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  1. BlakeBrosGarage

    Sold SOLD...thank yee

    Hi. No haggle price...$1500 ( I set my price at the absolute LOWEST I'd accept and don't play games) If you want it, Pay pal $1500 to antiquecycles@yahoo.com as friends/family. You can pick up whenever you'd like in Riverside, CA or I can ship her. Either way, Pay pal $ then I will get it...
  2. Krakatoa

    Sold Original 1965 Schwinn CT2 Cycletruck Partout!

    CT2 Large wraparound basket, plywood base w/carriage bolts $350 Support arms w/hardware $75 Dropstand, pivot bushing bolts & clip $150 Guard w/hardware $50 Sign w/clamps & hardware $125 Pedals $50 S2 Wheelset Bendix K front & heavy duty rear .105 spokes $200 Fenderset $175 Seat & post $75 Plus...
  3. W

    Sign painter in Chicagoland area.

    Anyone know of someone to do a cycle truck sign. Thanks
  4. Blackbomber

    Reduced Falstaff Beer sign - $25

    Lighting doesn’t work, never had the chance to look into it. Measures 17” wide x 18.5” tall. I’m thinking $25 plus actual shipping, PayPal only.
  5. D

    Super Nice SCHWINN sign - Any Info?

    Hey all, can anyone tell me anything about this sign? It's one of the nicest I've seen, can't find any information about it. Great size (24x11x5), works perfect and is in amazing condition. Great colors. If you can't tell from the pictures, it is an army green color with silver side trim pieces...
  6. getmediaobject.jpg


  7. blincoe

    Sold Schwinn Quality Sign $500.00

    $500 shipped!
  8. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn very rare & nice advertising sign for SEDIS chains

    up for sale = a very rare & nice advertising sign for SEDIS bicycle chains size : 40x 30 cm
  9. vastingray

    Super cool sign

  10. SJ_BIKER

    Ted williams porcelain root beer sign 15x10 inches

    Porcelain sign. 59.00 shipped
  11. MsRock2

    Sold Neon Schwinn Sign $475.00 - can deliver in CA or OR

    Pick up preferred but can insure if shipped at your cost. $475. I will be driving to Oregon (Bend) at the beginning of August and if you live along the route off the 5 or in northern, coastal CA I could drop it off at a meeting point. Also I would be willing to meet you up to 100 miles...
  12. kirk thomas

    Sold Old Bicycle Shop Wooden Sign $100 shipped

    This sign is 3' x 2' and is very heavy. It is made of wood and has 2 rings on top for hanging. Look at the pictures it is 2 sided. This sign is from a old bike shop in Oneida NY. I would like $100 shipped
  13. stoney

    Sold **$235.00** S&H GREEN STAMP SIGN

    Real nice original flanged sign, dated 1962 Measures 19 1/2" x 21" $290.00 shipped. PAYPAL as F&F It will take me a couple of days to mail. Thanks
  14. stoney

    Withdrawn **$75.00** shpd. GOOD SAM CLUB SIGN

    Real nice Good Sam Camping Club flanged sign, measures 20x24. $129.00 shipped PAYPAL as F&F It will take me a couple of days to mail. Thanks
  15. ohdeebee

    Sold Torrington Signal pedals

    Will clean up somewhat. One chip in the glass. Axles are straight and spinny. Asking $115 shipped
  16. SJ_BIKER

    Surfer parking sign metal

    18.00 shipped
  17. SJ_BIKER

    Schlitz 1976 NOS beer light up sign Works in box

    NOS sign 169.00 shipped
  18. G

    Sold nos goodyear sign

    nos goodyear sign 50 bux plus shippin great display for your man cave
  19. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Schwinn Neon Dealer Sign $800.00

    Brand new transformer and this sign looks great and bright! For sale, $800.00 Pick up in San Diego or ship for $100 with insurance. 16x44" Send me a PM if your interested. Thanks for looking.
  20. oldfart36

    Sold "Sinclair" Double Sided Porcelain Island Sign

    For Sale: "Sinclair" Double Sided Porcelain Island Sign, In original Frame. Sign was in storage, wrapped in blankets when i found it. Originally came from the Sinclair depot in Ft. Scott Ks. The condition of this sign is killer, as close to NOS as you will find. Sign has never been out of it's...
  21. bikesnbuses

    Vintage black and red 18" reflective road sign

    Cool old reflective sign ,black paint on reflective red..? 18" in size .I didnt try to flatten it ,but did wipe it down. Unsure of age but it is NOT modern..Asking $40 shipped in the USA Thank you
  22. SJ_BIKER

    Wood sign porsche

    On wood 11x13... 35..00 shipped
  23. mongeese

    Vintage Budweiser neon

    150 shipped from Wi. Has dimmer option so it is very bright or not so bright. Good color may not show in pictures. King of beers.
  24. Rust_Trader

    Sold Vintage Stewart Warner Advertising Sign

    Very nice large SW sign, both glass are cracked and neon missing. Currently has LED lights that lights up the sign. Great sign to convert to a bicycle sign. Local pickup or trade $580
  25. Bike Recyclery

    Sold NOS Schwinn Dealer Catalog Display: Countertop Sign - 1960's / 1970's - "America's Favorite Bicycle"

    This is an unused dealer countertop display, designed to distribute consumer catalogs (like the ones in this set), from the vintage 1960's and 1970's era. The back pieces fold up and fit together with a notch system to create a tray to hold a stack of catalogs. The front of the piece serves as...
  26. C

