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  1. Krakatoa

    Prewar Columbia Twin Bar Air Rider Dashboard & Stem!

    Uber Rare original prewar Columbia Twinbar Air Rider 26" ballooner parts!! Columbia dashboard stem has regular through bolt so you'll need to source an allen bolt to mount dash $65 shipped Columbia dashboard shell SOLD thank you CABE! Nate VT 401-548-9082
  2. Dave Stromberger

    Sold NOS Torrington 10 Pedals - Blackout

    Rare set of NOS Torrington #10 pedals with black-out finish. There are a few small areas of light surface rust, luckily only in inconspicuous areas. I have not tried to remove any of it. These would look great as-is on your survivor war era bike or restoration. Or, have them nickel plated for a...
  3. OC_Rolling_Art

    Found WANTED: Torrington ART DECO stem gooseneck

    Looking for a decent piece; smooth - no pitting or hammer persuasion marks would be ideal! But I am open to seeing what you have. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks!
  4. spomalley86

    Torrington stamped bars

    In decent shape, needs a more thorough cleaning. Asking 40 plus shipping or local pickup in Spokane valley, WA. Pp ff or add 3% Thanks Sean
  5. LarzBahrs

    Torrington deco style stem

    For sale is a decent torrington deco style stem. Will clean up nice. Asking 70 shipped for the thing. Paypal preffered.
  6. W

    Torrington 10 pedals

    Hi everyone in here. I'm looking for a pair of Torrington 10 pedals in excellent condition. Thanks.
  7. dave429

    Art Deco Gooseneck Stem I.D.?

    Interesting looking stem I came across. I'm wondering if anyone knows what brand or bike it came off of? Thank in advance!
  8. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Torrington Spoke-Master Cabinet

    Pretty darn nice condition Torrington Spoke-Master cabinet! Has a few scratches and small dings as you can see in the pics, but overall it's in excellent condition, better than most I've seen. $300 shipped in the continental USA!
  9. dave429

    Sold Westfield Columbia Dogleg Crankset with complete Bottom Bracket

    Westfield Columbia dog leg crankset from a men’s 1946 bike. Has the complete bottom bracket including the bearing cups. Torrington bearings. Chrome on crankset is pretty much gone, chainring is decent but has some pitting. Would be great for a rider or rechrome and show! Asking $65 shipped...
  10. bobcycles

    1930s-50s Torrington Pedal Load #2 Variety pairs 8's and 10's F/S

    Continued from last post.... Please mention the # of the item in replies (((((((SOLD)))))))) 4-----------Nice original Rider quality set of Torrington 10's. These are pretty decent blocks survived pretty well, some legibility on the end caps. Deluxe vintage balloon era pedals that went on A...
  11. bobcycles

    Torrington Pedal Load Various pairs for riders 8's n' 10's F/S

    Pedals Torrington numbered as follows 1 Pair of Torrington 10 maybe 40s? or postwar Cad plating looks like as opposed to nickel or chrome. Spindles are the sealed type that you can't switch out the bearings or cones. Seem to spin ok... Some average wear on blocks... Decent rider pair. Mens...
  12. bobcycles

    Sold Nice Variety load of 1920s era maybe teens? Mixed early Torrington MOTOBIKE era pedals------F/S

    Check my posts for a wide variety of vintage Balloon era pedals....Torrington, Schwinn, Persons etc. First Up! AS found lot of 6 as shown Restorable vintage teens or most likely 20's era pedals! These are all decent candidiate to restore with very presentable end caps etc. Blocks are in...
  13. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Pre War Torrington DALLAS Handlebars! ~

    Oh boy these are super sweet act fast! 28" width, large Torrington script. SOLD Thanks CABE!
  14. 1

    Real new old stock torrington brake parts

    Here is a lot of 25 nos axle cones I have lot of these so start with replacing them in your bike now. 25 for 15 dollars 3 dollars shipping 50 for 25 dollars free shipping Make off on the hole lot weights 100 pounds i have no clue how many are in thare I am not a big hub guy so i dont have...
  15. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Re-chromed Torrington stem

    The wedge bolt has been zinc plated also. $120.00 shipped
  16. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Torrington deco stem $59 shipped

    Torrington deco stem in very nice condition $59 shipped
  17. marius.suiram

    Sold Torrington 8 pedals, for mens bikes

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 50$ shipped Now: 43$ shipped New price: 38$ shipped Left pedal has the axle bent. Both spinning well. See pictures for more details.
  18. detroitbike

    Torrington 5 star pedals

    Nice ……… http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=273535974618
  19. dave429

    Withdrawn Mismatched Pedal Lot reduced!

