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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold >>ALL PARTS SOLD!! NOS New Departure Triplspeed 3 speed parts

    All parts are NOS and original * Shifter $50 shipped obo in the USA * Cable $40 shipped obo in the USA * Nut $17 shipped * Sprocket $20 shi[[ed obo in the USA Or if interested in all 4 pieces $100 shipped in the USA obo
  2. slothagese

    Sold Sturmey archer sportshift w/extras!

    Three speed shifter with small crack in plastic where the screw tightens. Modern sturmey 3 speed hub 36h coaster brake. Thumb shifter Shift cable Clamp on guide pulley $80 obo shipped conus PayPal only please
  3. atencioee

    Sold Vintage 2 Speed Bendix Hub Assembly

    2 Speed Bendix hub with shifter, cable, clips, etc. I believe this to be a mid 50s model used on some Schwinn bikes, but not sure. To be honest, I don't know much about these, and I lack familiarity as I have never used one of these on any bike, nor did I take the time to disassemble/rebuild...
  4. Lux Low

    What The 2 Speed ?

    2 Speed Jockey Shifter in Action, Not an Easy one to get Close to enjoy the bike Nerding :)
  5. schwinnguyinohio

    Shimano 3 speed click shift Shifter

    complete shimano click shift Shifter with the tall handle . Clean 40$ shipped
  6. partsguy

    Need HELP Routing Shifter Cable for Bendix 2-Speed

    Hey guys. I need some SERIOUS help here. I cannot find the correct way to route my shifter cable for my 1955 Radiobike's Bendix 2-speed hub. I even have an untouched '55 Customliner 2-speed to compare to, but that is women's bike and is probably routed differently. I do not have detailed pics of...
  7. dweenk

    Sold Electric Horn, Squeeze Bulb Horn, 333 Click-Stick Shifter

    I have: An Okada electric horn in fair/good condition. It requires 1 D-cell battery and an external push button which I do not have. I am not sure if it works. A Condor squeeze bulb horn in good condition. It works, but you must squeeze it with gusto. A Shimano 333 Click-Stick shifter (top...
  8. GaryMN

    WANTED PARTS IN MPLS 26 x 1 3/8 road tires, 3-speed thumb shifter

    WANTED PARTS IN MPLS two tires -- 26 x 1 3/8 street/road tires for older Murray rims one shifter -- 3-speed thumb shifter for older Murray (as in attached photo) Phone or text to 320-260-1210 or reply to this ad
  9. tanksalot

    New Departure 2 Speed hub with shifter pulleys and cable

    This is a New Departure DD hub with the cable the shifter and two cable pulley wheels that attach to the frame . I was told it works & it feels like it does from what I can tell with out it being on a bike . This is exceptionally clean The price is $400 shipped to your door in the USA . Pay pal...
  10. S

    Sold 28" 700c wheels alloy NEXUS 3 SPEED SKIP TOOTH COG & SHIFTER

    28" 700C CONVERSION WHEELS. NEXUS 3 SPEED....WITH COASTER BRAKE. 700c tires. MAKE YOUR OLD TOC INTO A RIDER! wheels are true , rear rim magic open pro, front semi aero profile. these are used but great shape. $105 shipped 48 states.

    Withdrawn F/S -1961 higgins 3 speed hub WITH SHIFTER

  12. A

    3-speed shifter identification

    i picked this up the other day , thought it was unique , shifts well , says Dana on the hub , bike is 67 , was told it was put on when bike was new as i bought it from original owner , any information would be great .
  13. schwinnguyinohio

    70-73 Schwinn stick Shifter

    Looking for a Schwinn 3 speed stick Shifter in decent shape
  14. wrongway

    Trigger Shifter For Derailleur

    Is there any way that a Sturmey Archer trigger shifter could be used to shift a derailleur? The bike in question is a somewhat like a Raleigh Lenton Convertible with the hybrid gearing. The shifting would only be between two gears. Thoughts?
  15. markivpedalpusher

