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  1. Demzie

    Sold ~:1936 Jewel Tank AutoCycle:~ SOLD

    As Posted, I have a 1936 Jewel Tank AutoCycle for sale. SN# P12872 Checked and Verified Its a later '36 Model, considered to be a "Transitional" with a '37 Style Locking Fork [angled lock, not straight back] with Original Yale Schwinn Key. Good News: ::I'm Second Owner, bought from the...
  2. jason morton

    Want to trade two slimline tanks for a in great condition one!

    Hello. I have two schwinn slimeline tanks one is all chrome with a small tent in usual place. The chrome is nice! The other one has no dents and is in great condition just the paint on right side is flaking! I wanted to see if anyone wants to trade me one Schwinn slimline tank in great condition...
  3. Cooper S.

    Mead tank help

    What kind of tank would a 1940 mead use? I've seen one restored one that uses the later style tank, but since it's all earlier schwinn parts would it use an earlier tank? The frame is a around 1940
  4. Cooper S.

    Remaking Tanks: has anyone done it?

    Has anyone on here made reproductions of bike tanks before? I'm considering making some for my prewar meads. Send some pics if you have. Also I found these online somewhere
  5. kevin x

    Sold 1938 Elgin New Price

    This is a 1938 Westfield built Elgin frame with a mix of mostly similar period vintage parts. New Departure hub, 41/42 peaked fenders, repop tank with a nice patina. Very nice rider. New Tires. The rims seem to be from this century. Original paint in tact under black house paint on frame...
  6. OregonJoe

    i.d. Help On A Late 40's Hiawatha

    I am hoping someone can help me figure out- Year, Model, and any rough estimates of value would be so very much appreciated. I'd like to put this up for sale, and am looking for a fair starting point. The pedals aren't OG. It has a built in horn and taillight. Thank you! -Joe
  7. comicparadox

    Wtb Tank For 1948 Schwinn

    As the title states, looking for a proper tank for a straight-bar Schwinn frame from 1948. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, HC
  8. B

    Wanted Girls Bike Frame With Tank

    I am trying to hunt down a girls bike to build for my girlfriend so we can ride together. I am not super picky about brand, condition, or level of completion. I looking for something with a tank and that art deco look. Frame, fork, tank, and maybe fenders would be nice to start with. I do...
  9. ratrodz

    Shelby Arrow

    The first time I laid eyes on it over a year ago it looked like this! It was sold and looked like this... Bike was sold at Copak. lost track of the bike for a year, and when it surfaced... It looked like this... Obviously it was pillaged for the tank. This one came up and it was a hunt! Shawn...
  10. mongeese

    Nice Brown Spring Saddle For Ballooner

    109$ or best offer shipped from Wisconsin. Seat has a great stance when mounted and is in real good condition for age. The slanted springs also make for a real slick look. I do not see any makers marks on it. Looks Columbia or Schwinn to me. Could be used on most anything.
  11. mongeese

    Big Ol' Schwinn Old Cruiser Bars Ballooner

    30 inches wide with some rust and chrome loss. Not bent and no dents either. Great surviving original set from a 1950 Schwinn. 75$ shipped continental US besides CA. 85$ shipped to California country. Pictures with 65 stingray bars and full size banana seat to show size reference.
  12. bikesnbuses

    Cwc ? ,roadmaster ? Hanging Tank I.D. Question

    Went through my books and online pics..Having trouble correctly IDing this hanging tank...?? Looks like a late 30s CWC tank..??Any thoughts guys?Thanks!!Jeff
  13. lagrassa

    Wtb: Delta Horn For Men's Post-war Tank Bike (schwinn)

    Doesn't have to be working, I just want it to fill the holes in the tank. If it works, that's a plus. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it, pics would help. Thanks.
  14. H

    WESTERN FLYER Boys 26" TANK Vintage 1950's Middle Weight

  15. partsguy

    How To Repair Your Classic Bicycle Tank

    Welcome to Stephen G.'s "The Complete Guide to Reparing A Bicycle Tank For Dummies" :D Today's specimen, the deluxe tank from a 1966 Huffy Silver Jet. Like many tanks, several decades pass by and things corrode, often leaving your tank dead completely and void of any functionality whatsoever...