    5 mismatched pedals for parts or restore. Unknown brands or era. Please examine pictures. Payment by paypal, $50/ or best offer shipped in the USA. Reduced to $25 shipped
  20. dave429

    Reduced Wald (NOS?) Ladies or Juvenile block pedals, Musclebike?

    Wald block pedals. Look Nos but can't be certain if they were installed or not. Please see pictures for measurments. Payment via PayPal and shipping to 48 U.S. states only. USPS priority shipping from 54703 $35 shipped NOW reduced to $25 shipped
  21. bikesnbuses

    Sold BOYS Torrington #8 riders and BOYS MONARK scripted for parts/repair

    >>>BOTH sets PENDING!! :cool: Each set is $35 shipped obo or BOTH sets for $60 shipped in the USA Monark deluxe scripted pedals are beyond well loved..but I'm sure someone needs even just the script pieces.. Torrington #8s are fair spin ok and shafts look straight.. message me through the...
  22. blincoe

    NOS Torrington Spokes

    looking for all sizes to fill up my cabinet. NOS PLEASE..
  23. blincoe

    Torrington Spoke Master Cabinet!

    Just purchased a Torrington spoke cabinet, pretty clean. Paid a little more than I wanted too but was able to get the seller to go down on price. Very good condition.
  24. ABC Services

    Sold Torrington 10 9/16" double butted nos spokes 120 $30.00 shipped

    120 NOS torrington DB 10 9/16" spokes. These all have some sort of rust / oxidation, just at the bend. $30.00 shipped.
  25. SirMike1983

    Sold Pedals: Schwinn; Wald(?); Torrington 10

    Pedals for sale - all sets have 1/2 inch shafts for American-sized cranks. All of these spin but could use a cleaning and fresh grease as well as adjustment to make sure the blocks are tight. All prices INCLUDE shipping in the lower 48 states. Set 1: I think these are Wald(?) based on the...
  26. alecburns

    WTB - Torrington #13 Bearing

    Hey all, The one in my Elgin was trashed. It was a Torrington #13 Bearing, with a 1" outer diameter, and 6 balls. Let me know if you have one in NOS or good condition. Cheers!
  27. MsRock2

    Sold Torrington Pedals - $30 shipped

    $30 shipped. In San Diego for pick up for $25 PM to talk PP friends, thanks.
  28. bobcycles

    Pedals Torrington 10's, 8's and 6's...plus more F/S

    TENS SOLD Original Torrington 10 pedals. These had 2 thumb tacks on each side of the rider side of the blocks...left a small pin hole where they were, other than that..spin true, blocks are still fat, one spindle has an odd size nut on the back end... Good riders for an original bike, not...
  29. ivrjhnsn

    Juvenile pedals Persons Torrington

    Here we have 4 juvenile bike pedals, 3 Persons, 1 Torrington. All new old stock, but 2 matching Persons are both left threaded, 1 Persons right thread, and the single Torrington Jr is left thread. Asking $100 shipped.
  30. blincoe

    Sold Torrington JR’s 2 sets

    Looking to get $45 shipped both sets of Pedals
  31. Jay81

    Sold Prewar Torrington Art Deco Stem

    Good rider condition. No cracks. $65 shipped / lower 48 PayPal (only as friends) Or USPS money order
  32. frank 71

    Sold Torrington Cross Bars

    1930's Cross Bars. some Patina, Lots of Plating left. 3 in. lift, 7 in from the cross bar, 21 1/2 in. wide. Center Bushing is Loose. $125.00 Shipped Lower 48.
  33. frank 71

    Sold Torrington Art Deco Stem

    Torrington Stem $60.00 Shipped Lower 48.
  34. ratdaddy

    Torrington Dallas bars fs

    here's a great old set of Torrington bars.they are 28 inches wide.no dents.could probably be rechromed.but they look great the way they are.pms only don't post here140 shipped from Paris texas.pp f&f to lower 48 states.


