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  1. R

    Early teens bike identity help please & hello!

    Hello cabe- I am returning to the hobby after a hiatus. This site has grown considerably and the information and knowledge base is fantastic! I picked up this frame from another caber with the intention to build it as a rider for my wife- I liked the chainring and figured I could find a variety...
  2. Freqman1

    Sold Teens Bayonet Fauber? Crank

    Pics should tell the story. No markings that I see. All threads look good to me. I only ship to lower 48 only-no exceptions. PP as FF or add the 3% for GS. My PM is turned off so please email me at Oldbikeguy1@hotmail.com Price is posted do not email me asking. Thanks, Shawn
  3. mongeese

    Big lot of flat fender braces

    Various sizes. 350 shipped for all the braces.
  4. mongeese

    1 wood clad 28” - 1 metal clad 28” - 1 metal clad 26” wheels

    All wheels 150 a piece. Or best offer- thats 150 per wheel. Message with phone number for fastest service.
  5. szathmarig

    Teens Simmons Saddle

    Like this. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=352826922252
  6. Balloontyre

    Sold Teens Motorbike Pedals

    Full size pedals with straigh axles, sturdy. The one missing blocks has a seam split on the axle cover, other pedal is fine. $88 shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  7. mongeese

    TOC lamp with awesome dual mount spring bracket

    85 shipped from Wisconsin. Uncleaned original survivor with leather still present. All glass is there as well.
  8. mongeese

    Reduced Block chain B shape - 51 link 3/16 ths

    Couple stiff links- repair pin is stiff. Working master link. Nice chain. 90 shipped from Wi. Or best offer
  9. mongeese

    Teens twenties diamond frame I.D. Please

    Anyone know who made this frame? I can not find any seriel numbers. Also want to sell it so what do you think someone would purchase it for? Top tube looks fillet brazed to head tube but can not say for sure.
  10. mongeese

    Mead 28” rear fender brace and f/r rain gutter fenders

    50 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin. Both fenders 90 shipped
  11. mongeese

    Prewar postwar fender braces- sale - many to choose from

    Prices vary from 10 to 50 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Please message the inches of top of brace to center of axel mount and your phone number for quickest service. If you do not see brace you need in photos please ask because these are just a few I busted out for photos.
  12. mongeese

    Prewar racing pedal single and fork lamp bracket

    Each single pedal is 90 shipped or combine all for good discount. Lamp bracket for fork is 45 shipped. Shipping from Wisconsin. Large Star pedalSOLD
  13. bobcycles

    Sold Nice Variety load of 1920s era maybe teens? Mixed early Torrington MOTOBIKE era pedals------F/S

    Check my posts for a wide variety of vintage Balloon era pedals....Torrington, Schwinn, Persons etc. First Up! AS found lot of 6 as shown Restorable vintage teens or most likely 20's era pedals! These are all decent candidiate to restore with very presentable end caps etc. Blocks are in...
  14. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens long spring Troxel saddle.

    Very nice original teens Troxel saddle. 325.00 shipped OBO CONUS payment via PayPal.
  15. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens Harley Davidson, Davis Sewing Machine co. Deep 1" sidewall fenders

    Nice very solid and straight Davis Sewing Machine co. fenders for Harley, Yale, Dayton and others with correct braces. Black paint on the inside of the fenders appears to be original. 415.00 shipped OBO CONUS payment via PayPal.
  16. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens 28" drop stand w/clip Harley, Dayton, Yale and others.

    Nice straight, solid teens drop stand with correct clip that will fit 28" wheel teens Davis Sewing machine co. bikes like Harley, Yale, Dayton and others. Perfect for that original or an easy restore. 425.00 shipped OBO CONUS payment via PayPal.
  17. Cooper S.

    What tires will fit my mead?

    I just bought this mead crusader off a fellow caber, and I would like to get it rideable. What kind of tires will fit these wheels, they’re 28in metal rims, I took photos of the various measurements of the wheels. Thank you for the help!
  18. Cooper S.

