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  1. catfish

    Sold New Departure Two Speed #4

    Price Drop $400.00 Payment by USPS Money Order Only !!! No Pay Pal at this time. Nice New Departure two speed set up. Payment by USPS Money Order Only !!! No Pay Pal at this time. Shipped in the USA.
  2. catfish

    Sold New Departure Two Speed #3

    Nice New Departure two speed set up. Payment by USPS Money Order Only !!! No Pay Pal at this time. Shipped in the USA. $500.00
  3. catfish

    Sold New Departure Two Speed #2

    Price Drop $450.00 Nice New Departure two speed set up. Payment by USPS Money Order Only !!! No Pay Pal at this time. Shipped in the USA.
  4. catfish

    Sold New Departure Two Speed #1

    Price drop $500.00 Nice New Departure two speed set up. Payment by USPS Money Order Only !!! No Pay Pal at this time. Shipped in the USA.
  5. Adam1231

    3 - 5 speed Schwinn krate stingray Fastback shifters

    one looks like new. The other 2 are in good condition. Asking $375 for all 3
  6. schwinnguyinohio

    Couple of 10 speed riders

    A Schwinn continental and a le tour , both bikes are in good shape just not the kind I ride or collect , 50$ each picked up or could deliver to Memory lane at end of month if paid for . Both have been sitting for several years indoors . Blue is a very tall frame .
  7. Hawthornecrazy

    Sold Wheel set with a two speed

    Nice chrome on the rims I'm sure they are repops good and straight. New departure model D rear hub with the two speed set up with a skip tooth gear. Front hub is unmarked good cable and pulley but looks like someone added an extra bolt on the shifter bracket. Asking $600 shipped from Minnesota...
  8. Marc's Classic Chrome

    One year only 5 speed barracuda?

    i got this project for a decent price but I have never heard of or seen a 5 speed with a chrome chainguard. I looked for pics and I could not find any online or any discussions but I did find one newspaper ad that had it in there. And I was the same color and everything. Any thoughts?
  9. bobcycles


    Partially restored 2speed set up 36 hole standard gauge spokes! Hub shell is plated as are the clamps, shifter. Has not been tested but looks to be complete and serviced, but again, untested. Cable is not frayed, skip tooth cog appears to be NOS .... looks to be an assembled unit from nice...
  10. Chocolat96

    Schwinn 59 Jaguar 3 speed

    Almost done with my 59 Jag project just need to get the speedometer cable and I should be done.
  11. B

    Schwinn stingray/ fastback 5 speed

    East tx cl. Search stingray. 375.00
  12. stezell

    Sold 1953 Hiawatha badged Flying Falcon 3 speed

    1953 Hiawatha badged, CWC built Flying Falcon 3 speed with new brake pads front and rear, Brampton 3 speed hub. This bike was only made for 2 years, so there's not that many out there. This was their answer for the people that didn't want a 3 speed balloon tire Schwinn. It's a rider as is and...
  13. bikesnbuses

    Sold NOS Bendix 2 speed w trigger lever and display box for your Schwinn Stingray

    NOW lower price... Good morning everyone! I have a sweet complete NOS 28 hole Bendix 2 speed "Multi speed power brake" setup with 2 speed handlebar mounted lever (instead of kickback) WITH original display box for 20" rims..Uncleaned/untouched as received Perfect for your custom Schwinn Sting...
  14. bobcycles

    Sold 1969 SCHWINN FAST BACK STINGRAY NEARLY NOS RED 5 speed 1200 Shipped

    This is an incredible say the nicest unrestored 1969 Fastback stingray and I have ever seen? You can count the scratches on this bike on one hand, or maybe 2 or 3 fingers. Unreal 5 speed time capsule from the Krate era. The only detractor which is nothing really is reflective tape on the...
  15. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Sold New Departure 2 speed set up

    New Departure 2 speed set up, think it's all there, came in a parts lot from eBay. First 2 speed I've seen in person, been researching and think it's complete. Super clean shifter and pulley set up, cable's 34" and has no kinks. Has been used, has been greased. Tried to show insides without...
  16. carlitos60

    Nice Super Champion 3 Speed Set!

    Nice Super Champion 3 Speed Set! w Sturmey Archer Shifter and HERO Cog! $425 Shipped OBO!
  17. bikemonkey

    1972 Schwinn Suburban 10 Speed

    Rescued from the crusher and spiffed up. Album pics.
  18. bikemonkey

    1972 Schwinn Suburban 10 Speed

    Just finished this project over the week-end. Album link.
  19. Intense One

    Apollo 5 Speed

    K Picked up this Apollo 5 Speed locally. Mostly in rough shape with incorrect parts but rolls and shifts fine. Older and in worse shape than my '76 but has the cool still working 5 speed shifter console.
  20. Adam Guy

    anybody know the rarity of a 1967 sky blue mens Schwinn varsity ten speed?

    i picked up a 1967 schwinn varsity yesterday and i was wondering if Sky Blue was a less common color on the men's ones (i haven't taken any pictures of it yet)
  21. bikesnbuses

    Found Bendix shifter... 2 speed actuator knuckle MS-46 toggle holder ..

