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  1. Demzie

    1938? 1940? Schwinn The World

    A buddy of mine is looking to sell a few bikes and parts. Hes got a small collection of Schwinn stuff and passed these photos along to me to have dated and appraised for him. SN#: 781642 These photos are AS IS currently. Condition and color accurate to date. Any info, value information and...
  2. Demzie

    Sold 1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme

    1948 CWC Hawthorne Supreme $300 OBO Won't ship but willing to drive a bit and meet. ALL original save for: The Tank (which is correct for make, not for model and is comprised of two good halves. One is showing leftover decals as shown, and the other still under repaint) The Grips which are...
  3. dave429

    Sold Schwinn Seat/ Saddle

    Ladies, women’s, girls schwinn script seat. Most likely from the 1950’s balloon bikes. I am not an expert on these seats so please examine pictures. Does have some scuffs on the right rear corner. See pics. $65 priority shipped pp/ff preferred from 54703 NOW $45!
  4. mickeyc

    Found Shoulder bolt for Columbia springer - Monark might be the same?

    Need one of these bolts and washer and nut, as shown. Part of the lower pivot set up. Any help appreciated Mike
  5. marius.suiram

    Sold Schwinn springer fork, late 40's, boys bike

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Price: 120$ shipped. All hardware showed is included. See pictures for more details
  6. rfeagleye

    Wanted: This banana seat springer sissy bar thing...

    I am looking for the banana seat spring sissy bar set up from Persons like the one in the attached picture, or any parts from it. I could really use the springs if someone has them, they are about 4 inches long, and the ID of the holes on each end are 3/4 of an inch. I have the seats that attach...
  7. Jrodarod

    Found AS bolts for springer fork

    WTB a set of original AS bolts for 50s springer. Ok condition is fine , 6-8 condition. Please no repop. Can pickup at Coaster Swap Meet
  8. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins 1950's springer fork Head pieces, two sets. shoulder bolts. $25.00 shipped

    One set of these has new triple plate chrome and the other set has the original paint. Two shoulder bolts also. $25.00 free shipping Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always...
  9. barnyguey

    Sold J.C. Higgins Color Flow Springer truss rod, new triple plate chrome, 1952

    I had these chromed about ten years ago, they have marks on them from use. $80.00 plus shipping Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always looking for any cool bicycle badges...
  10. Tikibar

    How to stop springer squeek?

    I love my '51 Panther with the springer fork, but it squeeks! I've tried adjusting the springer parts and spraying silicon lube (silicon to protect the rubber bumper). What else can I do to stop the squeek???
  11. JKT

    WTB Huffman springer fork

    Looking for a Huffman springer fork, or parts of this style of fork.. boys or girls I don't think matters as I only really need this top chrome piece that holds and goes around the spring..
  12. prewarmachine

    Monark springer fork

    Hoping to find a donor monark style springer fork. 2 spring or 1 spring style are both fine. Really just need the legs and truss. Don't need brackets, don't need springs. Just trying to find a cheap setup that I can modify. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. E

    Schwinn Reproduction Fenders 2 Sets B6 with built in light and Balloon with Springer Fork

    Hi, I have some fender sets I bought from ebay and have decided not to use. I bought them from the ebay seller Bicyclebones. I have two very good quality Schwinn approved reproduction fender sets for sale. One is the B6 fenders, similar to Phantom except they get painted instead of stainless...
  14. bikesnbuses

    Sold 1956 Columbia Thunderbolt 5 Star springer boys balooner original paint

    :eek:UNCLEANED! This bike rides fantastic!! Awesome All original Fire Red paint!good chrome ,original correct seat has had some fender braces painted(may strip off to reveal original finish) wrong pedals and non original rear wheel.Front rim was painted. Perfect bike to spruce up over time if...
  15. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork arms

    200 shipped for all 4. From Wisconsin.
  16. O

    Iis there a expert out there that trues schwinn springer fork blades?

    I would like to find!
  17. Rollo

    evans colson olympic springer - $135

  18. whizzer kid

    Sold Springer forks F/S

    Have this set of forks, legs need work. Are bent. Has the earlier truss rods too. A little thinner then the later ones. Non locking Was on a whizzer originally. Good parts here. 80 shipped lower 48 only PayPal as friends please Or add for fee
  19. B

    Rollfast Hopalong 26 inch Springer fork, longhorn handlebars

    1950's springer fork and longhorn handle bar...$225 shipped.
  20. Cooper S.

    Are these the right parts for my springer?

    I found more of the parts for my 41 cantilever today when visiting the same shop I got it from, obviously the legs are correct since the paint matches, but I grabbed the springs and trusses our of a box with other springers in it, did I grab the right stuff?
  21. robert bell

    Reduced prewar ladies schwinn locking springer 38? 39?

    ladies schwinn springer, really long neck, longer than my 40 hollywood by 1/4", locking, no key. early DX springer or 38-39 maybe. $100.00 shipped. has extra long threaded stem so fork can be cut to fit any prewar ladies frame
  22. 5760rj

    Schwinn Springer Fork

    wanted vintage 50s schwinn springer fork, Threaded side only
  23. tech549

    womans higgins fender set

    fender set,no frt fender brace asking $60.00 plus shipping
  24. tech549

    Sold higgins front fork and springer

    got this for a womans project asking $85.00 plus shipping
  25. BWbiker

    Withdrawn Prewar Schwinn Deluxe Spinger Brown & Tan Fender Set

    Straight and clean 1939 on Schwinn Deluxe Brown & Tan - ***please note the camera makes them look cream, I double checked and they are Tan. lighted springer front, matching standard rear fender. $275 Shipped. $225 local pick up. Thank you! fatire53@yahoo.com
  26. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Monark Postwar Ladies Springer Parts SOLD! ~ ~

