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  1. stezell

    Reduced 1941 Huffman with Gliding Ride springer fork

    1941 Airflyte badged Huffman with the gliding ride fork, ND wheels, Troxel seat, original paint, everything is how I got it except I changed out the chainring from Wald 1/2" pitch to a newer Huffy. I know it would have been 1" pitch wheelset and chainring originally, I've also included pictures...
  2. stezell

    Sold CWC prewar springer parts

    CWC prewar springer fork parts from a ladies bike, springs and upper trusses can be disassembled. I put it together for pictures the fork legs were completely rusted through, but the lower trusses are usable just need to be removed. Asking $45 shipped, obo to the lower 48. Thank you, Sean
  3. Tyler Rice

    Reduced Boys Monark

    Great bike, new tires, rides like a dream. $750 obo local pick up or pick up at the Hilliard Ohio bicycle show March 17th.
  4. marius.suiram

    Sold Schwinn springer fork, late 40's, boys bike

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Price: 120$ shipped. All hardware showed is included. See pictures for more details
  5. Jrodarod

    Found AS bolts for springer fork

    WTB a set of original AS bolts for 50s springer. Ok condition is fine , 6-8 condition. Please no repop. Can pickup at Coaster Swap Meet
  6. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins 1950's springer fork Head pieces, two sets. shoulder bolts. $25.00 shipped

    One set of these has new triple plate chrome and the other set has the original paint. Two shoulder bolts also. $25.00 free shipping Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always...
  7. 57 spit

    WTB Monark shoulder bolts

    1952 girls super deluxe Monark springer shoulder bolt set (I have 1 need 3 more...)
  8. JKT

    WTB Huffman springer fork

    Looking for a Huffman springer fork, or parts of this style of fork.. boys or girls I don't think matters as I only really need this top chrome piece that holds and goes around the spring..
  9. prewarmachine

    Monark springer fork

    Hoping to find a donor monark style springer fork. 2 spring or 1 spring style are both fine. Really just need the legs and truss. Don't need brackets, don't need springs. Just trying to find a cheap setup that I can modify. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. E

    Schwinn Reproduction Fenders 2 Sets B6 with built in light and Balloon with Springer Fork

    Hi, I have some fender sets I bought from ebay and have decided not to use. I bought them from the ebay seller Bicyclebones. I have two very good quality Schwinn approved reproduction fender sets for sale. One is the B6 fenders, similar to Phantom except they get painted instead of stainless...
  11. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork arms

    200 shipped for all 4. From Wisconsin.
  12. B

    Rollfast Hopalong 26 inch Springer fork, longhorn handlebars

    1950's springer fork and longhorn handle bar...$225 shipped.
  13. 5760rj

    Schwinn Springer Fork

    wanted vintage 50s schwinn springer fork, Threaded side only
  14. 57 spit

    WTB Monark headset/springer pieces

    1952 girls super deluxe 1. Monark headset nut and washer 2. Monark springer shoulder bolts and retainer washers Thanks! Zak
  15. robert bell

    Found WTB prewar snyder ladies springer fork

    need for a 1941 hawthorn ladies bike. also springer front fender for same bike. last parts needed to finish her project
  16. jchicago

    40's JC Higgins Color Flow - Springer Fork - Craigslist LA

    https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/bik/d/1940s-jc-higgins-color-flow/6577875364.html $750
  17. frank 71

    Found Prewar Schwinn Springer Fork

    Wanted Men's Schwinn Springer Fork. Reasonable Price.
  18. prewarmachine

    Red Schwinn Springer Fork

    Hoping to find a good original Schwinn springer for my project. It's a 1956 and the closest I can tell is it's Schwinn "light red" not metallic. Looking for the 3 pinstripe detail like on the green springer pictured, detail should be a cream color. If I can't find that, I'll be looking for just...
  19. ADReese

    Found Panther green springer fork

    Urgently need to find a really nice green springer fork assembly and possibly a green 9 hole rack. I sold my panther and shipped via bike flights. Fedex destroyed the package, box ripped open and the fork is now missing. I want to make the buyer whole and happy. Its not about the insurance...
  20. marius.suiram

    Reduced Roadmaster Luxury Liner tank and Springer fork

    For sale from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Parts coming from a girls bike which I am parting. Springer fork, looks straight, missing upper bearings. Rusty as you can see in the pictures. Price: 80$ plus shipping Tank, no horn, rusty but no holes. Price: 20$ plus...
  21. klunk!