    Found Teens mead ranger road bike frame

    Looking for a tall frame set or complete bike of a teens mead ranger or comparable road bike, frame doesn’t have to have nice paint, fork doesn’t have to be straight etc I’m willing to trade ballooner parts of needed. This bike will be built and ridden, and I’m over 6’3 so a taller frame would...
  19. A


  20. Nickinator

    Sold TOC Teens 20's etc Sturdy Front Tire Stand

    This one is about 30 years old, is sturdier (and nicer looking) than the ones made now. $30 shipped, PP no fees or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  21. Tom Ca

    Teens Indian seat

    Looking to have my seat recoverd for my 1917-1923 Indian (28inch mens) but need pictures of what it's sopost to look like when finished looking for period correct recover on it also is the lower base sopost to be black or nickel plate thanks in advance
  22. fat tire trader

    Sold Pierce truss fork

    Unknown manufacturer, Pierce? Has 8" steerer tube The upper truss plate does not want to fit easily on the steerer tube. $120 shipped
  23. sm2501

    Sold teens vintage Harley Davidson Motocyke Tribute bike

    I'll offer this here before it goes to the 'bay. Harley tribute bike. Looks very much a Harley, but with most incorrect Davis parts. Reproduction chain ring badge, both very well done. The seat cover is loose but complete. Universal button tread tires. Great way to have a harley without spending...
  24. Nickinator

    Sold Cool Teens 20's Prewar Leather Hub Shiners

    They have a very cool metal H clasp. Leather is in excellent condition, cleaned up nicely and is soft and flexible. Stamped Genuine Leather on back side. Came off a mint set of 1930's Iver Johnson wheels. Sized for a front and a rear hub, were on ND coaster brake hubs, and were properly loose...
  25. sm2501

    New teens vintage TILLER handlebars

    Fresh from the manufacturer. American made Tiller handlebars. An exact copy of originals except that I had the grips lengthened 2". The originals would fit a 4" grip fine, but putting a 6" coke bottle grip on never looked right. They do now! If you want something 100% accurate to the originals...
  26. Nickinator

    Sold Old Sol Teens Battery Can

    End stamped "Old Sol Bicycle Electric Lighting Outfit, Made In USA By Hawthorne MFG Co Inc., Bridgeport, Conn" Super nice, restored, couple chips on one end. Inside clean and restored as well. One end pops off. Selling for same price I bought it for a couple years ago, didn't end up using it...
  27. dnc1

    WTB - teens sporty saddle

    Looking for a teens sporting style saddle, not long-spring types. Gents size. Anything considered but preferably useable condition. Show me what you've got, need it to finish off my "National"! I'm in U.K., so bear that in mind before quoting shipping costs. Thanks, Darren.
  28. mongeese

    Teens Troxel Tip Top display saddle 185 shipped

    185 shipped from Wi. Or best offer.
  29. youngprewarguy

    Prewar stem for teens motorbike

    looking for a teens stem for long pull handlebars (similar to picture). Pm if you have one sale Thanks Jeff
  30. ZE52414

    Sold Teens STAR ball retainer cabinet (HD,Indian,Excelsior)

    Also picked this box up has a chart of all the different sizes. Measure 12 3/4”x18 3/4” when closed. On the backside it’s missing 2 screws for one of the hinges and also missing one of the wall mounts. Asking 200$ shipped. OBO


  32. C

    Dave ,Colin -Need some help - Teens Three Spring Suspension Trike Seat.

    Acquired this Cool full spring suspension seat off a teens strap framed tricycle. Looking for a refernce article , picture or Info to see what top looked like. Horsehair padding wooden pan. This is the first I’ve seen. Looking to see if I could possibly replicate top and let Bob work his...
  33. Bikermaniac

    Sold Teens Westfield Motobike Fenders

    Came in a Westfield Motobike from the 1916 - 1919 period, 19" frame bicycle. Great condition. $150 shipped.
  34. Bikermaniac

    Sold Teens Westfield Motobike Handlebars $100 shipped

    Came in a Westfield Motobike from the 1916 - 1919 period. Good condition, nice patina. Price reduced again.
  35. Bikermaniac

