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  1. locomotion

    10's or 20's steel "Flyer" Motorbike tank .... obo

    Will sell the tank on this bike separately 10's or 20's steel Motorbike tank just noticed that there is a ghost image of "FLYER" on both sides of the tank looks like OG paint I added it to the bike, and it's not a perfect fit .... so I have no problem with selling it separately missing 1 bracket...
  2. R

    Sold Schwinn Autocycle Tank w/ jewels the best-see for yourself.

    Looks all original to me I haven't seen a better tank ever. Battery tray, wired horn, small crack in one jewel see photo. See all photos they tell the story. Price $ 2,750.00. I will entertain offers and will wait till the last offer comes in. Please send PM with questions and offers, do not...
  3. mongeese

    Prewar autocycle aerocycle delta twintone horns with delta button

    Up for trade mainly - I enjoy early Mongoose 1975 - to 1982 Prewar race bikes and parts
  4. Demzie

    Sold 1938 CWC DBR

    1938 Cleveland Welding Co. Western Flyer. This is a "Double Bar Roadster" style frame. What's on it outside accessories and front truss rods, is correct for the bike. Saddle springs have since been replaced and is in functioning orde Skiptooth wheelset, desired chain ring and a Very...
  5. Demzie

    Sold 1938 Colson ScrewTank Deluxe Equipped

    1938 One Year Only Model Screw Tank Colson Imperial. Original Paint Yellow and Black (guard and rack painted to match) This bike is absolutely Correct except the fender light which is Period Correct and a bit more uncommon than the Delta Model light it would have had stock The tires-...
  6. Bike from the Dead

    Show me your NON-BICYCLE bicycle parts.

    Over on the Rat Rod Bikes forum, one guy started a thread there about using ordinary objects around the house on their custom bicycles. So I wanted to start a similar thread here. I want to see what sort of unorthodox objects and materials you either used or might use on a bicycle, and share...
  7. L

    RetroFit Caliper Brake found on a 54 Roadmaster Ballooner Tire Bike

    Posting this in response to a few folks that noticed this retrofit of a caliper brake in pics of my 54 Roadmaster. Its not my design , but I like the idea. Have often thought it would be handy to have on a rider, especially on streets with alot of car traffic / intersections. Previous owner...
  8. cheeseroc

    Sold NJ Pickup | 1948 Schwinn DX w/Royal Headbadge $400

    This is as found. No shipping. Pickup in central NJ 07711.
  9. bobbystillz

    Sold Elgin 'Miss America' 1/2 tank with guts

    This is the right side of an Elgin 'Miss America' tank. It has the light switch, horn button, and horn assembly intact. There is a little rust at one of the braces, but all in all a clean housing. Horn is untested. Asking $100 + shipping
  10. TrustRust

    Sold 1957 Columbia Boys Tank Bicycle 26" $300

    1957 Boys 26" Columbia tank bike, local barn find.. It's 50 years too new for me and scaring the old stuff.. No headbadge.. $400 SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE PM if you want it.. NO packing or shipping... Bicycle is located 10 miles west of Boston in Westwood MA. No I won't sell parts off it...
  11. abe lugo

    Slider Seat core, pre-war schwinn fork, chainguards and other random parts

    PM me for info or offers. Slider seat 60.00. still avail Persons large 2 pan seat 60.00 still avail schwinn prewar chain guards 40.00 each ladies tank. SOLD monarch springs 20.00. Sold goose necks prewar .875 x 6.26 20.00 - SOLD goose neck wedge style 2̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ ---- 15.00...
  12. Freqman1

    Sold '50s Schwinn BFG Challenger Straightbar Tank

    Pics should tell the story. One side is a little rougher than the other but an original paint, solid tank. Not sure how dirt got in it! I only ship to lower 48-no exceptions. $245 shipped PP as FF or add the 3%. Please ask any questions BEFORE committing to buy. My PM is turned off--please email...
  13. mongeese