    Sold Springer Fork Spring- Huffman? Others

    Springer Fork Spring. Closest I could find was Huffman. Might be from something else. Found in a box as I was cleaning up warehouse. $65 shipped OBO.
  22. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork parts whizzer panther and on and on and on

    125 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Good deal here and it can be difficult to deal with Schwinn folk so if any of these parts needed separately let me know but do not look to score for a schwinnscate type deal.
  23. kingfish254

    Sold Monark Springer Fork

    Monark Springer Fork = $80 plus shipping 7.5" steer tube - missing rocker arms and bolts
  24. JimRoy

    Sold 26" Springer Fork

    Lot G - Will separate and price out. I used these parts for my Ratbike for a couple of weeks last summer. The 26" Springer fork is new. Nice 26" fender braces (one curved). Old front fender and handlebars Frame w/ chain guard $20 Springer Fork $50 Handlebars $5 Front fender $5 Fender braces...
  25. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork hardware and bearings

    35 shipped from Wisconsin.
  26. S

    bottom plug for springer fork lock

    need the flat plug for the bottom of the fork lock,thanks
  27. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Authentic 1941 schwinn super deluxe frame and locking springer fork set with long AS bolts

    You get the schwinn frame and fork with lock and non original key(works).. Excelsior decal on the down tube...frame has ground screw on the curved arch tube....fork has long AS screws made for dual light set up. Original black paint with ivory and red stripes....was going to deluxe this out...
  28. T

    Springer fork on Starlet III?

    I have a 1968 Starlet III that I am going to clean up for my wife. A while back I bought a chrome springer fork for my 1962 Deluxe American and learned the expensive way that the newer forks have a smaller diameter! Is it ok to put this fork on the Starlet or am I asking for trouble? Thanks!!
  29. Nickinator

    Sold 1953 Phantom Canti Frame & Springer Fork Project

    Good start to a Phantom/B6 or other Canti frame bike. Got it at a swap this summer, this is about the only things that were good/correct- do have the chainring, bars and seat pan, and will list those later (or ask). No badge. I may have one depending on what color you want. I also have a repop...
  30. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Springer Fork - Panther Original Paint

    Original paint, from the Panther I listed today. Nice fork in excellent condition. Non-locking. $225 $210 shipped in the USA. Offers considered.
  31. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Locking Springer Fork - Original Paint

    Original paint! Study the pics... this is a nice one! $350 $300 shipped in the USA. NOTE: Includes the bearing cups, not shown.
  32. robert bell

    wanted 41 schwinn mens springer fork FOUND

    still needing a 41 schwinn springer fork for my canti super deluxe. needs to have good legs. any out there??
  33. Slick4d4d

    Franken-Schwinn! A prewar Schwinn brought back to life with...?

    Hello everyone, I recently acquired this bike and with help from others on this site they confirmed the frame is a prewar Schwinn, with an amalgamation of other parts on it like the seat, sprocket, springer fork, and Western flyer tires, to name a few. Now that I know the frame I would like to...
  34. drglinski

    Springer fork woes

    Acquired a fork that I can't figure out. Seller told me it was an aftermarket (which is fine) but the steerer tube is too short for my 66 Typhoon. Not to mention that I have no idea how to mount my fender now as the bolt comes out but a shaft remains inside the steerer tube (that is too...
  35. KevinBrick

    Springer Fork question Schwinn Hornet

    I am restoring a 1952 straight bar sky blue Schwinn Hornet and wondering if a springer fork from a ladies bike would fit the men's bike frame? Not sure if the Hornet was available with the springer fork.. It does have truss rods on it now..
  36. SJ_BIKER

    Schwinn 26 inch prewar springer fork locking with key

    Key was replaced a while back....locks 275 shipped
  37. sm2501

    prewar CWC springer fork springs

    I'm working on a 1940 CWC built Western Flyer Supreme that has a broken fork spring. A friend had a spring that he sent, but it it arrived it had only one threaded insert in it, and my fork needs 2, 1 for the upper truss, and one for the lower truss. I spoke with another friend to see if he had...
  38. R

    Sold 50-54 CWC Roadmaster Hawthorne Hiawatha Western Flyer Men's Springer Fork

    Off of a 26" men's bike. Some chrome loss. Cool old school paint job. Appears straight. Asking $130 shipped to lower 48. PayPal with no fees please. Thanks
  39. mongeese

    Schwinn balloon springer fork parts whizzer maybe

    170 shipped for all that you see. Steer tube is 7 inches tall?
  40. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins Springer fork parts, light mount for Jet Flow springer fork

    Here's a few parts for a J.C. Higgins fork. I'd call the lower parts for the fork, rockers maybe ($20.00) The upper part that hooks to the spring etc.I don't know what to call but here it is. ($20.00) The mount for the light that goes on the fork for I believe Jet Flow Models is also...
  41. barnyguey

    Sold 1950's J.C. Higgins Color Flow Springer Fork Cams #3

    Here's another pair of 1950's J.C. Higgins Color Flow Springer Fork Cams. $22.00 shipped. Give me a call at 1-208-687-5319. email me at graydiana@att.net or PM me. This is a home phone, I don't have a cell phone. Thank you, Barry
  42. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins Color Flow Springer Fork Cams

    1950's J.C. Higgins Color Flow Springer Fork Cams. $23.00 shipped. Give me a call at 1-208-687-5319. email me at graydiana@att.net or PM me. This is a home phone, I don't have a cell phone. Thank you, Barry
  43. filmonger

    Dating Springer forks

    Sometimes parts on a bike help provide a date ( date range )........