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  1. cbustapeck

    Withdrawn The best Schwinn speedometer ever - $41.07, shipped

    I'm offering today what is, I am pretty sure, the best Schwinn speedometer ever. It's in new condition, it's amazing, but it just doesn't quite fit the build that I bought it for. All I've done is remove the protective plastic. $41.07, shipped in the US, PayPal friends and family only for your...
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold prewar 1930s Elgin bike speedometer Blackhawk motorbike

    Decent used original 80++ year old Elgin speedo WITHOUT cable,sorry..body looks repainted? Asking $135 shipped in the USA obo Or..will trade fo ALUMINUM TRUSS RODS for 1 of my 2 Hawthorne bikes..thank you
  3. slothagese

    Sold Stewart Warner Speedo 24-26” works

    Works as it should. $35 shipped conus. PayPal only please.

    Sold Pre War Stewart Warner Bicycle Speedometer

    Stewart Warner Bike Speedometer with Cable and Ring Gear...crazy 6902 miles! $150.50 For additional photos and other bike accessories see my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RUSTandCRUST?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=712678789
  5. Glenn Rhein

    Found Face for blue clipper speedometer

    Not looking for a decal but a decent face for a Stewart Warner blue face clipper speedometer
  6. 5760rj

    Schwinn Speedometer Verooom

    Ebay listing #223039252284.......hahaha look at all the photos,
  7. Monarky

    JC Higgins Speedometer????

    I picked this up awhile ago just the way you see it and I'm not sure if I am missing a few washers and a bushing?. I know the speedometer mounts to goose neck but how does it mount to the wheel? Please see the attached picture and let me know what I maybe missing? Thanks Monarky
  8. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Schwinn speedometer cable

    cable for a 20 in front wheel , measures just over 22 , was on a Schwinn speedometer, cable spins freely no cracks in outer housing 30$ shipped lwr 48
  9. MsRock2

    Speedometer - Cycle

    PM for info - San Diego. $25.00
  10. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Speedometer - Western Flyer $20 shipped

    PM for any additional information. $30 shipped to US address. $25 pick up in San Diego
  11. MsRock2

    Reduced Speedometer J.C Higgins $30.00

    As you can see in photo there is a small crack on the face. $30. Located in San Diego PM for info
  12. Classicriders

    Stewart Warner Cadet Speedometer display cards NOS

    Original NOS Stewart Warner Cadet promos for your bikes or shelf. $8 shipped each.
  13. Bike Recyclery

    NOS Schwinn/Huret Speedometer Parts!

    A ton of Schwinn / Huret speedometer parts up for grabs! Make me an offer for bulk lots, or to buy all of it! CLICK HERE to see all of them (there's more than is listed below), or click bold & blue links below. -NOS Chrome handlebar clamp head mounts w/ bolt: Mint, several available. $30...
  14. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Stingray speedometer head

    Schwinn speedometer head , clean glass with 316 miles showing , minor putting in chrome untested 60$ shipped/ offer
  15. Classicriders

    Sold Bike Speedometer

    Functioning speedometer, but incomplete. What you see is what you get. Bezel has a crack. $50 shipped.
  16. rodeo1988

    Wanted prewar speedometer bracket and bolts&plates

    Looking for this bracket and bolts& plates, please pm if you have it for sale with prices and pictures, Thank you....
  17. John Gailey

    Withdrawn Elgin Speedometer

    It works. $300 shipped. Now $275 shipped in continental US
  18. rodeo1988


    F,s RARE miles numbers digits) prewar bike speedometer nos head, wheel drive plate is nos, few scratches but for the age to be around with out box is great shape) (cable drive and bracket is used parts I added to the set to be corrected and completely,,, so all should work perfectly...
  19. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Stewart Warner Speedometer Bracket

    Need to find a mounting bracket like this one. Appreciate the help on this one!
  20. rodeo1988


    Prewar bike speedometer super nice condition og paint body, tested and is fully working condition, (missing clamp and wheel plate screws and fiber gear new one to replaced will including) $OLD as is, shipped to 48 lowers states pp as friends and family or add for the pp tax THANK YOU
  21. Bike Recyclery

    Huret Speedometer Drive 16" parts question

    Hi! I have a few questions regarding speedometer drives: 1) What is the long metal arm piece of the speedometer drive called? 2) Are the drives themselves all the same, and the long arm pieces are what differentiate them for different wheel sizes? As in, does a drive that is engraved 27" work...
  22. Bike Recyclery

    Alloy strap / ties, for speedometer drive cables??

    Does anyone know what these flexible alloy straps were used for? Thanks!!
  23. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn / Huret Speedometer Drive Cable Questions and I.D.

