1. TWBikesnstripes

    Sold For Sale Streamline Pedals

    Pair of boys streamline pedals with reflectors in good og condition. Shafts spin true. Some surface rust should clean up. Blocks ok with some wear. Sold as found. $85 shipped. PayPal, MO, Cash pickup ok. PC or email at tcbrushwerks@verizon.net Thanks
  2. C

    Sold 30’s streamline tricycle very nice condition

    Decided to move this trike on to someone who can enjoy this as I have. $645 shipped or obo Murray / Mercury Very solid trike Good rubber Little paint loss on nose but otherwise very nice patina on this trike. Displays very nice.
  3. bikiba

    Sold Streamline Pedals

    I havent cleaned them yet - blocks have a littke dirt in em. I took em apart for your viewing pleasure.
  4. C

    30’s Mercury / Murray Streamline Deluxe

    pretty cool trike to share. Nice patina Thanks Mark
  5. catfish

    Sold Streamline Toolbox Saddle

    Price Drop $400.00 Very nice saddle. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order only. Sold as is and untested.
  6. MsRock2

    Sold Streamline Generator Headlamp in Box

    For pick up or I can ship - $75. PM for details. Located in San Diego
  7. ZE52414

    Withdrawn 39Autocycle (BFG streamline) project.

    Was going to build this bike up but figured it would be better to just add the parts to my newly acquired liberty. C serial number. Frame has grounding screw and I did use scotch bright on the frame so it needs paint quick! Wheels look OG. Same profile as my other 2 motorbikes. I stripped a...


  9. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Amazing Set of Matched Delta Silver Rays with Huffman/Dayton Super Streamline Bracket

    Matched pair of Delta Silver Rays in very fine condition. Excellent chrome with some small pinhead clouding spots. Attached to chromed Huffman/Dayton/National Super Streamline mounting bracket. Bracket in excellent condition, appears to be an original, but may be an older repop. Chrome in...
  10. Glenn Rhein

    Wanted men’s tool box Or streamline seat

    I need a men’s toolbox or streamline seat preferably in Poor condition. But will consider all
  11. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Payments? 1937 model 37 Dayton streamline Pre war $2700

    This is a very rare 1937 Dayton Long tank. Look at the pictures. It's all original. Rides great. $2,700 shipped FIRM in the U.S. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST if you want to buy it, send a message. I will not part the bike out. I'm selling for what I paid for it. Thanks for looking. I'll do...
  12. kreika

    1938 Hedstrom Streamline Tricycle

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/bik/d/vintage-pre-war-tricycle/6525755120.html Pretty rough but cool lines.
  13. Dan the bike man

    1937 Dayton Huffman Streamline RARE!

    Very rare bike here. 1937 Dayton Huffman long tank. All original. Note the rust holes in the tank. Rides great. I have the badge but no screws. These don't come up for sale often. Worth more but will sell for $2,700 shipped FIRM, I WILL NOT PAYMENTS .
  14. G

    streamline pedal endcaps,

    streamline pedal endcaps, older repops, had them so long don't know who made them , but nice lookers 80 bux plus shippin
  15. ohdeebee

    Sold Troxel Streamline Saddle

    Solid ladies core with wear tabs. $125 plus the ride
  16. bobcycles


    Restored Mid 1930s Troxel Deluxe Streamlined saddle. This is a smooth, non stamped, pan. Chassis and pan have been rechromed and the top is black leather with the factory snowflake logo. Some pitting on the underside of the pan as to be expected as the area is difficult to polish by chrome...
  17. stoney


    I think it is either Wyandotte or Marx. Measures 5 1/2" long x 2 3/4" high x 3" wide. PAYPAL $85.00 Please post intentions on thread & PM, thanks.
  18. Cheezer

    Sold Monark Airman Chain guard 1941 Deluxe Zepher Manton Shelby Deco streamline

    Chain guard that I removed from an Airman. Has it's original blueish paint, plus some rust and pitting. It is missing the mounting bracket part in the rear. It is 22-1/2 long. Asking $90 shipped in the US Paypal is prefered. Thanks Monark Airman spiegel Zeppelin Zepher Manton Smith
  19. New Mexico Brant

    Reduced Last Chance! 1937 Huffman Super Streamline T-Shirts -- Limited Edition!

