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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold >>> NOS <<< 1950 1951 Vintage Western Flyer Super Bicycle Headlight CWC Roadmaster light

    Incredible condition new old stock Western Flyer Super 3 chrome strip postwar headlight . Not much to say :) its about as nice as can be! Theres a few tiny shelf wear chips. Asking $255 well packed/shipped in the USA
  2. D

    Super Nice SCHWINN sign - Any Info?

    Hey all, can anyone tell me anything about this sign? It's one of the nicest I've seen, can't find any information about it. Great size (24x11x5), works perfect and is in amazing condition. Great colors. If you can't tell from the pictures, it is an army green color with silver side trim pieces...
  3. slowride

    '71 Raleigh Super Course

    Picked this one up last week. I may have to change my handle because this one is anything but slow! Almost all original except MKS pedals and IHC gum walls and original B15 saddle was lost over the years and latest owner found and installed vintage B15 narrow. which he laced with color matching...
  4. 57SIDECAR

    1954 Monark Super Deluxe

    This beauty just sold at a local action near me, PLUS 18 % buyers fee $153.00 puts it at $1000.00 to rich for my wallet. Would have liked to find it at a yard sale for half.
  5. bricycle

    Sold FS Elgin SUPER teacup lamp

    with clamp and bulb, $160.00 shipped domestic only.
  6. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Monark Super Deluxe

    Up for sale is an excellent restoration bike. I was professionally done in a auto restoration shop. It has incorrect pedals, stem, bars and grips. Otherwise it is a great display bicycle or just pedal it around. To restore a bike these days for are looking at at least $1,500 when you include the...
  7. T

    SCHWINN 1965 Violet Super DeLuxe Sting-ray Bicycle-Vintage Bike

    SCHWINN 1965 Violet Super DeLuxe Sting-ray Bicycle-Vintage Bike On Ebay
  8. 3-speeder

    Ladies Western Flyer Super in Saline, MI on CL

    not mine. They're asking 200

    Winchester super x wood box

    Measures 7 inches long 29.00 shipped
  10. mickeyc

    Super nice ladies Spaceliner
  11. oldfart36

    Super Sonda

    Believe this one is early 60's "Super Sonda, by Garton.
  12. R

    Monark Super Deluxe

    This bike is in very good condition. Nos Persons-Majestic crash bars and Carlisle Lightning Dart tires. The bike is original paint except for the tank, I had to repaint, batteries were left in. Some parts have been rechromed. The horn and light do work . I'm asking $1200.00 OBO. I'm not shipping...
  13. rollfaster

    WF Super parts wanted

    Working on a friend’s 50 Super. He’s looking for a tank, rack and front fender. I know these parts aren’t cheap, let me know what you have. Bike is two tone green. Having trouble posting pics for some reason.
  14. M

    Super Le Tour 12. 2 Appraisal

    Hey guys, This SLT is selling for $75. I still need to see it in person. Looks a bit beat up, and I'm thinking the wheels/some components may be lower quality replacements? I'm absolutely guessing though - if some knowledgeable folk could take a guess from the unfortunately inconvenient...
  15. T


  16. carlitos60

    Super Champion 3 Speed Shifting Set!!

    Clean Condition! Up for Grabs Just Need the Shifter!! $420 Shipped! OBO
  17. vastingray

    Super cool sign

  18. Alienbaby17

    1950 WF Super Need Wiring Help

    A few years ago I bought a WF Super at a garage sale. It was 95% complete but someone had started to do some work on it so a few little things were disassembled or missing. I’m at the point now where I’m trying to get all of the electricals working. When I opened the tank there was no battery...
  19. TheFizzer

    Withdrawn Monark Super Deluxe

    1953 Monark Super Deluxe 26" original paint bike Working headlight & horn. Beautiful original seat. Does not come with the laid back seat post but will come with a straight post. Comes with the original wheels & cream tires. Not the worksman 3 speed & drum brake wheel set although I may...
  20. mack0327

    Sold 1972 Schwinn Super Sport

    For sale is a 1972 Schwinn Super Sport. I had John Zeni completely restore the bike in 2015. Check out the 100+ pictures of the restoration process at This Super Sport is a 1972 in Opaque Blue. I...

    Sold =☆Super duper Clean Schwinn Cruiser ☆=

    Very clean Original condition late 80s Schwinn Cruiser Nice 26" chrome wheels with shimano rear hub and balloon studded white wall tires, rides great stops as it should . 180 + 25 bux for bike flights to the lower 48 NO PayPal, postal money order prefered Please no comments here pm only ...
  22. Axlerod

    Withdrawn 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    This is a 1952 Monark Super Deluxe with 26” wheels. This bike Shines and looks great. The horn and the train light work. It received an “amateur restoration” a few years before I bought it. I’ve owned it for about 4 years. I don’t know for a fact if it is a “correct” restoration or not. I do...
  23. jungleterry

    Super cool Ross Bikes

    Hello does any one have any of these . Never seen these anywhere but just bought this brochure . Super cool truss rod seat up : lLet us know if you have one , love know if there are any out there . Thank you Terry and Tammy
  24. 57 spit

    52 Monark super deluxe fork help

    I think im missing these front fork retaining washers. Does anyone know where to get a pair, or of a good hack? Thanks!
  25. Classicriders

    Reduced Monark Super Deluxe full page ad

    Original ad from Saturday Evening Post. Suitable for framing. $25 shipped.
  26. robert bell

