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  1. blincoe

    Sold 20" NOS whitewall TYPHOON tires USA MADE

    I have a set of NOS white wall typhoon tires for sale. USA MADE. looking to get $400.00 for them plus exact shipping. That's what i paid for them. These are the only pictures I have of them. They are 20" tires, I had them on my 20" but sold the bicycle. NO CRACKING AT ALL, THEY ARE IN VERY...
  2. redline1968

    Early 28” wood clincher rims and tires.

    i have 4 clincher rims that are all wood. 28” size. No cracks or damages or severe warps.. They are all 32 hole which means most likely used for the front rim. Wish they were front /rear but beggars can’t be choosers.....lol. It comes with replacement tire sorry no inner tube.....One rim is...
  3. MsRock2

    Sold TOC wood front wheel and tire

    28" Rim is really beautiful, tire is not really rideable. $100.00 - PM for info... can pick up or mail. San Diego area.
  4. carlitos60

    TOC Tire with Wheel Blk/White

    Up for Grabs, Pliable but Leaks the Air Fast! NICE for Display!!! with Broken TOC Wheel! $175 Shipped!
  5. MsRock2

    Sold Tricycle Tires - $20.00

    Located in San Diego - can ship or you can pick up. PM for info. $20
  6. MsRock2

    Sold Trike Tires and Rims $40.00!

    Pick up or mailed - located in San Diego. PM for more info. $40.00
  7. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Groups of tires - various sizes and Manufactures - any tire $5 plus shipping

    Any tire $5 plus shipping Group 1 Kenda - 26x 2.125 Nanking ss-10 Rim S Royal Touring 26x1.375 Goodyear Rib All Weather Nylon 26x1.375 Goodyear air wheel 26x2.125 Group 2 Firestone Speed Cushion 26x1.75 Uniroyal knobby 26x2.125 SOLD Schwinn Typhoon Corp 26x2.125 - used and a bit cracked...
  8. MsRock2

    Sold TOC Tires - Red Grand Tycoon

    $150.00 pick up local in San Diego or pay for shipping to you. PP accepted. PM for more detail/info.
  9. MsRock2

    Sold Lightning Tires 26x2.125 - $55 includes shipping!

    All Three for $55.00 free shipping or local San Diego Pick-up. PM for more info
  10. Tom Ca

    One 28inch wood clad tire

    I will buy one or two. Just need it to hold air for a day or so, color doesnt matter aswell
  11. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: 28" Wood Wheel with Period Goodyear Tire

    The wood has just a few traces of paint left. The tire has been holding air for a few months, but there is a lot of side wall cracking so probably best for display only. Spokes are tight and the wheel seems nearly true. $110 shipped or best offer.
  12. D

    Unidentified Painted Wheels with 2.125 tires

    I don't know the manufacturer of these wheels. $130.00 shipped in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  13. Tom Ca

    Looking for 28inch rims and tires

    Looking for 28inch rims and tires for my split bottom bracket indian dont have to be 100% correct but im wanting to make it rideable again tires dont have to be perfect but hold air for a day or more let me know what you have and price
  14. bobcycles

    NOS & Rare Tires.. Schwinn WW Studded, Typhoons, Carlisle Lightning etc pairs F/S

    #1 NOS Original Schwinn made in USA Typhoon White Wall tires. These are the real deal.. Not reproductions and soft, supple NOS USA rubber. 26 x 2/125 Mint NOS for your 40's -50s Balloon Schwinn bike 300.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or pm here #2 NOS Carlisle White Wall 26 x 2.125...
  15. COB

    Lightning Dart Tires

    One pair of 26" x 2.125" Carlisle Lightning Dart white wall tires. Some checking but overall seem pliable and look decent to me. Please see the pictures, keeping in mind that they are used tires and draw your own conclusions. Please ask any questions you may have. Asking $95.00 plus shipping...
  16. S

    1889 Cross Frame Solid Tire Safety

    I volunteer in the Collections Department of Science Museum Oklahoma and I joined The CABE in December 2016 because I was assigned to research and update the text on our bicycle collection. Well...that was put on hold for awhile and just got resurrected. The title of this thread is the name of...
  17. JOEL

    Sold Simplex assorted Leather Seals for Tire Pumps

    Case of Simplex leather seals to fit old Bicycle Tire pumps, Grease Guns, ect. Many sizes. $30 shipped PP/FF
  18. carlitos60

    TOC White/Blk Tire!!

