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  1. patmcclerren2

    Withdrawn Camel and Firestone tube repait kits

    Camel cardboard tube repair kit complete with og matches, Firestone metal can kit some paint loss on front but complete no dents. Both rubber cements have as expected dried and gone, asking $30 shipped
  2. atencioee

    Sold Rare Original (USA) 26" Schwinn Typhoon Cord WW Tires lot

    Rare and hard to find Schwinn Typhoon Cord Whitewall / WW tires (Made in USA), lot of 3. Seems anyone who has these, doesn't want to sell, but here is a set + 1! These are the earlier Typhoon Cords that do not have the "NYLON" script and black inner tubing of the tires that came a little later...
  3. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn 20" S-2 wheel set with tires - S2 rims

    Decent shape, restorable or use on a patina bike as-is. Rear rim has one ding, as seen in pic. Dirty, but will clean up. Tires may be rideable. Front is an Allstate, rear is factory original Schwinn Typhoon Cord. $120 shipped in the continental USA.
  4. Jon Marinello

    Sold 26” BF Goodrich Standard Tires

    In fair shape. See pictures. $85 + actual shipping, PayPal friends and family.
  5. mongeese

    Chicago Cubs Michelin Man saf-t wing reflector NOS

    Another item you do not see everyday or ever. Very cool . Hang in package or ready to mount on any bike. 30 shipped from Wisconsin.
  6. S

    Sold Pair 26X2.125 Gillette Bear Tires non nylon prewar Schwinn etc. $80 shipped

    Soft and pliable mild age cracking but very usable nice set
  7. vincev


    Does anybody know where to get trike tires in different sizes ??
  8. G

    need tire info for schwinn 27 inch

    who has tires, prefer white walls for 27 x 1 1/4
  9. O

    Anyone try the new Goodyear cruiser tire?

    I just saw them on the net!
  10. N

    WTB G519 Tyres

    I am trying to complete the restoration of two Columbia WW2 Military bicycles and need to find 4 US Royal (chain pattern) tyres, size 26x2.125, that can be posted to the UK.
  11. Cooper S.

    What tires will fit my mead?

    I just bought this mead crusader off a fellow caber, and I would like to get it rideable. What kind of tires will fit these wheels, they’re 28in metal rims, I took photos of the various measurements of the wheels. Thank you for the help!
  12. Jay81

    Goodyear G3 Tires

    I have two sets of Goodyear All Weather G3 Airwheel blackwall tires. All have good tread and weather checking. $100 for both sets including shipping in the lower 48 USPS money order only Here is one set
  13. gtdohn

    Sold 28" Single Tube Chain tread tires

    Nice set of chain tread tires for your TOC bike. One holds air for days and the other looses it over night. Both look great and are supple. Would be perfect for a display piece or put some slime in the one and ride them. They are labeled Penn-Arrow and are from the Pennsylvania Rubber Co. in...
  14. jkent

    Reduced Drop Center wheel set with Snake Belly tires.

    I have a super nice set of original painted drop center 24" wheels with a decent set of Carlisle lightning Dart Snake belly tires. Wheels are very true and in really nice shape. Tires have slight cracking but still very usable. Sorry, I don't have pictures right this minute, It will be tomorrow...
  15. Tino

    26X1.375 Davis war time rims & tires black out hubs

    Set of wwii wheels and tires. Tires are 26x1.375 and made by Davis. They have some cracking but display nice. Both wheels have black out hubs, front wheel gas a broken spoke. (First picture shows the bike they came on, obviously the wrong wheels for the bike) Price is $150.00 shipped within the...
  16. Tino

    Elgin twin bar head shroud

    Looking for an Elgin twin bar head shroud, thanks Tino
  17. D

    Tyres for 28" westwood rod brake wheels

    i.d. like to purchase wide tyres for my BSA military bike. 28 X 1 1/2 42 635 or 28 x 1 1/2 44 635 or possibly wider up to 47 without looking like a mountain bike tyre I purchased Continental 28 x 1 1/2 42 635 tyres from sjs.co.uk but these will not fit the rims. Can anyone tell of a website...
  18. Puruconm

    24" Ballon TIRES

    Looking for a set of 24"×2.125 tires
  19. bobcycles

    Sold RESTORED 1940s-50s Troxel Mens Balloon Tire leather saddle --F/S

    Fully restored Troxel Mens 26" bicycle saddle in black leather with NOS clamp, rechromed springs and new gloss black chassis and pans! 100% brought back from the dead to look as good or better than new! Wide variety of applications...>Colson, Dayton, Elgin, Higgins, Cleveland Welding, etc etc...
  20. Nickinator

