1. mongeese

    1890s wood wheel set complete lightweight

    Nice set for display or could possibly be trued to ride. 200 plus ship from Wi. Or best offer.
  2. locomotion

    TOC wood handlebars

    TOC wood handlebars also would like to find a 2 pieces stem to fit them for very special project
  3. mongeese

    1890s block chain 51 links 3/16ths

    Very nice ridable early chain. Moves great with diamond master link- one pin is homemade. 120 shipped from Wi.
  4. G

    Found WANTED Good early block chain

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a good early skip tooth block-chain. If you have one hanging around catching webs that you may want to part with please let me know. Have attached a pic of my very worn and tired block in the hope someone takes pitty on me :-) Thanks
  5. Tyberius

    Info on this saddle? Brand? Original appearance?

    Trying to find any information on this saddle from my 1910ish big K badged Kenwood. Has (or had...) a plywood sub-base and I assume a stuffed leather top. Seams like saddles seem to be found in intact condtion or bare frames and not a lot in between so I haven't been able i.d. it. Any help...
  6. ratfink1962

    Pierce shaft drive

    Officially for sale, Early 1900's Pierce shaft drive cushioner, this one is a project. Bad... Missing lots of paint and the nickle plating is pretty much gone, wrong seat, wrong front wheel. Fork has an older repair, will need a proper repair to be rideable. The worst of the rust seems to be...
  7. mongeese

    Winter swap meet table 6

    Prices marked plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  8. mongeese

    Reduced Block chain B shape - 51 link 3/16 ths

    Couple stiff links- repair pin is stiff. Working master link. Nice chain. 90 shipped from Wi. Or best offer
  9. mongeese

    Teens twenties diamond frame I.D. Please

    Anyone know who made this frame? I can not find any seriel numbers. Also want to sell it so what do you think someone would purchase it for? Top tube looks fillet brazed to head tube but can not say for sure.
  10. mongeese

    Winter swap meet table- parts $20 a piece plus shipping

    20 a piece or set plus ship from Wisconsin. All 3 badges 20 Sets of 2 on the springer fork arms 20 Both training wheels 20
  11. mongeese

    Coke bottle grips cream white very old

    48 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin. Odd size at 3/4 diameter for 3/4 handlebar. Crack in one yet seems to be just fine. Same color as the 28” pnuematic white tires.
  12. mongeese

    Sold 1890s block chain very nice 1/4”

    Excellent chain- every link very smooth. 48 links. Quarter inch spacing. 150 shipped.
  13. mongeese

    Mead 28” rear fender brace and f/r rain gutter fenders

    50 shipped or best offer. From Wisconsin. Both fenders 90 shipped
  14. mongeese

    Block chain and 3 long skip tooth chains

    All chains moving well and a stiff link here or there.
  15. Lux Low

    Unique Spring Set , Need to Identify" also Crescent Top Info

    I Have this Spring Set i am trying to identify, The Tensionar should be a dead giveaway, I Have seen something similar on a super Early Brooks. Also Looking for Pictures of the leather top on this TOC Crescent Saddle any help appreciated
  16. mongeese

    2 prewar racing pedals

    110 shipped from Wisconsin. Both rights.
  17. mongeese

    Prewar postwar fender braces- sale - many to choose from

    Prices vary from 10 to 50 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Please message the inches of top of brace to center of axel mount and your phone number for quickest service. If you do not see brace you need in photos please ask because these are just a few I busted out for photos.
  18. mongeese

    Prewar racing pedal single and fork lamp bracket

    Each single pedal is 90 shipped or combine all for good discount. Lamp bracket for fork is 45 shipped. Shipping from Wisconsin. Large Star pedalSOLD
  19. bricycle

    Reduced FS TOC style Lamp brackets, Bronze

    TOC Lamp brackets, Bronze. I only made 12, four gone $25.00 $28.00 shipped domestic only from 60118. Two for $42 31 71 162 208 299 317 333 456 491 545 views
  20. bricycle