    Closing out this group of leftover Monark springer parts. Ladies unit needs re threading and shortening for a men's application but it is straight, not like the one you have already!:eek: Incomplete but the parts here are og and usable! SOLD thanks CABE!
  27. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Pre/Post Columbia Springer Parts $45 Shipped! ~

    Closing out this group of leftover Columbia springer parts. The arm will need a small amount of rework around the top flange, but it's not kinked. The spring assembly and top bracket is a complete unit, but I have just the two lower arms and only one shoulder bolt/nut and the two star washers...
  28. Tyler Rice


    How do I make a girls Monark Springer fit a boys bike
  29. bobcycles


    Killer original springer front fender original DX BLUE paint as shown. Some minor dings etc. I can also roll this to perfection if you prefer prior to mailing. NICE prewar Mud Guard. 85.00 plus postage! Bobcycles@aol.com or PM here ==========TANK SOLD DECENT maroon and cream ladies...
  30. bobcycles


    SUPER NICE original Schwinn springer fork with working lock and 2 keys! Excellent legs and ALL parts on board as shown! Very straight clean and KILLER locking 26" springer fork for your Phantom, Whizzer, Panther, Hornet, DX, B6 etc. 175.00 Plus postage! ========ASHTABULA SOLD...
  31. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Ladies Hawthorne Springer $100 shipped

    This springer is from a 26" lady bike. The chrome has lots of patena but may clean up. I have not done anything to them. I would like $100 shipped for them.
  32. 1

    Sold 1950s shelby with springer

    Here up for sale is a nice shelby for someone looking to fix it up and ride it This bike has a rare shelbys Springer fork Looks to be repainted a very long time ago. This came from a barn sale . Great fixer and will make a good rider. If you have any questions please let me know thanks and...
  33. Floyd

    Red 55 Schwinn springer front fender

    55 Hornet. Converted to Springer from blade. Apparently mounting hole in different location, not to mention indents. Not lookin for a gorgeous nos piece. See pic for general condition...... ratty
  34. T


  35. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V with tank springer and rear carrier

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments. Do not post anything here thank you. Buyer to pay actual Bikeflights shipping int he lower 48 USA. This is a repainted bike in as found condition. The seat is an older Persons reproduction, the tires are old original WW Westwinds. The S-7 rims...
  36. phantom

    Springer Question

    Anyone know what this would have been on originally? Thanks
  37. kirk thomas

    Sold Light,Truss,brackets&a springer part$20

    There is a bunch of brackets for lights and truss rods. There is also a monark springer part there. You get all of the parts for $20 shipped.
  38. D

    Withdrawn Schwinn Locking Springer Front Ends

    Here are (2) Schwinn Springer Front Fork Assemblies. Both locking units have been repaired and work as new. Each unit is priced at $140.00 shipped in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  39. bobcycles


    Restored early Stingray bicycle ...early 65' with the 64' profile 'shorty' frame. Fully restored with all plating done NOS Westwind front tire, original NICE Schwinn Stingray Slick....S-2 with red band Bendix hub ... All plating done, NOS pedals, beautiful 'smoothie' early 65 matte finish...
  40. T

    Sold $400.00 Hawthorne 30 something, Springer 26" Boys

    Looks like a very good older restoration, guessing 30's. 26" Boys bike 500.00 + shipping to the 48 from 67204
  41. Hammer

    JC Higgins Springer

    I need the Springer assembly for a JC Higgins I need the Truss rods, rockers, beehive and all, I just dont need the forks I have those, I have borrowed a pic from a recent for sale listing that I missed for reference, thanks.
  42. robert bell

    Found WTB prewar snyder ladies springer fork

    need for a 1941 hawthorn ladies bike. also springer front fender for same bike. last parts needed to finish her project
  43. PlasticNerd

    Schwinn Springer struts

    have two sets. Set #1 has a lot of “Patina” !!! $30 shipped for the rusty ones. #2 -SOLD . They are about 1/2” dia.
  44. jchicago

    40's JC Higgins Color Flow - Springer Fork - Craigslist LA

    https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/bik/d/1940s-jc-higgins-color-flow/6577875364.html $750
  45. T

    J C Higgins Springer Parts

    Misc. spring fork parts I believe are for Higgins Bikes. One has a broken stem. Prefer local pickup. $75 plus shipping.
  46. Tyler Rice

    Monark Springer

    Need help on how a double springer bolts together and how to get it to line up. I have the deep deluxe fenders and the front fender isn't lining up the wheel is too far forward
  47. higgens


    Shelby springer 100
  48. bobcycles

    Mint EA 6 rib headlight, 1941 DX springer frt fender---- F/S

    Super nice 6 rib EA taillight orig paint Awesome 1940s light 90.00 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com Pm here Nice 1941 DX spring fork front fender Orig DX blue Minor dings not trimmed 70.00 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com
  49. frank 71

    Found Prewar Schwinn Springer Fork

    Wanted Men's Schwinn Springer Fork. Reasonable Price.
  50. T

    Sold 1947 MONARK springer, tank,etc Coming to ML

    1947 Monark coming to ML Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 475.00