    Sold TOC Teens 20's etc Sturdy Front Tire Stand

    This one is about 30 years old, is sturdier (and nicer looking) than the ones made now. $30 shipped, PP no fees or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  21. zedsn

    Prewar elgin allstate ribbed tires with good tread

    Have a pair of pretty hard to find prewar elgin ribbed sidewall ALLSTATE S tires that have good tread and I consider occasional rider tires. Each tire has cracking when tire went flat in one spot but doesn't really show when inflated. Tires come with original tubes that hold air. There is some...
  22. bike


    Balloon era 1932~1965 "kids bikes" USA bike mfg I do not think of repros fantasy bikes such as western flyer "repro" (I have never seen an original- have you?) and industrial bikes as part of the balloon hobby but to each his own... Alexander Rocket Paris TX AMF American Machine and...
  23. AndyA

    Pair of Goodyear 24 X 2.125 Blackwall Tires

    Pair labeled "GOODYEAR ALL WEATHER" and "AIRWHEEL G-3" and "KEEP INFLATED FROM 20 TO 22 LBS." Cracking on sidewalls. Taken from 1954 Columbia bike but I don't know if they were original. $45 including shipping from Bergen County NJ.
  24. R

    Chain Tensioner for Balloon Tire Bike?

    I'm working on my '52 Murray today, taking off the crappy Chinese chain tensioner I had on there as a temporary fix. I shortened the chain a couple links and it looks a lot better, but the oversize 26x2.35 tires I had in it rub the frame. Is there any way I can get the back wheel to move back an...
  25. bobcycles

    ULTRA RARE "GENERAL SILENT SAFETY" Nygen Cord WW 20 x 2.125 Wide White Wall Tires F/S

    Never mounted TIME Capsule Mint NOS 1940s balloon white walls for your 20" deluxe balloon Colson or whatever you decide fits! These are MINT and perfect.... 1 set available....maybe 2 ...for now just one available. 150.00 Plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com pm here
  26. kirk thomas

    Reduced New tires and tubes for hooverboard,scooter$10

    This set of rubber is 10 x 2.0 and has never been used and can be yours for $25 shipped.
  27. ratdaddy

    my collection of balloon tire bike books

    here a nice Lil collection of bike books.all in good condition.sold together only.pms only don't post here.lower 48 .100 shipped from Paris tx.
  28. Jon Marinello

    Sold 26” Schwinn Drop Center wheelset with Goodyear all weather tires

    New Departure rear hub. Schwinn script front hub. Both wheels trued and strait. Both hubs completely disassembled and fully serviced. Spin great. Brakes work great. Goodyear all weather 2.125 Tires and tubes. Tires have some cracks but still ridable IMO. Brake arm needs to be replaced as there...
  29. 68avenger5

    Better quality tires

    My main ride is a mid 70s 10 speed I had since new and lately I have been getting Kenda tires from a local bike shop but have been only getting about 800 miles on the rear tire,is this normal as I do not remember replacing the tire that much years ago so is there a good quality tire out there or...
  30. ohmybike

    Withdrawn Old tubes and new tires and tubes

    Redbox inner tube and Pennsylvania inner tube. Redbox holds air has 3 patches. Pennsylvania has one patch but that one patch needs replacing because is leaking air. $50obo shipped White tires 700x38c with inner tubes and lace. _Sold
  31. whizzer kid

    Banana seat parts, red slick tire

    these parts 2 fenders rear And a well used 20-2.125 red racer slick , no flat spots, but has seen better days, prob best for display 60 Shipped PayPal as friends preferred
  32. GaryMN

    WANTED PARTS IN MPLS 26 x 1 3/8 road tires, 3-speed thumb shifter

    WANTED PARTS IN MPLS two tires -- 26 x 1 3/8 street/road tires for older Murray rims one shifter -- 3-speed thumb shifter for older Murray (as in attached photo) Phone or text to 320-260-1210 or reply to this ad
  33. 3

    Sold Prewar tire blowout!!