    Reduced FS Chain gang, TOC 1"pitch Block style

    5 chains on the block... 1" skip block style, LINKS not froze. Top "A" to "E" bottom A). 52" x .190 tooth opening (3/16") $99.00 $105.00 $115.00 Needs a coupler screw/nut B). 56" x .260 tooth opening (13/32") $120.00$140.00 SOLD!!! C). 59" x .190 tooth opening (3/16") $130.00$150.00 SOLD!!! D)...
  21. S

    Toc, early bearings organizer

    No stamp, unknown if homemade or manufactured. I purchased this from a deceased man's estate who was a mechanic for many years. His family owned and operated a bicycle shop in the early 1900s through the 1960s when the town was going under. It's a very neat piece but i don't have much space so...
  22. Lux Low

    TOC Hygienic Leaf spring Identify off 1898 Wolff American

    Trying to Identify the Manufacture on this toc saddle. I even think i even saw one here browsing last night and cannot find it again. I think it's Sager or Gilliam but don't know for sure. Thanx ahead for any info
  23. kunzog

    Reduced Turn of Century Lamp Bracket TOC

    Here is a turn of the century Headlamp Bracket. Some corrosion and Nickle Plate loss. 4 1/2 inches long. Includes mounting bolt. $75. includes Priority Shipping in US which includes insurance and tracking. Paypal
  24. kunzog

    Reduced Turn of Century Lamp Bracket TOC

    Here is a turn of the century Headlamp Bracket. Some corrosion and Nickle Plate loss. 3 1/2 inches long. Includes mounting new Cadmium plated bolt. $75. includes Priority Shipping in US which includes insurance and tracking. Paypal
  25. carlitos60

    FS: 16" Drop Racing Bars, TOC or 10s ???

    Nice Old Looking Racing Bars. Unsured of Time Period!! 16" x 6.5+-" x 3"+- Very Light! Not Perfect But Cool Looking! $325 Shipped OBO PayPal FF PMs Please!
  26. T

    Sold Ariel cycle co head badge Goshen Indiana toc

    Rare Ariel cycle mfg. co. Head badge, Goshen Indiana. The factory was only in business from 1891-1901 price is $250 shipped within the Conus
  27. A

    NEW DEPARTURE EARLY BELL Parts needed see picture - maybe buy whole bell

    I guess old metal is near impossible to weld or braze, so I'll try my luck to see if anyone has a bell part like the one in the picture, please count the teeth to see if you have something with the same tooth count. I have all the other part, the ear just keeps breaking off. This is the style...
  28. K

    Sold TOC 1899 Crescent No. 15

    Have decided it's time to move my 1899 Crescent No. 15 onto the next owner. Bike was restored years ago but was done very well. Bike is all black, no pins and does have a few nicks / scratches here and there. Based on what I know / info from others the only mod on the bike are the front forks...
  29. MsRock2

    Sold Women's Elgin TOC

    Beautiful bike - I was going to keep her but space is needed in garage. $700 - will deliver within 1-2 hours from San Diego or meet you someplace in between. Going up to Oregon on Friday, August 3rd and a drop off point along that route is also possible. I can ship at your cost. PM to discuss.
  30. I

    Sold TOC mystery bike(?).....

    I bought this bike for the rims, which were advertised as Lobdell, but have no markings to back that up. I was told that the wheels were from a now burned downed bicycle shop in South San Jose, Ca. The wheels are very nice, but too narrow for my needs. The bottom bracket says Schwinn, and the...
  31. gtdohn

    Sale Pending 1902-1903 TOC New Departure Duplex Rear Hub 36 Hole

    Very nice ND Duplex rear coaster brake hub with 36 spoke holes. Plating isn't the greatest but will look perfect on an older restoration or an original rider. Functions perfectly Good teeth on the cog which is rare. Includes axle nuts and arm strap. $275. shipped to anywhere in the lower 48...
  32. bikewhorder

    Cool ladies TOC in NJ.

