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  1. Mr.RED

    Just finished Trek 720 EL Mustacho

    Just finished bastardizing a beautiful 1984 Trek 720 touring bike into my own twisted idea of a dirt touring bike and I am totally in love with it. Inspired by Crust and Rivendell bikes but at a fraction of the cost well just ignore the fact of potential value of a complete original 1984 Trek...
  2. Mr.RED

    Ciocc Designer 84 C40 with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group

    So a few weeks ago me and my father stumbled into a collection of vintage Italian bikes, vintage Treks, parts etc so I figure I share 1 of the gems out of that collection. I have Ciocc Designer 84 C40 with a Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupo. The only item missing from the complete group is the...
  3. Mr.RED

    Carlton Competition

    I finally dug out my Carlton Competition and I am bored so I figure I share some pics.
  4. Mr.RED

    1976 Fuji Newest

    I picked this up a while back and just finally got around to finishing it this weekend. A 1976 Fuji Newest with most of the original parts minus the saddle, pedals, wheels and brake levers. The saddle is a Belt made by Fujita which is period correct , 700c Campagnolo low flange wheels with a 5...
  5. Mr.RED

    Yardsale score Bridgestone RB-1

    Not bad for $50 the infamous Bridgestone RB-1 I think its a 1996 model with the full Shimano 600 tri color 8 speed kit. Has a few paint chips that I need to add some color over all in good shape. The rear wheel was junk so I found a set of modern wheels to toss on granted the rear wheel needs a...
  6. I

    Got a line on a rideable Raleigh model s all steel 1910 in same family since brought over from ireland

    They want $100. Needs restoration . Did not find much on this model here or elsewhere . Desirable bike?
  7. Mr.RED

    ROSS Track frame

    I picked up this Ross track frame set this morning along with a Bianchi Pista track frame also both came from a guy who raced and briefly ran a local velodrome. I knew about the older Bianchi Pista frames but I never would imagine Ross produced a track frame in the 1980s. I cant seem to find any...
  8. O

    Sold Pre war stainless steel raingutter fenders

    Straight and clean. Pics tell the story. $80 shipped.
  9. Pressed Steel 1915

    Old Steel Toys...

    Pay-loader 17" ( Heavy toy ) $70 shipped Schuco coupe 6" ( as-is-No Key ) $65 shipped Hubley 10" ( original paint ) $40 shipped PMO only Columbus Oh,43231 *** ***
  10. bobcycles

    NICE vintage Steel brake lever assortment incl matched pairs---F/S

    Vintage 1950s-70s? era STEEL brake levers for touring bicycles caliper or drum brakes. Top Row .... matched 3 in various Good used condition....all three 40.00 plus postage 2nd Row......2 levers missing bottom loops ok used.......20.00 both plus postage 3rd Row...... 2 levers ...decent original...
  11. JKT

    Found WTB stainless steel spokes

    WTB a set (front & rear) of SS .105 spokes & nipples for 26" X 2.125 FOUND !!
  12. Kustomsoul

    Sold WORKSMAN STEEL CYCLE TRUCK BASKET $120.00/$150.00 shipped

    WORKSMAN STEEL CYCLE TRUCK BASKET good condition $ 120 obo
  13. 100bikes

    Vintage Stems #5 Pressed Steel

    I have a block of stems for sale. All are sold "as is". Sorry, I don't have binder or stem bolts for these. - Please Add $5 shipping for each -
  14. 100bikes

    Vintage Stems #3

    I have a block of stems for sale. All are sold "as is". Sorry, I don't have binder or stem bolts for these. - Please Add $5 shipping for each -
  15. 100bikes

    Vintage Stems #2

    I have a block of stems for sale. All are sold "as Is" Sorry, I don't have binder of stem bolts for these. - Please add $5.00 for shipping -
  16. MarkKBike

    Your Thoughts On Steel Rims vs Aluminum On Vintage Schwinns?

    I recently swapped the Steel Rims on my Schwinn Le-Tour with a set of Aluminum Rims. Prior to the swap I weighed the wheels and the aluminum rims were slightly lighter, not by a whole lot. This could all be in my mind, but my initial impression was that I'm not sure I like the change. Braking...
  17. Barto

    26" Stainless Steel Middleweight wheels

    FOUND!!!!!! I'm looking for a nice 26" Stainless Steel middleweight wheels. These will be going on my daughters build so must be in nice shape. Please PM me Bart
  18. M

    Shelby Stainless Steel boys banana Tank

  19. ohmybike

    Sold 28” steel clad w/ND hubs

    140 shipped PayPal FF. rear New departure hub CC and from New departure Sm. Didn’t need this after all. I was able to re-lace my 28” clinchers.
  20. bricycle

    Reduced FS Steel clad wood 28" wheel set, Musselman armless and unkwn frt.