    Hey,,,Just Wondering IF It's Worth Anything?? Pliable But Don't Hold Air!! For Display??
  19. Bike Magnet

    Found WTB 1936 Elgin Motorbike balloon tire front fender

    I'm looking for a front fender or fender set for a 1936 Elgin Motorbike. Any help finding a good fender is much appreciated. Thanks!

    Sold Western Flyer Tires

    26 x 2.125 These are really nice and soft tires. I’m not sure if these have ever been riden. There is some light cracking on the sidewall of one. Once inflated it shouldn’t have any negative affect. $100 plus shipping
  21. 49autocycledeluxe

    are the Schwinn Typhoon Cord Tires dated??

    I've had a 49 Schwinn B-6 since the early 80's. it has old semi cracked Typhoon Cord tires that were on it when I got it, just thought if they were dated 1949 that would be cool, they are still good and rideable though I don't think I'd try a bonzai down hill run any time soon.
  22. MsRock2

    Sold Pair Black Balloon Tire Fenders

    For sale - not sure of year or make. Black with white trim fenders. Measures 3" wide. See size in photos. Located in San Diego. Asking $75 PM if interested.
  23. 66TigerCat

    Reduced Vintage Velox repair tins

    Two vintage Velox tubular tire repair tins and contents. They measure approx, 3 1/4" x 2 1/4". Asking $14. shipped for the pair. PMme if interested. Thanks.
  24. bobcycles

    Rare NOS wide whitewall Silent Safety 20 x 2.125 balloon tires USA NOS!!! 175 shipped

    Mint NOS General wide whitewall tires In the rare 20" balloon with zig zag tread! Super rare tires in an I'm possible size. 175 pr shipped Bobcycles@aol.com Or pm here
  25. T

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle

    1950's Huffman Huffy Bike Tank Deluxe Balloon Tire Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-Huffman-Huffy-Bike-Tank-Deluxe
  26. B

    Need ISO 37 x 642 tires

    Hello! I recently bought the bike below. The rims require ISO 37 x 642 tires. I can't find the tires in the US, and the only place I can find them is a website in Italy, ilovebike.com Unfortunately, they can't ship to the US, but they can ship anywhere in Europe. Can anyone point me to either...
  27. whizzer kid

    Stingray Fastback tires

    used set , was on a 68 bike . From what I was told . They do have some age to them and some cracks . One has a Lot of factory nibs still on it . Maybe good for a Display bike .? With tubes as Well. (Unknown shape) — 95 PayPal / friends preferred Plus shipping
  28. ayrhead

    My Roll Fast Balloon Tire Bike

    Good Morning Everyone: Another Possible Project Bike... I know it is a Roll Fast but i don't know the Year, or Model. I know it is a Skip Tooth. Are they rare? Is it worth trying to rebuild? I honestly don't know that is why I am asking. Thanks for your time... Harry
  29. ayrhead

    1945 Skip Tooth Montgomery Ward Hawthorne Balloon Tire Bike

    Hi:I recently picked this Bike up. Wondering if it is worth restoring or break down into parts[/URL][/IMG]

    Sold NOS 24 X 2.125 Us Royal Chain red chain thread 3 rib white wall tires $350 SHIPPED

  31. P

    Found Firestone Champion 26x1.375 tires wanted

    Looking for a set of Firestone Champion 26x1.375 tires. Need to be decent. Used is fine. Paul 248-642-6639 Thanks
  32. schwinnbikebobb

    Fat Tire beer Schwinn

    A buddy sent me this pic. Kind of cool.
  33. Classic Cool Rides

    GOODYEAR getting back into Bicycle Tires!!