    Sold ND 2 Speed shifter & pulley

    $90 + $7.20 USPS priority mail ND 2 speed shifter and pulley both in good working order. Clamps appear to be original black out parts. Shifter is original chrome with chrome loss and a little surface rust.
  16. fat tire trader

    CT 5 Charger Stick Shifter

    CT 5 Charger Stick Shifter $25 Shipped
  17. professor72

    Iverson shifter bottom cover wanted

    Anybody have the black plastic bottom cover for an Iverson dial style shifter? I found a shifter but it is missing the bottom cover. I need one for my Charger project. Have muscle bike parts to trade or can buy it outright.
  18. bikeyard

    Schwinn Three speed shifter

    Schwinn Three speed shifter. Pretty sure this is middleweight or maybe balloon Jaguar. $58 shipped
  19. PJ311foo

    Sold Sturmey-Archer Quadrant shifter

    I have a nice quadrant shifter for sale. I only have the shifter so no cable is included. I was going to use it, but went a different route for my bike. The shifter moves good and the spring still has good tension. $40 shipped USPS priority mail. I can only accept a USPS money order as I do...
  20. 7

    1969 stick shifter and overload

    great shape. 200 shipped. Orinal decals. Will come with new stainless screws along with originals. Overloads are at least 50 and a 69 1 year only shifter for 150? Good deal In my opinion.
  21. tech549

    Sold 2 speed shifter and bracket

    need the patina look,here it is,actuator lever is broken but has about 1/2 in of threads left should be able to use it .$100.00 shipped
  22. szathmarig

    ND DD Two Speed Shifter Lever

    This is what I need, or I would also take it with the clamp too.
  23. mongeese

    Bendix aviator shifter and JC Higgins shifter

    Bendix 37 shipped JC Higgins 37 shipped
  24. Dave Stromberger

    Sold New Departure 2-Speed DD Shifter and Pully set. Rusty

    Rusty and crusty, perfect for your patina or tetanus cruiser! $65 shipped in the USA.
  25. Dave Stromberger

    Sold New Departure DD 2-Speed Shifter and Pully Set

    Good original chrome, should clean up pretty decent. Some patina may remain. Would be perfect on your survivor bike. $140 shipped in the USA.
  26. ddmrk

    ** WANTED Sturmey Archer SHIFTER KNOB **

    Needed Sturmey Archer SHIFTER KNOB small shifter knob your help is greatly appreciated
  27. Vintage Paintworx

    ND 2 speed shifter

    Is this legit? Early version? Looks like it was fabbed up to me, anyone know? The arm is obviously a black out version, but the clamp itself looks like it was intended to clamp on the frame.
  28. bikeyard

    Sold New Departure Two Speed Shifter, pivot, and cable

    Extra set I have kicking around. 35" on cable $175 shipped
  29. Intense One

    Stingray shifter cable needed....**FOUND**

    Need a shifter cable for my '72 Schwinn Stardust with a 3 speed hub and thumb shifter. I have a shifter.
  30. Thonyv1974_

    Sale Pending New Departure 2spd shifter

    I have a new departure 2spd shifter only. If one of you need this I'll let it go for $80 shipped postal money order. ..I need a triplspeed shifter. ... Thanks, Tony
  31. bikesnbuses

    Found Bendix shifter... 2 speed actuator knuckle MS-46 toggle holder ..

    Ha!I like the "URGENT" prefix!..But really..Arent ALL our wanted to buy ads URGENT! :p OK,..I JUST missed one last Sunday(Didnt know I needed one..:() heres a pic of the one that just sold.. If anyone has one available,please let me know:D Thank you!Jeff
  32. mongeese

    Jc higgins shifter w/ 2 cables

    37 shipped from Wisconsin. Rust will come right off if desired.
  33. Brian Boothe

    Schwinn 5 speed stik shift resto stencil

    Have #5 paint stencil for 66-68 ball 5 speed stick shift. You get (4) for $10 shipped.