    WTB 41 schwinn super deluxe front fender

    needed to start paint work, 1941 schwinn super deluxe front fender. got rest of bike waiting on this fender. please help!!
  27. rollfaster

    Western Flyer Super

    Carcass. Would anyone know the year?
  28. hawkster19

    Monark Super Deluxe front fender

    Looking for a Monark Super Deluxe front fender. Not picky on color or shape, just show me what you have available with a price shipped please. Thanks!
  29. Tyler Rice

    Western Flyer Super

    Really like this bike!
  30. 57 spit

    WTB-Monark Super Deluxe train light guts

    1952 girls repop OK.
  31. Roadkill


    I got home from work to these! I love getting deliveries. Wanna know what's inside? Stay tuned. Ride on Sean
  32. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Monark super deluxe issues

    Good morning— I have a chance to purchase this Monark. It is a repaint and looks pretty decent from the pics. The colors don’t exactly match just like it did out of the factory. I have a problem though, I am fearful they move have used many repop parts. I am going to list some pics to get an...
  33. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold Prewar Schwinn super clean Hudson

    Rare Gothic peaked fenders 2200.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 500.00 deposit.
  34. TR6SC

    Found Monark Super Frame 5-Bar

    I love the name...Monark Super Frame 5-Bar! I would like to find one that needs a good home. Frame only would be fine. This is going to be a teaching/learning project. It's time for the grandson to build his own. I'm thinking we'd start with a beautiful frame. Thanks!
  35. P


    Looking to buy a nice original center stamped S-2 rear wheel for a 1964 Schwinn Super Deluxe Stingray. E-mail to or call (419) 566-8401
  36. P


    Wanted to buy a nice original white deep tufted seat for a Super Deluxe Stingray. Will pay a very fair price for it. E-mail to or call (419) 566-8401
  37. bobcycles


    Very hard to find Tornado spring Mesinger saddle that only made it on to the rarest of the rare 1930s prewar bicycles! Full restoration of skirted tornado spring saddle in a slightly 'patina' natural aged vegi tan leather. One of the coolest saddle designs ever made for the exotic prewar...
  38. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Amazing Set of Matched Delta Silver Rays with Huffman/Dayton Super Streamline Bracket

    Matched pair of Delta Silver Rays in very fine condition. Excellent chrome with some small pinhead clouding spots. Attached to chromed Huffman/Dayton/National Super Streamline mounting bracket. Bracket in excellent condition, appears to be an original, but may be an older repop. Chrome in...
  39. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Two TOC Quilled Lucky 7 Seat Posts-One Super Sexy!

    Being offered: two nickel plated TOC quilled seat posts. #1 is an amazing beauty with bevelled molding treatments, includes shim, approx. 5 3/8 inches long without top bolt and quill end, .80 inches in diameter. retains much of the original nickel, some light pitting on the upper part, appears...
  40. Bike Recyclery

    NOS Schwinn (Super) Le Tour Waterslide Decal Lot: 18 Piece - Genuine Schwinn Factory

    This is an 18 piece lot of genuine Schwinn decals, from various Schwinn Le Tour and Super Le Tour models. *All of these decals and catalogs came from a closed Schwinn dealer called Kings Cyclery in Casper, Wyoming that I bought out. Everything was ordered directly from the Schwinn factory...
  41. mongeese

    Schwinn atom pedals 9/16th super sport continental voyageur

    27 shipped from Wisconsin.
  42. bobcycles


    You just don't see these too often! Fender mounted Autocycle style long cone Seiss light. Overall looks to be in good shape, one small chip in the chrome on the base... a very VERY tiny crack in the bezel on the bottom, very hard to see, nice lens bulb is there... not sure if it works...but...
  43. jungleterry

    Reduced Super nice original Hopalong Cassidy

    Hello and Hoppy Easter everyone . Not really wanting to sell this one . It's the best 24 inch we have ever had but something has come up and he has to find a new home . All original bike with some touch ups here and there . Mainly on fender ends . Just the black the steers are still there too...
  44. higgens

    Western flyer super rack

    anybody have a western flyer super rack Color or condition doesn’t matter o and looking for a rusty headlight

    Firestone super cruiser front fender braces!

    So turns out I need the correct front fender braces for my forestone super cruiser aka bullnose. My bike has the cushioner front end. So I'm going to need both front fender braces if anybody has them please pm me. Thank you do much!
  46. z-bikes

    Monark Super Cruiser in WI

    Not mine.
  47. kirk thomas

    Sold X-53 Super decals $10 shipped

    These decals were bought for a couple of projects I do not have. So I do not need them. You get both down tube decals for $20 shipped. They are waterslide decals and come with instructions.
  48. Kato

    Is It Just Me.....Quality / Super Nice Bikes 4-Sale

    Is it just me or has there been some super nice bikes being put up for sale the last 2-3 weeks.........? Maybe it's the old " Tax Refund " time of year like my Dad says and guys have that extra cash burning holes in their pockets and sellers know it........:) Regardless some super nice stuff...
  49. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold Western Flyer Super X53 Original

    1958 X53 Nice original reproduction light top missing rear reflector. 1950.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 500.00 down.
  50. the2finger

    Sold ‘51 Ladies Western Flyer Super

    1951 Western Flyer Super. Bike is complete I’m assuming the light and horn do not work. No tank or light rot new JafCo lens for light. Bike is original finish with the exception of the red primer I applied to cover some bare metal areas on the rear of the rack and rear fender. Turn signal switch...