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  1. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Torrington Spoke-Master Cabinet

    Pretty darn nice condition Torrington Spoke-Master cabinet! Has a few scratches and small dings as you can see in the pics, but overall it's in excellent condition, better than most I've seen. $300 shipped in the continental USA!
  2. jchicago

    Wanted: 72 spokes and nipples with a few spares

    Looking for 72 spokes and nipples with a few spares. They'll be connected to New Departure D and SM hubs. 28" wheels. (Would prefer NOS) Thank you!
  3. PlasticNerd

    Double butted spokes 10 9/16" - 10 5/8" length

    Wanted one to two original sets of 72 minimum/set, spokes and nipples cad plated, NOS not necessary, but at least og please. Thanks, Gary
  4. blincoe

    NOS Torrington Spokes

    looking for all sizes to fill up my cabinet. NOS PLEASE..
  5. O

    Wanted red band hub shell made for 105 spokes

    Factory drilled for 105 or 11 gage spoled
  6. ABC Services

    Sold Torrington 10 9/16" double butted nos spokes 120 $30.00 shipped

    120 NOS torrington DB 10 9/16" spokes. These all have some sort of rust / oxidation, just at the bend. $30.00 shipped.
  7. Chris Kennedy

    Whizzer Pacemaker Spokes

    Hey All! I am searching for 40, 3mm X 248mm stainless steel spokes, for my 1949 Whizzer Pacemaker project. Any help and or leads, would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Chris
  8. JKT

    Found WTB stainless steel spokes

    WTB a set (front & rear) of SS .105 spokes & nipples for 26" X 2.125 FOUND !!
  9. 4

    Torrington 080-060 spokes

    Hi, After getting a much appreciated continuing education in 26 x 1.375 tires, I need to ask about spokes. In reviewing other posts, I think I’ve figured out that Torrington 080-060 spokes are called double butted because the diameter of the spoke is slightly larger on each end of the spoke...
  10. MsRock2

    Sold Spokes and nipples 12" $25 shipped

    There are about 80 and not all are perfectly straight. $25 includes shipping. PM if interested.PP friends please.
  11. B

    Torrington spokes

    Was moving some stuff around in the garage and thought this made for a good picture. Every size from 2 to 12.

    11 G spokes for sale

    New pack 50 UCP spokes with plated steel nipples, 250mm (9-7/8"), 11-guage I have 3 boxes $15 shipped each.
  13. S


    now that memory lane is closed anyone know where i can get 10.25 spokes
  14. Andrew Gorman

    Patinated Spokes

    I have 72 280mm patinated AKA used butted spokes in a delightful rust and dripped black housepaint finish, and 35 straight gauge 300mm spokes in plain old rust. Yours for 12.00 towards shipping. Due to my work hours I may have to use FedEx or UPS.
  15. jpromo

    Straight pull spokes or viable substitute options

    I could use a set of spokes to build up a Columbia model 59 wheelset (28 front; 36 rear). One of my current wheels is a mangled mess and both are missing spokes and they're too rusty to salvage. I'm planning to build up Stutzman hoops and make it ridable so a solid set would be desired but new...
  16. zephyrblau

    Reduced 2 groups of spokes cycle truck ? .120 ?

    2 groups of spokes; .095 X 9 5/8" butted 92 count now $20 shipped .120 X 9 1/2" straight guage 96 count SOLD your choice $25 either set + postage. no nipples.
  17. prewarmachine

    Hozan spoke threader and dies

    Hoping to find an affordable Hozan Spoke threader and dies for it. I have a lot of .105 12 gauge and .120 10 gauge spokes that I need to make up. If anyone has a threader or even just the dies that they are willing to part with, please let me know what you might want for them! Thanks!
  18. Classicriders

    Sold Torrington NOS .105 spokes

    Just over 300 NOS .105 x 10-5/8 spokes and nipples. $125.00 shipped.
  19. whizzerbug

    whizzer sportsman spokes

    36 120ga original spokes w/nipples all have some surface rust but very usable 6" long I believe for the drum brake...$35 shipped paypal or postal MO p/s I have about one dozen more @$1 each if you need
  20. U

    11G Spokes

    Hi, Would someone be able tell me who supplies the correct 11 gauge spokes for the drop center rims? Thanks in advance, Brett.
  21. ohmybike

    Sold Various NOS spokes and nipples

    PM me if interested on some or all. spokes sizes,, 11 1/4', 10 3/4", 11 3/8" 12 1/8", 9 5/8", 7 1/2" 10 1/2", 10 1/4", 2 7/8". Nipples 3/4" and 1/2". $40 shipped for all.

    Sold Please delete

    $15 shipped Houston,Tx US ONLY

    Sold Spokes for sale

    36 Spokes for sale 11G 10 1/2 stainless spokes. Houston,Tx US ONLY $15 Shipped
  24. bricycle

    Sold FS Heavy Duty Eclipse front hub, takes up to .105 spokes!!

    Heavy Duty Eclipse front hub, takes up to .105 spokes!! $120.00 shipped domestic
  25. oldfart36

    Spokes! Spokes! And More Spokes!