    Nice crash tab spring saddle girls prewar

    40 plus shipping from Wi
  14. mongeese

    Sold Drop center rear wheel 3 speed coaster brake

    75 obo plus shipping from Wi. 9 tooth skip tooth cog- sturmey archer rare AB hub. 26 inch
  15. mongeese

    Winter 2020 swap meet table # 1

    Prices are marked next to part or parts- prices are shipped. Leave your phone number for fastest service in private message. California add 5 dollars unless you have purchased from me before.
  16. bikesnbuses

    Sold Late 50s-60s Schwinn Boys original paint amd chrome middleweight Panther II peanut trimline tank

    Hard to find..A decent original tank for early boys Schwinn tank for a Panther 2 It cleaned up some and should clean up more ,inside has some rust but is SUPER thick and solid..No horn and has incorrect .It does have a vertical dent on one side(shown in first picture,it appears to be from truss...
  17. mongeese

    Old Schwinn lever - pulley - guides - shifter

    110 shipped for everything . From Wi.
  18. mongeese

    Torrington 10 pedals - 2 pairs

    Original uncleaned condition. 1 pair 120 shipped or both sets for 215 shipped from Wi.
  19. dogdart

    Sold 3 gill CWC tank

    Pre war / early post war style 3 gill tank in original paint with raised button horn. Battery holder is Rusty and crumbly and horn is obviously untested. $200 shipped in continental United States
  20. dogdart

    Sold Ladies Huffman Big Tank

    1941 Huffman/Dayton Big Tank with Springer. Suffering a repaint , don't know what's under. Mostly as found. I have ridden it , is in ridable condition. No rack. $750+ shipping from Pittsburgh PA. PayPal as F&F or USPS money order.
  21. Fonseca927

    1940 Colson snap tank complete or keep goin?

    I recently just completed my Colson snap tank with the chainguard and rear rack. Wondering if I should add any extra cool accessories or leave as is?? What do you all think?
  22. SteveF

    Sears spaceliner seven tank

    Hi guys! I'm looking for the beautiful and ever elusive Sears spaceliner seven tank, preferably in turquoise. I have a chrome frame girls bike with the incorrect tank on it right now. I'm looking to get this bike back to it's original glory. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day!
  23. Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    "New Grips" compliments from Tyler (Mr. Cycleplane) ! Thank you Tyler...
  24. 1935 Mead Ranger at 1344 x 911.jpg

    1935 Mead Ranger at 1344 x 911.jpg

  25. mongeese

    Schwinn 26” painted wheelset skip tooth ND hubs

    S2 or S7 ?? Can see Schwinn tubular stamp but can not see numbers behind stamping. Inner bead of rim measures 1 and 3/8ths. Rear is very straight and front may need a lil truing. Front hub cursive schwinn stamped. 75 plus shipping from Utah. My buddies wheels.
  26. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork bracket washer 20 shipped

    20 shipped from Wi. Nice original condition.
  27. mongeese

    20” drop center ? Triple step ? Old 20 inch wheels

    Komet super hub coaster brake. Clincher hard to find 20” rims. 50 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  28. mongeese

    Schwinn skip tooth sweetheart 26 t sprocket

    40 plus shipping from Wi. Or best offer
  29. mongeese

    20” Schwinn balloon painted front wheel

    Odd as there is some type of paper stuck on the painted part. It is peeling off in spots to show a nice pinstriped cream rim. 60 shipped from Wi. Or best offer.
  30. mongeese

    Schwinn 60s Panther part out

    1965 Panther I think. Crank is dated 68. Skiptooth sprocket? Frame and fork w/ tank 75 Complete crank and hardware 50 Headset 25 Mayweg front aluminum rack 30 Pedals 30 Chain 30 Wald bars 35 Stem - hammered a bit 20 Front fender bolt is soaking in light oil Rear fender has bb bolt rioped off...
  31. mongeese

    NOS Bendix lever 2 speed aviator

    40 plus ship from Wi.
  32. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 1920's Hawthorne Flyer Toolbox Tank - Nice Original

