishbone frame, men’s bike. No deep rust please. Thank you. Side note: If you have any rear square head adjuster screws I’m looking for a pair of those as well. Thanks y’all!
  21. 20190523_184019.jpg


    Shelby, Schwinn, Evans & Columbia (Satin suede black finish on the frame)
  22. H

    Withdrawn Selling Out Entire Pre-War Parts Collection One Lot!

    I have decided to sell most of my pre-war bike collection including my inventory of 11 wooden cannon ammo boxes full of Pre-War bicycle parts. Great inventory for builds or that needed part and some really cool stuff like NOS Silver King spokes in the box among others in original boxes...
  23. C

    Prewar Shelby? New to restorations & would love any tips or knowledge!

    Hey there friends, So I’m very new to restoration & identifying vintage bicycles. From what research my husband & I have done, we believe we have a sort of Frankensteined prewar Shelby potentially. The hub is dated April of 1938 (H4 stamped), 36 spoked, slotted-sprocket & has a very clear...
  24. Jon Marinello

    Reduced $40 - Prewar Shelby Chainring, Crank and Bottom Bracket Set

    See pictures. Crank length is 6.75" measured center-to-center. $40 + actual CONUS shipping PayPal friends and family
  25. S

    AMF Shelby Flyer - Looking for information / sell

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. While cleaning out my parents shed, I convinced them to get rid of heaps of stuff, junk, and this bike. I'm looking for more information regarding the approximate year, and value of this bike. Is it worth much? Is it incredibly common? Can it be restored easily...
  26. Dave Stromberger

    Shelby Donald Duck 20" Rack

    Correct rack top for your 20" Shelby Donald Duck bike. You'll need to drill the holes on the side for the legs if your bike calls for them. Not all Shelby 20 inch bikes were equipped with rack legs. I will provide templates to locate the holes. This is NOS with lsurface rust over chrome, but...
  27. Krakatoa

    ~ Sweet Postwar Shelby 6.75" Crank with NOS Races, Nut & Washer! ~

    As the title says, this has nice chrome and brand new NOS hardware! $40 shipped conus!
  28. V

    Shelby Hiawatha. year/model

    My research found most have a letter in serial #. And the seat stay/top tube junction is different than I've seen. Any info would be great. thanks!
  29. P

    Sold 1936 Gambel Stores / Shelby Eagel Frame-set

    I'm may regret this; you are looking at a 1936 Shelby Eagle frame set; made for Gamble. All you see in the photos are included; Drop stand 19 hole Chainguard Crankset 30" Troxel Longhorn handlebar Seatpost Frame features integrated ears for Drop Stand, unique to this type of frame. Despite...
  30. Howard Gordon

    Shelby Part-out

    FENDERS SOLD Shelby fenders, Flying Cloud badge, curved braces, solid fenders, missing 1 straight and 1 curved brace. $200 shipped CONUS. Paypal Shelby girls frame with partial tank $100 + shipping. Paypal
  31. Howard Gordon


    Shelby dropstand with ears for curved braces. Thank you Howard
  32. 1

    26 inch shelby frame crank fork chain

    Here are some shelby parts left over for sale again. Make offer. Thare are some good parts still left. (((125 shipped)))
  33. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started 20 shelby duck frame

    Here is a pretty straight 20 inch girls duck bike frame. The fork sells with it but its bent you may be able to fix it but i would look for a new one. This frame has a thick layer of paint on it so it makes it had to see if anyone did anything to it but looks good on the outside. Doesnt have...
  34. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started shelby mens bike

    Here is a 1950s mens shelby bicycle for sale. Needs work but mostly thare. This bike does have some aftermarket parts on it. (((200 shipped to your door)))
  35. 1

    Early Christmas sale has started shelby girls bike

    Here is your early Christmas present This is a 1950s shelby girls bike 26 inch Barn fresh This bike may have some problems taking it apart for shipping the goose neck stem may brake so buy this accordingly ((((150 shipped to your door)))

    Sold Shelby Flyer!!

    Selling this all original grey in color red pinstripes. Love the color scheme here. You don't see these that often in this color. The headlight works and lens is nice with no cracks. The horn in tank I never tested but complete and clean with EA horn button. Has a rear red reflecter in the rear...
  37. sm2501

    1952 Shelby 52 TANK

    Looking for a good original or restored tank for a 1952 Shelby 52 like the one pictured.
  38. jungleterry

    This Shelby or one like it

    Hello I didn't have a chance to see this one at ML this fall . I was only there for a few hours on Thursday . Wasn't sure if this one was for sale or just on display . Love more information on this one or one like it . Thank you for your help . Take care Terry and Tammy
  39. Bajaway

    Found Shelby

    Looking for a green Shelby please pm me thanks
  40. Kustomsoul

    Reduced Shelby Airflow Girls - Ladies $280

    Very nice condition and unmolested. Solid rider $280 +shipping


  42. bobcycles


    This is just an unbelievable find. 1941 original owner Shock ease fork long tank bike that resided its entire life in the farm town of Taft Calif. and story goes belonged to a girl whose mother rode her to school on the bike in the 1940s and had sat in storage ever since. As found the handle...
  43. Night cruiser

    Found Chrome Shelby guard

    Wtd - Shelby chrome chain guard or original yellow pre war chain guard . Not looking for perfect chrome -the bike I’m putting it on is a original paint patina Shelby . Thx for reading Salad shooter hope u don’t mind - I used your pic . To show guard I’m needing . Night cruiser,
  44. Junkman Bob

    Shelby women’s tank 35$ shipped

    I have for sale what I believe is a Shelby women’s tank ... pretty usable decent condition Price includes shipping to lower 48 50$ obo Robert
  45. lgrinnings

    The weird prewar Shelby has an even weirder mate.

    Howdy everyone! A while back, I stumbled upon a weird, prewar Shelby with a bunch of stuff that didn't add up (link to post below) https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/weird-prewar-shelby-doesnt-add-up.132142/ Well, I just came across what I believe to be its mate (same color scheme and fender...
  46. Pressed Steel 1915

    52 Shelby boys tank Air Flow pedals

    Tank has small dents Pedals are usable but has " Home-Made " reflectors .....o_Oo_Oo_O postal money order $90 shipped for all items.
  47. Pressed Steel 1915

    1952 Shelby frame & spring fork

    Frame & fork only $125 shipped Col,Oh43229
  48. John Gailey

    Sold Shelby Hiawatha Arrow

    Time to move along my rider. This needs love with all it's warts. $1750 P/U , $1750 plus shipping negotiations are more lenient with PU. I have another Shelby posted
  49. bobcycles

    WANTED and $ paid for NICE chrome Shelby sprocket...

    Looking for this 48 tooth sprocket for 1940 era Shelby bike.... Need nice orig chrome please!