    I must admit, I'm a little over whelmed with this one! Recently picked a gentlemen's garage that passed not long ago. One thing I ended up with is a ton of spokes, some still in original boxes. Seems most are Torrington, or National. Sizes seem to be from small tricycles all the up to 28". The...
  26. bikeyard

    Sold Schwinn Fore Brake, Lever, cable, spokes

    Schwinn Fore brake, Lever, cable, spokes. This has paint and some surface rust on it. I cleaned a couple spots and it looks like it will clean up well, not perfect. Needs to be cleaned and serviced. Cable housing is worn but works. Spokes are heavy duty Lever is included. Should clean up...
  27. C


    12 gauge spokes wanted 36 @10 1/2" and 36 @10 5/8" *72* in total >used, new old stock or new<
  28. Tim the Skid

    Torrington spokes

    looking for 9 3/4" (248mm) double butted spokes. (not stainless) for lacing a Schwinn high-low fore brake hub.
  29. Tim the Skid

    Where can I find Schwinn fore brake spokes?

    I'm re-lacing a '39 Schwinn fore brake and need double butted spokes for the high side of the hi-lo hub. It looks like they are about 9 3/4" or 248 mm. Anyone have a source for these? I don't want to use stainless as I have NOS Torringtons for the small side of the hub.
  30. klunk!

    Sold New Departure Front Brake Wheel Heavy Duty Spokes Whizzer

    New Departure Front Hub Brake laced up with some heavy duty spokes. This was pulled from the basement of an old shop I cleaned out years ago. Technically New Old Stock, but a bit crusty. Original $8.50 price tag still affixed to rim. Hub spins, brake works, axle nuts are MIA. 26" Rim. Might...
  31. frank 71

    Spokes- Heavy Duti

    .105 - 12 Gage 10 5/8 Spokes with 5/8 2 sided Nipples. 1 set enough for 2 Wheels with some extras $35.00 A set shipped.
  32. Rollo

    ... The Old Spokes Home Bicycle Museum ... Pic heavy

    ... Went to see this awesome bike collection in Grosse Ile Michigan today ... Roger, the owner of 300+ vintage bikes ... built his own personal museum to house them under one roof ... He is a very passionate collector and loves to show them to those with interest upon their request ... Took a...
  33. deepsouth

    Phantom Spokes?

    I recently acquired a 1995 reproduction hub to use on my '58 Phantom while I make a stab at rebuilding the Bendix 2 speed automatic. The spokes from the Bendix are too short. I bought a set on EBay that were supposed to be for S2 wheels. Turns out they were 11 inches long. ( guess I should...
  34. S

    wtb spokes

    would like to buy 4 used 10 and5/8 double butted 080 spokes that will clean up,thanks
  35. bobcycles


    NOS TORRINGTON DOUBLE BUTTED SPOKES 9 and 5/8" 72 spokes and long 4 sided Nickel plated nipples in MINT shape, plus a few spares...no rust or oxidation... ideal for Silver King, Schwinn, Colson, Elgin, Cleveland Welding, Shelby Donald Duck, Monark etc 24" bicycles! Box is pretty rough but...
  36. rustjunkie

    NOS set of 72 original pre-WWII double-butted Torrington spokes and 2-flat 3/4" nipples in origi

    Unused set of 72 original pre-WWII double-butted Torrington spokes and very hard to find correct 2-flat 3/4" nipples in original Torrington Spoke Meter box. 9 5/8", the correct length for 36 spoke 4-cross Monark Silver King 24" wheels. Mint condition, unused. $150/shipped insured USPS Priority...
  37. bairdco

    New Spokes

    A little while back I scored about 100lbs of new spokes. Stainless, titanium, zinc, chrome, double butted, 15-10g, long, short, you name it. These are NEW. no torrington, no new departure, no exotic antiques. These are DT Swiss, Wheelsmith, Union, and just about every manufacturer around...
  38. bricycle

    Wire Gauge to Decimal spoke size conversion

    Gauge = Decimal 11 = .120 12 = .109 13 = .095 14 = .083 15 = .072 16 = .065 Personally, I have seen: .125(1/8"), .120, .105, .100, .080, .072, .067 On wheels I have had.
  39. Lux Low

    For SAle Cad 28" x 1 1/2" Cad Wood Wheel Replacement Wheel Sets with Tires

    Got Some Some Specials from Velocity and could Make 2 Wheel sets on the Cheap, Well Better than Usual. I have 2x 28" x 1 1/2" cad wood wheel replacement Wheel Sets with tires for $500 a set includes shipping, if your far east add $20. New Departure Model D Rear with Skiptooth and new Front hub...
  40. Lux Low

    28" x 1 1/2" Wood and Cad Wheel Replacement Wheels, New Road Worthy Wheels & Rims etc

    A couple Years ago LuxLow.com Imported some English / 3 World Roadster Rims and Built up New 28" x 1 1/2 " wheels to sell, These went over with Great Success unfortunatly the price went up and up due to the fact I could no longer get the rims. Since it was the End of the line for that train we...