    Hello CABE'rs ! Check out this interesting news! ..... GOODYEAR getting back into Bicycle Tires business again!! In the "small print" it appears they are NOT made in the USA though ..... bummer! Click the Link below >>>...
  34. G

    Typhoon Cord Tires and straight bar tank

    Hey all, I’m looking for 2 nice used whitewall 26” Typhoon Cord Tires and also a nice used black and chrome straight bar tank (1950 Panther) I’m in West Michigan, Thanks , Jeff
  35. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Ballooner Chrome Drop Center Wheels & Tires

    Good looking rider set. Chrome is pretty nice, some spots of chrome loss and scratches, see last 3 pics. Currently has a JC Higgins brake arm. Kenda white walls pretty nice and holding air, 26 x 2.125. Hubs pretty clean and nice chrome, spokes clean and nice as well. Have no idea what year they...
  36. Jay81

    Sold Goodyear All Weather G3 Airwheel Whitewall tires

    Matched set of Goodyear All Weather G3 Airwheel whitewall tires. The sidewalls have some weather checking. The tread looks to have very little wear. They both have some cracking in the tread and where the tread meets the sidewall due to sitting flat for many years. See pics. It's somewhat...
  37. D

    Anyone using this tire for your TOC bike

    Anyone using this tire for there TOC 1890,s bikes Specialzed Fatboy 29x1.7 or 622- 45 Black . Tire has no tread and to me looks like some thing that would have been used at that time . They fit original wood rims that are a Dunlop style rim or Stutzman new wood rims with or without the...
  38. kccomet

    Sold early tire pump and mounting bracket harley

    early pump, i really know nothing about this, although i took it off and early bike 20 some years ago. geosbike just sold one a couple days ago. i was waiting for his sale pending to list mine. he called his a bridgeport pump suitable for harley davidson and others, again i dont know. i see no...
  39. abe lugo

    Misc prewar parts Schwinn Typhoon tires

    Got this with a recent bike purchase. Original 30's Balloon tires one still has nipples on it. Probably best for display. 65 shipped obo or trade?? Looking for clay red women's Torrington 11's in used but presentable condition. 2nd lot. Toc hub 36h no axle and or ends, random small parts...
  40. G

    Sold early tire pump and frame mount

    early original bridgeport tire pump and frame mount, for harlry- davidson bicycles and others/ look good on an original bike. displays well 200 bux shipped
  41. bobcycles

    Sold Amazing GREEN w/ double pinstripes Colson Imperial wheel set - hourglass front hub Rare Tires 250

    Very rare and Nicest original late 1930s Imperial Colson painted wheels you'll find! Double pin striped with the double drop profile.. a double double!!! MINTY clean non pitted hubs including the very rare Colson hour glass front hub and a minty early DELUXE New Departure Model D with chrome...
  42. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn / Huret Speedometer tire size i.d.

    Hi! This basically NOS cyclometer came with my lot of Schwinn stuff, and I'm wondering what size tire this one is for. The back side is stamped 3992, which seems to be the manufacturer part number. Any ideas? Thanks!
  43. bobcycles


    Beautiful partial restoration on a late 50's X-53 bicycle! Bike has been pro painted and looks great! some plating appears to be done, fenders, possibly rims. NOS Pedals, Grips, Nice WW chain tread Johns tires on board along with Davis Deluxe original WW's. A beautiful bicycle that has most...
  44. Bikermaniac

    Sold Wood clad wheel set with hubs and one petrified tire.

    This set came with an Iver Johnson I bought 6 months ago. Hubs are New Departure, good condition. One of the rims is in better condition than the other. Both could use a Oxalic Acid bath? you decide. The petrified tire is partially cut. Asking $100 + the ride.
  45. TR6SC

    RED 650B TIRES

    I'm looking for a set of all red 650Bs like these that sold recently. Rideable rubber would be my first choice, but I'm open to anything reasonable.
  46. JimRoy

    Restored 26" Wheel & Tires

    26" completely restored drop center wheels. New black metallic paint, relaced and true. New Duro 26 x 2.125 baloon tires. Like new ND Model D hub. Both hubs have nice patina on the outside, but perfect on the inside. Removed from a 1938 ballooner. $377 plus shipping. Sooooo nice. Ready to...
  47. That bike guy

    Tire question

    Thanks in advance for being generous with the knowledge. My question is are these Goodyear studded tread 20” tires that schwinn used on CT cycletruck the same tire used on early rays? Yes I used the tire code chart to come up with fall of 1961.
  48. ohmybike

    28” wheel tires help

    How can I figure out what tire size I need for this wheel. I tried that tire size and is too tight. Any suggestions? Thanks