    Now accepting preorders for these gray 1937 Huffman Super Streamline T-shirts, heavyweight Gildan UltraCotton. This is the official shirt for the Huffman Super Streamline Repatriation Ride. The front image is of the patent drawing for the shipping container for the 37 SS. A limited number are...
  20. M

    Sold 3 Prewar Bicycle Saddles Vintage Mens "Mesinger" Leather, Streamline Kids Saddle $30

    3 Prewar Bicycle Saddles Vintage Mens "Mesinger" Leather, Streamline Kids Saddle 1 mens' mesginer leather saddle, leather is dried out, 1 juvenile tricycle saddle, reflector is not original but saddle came with one, 1 womens' saddle with chrome springs and no covering. All 1930s or 1940s. $30...
  21. K

    1937 iver Johnson 2 speed streamline

    This is a very rare original iver Johnson 2 speed streamline, this bike is a one and only box pinstriped paint scheme. The seat has been restored and the front light and 2 speed works, 1650 pick up preferred 92544 but I'm willing to work on shipping at buyers expense. Call or text 951 333 6968
  22. New Mexico Brant

    Reduced 1936 Huffman Safety Streamline T Shirts! Limited Edition

    Now available, 36' Huffman Safety Streamline t-shirts, heavyweight Gildan UltraCotton. The front image is from the patent office drawing filed in April of 1936. Limited edition of 20 shirts total. The shirt color is close to the original color most of these bicycles were painted. Sizes...
  23. tech549

    Withdrawn westfield streamline

    westfield streamline 1300.00 plus shipping
  24. New Mexico Brant

    The Huffman Super Streamline Repatriation: Cyclone Coaster Ride *Updated: Feb 4, 2018

    Announcing the Huffman Super Streamline Repatriation Ride to be held at the Cyclone Coaster Ride *Updated to February 4, 2018. Bring out your Huffman Super Streamlines, Safety Streamlines, and Firestone Supremes! A few bikes that have been repatriated from across the pond are to make an...
  25. azbug-i

    Operation Safety Streamline - Repair the "Repaired" fork

    I recently acquired a couple of my dream bikes. Unfortunately one came with a surprise. A very disfunctional fork repair. :( what a bummer. Its sad that the person i bought this from was not told about the repair when he bought it. And it came to me under the same circumstances. Still a...
  26. John Haeberle

    Wanted: Handlebar for Girls Dayton Safety Streamline

    Looking for handlebar for Dayton Safety Streamline project.
  27. C

    30's Colson Rocket Rear Steer Tricycle OG Paint

    Here is a 35-38 Colson Rocket Rear Steer Tricycle . Very nice OG Paint . Great Seat Fully Functional.Ahead of its time. Like to post for future reference . Also posted for sale in "Everything Else " Forum Enjoy ! Thank You Mark
  28. C

    37-38 Garton Streamline Tricycle

    Here is a 37-38 Streamline Garton Tricycle . Nice Original Paint . Like to post these so they can be used as reference in the future. FYI - This Tricycle is posted For Sale in " Everything Else Forum " if interested. Thank You Mark
  29. New Mexico Brant

    Huffman: Firestone Supreme Streamline Help Needed Please!

    The below Huffman built Firestone Fleetwood Supreme arrived in Santa Fe a few days ago; thank you Brady @Clark58mx ! I have been working on removing three layers of paint (green, burgundy, cherry red) to get it back to the original which is: Opalescent Maroon with white head tube and decorative...
  30. Airflyte 1

    Airflyte 1

  31. azbug-i

    A Very Special Pair - '36 Safety Streamlines

    I recently became the owner of some very special bikes! My friend Susannah (good looking blonde on the girls streamline ;)) and I gave them quick tune ups this weekend, new tires and went for a ride! We rode to the dairy queen for drinks and then to the hardware store to get hardware for the...
  32. azbug-i

    Drop Stand for 1936 Huffman Streamline

    Does anyone have a suitable drop stand for a 1936 huffman. Ill post reference pics shortly too. The one my bike came with doesnt clear the tire. Its the wrong profile stand. Actually a stand like the one in this link would be great. http://www.nostalgic.net/bicycle37 Like on martys bike...
  33. azbug-i

    Pedals for mens 1936 safety streamline

    Looking for pedals for my streamline. Its a 36 safety. Thank you to everyone for the help. Amanda
  34. J

    Been in my family since the 70's - Streamline Aerocycle

    My family has had this Schwinn Streamline Aerocycle in the family since the 70's. We have just started to research what it is. Not sure what our plans are for it, but figured everyone here would like to see it. Enjoy!
  35. RustyK

    Sold Womens Person Majestic pedals

    Womens Persons Majestic pedals. Rebuilt and roll great. Some script visible, good rider pair. $85 shipped lower 48 USA
  36. RustyK

    Sold Mens Persons Majestic teardrop pedals

    Men's Persons Majestic teardrop pedals. The script is pretty good. I rebuilt them and they roll nicely rode them last summer. 1 axle is bent SOLD shipped in lower 48 - was $275 shipped in lower 48 states
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