  36. 4

    Torrington spoke/nipple follow up

    In looking for spokes/nipples, I’d like to stay with those made by Torrington. However on ebay, both have come up in various bulk amounts, with no indication of the manufacturer. The few sellers I’ve asked say they have no idea who made their spokes/nipples because they got them without...
  37. ADReese

    Sold Torrington handlebars

    Two pairs of Torrington handlebars: -steerhorn style, 26"x8", some chrome left, $60 shipped -scout style, 22"x7", pretty crusty, $30 shipped
  38. 4

    Torrington 080 nipples

    Hi, After removing the aftermarket paint and/or oil from my rear wheel nipples, they were still highly stained. Years ago I bought an ammo tumbler to clean all the brass parts and fasteners from old traffic signals that I collect. Anyway, I tumbled the nipples and put them in an ultrasonic to...
  39. bikesnbuses

    Sold LOCAL P/U 1939 ladies Columbia $300 CASH

    TORRINGTON #17s are no longer available..Bike is now $300 picked up OK,to be clear..This is for local PICK UP only in southern RI only. Ive been really sick and have bad injuries to right elbow and shoulder If you have someone you know/trust to pick it up and ship it to you that is fine also.I...
  40. saladshooter

    28" Torrington Steer Horns

    Howdy Looking for a set of 28" x 10" Torrington steer bars. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  41. bikiba

    Sold Torrington 8s

    i pulled one of them a part tonight and i noticed that someone painted them silver probably 50 yrs ago. $40 shipped. Paypal please as a BFF These came off my silverking. You can see on the last photo the silver coming out on the right hand side of the plate. Right one needs a bit of a...
  42. B

    Torrington spokes

    Was moving some stuff around in the garage and thought this made for a good picture. Every size from 2 to 12.
  43. tjkajecj

    Sold Torrington Art Deco Stem

    Prewar Torrington Art Deco Stem $65.00 Shipped CONUS PayPal payment PM if interested Tim
  44. Jon Marinello

    Sold Sweet Nickel Plated Torrington Script Handlebars - Now $125

    These have been carefully re-plated with correct nickel. "Torrington" script preserved. Perfect knurling. They are uncut and are the original length of 26 1/2". Nickel plating is beautiful. Knurling is superb. Ready to grace your best restoration. See pictures. Price lowered to $125 shipped or...
  45. ohdeebee

    Sold Torrington Signal pedals

    Will clean up somewhat. One chip in the glass. Axles are straight and spinny. Asking $115 shipped
  46. alecburns

    Heavy Duty Torrington Pedals with Rubber

    Very cool. Never seen one like it. made for two sizes. little rust on threading. $30 + Shipping
  47. markivpedalpusher

    Sold NOS Torrington 18’s

    $150.00 shipped NOS Torrington 18’s with shelf and storage wear. Scratches and surface rust. Very nice script and very straight pair of pedals.
  48. bobcycles

    VARIETY of NOS Pre and Post War parts Schwinn, Torrington etc. F/S

    BLOCKS SOLD MINT NOS Torrington 10 blocks! These are perfect...correct corner contours unlike the mold heavy reproduction blocks. Beautiful blocks for the genuine Deluxe Torrington 10 Pedals...pre and post war. 40.00 for the set plus postage... bobcycles@aol.com or PM here NOS Schwinn...
  49. onecatahula

    Schwinn Prewar Feather Guards

    Here we have a couple of nice Prewar Schwinn Feather chain guards. Blue looks to be original paint, with original decal, and all hardware. Black is possibly chrome under black paint/red paint/primer (see stripped area). Your choice, 90 shipped. > > Blue SOLD
  50. onecatahula

    Wide Torrington Bars

    Here we have a couple of crusty superwide Steerhorn Torrington handlebars. These bad boys are 30 inches wide and no effort has been made to clean them. Perfect for your favorite rider. Your choice, 75 + ship, or free pick up in NorCal. > > bars in back SOLD