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/229056064342642 Cool but not quite $1200 cool.
  33. gtdohn

    TOC Block Chain

    Looking for a 3/16" 56 link block chain with master like this:
  34. Velo-dream

    TOC safety bicycle bell

    wanted an original and complete safety cycle bell propositions with pics--> please PM thanks for looking
  35. MsRock2

    Sold TOC Crank Skip tooth 6 1/2 Dog leg arm

    $50 plus shipping. PM to talk. PP friends, located in San Diego if you want to save on shipping.
  36. Nickinator

    Sold TOC Teens 20's etc Sturdy Front Tire Stand

    This one is about 30 years old, is sturdier (and nicer looking) than the ones made now. $30 shipped, PP no fees or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  37. Jay81

    Sold TOC Rear Hubs

    Tried to research these a while back and came up empty. Thought the one that has an axle might be a Thor hub, but I'm not sure. I haven't been able to find any markings on them. I really don't have any clue what they are, or how much they are worth. Please chime in if you can identify them...
  38. mongeese

    TOC mens f/f and headset - Fauber bb

    250 shipped from Wi. No damage- really nice condition.
  39. Gladiron

    Bespoke for the Woke. Low Cost Custom Bicycle Builds SoCal 91042

    For all my creative brothers and sisters living in or near Pasadena / Glendale / Burbank / LaCañada / LaCrescenta / Tujunga / Sunland / NoHo / SanFernando Located in the foothills of Tujunga, CA 91042, KG Bicycles builds custom bikes to fit any budget. From simple modifications of your current...
  40. jimbo53

    Need i.d. Help please on TOC his and hers bikes

    Only have these 4 pictures so far, but no idea what year or manufacturer. Hope to see personally soon and see if there is a s/n or other identifying marks. Any help or information much appreciated!
  41. KevinsBikes

    TOC, Chainless and Shaft Drive Parts or Full Bikes

    Willing to buy full bikes, parts bikes, loose parts or seats. Trying to fill out my Cleveland cushion frame shaft drive mainly the rear wheel, but I am addicted to these bikes, and want to start a project elsewhere since just searching for a hub gets old.
  42. S

    Sold TOC -TEENS Keystone road racer rider 27" wheels

    Vintage TOC -TEENS KEYSTONE ROAD RACER...would normally have 28" wheels, older 27x1 1/4" clinchers on with bendix coaster brake. ....as is shown.....$273 shipped 48 states. paypal cool friends or add 3%.
  43. bikiba

    Sold TOC Luxor Carbide Lamp

    I brought this one back from Europe a few years ago. A bit less common that the Solars. $120 shipped. paypal as a friend Needs a cleaning and shining. Has the rubber along the bottom, which ivenot seenin others. Lens is perfect no chips or scratches. Everything moves and it all comes apart...
  44. S

    Sold 28" wheelset 700x35 ride your TOC bike

    nice set of 28" 700x35 wheelset cream tires, coaster brake. If you have skip tooth i have a cog for that too. This can make your old TOC -20s bike rideable. $100 plus ship 48 states paypal cool.
  45. kirk thomas

    For your TOC Remington Rack in Utica NY

    https://utica.craigslist.org/clt/d/remington-ammo-box/6600751721.html I can pick up and ship for you.
  46. zephyrblau

    help i.d. TOC / tens bars

    early bars w/ incorporated quill stem. nice cork grips.
  47. bikiba

    Sold TOC Solar Carbide

    Pix say it all. It could use a buff, but this one is nice and shiny already. Lens is perfect, not a scratch or crack on it. This one is ready for a breakfront cabinet display as is. One thing i noticed is that it has a stamped "5" on the underside of the key. You can see it in the picture...
  48. K

    TOC Pierce and Crescent

    Thought I'd share a couple pics of a couple I saw today :)
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