    ALL SOLD!!! Or prewar tire big sale probably sounds better? Good year airwheel g3 set. Good condition one is better than other. 40 Lightning dart set good condition 35 BF Goodrich Silvertown gumwall set NOS 45 BF Goodrich Silvertown red clay inside single tire I would call good condition 25...
  34. S

    Sold prewar balloon tire wheelset / new depature D skip tooth

    Wheel Set 26" balloon prewar with new departure rear hub model D skip tooth and front new Departure hub. good shape. $55 plus $19 ship 48 states paypal friend or add 3%
  35. E

    Old Harvard Ladies bike - Tire question

    I’ve ended up with this old Harvard Ladies bike. I’m don’t know much about old bikes but have ended up with a few and trying to get them running. This one has 28” tires, and I think the wheels have wood in the rims. The tires are unlike any tires I’ve ever seen, it’s like an inner tube and a...
  36. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Huffy Cheater Slick Trelleborg 20" x 2.125 Musclebike Pie Crust Edge Tire

    Please PM direct do not post any replies or comments here thank you. Fair to good condition used Trelleborg Cheater Slick used on base model Huffy's and Department store musclebikes was $75. Now $60. + shipping in the lower 48 USA. *Wheel not included.
  37. mike j

    Do these tires make my Aerocycle look fat?

    Got it up & running today (finally). Seven speed Nexus rear hub w/ drum brake. 750 watt front hub motor w/ hydraulic disc brake. It's got power, and then some, all wheel drive, if my legs can catch up. Hopefully my next Mexican beach bike.
  38. bikesnbuses

    Sold *72 10 9/16" NOS cad plated double butted spoke set with nipples

    Sweet set of new old stock set of 72 Torrington double butted ( DB ) spokes for your 26 balloon tire wheel set.. These measure 10 9/16" Ive built a set of wheels using these and they work fine ;) Asking $58 shipped obo May trade for cool patinad' prewar handlebar mounted horn or 80s...
  39. C

    1892 New Mail cushion tire bicycle

    1892 New Mail cushion tire bicycle in the Complete bikes for sale department.
  40. C

    1892 New Mail cushion tire bicycle

    For Sale - 1892 New Mail cushion tire bicycle $7500 firm cbillallen1954@gmail.com
  41. C

    1892 New Mail cushion tire bicycle

    For Sale, 1892 New Mail cushion tire bicycle. $7500 firm. cbillallen1954@gmail.com
  42. bobcycles

    TIRE Load from NOS to bitchin' F/s MADE IN USA Vintage rubber.....

    FIRST UP! NOS CARLISLE 26X 2/125 WHITE WALLS! These appear to be NOS although one has more Center 'mold flashing' than the other, taller anyway.. NICE soft tires no cracking one has minor water staining in a few minor spots....should Wesleys out! Made in USA! 140.00 plus postage...
  43. T.J. Higgins

    New old stock fastback front tire

    New old stock. Never mounted. No dry rot. Shipped lower 48 ($85.00) Private message to purchase.
  44. T.J. Higgins

    New old stock manta ray tire front

    New old stock. no dry rot. never installed. ($75.00 Shipped in the lower 48) Private message to purchase.
  45. T

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-SCHWINN-FLEET-Mens-BICYCLE-1960s-Cruiser-Tank-Badge-Fenders-24-Tires/392032093618?
  46. mongeese

    Complete set wood wheels with tires 28”

    Looking for 400 plus shipping from Wi. Wheels are fairly straight and spokes are a little loose so can be trued. House paint over pin striped wood do not think original paint is saveable. Tires are Gillette Ambassador. New departure A rear and ND front.
  47. Darthvader

    For Sale NOS front Fastback tire

    USA made never mounted. 100.00 plus shipping. Black wall 20" Stingray.Thanks
  48. McBlaster

    Found Schwinn Manta Ray Tires

    Does anyone have a set of Manta Ray tires they can part with? I'll take any old stock tires as long as there is 1 rear slik and 1 front tire. 24" X 1 1/4" tires for S-5 rim. Thanks in advance.
  49. John Gailey

    Reduced 3 Advertising Tires

    One is a General Tire from Pittsburgh, PA. Big like a truck tire . Notice the missing paint in the middle. The other is a US Rubber Co. ashtray with blue swirl type glass that appears very old. I've decided to throw in my keeper. Goodyear from Bellevue / Pittsburgh PA (mint) $70 shipped for all.
  50. ivrjhnsn

    GOODRICH Tire repair Stuff Vintage

    Here's a cool little collection of tire repair stuff. Goodrich Hard Tire Cement box top , and misc other. 3 replacement valves. Two empty tubes/glue. Two injectors, the small one appears un-used. Some Sampson tire plugs. Any questions, please ask. $70 shipped,,reasonable offer? Thanks. First...