    Ha!I like the "URGENT" prefix!..But really..Arent ALL our wanted to buy ads URGENT! :p OK,..I JUST missed one last Sunday(Didnt know I needed one..:() heres a pic of the one that just sold.. If anyone has one available,please let me know:D Thank you!Jeff
  22. T


    Firestone Tires. 26" x 2.125 fat tires. One of them has some cracking on the side wall & the other doesn't have any cracking. 40.00 + 19.00 shipping. I have other tires listed & will combine shipping.
  23. Brian Boothe

    Schwinn 5 speed stik shift resto stencil

    Have #5 paint stencil for 66-68 ball 5 speed stick shift. You get (4) for $10 shipped.
  24. P

    Schwinn World Sport Men's 12 Speed

    Schwinn World Sport Men's 12 Speed in great condition. All original parts. Purchased approximately in 1980. 4130 Cro Molly alloy Wheels, Araya, Quick release front hub. I believe the serial number is GO285. Asking price : $200 which is negotiable. Please see pictures for details or feel...
  25. irideiam

    Sold 1977 26" Schwinn Speedster 3 speed frame/fork (Racer)

    Solid old school frame w/ some surface rust and lots of scratches. All the welds are solid and there are" no repairs. Would make a sweet custom frame to build on. 22" top seat tube to center of bottom bracket. $40.00 Shipped Continental US Only
  26. M

    WTB Corbin Two Speed #10 HUB

    I have most of the in sides need the hub and a few other parts.
  27. P

    Sold Nice Sears free spirit 3 speed banana seat bike muscle bike Stingray style

    We have here a Ted Williams Sears free spirit. Bike is all original. 3 speed Everything works as it should. Ready to ride. Asking $150 shipped. Payment by PayPal and shipping by bike flights
  28. P

    1969 Schwinn Slim Chik 3 Speed Stingray

    Back in the day my daddy bought me a muscle bike. It has been hanging in the basement for a while but needs a good home. My parents are gone now and it needs someone to enjoy it. The tires are flat but can easily be fixed. All original parts. Asking price is $650 or reasonable best offer...
  29. Nashman

    GENUINE Schwinn S-7 wheels and NOS U.S.A nylon Westwinds 26 x 1 ¾ Bendix 2 speed hub complete

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-Schwinn-S-7-wheels-and-NOS-U-S-A-nylon-Westwinds-26-x-1-tires-/132320894333? I’ve come to realize that my stuff for sale doesn’t really have an active market on the CABE ( rarely sells), mainly because of the high cost of shipping from Canada. It’s actually...
  30. bikemonkey

    1974 Suburban 10 Speed

    Just finished this old boy and thought I would share a few photographs. Album here
  31. old hotrod

    Found New Departure two speed parts

    Hi all, looking for a chrome shifter and roller assembly for a new departure two-speed. Have black out versions I can trade and/or cash for correct parts....thanks
  32. S

    Sold yellow band 2 speed hub price increase

    36 hole yellow band 2 speed kickback,no rust ever,what i mean is ir wasnt rusted and cleaned up with pits,im givin this hub a 9 out a 10,looks nos,missing about 1/4 in of yellow paint that i tried to show in the pic of the stripes,a couple of really small black marks on the brake arm,didnt wanna...
  33. B

    1970 AMF 10 speed muscle

    Hello fellow peddlers. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this bike. I have not seen much information offered online. Found it in Yakama,WA at a yard sale for $40.00.
  34. S

    Sold For Sale 1969 pair of 3 speed stingrays

    I'm looking to send this pair to a new home 100% totally original all detailed and ready for anything can't really get better pictures at the moment but soon and will bring to Trex will trade towards a yellow manta or a 5 speed cotton both original of course
  35. Nickinator

    Nice Schwinn Chrome S-7's with Bendix 2 Speed Cable & Shifter

    Super nice condition wheels out of my personal stash. Were tested a couple years ago and worked. Nice upgrade for a single speed bike. Very shiny and nice chrome, a few bits of surface rust. Do not see any dents or dings, may have missed a tiny one, but these are much nicer than you usually...
  36. phantom

    Two 5 Speed Cruisers $300 for both

    https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/bik/d/pair-of-schwinn-cruisers/6271637581.html This guy is quite the poet
  37. bikeyard

    Sold Sturmey Archer KR7 rear three speed drum brake

    nice 40 hole Sturmey Archer kr7 three speed rear drum brake. This is 40's if my memory serves me right , but I could be off a bit. Maybe @SirMike will chime in. Seems to work well by hand. $175 shipped
  38. L

    1960 Schwinn Continental Sport 10 speed road bike 23" frame

    1960 SCHWINN Continental 10 speed road bike Serial # L083732 59cm or 23” frame with 32 ½”” standover All original and ready to ride. $450 shipped or $300 pick up in Minnesota
  39. Floyd

    2 Speed kickback help needed

    I've looked at several parts breakdowns that show I should have serrated washer that faces against this end. What the pics aren't showing is what the inside of that washer looks like. Is it just serrated or does it have protrusions that fit into the slots of the center thingy?