    Sold Teens Westfield Motobike Name plate

    Came in a Westfield Motobike from the 1916 - 1919 period. Very good condition and nice original patina. Hard to find. $190 shipped.
  36. bobcycles


    Really nice survivor NICKEL Chassis Persons skirted long spring MOTOBIKE era saddle! They don't come much nicer than this roughly 100 years old! Some stitching needs attention.. tool bag loops are there but the stitching is loose on ones side. Overall most stitching is very nice maybe not a...
  37. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Teens / Twenties Singletube Tire Repair Collection Worthy of a Bike Museum! ~ ~

    ~ ~ UPDATE- This collection has found a new home! Thank you CABE! ~ ~ Really neat obscure items here, I love the incredible patches! I've decided to let you all pick and choose and maybe end up spreading the stuff around I dunno! a la carte tonight... Prices are shipped! 1. (100+) valves...
  38. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Diamond Skiptooth Repair Sections! ~ ~

    I have some but not unlimited quantities of good to better grade used Diamond skiptooth 1" pitch chain. You can get a repair package as shown below or a la carte while supplies last. These will rectify most issues with a too short chain for instance using it to add length to a ladies length...
  39. zephyrblau

    Found 21" Columbia / Westfield frame & fork late 'teens - 20s

    as the title states. any condition considered, but no structural issues.
  40. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens Double Bar Roadster

    I have this great teens 28" wheel Double Bar Roadster project that has been badge'd Hawthorne. I have installed a set of Velocity Blunts with a shimano 8 speed coaster and top tube shifter. The Retroride tires are a close fit but they work. I am asking 625.00 shipped east of the Rockies 650.00...
  41. willswares1220

    Sold ~ Teens - 20's Iver Johnson Camelback ~

    $650.00 shipped This bicycle is all original, except for the "house paint" over the original cobalt blue, that was done years ago by some artist.... They did preserve the original "Iver Johnson" script though on the down tube as shown. I did a strip to that cobalt blue on a very small section...
  42. dnc1

    trade for teens rat traps

    Looking for a set of teens era rat trap pedals, must be useable condition. Have nice nickel plated Powell & Hammer carbide lamp plus other stuff to trade. PM me if interested. Thanks, Darren
  43. M

    Early 1900 teens Schmelzer's bike info help please.

    I have slighly restored this bike to rideable and would like to know more about the bike. Its been difficult to find info and I was referred to post it up here. These are some things I know and want to know. Please chime in with any info. What I know: -Bike was sold out of Schmelzer Sporting...
  44. bikeyard

    Sold Teens fork mount fender brace

    im thinking this is aftermarket. $28 shipped
  45. bobcycles

    TEENS Dayton Hemet Calif Craigslist

    https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/bik/d/1917-antique-dayton-bicycle/6482629834.html maybe someone wants this?
  46. dnc1

    Found Wanted, teens handlebars.

    Looking for a set of handlebars for my 1911 "National" project. Similar in style to #2 (the top three illustrations) shown below. 20" wide with a 3" drop Appearance unimportant but must be useable. Cheers @Rambler for the catalogue image. Thanks, Darren.
  47. ejlwheels

    Davis Sewing deep fenders for late teens Sears Chief

    Pretty clean and solid. No braces. Should fit many late teens 1918-1922? Davis Sewing bikes. I'm guessing someone repainted them intending to use them on a 1918-19 Sears Chief. There is one extra hole in the top of the rear fender. Not sure if that is for a rack bumper or rear light? Front...
  48. G

    Teens Sears Chief

    I am looking for parts for my original unrestored teens Chief. I need the Sturmey Archer shifter and rear 3 speed coaster hub. Also need rear fender and drop stand. Any help or direct me to someone who might would be very much appreciated. Thank you Gordy
  49. Cheezer

    Racing Handlebars 7" drop - TOC Teens Prewar

    Racing handlebars, pre war , teens, TOC ? rusty and pitted, but solid. They measure 21" wide and have a 7" drop or maybe a little more depending on how it's measured. They have a couple of dented spots. They have some old wood in the ends and make a rattle sound when moved side to side. They are...