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  1. Krakatoa

    Sold Nice Lo Mileage Prewar 1942 Schwinn Standard Headset 8pcs Complete!

    Very good used serviceable parts. From a 1942 26" DX ballooner. 8pcs complete includes nice lower race! SOLD thank you CABE!
  2. S

    Sold Very nice Diamond 56 link 1/2" pitch chain (standard) Shelby Schwinn Monark $40 Shipped

    will look new with a mild cleaning
  3. carlitos60

    Sold Standard # 1 Rat Trap Pedal!

    Up for Grabs: $158 Shipped! PP FF. Standard # 1 Rat Trap Pedal! Left Side and Spins Well!
  4. badbob

    Sold Vintage 1940 Schwinn Autocycle Standard

    Vintage Prewar 1940 Schwinn Autocycle.. Bike has nice original paint. Original chrome is nice too.. Original tires were replaced with NOS US Royal USA tires.. $2500. plus shipping
  5. Junkman Bob

    Reduced Standard head badge 35$ shipped

    Good condition Standard head badge Side by side screw holes 45$ shipped to lower 48
  6. Junkman Bob

    Sold Standard badged chainguard

    Looks to be in good condition This chainguard is on a Standard badged bike Cool looking guard If you see anything else that interests you it’s for sale Pm me 50$ shipped to lower 48
  7. Will & Wendy

    Sold 1949 JC Higgins Ladies' Standard Bicycle For Restoration Or Custom !!!

    Hello and Thank You For Looking!!! Here We Have A 1949 JC Higgins Ladies "Standard" Bicycle For Restoration Or Custom !!! I Found photos to confirm this is a 1949 JC Higgins "Standard" Ladies Model and is correct as shown with full blister rack, skirt guards and standard truss front end...
  8. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1968 Schwinn Stingray Sky Blue Coaster Brake J38 Standard Model

    Please PM direct with any questions or comments. Do not post anything here thank you. Buyer pays actual Bikeflights Shipping in the lower 48 USA December 68 Stingray in complete and original condition except for the missing rear reflector and rear Goodyear knobby tire. SOLD. plus shipping.
  9. whizzer kid

    Rear stand clips, cycle truck and standard f-s

    Nice early ct drop stand clip 45 shipped Other is from a early 30’s bike. 26 shipped////SOLD/// PayPal as friends only
  10. SimpleMan


    Curious as to what this is. Badged as a STANDARD. I'm no expert by any stretch. I spent hours researching and thanks to those that have posted great info to search through. Looks to have some Miami lineage but I would be interested to see what it really is or isn't. Sprocket, fork crown and...
  11. ohdeebee

    Sold 41 Schwinn Straightbar Standard Autocycle Project

    Tank has been repainted, but is a 41tank. Not sure if the front tabs showed up in pics, everything else is original paint. Front fender was a Truss fender but has been modified for the Springer fork. I have the original front fender without any holes that I can swap with this one with a price...
  12. MsRock2

    Sold TOC 1900's Reading Standard

    TOC 1895-1900 exact date not known but this company only made bikes for about 5 years. A rare find. $2200. Local pick up in San Diego or use local bike shop to ship for you. PM me for more pics or to discuss.
  13. C

    Sale Pending 11-5/8” Porcelain Standard Oil Sign

    Original no repo ( pump sign ) Porcelain Indiana Standard Oil Round Sign. Overall very nice condition. Brass inserts at each eyelet. 11-5/8” specifically single sided $125 shipped
  14. guffey

    63 Lime Standard

    Got the this from the original owner's family August 63
  15. barnyguey


  16. barnyguey

    Sold Beautiful Schwinn American Standard badge, $35.00 free shipping, Brass headbadge

    I've seen these on Schwinn bicycles fro the 40's - 50's. $35.00 with free shipping Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry
  17. Freqman1

    Sold 1946 Schwinn Standard Autocycle

    This is the unequipped model with a springer (Model BA 97-6). Pics tell the story. A few warts on this one to include the rust holes which do not affect the structural integrity of the bike. It has had some rather poor touch up on the white most noticeably on the head tube and rear fender. Has...
  18. Jon Marinello

    WTB 2-3 Standard Schwinn Headset Lock Washers

    Just need 2 or 3 of these lock washers if you got 'em. Thanks!
  19. KevinBrick

    1952 Schwinn Standard

    Just finished, ready to ride next year.. 1952 Schwinn Standard.. No holes in front fender for a light.. I added the truss rods and the 11 cog rear sprocket for a little more pedal power.. Go Badgers!
  20. Balloonatic

    c1895 NY Standard Watch Co TOC BIKE-CYCLOMETER FS on EBAY

    Had this for sale on the bay with BIN or best offer, but decided to put it for auction - $9.99 and NO reserve to end a week from this Sunday, Dec. 3. If you ever wanted a WORKING TOC cyclometer for TOC 28" wheel safety bike, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! It's SO cool with the blued steel pointer running...
  21. KevinBrick

    Skip tooth chain for a 1952 Schwinn standard

    Putting together a 1952 Schwinn standard and can’t find the chain.. Looking to buy another one so I have a spare until this one turns up.. Thank you! - Kevin 715/571-1994
  22. Bikermaniac

    Sold TOC Standard rap trap pedals, racing?

    I think these are Standard rap trap pedals. Both spins free. Axles seems to be good, not bent. $250 shipped. Edit: 1/2" threads.
  23. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1966 Stingray Coppertone Standard Model J38 aka fenderless Original paint

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments please do not post them here thanks. You pay the actual lower 48 USA shipping.. Original bike except for the 1970's era replacement Schwinn Sting-Ray Slik The front tire is original dated 1966. The rear rim has a couple pin holes rusted through...
  24. T

    Help identify? 1927 Westfield one of a kind?

    Hello, I bought this bike a few months back and was originally told it was Harris built. I knew it wasn't and I had to have it. I'm new to the motorbikes and it's got the look and size I want. it also has some oddities that throw everyone off so far. check out the amazing original color with a...
  25. ratrodz

    Sold PRICE DROPPED!!! 5bar stand

    Rear silverking polished taillight housing with lense. These are recasts, look great polished up! This is lenses and housing only! You'll need switch and guts. $150. Have 1 polished housing $100