    Steel clad wood 28" wheel set, Musselman armless(working) and unkwn frt.(ND?) Perfect for 1919 to 1930's bike. Plating still pretty dang nice. True, couple very teeny dimples. $185.00 $195.00 $215.00 $235.00 shipped domestic. 122 175
  21. mrg

    Steel craft scooter

    Once I got this scooter I got rid all the others (got one Fire Ball left to sell), had it for years and it’s my favorite!! I don't know what the difference is from bike collecting but as soon as I got the Scooter, Pedal Car, trike and wagon I really wanted I didn't need others so most went down...
  22. KevinM

    Gooseneck Rechromed Solid Steel Seatpost

    Nice rechromed Lucky Seven or Gooseneck Seatpost. 3/4" on one end and 5/8" on the other. $60 shipped.
  23. klunk!

    Sold NOS 28" Steel Clad Rims Lobdell

    New Old Stock, Steel Clad Wood Rims, Off White w/ Black Pins. Show a little wear from storage. 28" 36 hole, 1 1/8" overall width, These are coming straight from their orig. shipping crate. The rims are not stamped, but pretty certain they are Lobdells. Crate was Identical to the crate that the...
  24. bikesnbuses

    Anyone know "Real Steel" in Huntington Beach, CA

    I only ask as he has a part I need and hasnt been on in a few months+ and would love to buy this chainguard! :hearteyes::grinning: Thanks everyone! Jeff/bikesnbuses
  25. Pressed Steel 1915

    1950's Wyandotte steel toy truck

    $65 Shipped....Good overall condition. Postal money order or gold coins....:o)
  26. kunzog


    Here is an assortment of used, vintage, steel brake levers. $30. EACH. They are chrome plated and have some wear and scratches. #4 is a locking brake lever for use as a parking brake . $30. each shipped Priority Mail in US. Paypal to: Kunzog@bellsouth.net
  27. petritl

    Steel clad wheel w/ New Departure C hub

    Wheel spin pretty true (~1/8” side to side runout), wood looks to be in good condition. I would put this on a rider. The model C hub is nickle plated but the brake arm had been replaced with an early model D. $60 plus shipping
  28. R


  29. AluminumStork

    fork bending 110 year old steel... what do I do?

    Hello all. Well, I have never worked with 110 year old steel before. What can the experts suggest I do to straighten this fork? Kinda a little apprehensive to try to fix this... or is there someone out there that can help? Thanks in advance for any help!
  30. SJ_BIKER

    Nos schwinn steel balls sealed

    Carbon steel balls 25 count 15 shipped
  31. GiovanniLiCalsi

    Want 30” Steel Safety Bicycle Rims

    Looking to buy a pair of 30” steel safety bicycle rims. I need 36 spoke rims. Thank you
  32. szathmarig

    Sold CWC straight bar frame with steel gas tank.

    I got too many projects. I was going to motorize it. Tank $100 plus shipping Frame 50 plus shipping from 20032 Was. DC
  33. Pressed Steel 1915

    1930's Steel Toy Truck/SteelCraft ?

    Late 1920's/30's Larger pressed steel toy truck....Turner/Steel craft/ Buddy-L/ Not sure of make ??? 17" Long Have more photos. $200 Shipped
  34. ratrodz

    Sold Stainless steel fenders

    26" stainless fenders with flat braces. Has ducktail on front fender(could use some loving ) few dents but very presentable. $200 shipped obo, paypal only please.
  35. B

    28" steel rims 36 hole NOS

    NOS European 28" x 1 1/2" steel rims, 36 hole Minor surface rust on inside, chrome is nice Would be good riders for 28" bikes Have 2 pair $65/pair + shipping PayPal/MO/cash
  36. K

    wanted=TOC w/internally brass lined steel tubing

    looking for any examples or information regarding bicycles made about the TOC with the inside of the steel tubing of the frame, lined in brass (coated in brass). If you know of any brand or manufacturer, please let me know, simply doing some research of Wisconsin bicycles. thanks Kurt
  37. ZE52414

    Sold 3 steel levers

    Not sure what these were used on, but there heavy duty ones. I'll have more pics up tomorrow. Asking 50$ shipped on all 3. Thanks guys.
  38. Freqman1

    Stainless Steel Fenders

    Hunting a set of fenders as shown except boys and a lot nicer. Front has a duck tail and the back is straight. Bike will be restored so fenders must be capable of being straightened/polished. That means no rips, tears, or extra holes. Thanks, Shawn...
  39. Balloontyre

    Sold All steel 28" wheel set, Mead and others

    Tires not included, hubs spin nice. Rims straight, 20 tooth rear cog. Painted over obviously , spokes too, lol. $225 shipped to USA from Milwaukee. Cash, MO, PayPal friends. More pics by pm if interested.
  40. Demzie

    Sold ~:1936 Jewel Tank AutoCycle:~ SOLD

    As Posted, I have a 1936 Jewel Tank AutoCycle for sale. SN# P12872 Checked and Verified Its a later '36 Model, considered to be a "Transitional" with a '37 Style Locking Fork [angled lock, not straight back] with Original Yale Schwinn Key. Good News: ::I'm Second Owner, bought from the...