    Sale Pending 11-5/8” Porcelain Standard Oil Sign

    Original no repo ( pump sign ) Porcelain Indiana Standard Oil Round Sign. Overall very nice condition. Brass inserts at each eyelet. 11-5/8” specifically single sided $125 shipped
  27. mongeese

    Vintage window sign “SALE” great 70s font

    Great condition and color. Bring the right people in anywhere. Would be hard not to stop in seeing this sign from the road. 57” long and 19” tall. 50 shipped from Wi.
  28. alecburns

    RARE Antique Vintage Vertical General Motors GM Metal Dealership Sign Advertisement

    For your consideration is a great c. 1930s-1940s General Motors sign. It is about 29" long and 3 1/4" wide, sturdy embossed metal, yellow on blue paint. It has the aesthetic and look that motivates me to collect in the first place. It will be a welcome addition to your garage or Petroliana...
  29. stingrayjoe

    Old Carnegie Hall Jazz Band MUSIC STAND sign

    Please PM with all questions comments or replies do not post here Lower 48 USA Shipping is on you Measures 16" deep x 23" wide x 26" tall. There are a few scratches on the sign. There is one chip out of the Masonite stand on left side. A must for your collection! $175.
  30. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old Coke Fishtail Sign Coca Cola Lighted Original

    Please PM with all questions comments or replies so I get a PM thanks lower 48 USA Shipping is on you. The sign measures 5" x 16" 18" I took out each letter and washed them since the photos they are much cleaner and brighter now. All in good working order. I do not have any other letters WAS...
  31. Hawthornecrazy

    Indian AL. Lauer Porcelain Sign still available

    11.5”x8.5”. AL. Lauer Indian porcelain sign. Some chips on the edges and some scratches nice colors. Let me know if you want a few more pictures. $200 shipped from Mn PayPal as F/F please. Thanks Chad
  32. Hawthornecrazy

    Indian Top Lube Porcelain Sign still available

    11.5”x8.5” Indian top lube porcelain sign with some chips but great colors.If you need more pictures let me know. $200 shipped from Mn PayPal as F/F please Thanks Chad
  33. SJ_BIKER

    Shop advertisement stand display sign

    Size your favorite ad in this for display 25.00 shipped metal
  34. F

    Veltex - Fletcher Oil Company Sign

    16" diameter. $4500 shipped.
  35. John Gailey

    Porcelain Enamel Barber Sign

    This is four feet tall in the form of a half circle. These were designed to hang around a corner. It is my understanding that this sign with the ball on the top (a nice detail) is a more difficult sign to acquire than the sign missing the ball. This sign in very good condition. Don't care to...
  36. C

    70's Schwinn dealership sign face in crate

    Schwinn dealer sign face 96x30 in original shipping crate. Was never installed, did not fit the sign box if I remember. $750. It's dirty but all there. Would have to be picked up or trucked.
  37. bikiba

    Sold New Departure Tin Sign

    New Departure tin sign. I bought it from a guy who worked at the factory and his dad worked there as an elevator operator ( as he told me ) It is about 8” x 3” His words were “i have never seen another one” $110 shipped. Paypal as a friend plz.
  38. blincoe

    Stop sign $30

    i have about 6 of these stop signs.. 24 X 24 $30 each or 2 for $50
  39. sm2501

    Sold Neon Schwinn dealer sign

    Big Schwinn neon dealer sign. 16" x 44". It's a little dusty, but in great shape. Bright neon!. $1000 plus $100 packing, shipping and insurance. Free delivery to Memory Lane or Ann Arbor this spring with prepayment.
  40. detroitbike

    Old Schwinn sign ...another one shows up !

    He's posting one of these again. Must be cranking them out in the basement ! Won't answer my email if it was a repro or not . https://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-Schwinn-Bicycle-lighted-advertising-store-window-sign-display-Sting-Ray/112772559788?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  41. stoney

    Sold **$180.00** PHARMACIST FARM SIGN 1940's ?

    I am saying 1940's, may even be 1930's, not sure. Original honest tin sign. Measures 11 3/4" x 23 1/4". I believe it is from New Freedom Pa. PAYPAL $250.00 shipped Please post intentions on thread & PM, thanks.
  42. fordmike65

    A sign of the Apocalypse?

    Something about the 4 horseman...and 2 Crow's beak guards?? Two uber rare guards posted for sale just minutes apart! :eek: https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/huffman-crows-beak-chain-guard.124171/ https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/huffman-crows-beak-guard-and-rack.124173/
  43. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Schwinn metal sign

    Porcelain 185 shipped
  44. SJ_BIKER

    Carved wood Porsche sign

    11x13 wood sign 200 shipped
  45. SJ_BIKER

    Schwinn metal porcelain sign

    Metal sign 195.00 shipped
  46. SJ_BIKER

    Lighted globe beer sign

    250 shipped
  47. Blackout

    Sold Purol early porcelain sign

  48. mongeese

    Old original Pabst Blue Ribbon mirror

    50 shipped from Wisconsin. 50s or 60s.
  49. oldfart36

    Sold 1930's "Hyde Park" "True Lager Beer" Sign (Large)

    For Sale: 1930's "Hyde Park" "True Lager Beer" Sign! While this one is salty, it's a Hard to find early beer sign! Embossed tin, Large badge style sign. Measures at the corners, 43, 3/4" Tall x 41" wide. $750.00. Prefer Pickup. So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.