    Hi! Can anyone tell me the significance of these cables I have being black outer housing, as well as having a rubber hood that covers one end? Most I'm seeing on the internet are grey, and do not have the hood, Also, could you identify which bikes / sizes these lengths of cables might go to...
  24. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn / Huret Speedometer tire size ID

    Hi! This basically NOS cyclometer came with my lot of Schwinn stuff, and I'm wondering what size tire this one is for. The back side is stamped 3992, which seems to be the manufacturer part number. Any ideas? Thanks!
  25. rodeo1988

    Reduced CADET & WESTERN FLYER Speedometer

    2 speedometer s and 1 complete cable wheel drive, both in perfectly working conditions $50 shipped 48 Lower states pp as friends and family or add for the pp tax. Or USPS money order THANK YOU
  26. detroitbike

    Stewart Warner Speedometer parts cabinet

    Only one I've ever seen. Needs paint removed. $600.00 Can be delivered to ML or AA
  27. decotriumph

    Sold Cadet Speedometer Counter Display

    SOLD - Really nice full-color cardboard Cadet countertop display unit with NOS Cadet speedometer. No damage on either piece. About 11" tall and 11" wide. Really neat display piece. $165 shipped in US 48. PM to claim it. First come, first served.
  28. the2finger

    Rollfast Speedometer

    Hey Kids, Time to Spring clean. Put a cable to the head and the needle moves. Odometer resets but unsure if it works. Nice finish. $85.00 shipped conus.
  29. Classicriders

    Sold AC speedometer and parts

    Do not know if it works correctly. Needle move freely tho. What you see is what you get. $110 shipped.
  30. Junkman Bob

    Sold Schwinn speedometer 35$

    Nice Schwinn speedometer with cable hook up 75$ plus 10$ shipping Postal Money Order Came off a fastback
  31. ohdeebee

    Sold Super Clean Prewar Cadet Speedometer

    Best condition speedometer I’ve had for a long time. Everything works, even the resettable trip counter. Price includes speedo head, bracket, and shipping. Asking $75
  32. bikiba

    Withdrawn Rollfast Speedometer 2

    I have been holding on to this guy for a while too. Don't think I am going to get around to using it. The plastic and face look pretty good, No chips on the body, the cable looks perfect. I havent tested it. $60 shipped. Paypal as BFF please
  33. bikiba

    Sold Rollfast Speedometer

    I have been holding on to this guy for a while. Dont think I am going to get around to using it. The chrome and face look pretty good, No dents on the body, the cable looks perfect. The previous owner wrapped it in this oldschool metal twist thing, i left it as is. I havent tested it. $70...
  34. 39zep

    Sold SW Hawthorne Speedometer

    Very Nice Hawthorne Speedo Head. Needle floats, mechanism turns freely. $95 shipped. PayPal FF.
  35. M

    WTB Stingray Krate speedometer cable

    Hey Folks Looking for a speedometer cable for my Apple krate. Let me know Thanks
  36. rodeo1988

    Sold Nos S-W Speedometer parts

    Fiber gear $15 each, Straps ties 2x$12 big nut and washer $8, 3 Plates and 3 screws $12 set, wheel drive complete with plates and screws $18 Shipping only to the lower 48 states pp as friends and family or add for the pp tax. Or USPS money orderTHANK YOU,
  37. M

    Wtb Speedometer Hub drive / cable

    Looking for a Speedometer hub drive for my Stingray Apple Krate with atom drum brake? Also if you have a cable that goes along with it let me know.
  38. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Schwinn Stingray speedometer

    Schwinn Stingray Speedo. Looks pretty clean. Untested, but clean and appears to be in great shape. $60 shipped.
  39. rodeo1988

    Speedometer bracket and bolts plates

    Wanted $ speedometer bracket and wheel drive bolts and plates, pm me please I can do PayPal, THANK YOU
  40. bikesnbuses

    Sold 50s and up Cadet speedo speedometer $20

    $20 shipped,unsure if it works,not 100% complete for your middleweight Schwinn !. Asking $20 shipped obo Message me through site or email me directly at bikesnbuses@yahoo.com
  41. M

    wtb Speedometer and generator lights

    Hello guys looking to accessories my Apple krate. Need a Stingray speedometer with cable driver if not its ok. Also lights, front and rear with generator. Anyone has s set let me know Thanks
  42. Bikermaniac

    Howthorne Zep Speedometer

    Thought somebody might need this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prewar-Hawthorne-Zep-Speedometer-Silverking-Schwinn-Bike-Bicycle-30s-Clipper/112772502461?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  43. mantaray

    Sold Schwinn Deluxe Speedometer

    taken off a MantaRay. December 1967. Only the head was on it. I never had a cable or the drive attached. Soooo I’m not quite sure of the working condition. Box is all there, just falling apart. You get everything pictured. $60 shipped
  44. Jon Marinello

    Need help with this prewar speedometer

    I need to replace the plastic lens on this prewar speedometer. But so far I don’t see how to get the bezel off. Doesn’t seem to unscrew or pull off like the later plastic ones. Anyone know how to do this?
  45. OldSkipTooth

    Sold Speedometer wheel disc

    $15. Shipped
  46. R


    i need the Skylark speedometer cable. longer than the normal bicycle length. its all i need to complete my Robin. a reproduction is ok too. PLEASE HELP!!!
  47. barnyguey

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I just saw this on ebay! Only a opening bid of $4.99 and $8.75 shipping! I wonder how much it would cost to repair it? Time left: 6d 21h Monday, 8:57AM Starting bid: US $4.99 [ 0 bid
  48. bikepaulie

    S-W Cadet Speedometer copper spring fixable?

    The copper spring connecting the driver to the speed indicator needle under the faceplate appears to have broken, see pic. Can these springs be easily replaced/fixed? Anyone have luck fixing these? Know where to find more springs? Much thanks for your insight!
  49. R


  50. M

    Sold Pre-war X-pert Speedometer

    X-pert speedometer in excellent original condition. Original bezel is in tact with no cracks and has not been tampered with. $250 shipped to the lower 48. Please PayPal as FF or add 3%.