    Really cool piece for your display case, or if you have a bike with matching patina? I didn't clean it at all, I'll leave that up to you. Attic fresh! Look the pics over closely! 21" long. $445 shipped in the USA.
  33. bikesnbuses

    Sold GREAT original ladies 26" 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    The bike is located in southern RI for local pick up(Preferred but will ship) Fantastic original green paint with rare original;Tank jewels,scripted Monark pedals,white deluxe seat and grips. Some obvious wear,scratches,etc Asking $450 with local pick up at zip code 02804 or $550 shipped in the USA
  34. Dave Stromberger

    Sold J.C. Higgins Color Flow ( Colorflow ) Jewel Tank

    Original paint Color Flow tank. NO rust-rot, and not even any surface rust on the horn assembly. It has some mud stuck to the inside from mud wasps making nests, but those should clean up easy. One ding on the right side. Includes the original screws. $450 shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  35. mongeese

    2 Schwinn gilled horn boxes

    California add $5
  36. mongeese

    Block chain and 3 long skip tooth chains

    All chains moving well and a stiff link here or there.
  37. mongeese

    4 Schwinn springer arms 50 plus ship

    The 2 non bolt collared are stamped W - whizzer maybe ? 50 plus the ride from Wisconsin.
  38. mongeese

    Prewar postwar fender braces- sale - many to choose from

    Prices vary from 10 to 50 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Please message the inches of top of brace to center of axel mount and your phone number for quickest service. If you do not see brace you need in photos please ask because these are just a few I busted out for photos.
  39. mongeese

    1936 schwinn crank & lucky 7 seatpost prewar parts

    Crank 50 shipped from Wi. Seatpost 70 shipped or best offer Cog I am trying to identify as to price accordingly.
  40. L

    Reduced 1948 Ladies Firestone Super Cruiser $475 now skiptooth tank girls

    1948 Ladies Firestone Super Cruiser Appears original throughtout. Missing Fenderlight , and the front fender has damage (looks as though the metal was torn while removing light and mended with some type of filler) -Particularly nice chrome on wheelset skiptooth tank girls Shipped from...
  41. mongeese

    1960 1962 bicycle license plate Kenosha

    22 shipped from Wi. 25 to California Good color and very straight.
  42. mongeese

    Lobdell front 26” balloon tire front wheel airwheel

    Start at 125 or best offer plus shipping from Wisconsin. New departure front hub looks to be blackout. Tire looks real nice.
  43. mongeese

    20” ballooner kickstand Wald patent

    Start at 100 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin.
  44. John G04

    Black phantom schwinn tank

    Looking for a decent condition black phantom tank with no rust holes. It will go on this bike so would like one to match it. Surface rust is ok. Let me know if you have one thanks.
  45. R

    Reduced 50s CWC Roadmaster 26” straight bar deluxe tank

    Original paint, horn is missing. Hard to find deluxe tank. Screws don’t look original. Asking $175 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal only.
  46. locomotion

    Buffalo Cyclo Motor gas tank .... Unearthed, literally!!!

    We found this gas tank buried in the sand in the basement of one of our old buildings (built in 1899)!!! Must have been buried there for at least 60 years!!! And the condition is unbelievable. Anyone know what it is from? The decal seems to say: Buffalo Cyclo Motor and other stuff that I can't...
  47. Krakatoa

    Looking for a Tank for Colson Men's Bullnose Firestone Cruiser

    Just like the title says. Will consider any, but the condition of the metal is more important than the paint. Thank you! Nate 401-548-9082
  48. F

    Sold Schwinn Lincoln DX tank og paint

    Original paint tank for your DX, 225 shipped from 60423. No screws or horn. Postal money order only
  49. 1

    Girls duck tank with parts to a horn unit

    Here is whats for sale. Some parts left to duck bike light / horn unit. Missing a rusted some piece missing. Maybe someone can fix this horn unit and get it working on a bike. (((75 shipped)))
  50. S

    Girls X53 tank wanted

    Looking for 2 tone blue tank for girls x53 in reasonably decent shape.