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  1. onecatahula

    Sold Torrington Bonanza !

    Here are a bunch of crusty big block Torrington pedals for your riders. PayPal preferred. First to email/PM gets it. email: tocatahula@sbcglobal A, B, and C are nice solid Torrington 10's. Your choice, 65 shipped. D is a pair of Torrington ladies pedals. 25 shipped. > > ALL PEDALS SOLD ! !
  2. ratdaddy

    Torrington handlebars

    the first set is the one with the stem.use as is or dents.will cleanup better .the stem has a few hammer marks on it.27 inches wide and 12 inches back150 plus shipping from Paris texas.the second pair are Torringtons. looks like Elgin bars.probably be restored.or just use them 21 wide...
  3. Glenn Rhein

    Sale Pending Really nice Torrington deco stem

    Really nice Torrington art deco stem in good condition , will clean up really nice $65 shipped
  4. catfish

    Sold Torrington Art deco Stems 3 of them

    Price Drop $75.00 each #2 is sold #3 is sold. Three nice stems. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order or PP as Friends and Family only. Sold as is and untested.
  5. OldSkipTooth

    Men’s Torrington pedals

    working set, axles are ever so slightly bent. $60. Shipped
  6. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Rare Pair of Torrington NOS Dallas Handlebars

    A beautiful set of Torrington scripted original NOS Dallas bars. Chrome is in excellent condition but does show some shelf wear blemishes and minor scratches. Knurling is intact. Bars do not appear to have ever been on a bike. Length: 28". $185 shipped from Santa Fe, NM. Please PM to purchase...
  7. ZE52414

    Sold Crossbrace Torrington bars and longspring mesinger

    I have a decent set of Torrington bars with OG plating. Bars show some wear but in pretty good shape. Not all banged up. 150$ shipped or delivered to ML. Bars only. I’ll get better pics of the bars after work. Longspring mesinger saddle with crash rails and padding for the top. All it needs is...
  8. mynameislegion

    Torrington Aluminum Art Deco Gooseneck

    Torrington Art deco aluminum gooseneck. In good hand polished condition. No cracks. First PM. PayPal FF but will take Postal Money Order. $110.00 shipped.
  9. mongeese

    Columbia westfield prewar headset torrington bearings

    35 shipped from Wisconsin. Complete headset.
  10. KevinBrick

    Prewar Deluxe Torrington pedals on Ebay

    Current bid is $222. Are these really worth that? Would like to know more about them**
  11. rodeo1988

    Sold Single Torrington pedals and parts, blocks

    Pics tell the story R Torrington and R meteor 3,,, bearings parts blocks all what you see it. Is what you get no plastic tray $old shipped,, heavy!! 48 lower states PayPal as friends and family or add for the pp tax THANK YOU
  12. Jay81

    Reduced Ladies Torrington 9 Pedals

    Nice blocks, straight shafts and spin nicely. Some silver paint on them. Came off a 1937 Westfield. $28 shipped in the lower 48
  13. Pedals Past

    Sold Rare pedals BB still available and sold Torrington 15 mens tear drop pedals

    reproduction no shafts or tubes engraving is all there chrome is perfect needs blocks these are too short and used you wont find these better backplate is engraved says made in America $600 ...I have a set of repoo Bb Or skylark pedals with repop blocks no shafts chromed matching set used in...
  14. W

    Found Torrington 8s

    What’s the going rate for some wartime Torrington 8s?.. or prewar since should be the same... as far as I know at least. Would likely paint OD so a clean finish wouldn’t be completely necessary but decent blocks would be a plus. Thanks!
  15. Classicriders

    Sold Torrington NOS .105 spokes

    Just over 300 NOS .105 x 10-5/8 spokes and nipples. $125.00 shipped.
  16. Pedals Past

    Sold Torrington 8 Pedals

    3 pairs left to right: used $125 available pair shown sold look for new add 2 pair available chrome $200 SOLD NOS prewar nickel $300 sold prices shipped 48 usa ff/pp all three pair $525 shipped 48 user i have two more nos nickel pair $325 and one $350 SOLD in paper
  17. saladshooter

    Nice Prewar Torrington 8s

    Howdy Looking for a nice set of Prewar Torrington 8 pedals. Not NOS just a nice rider set. PM me what you have. Thanks! Chad
  18. markivpedalpusher

    Sold Torrington xbars

    $100 + $15 for shipping Presentable early shim Torrington crossbars. Crossbrace slighly bent, chrome loss, nicks, scratches, minor rust. Some original chrome hanging in there. Good for original rider.
  19. saladshooter

    Sold Torrington 10

    Decent set of serviced, ready to ride Torrington 10. pedals. Straight shafts. $100 shipped Thanks Chad
  20. ivrjhnsn

    Sold TORRINGTON JR pedals in wrapper

    Putting these Torrington Jr pedals up for sale. Still in paper wrapper. $90 shipped or offers. paypal ok. Thanks
  21. zephyrblau

    Reduced Torrington deco stem

    light oxidizing. light tool marks to bolts. $85 + postage NOW $75 with free shipping.
  22. sm2501

    Sold Torrington Dallas handlebars

    Tough bars to find. Good straight condition. Should be replatable. $165 shipped in the USA.
  23. sm2501

    Sold Torrington "T" Art Deco stem

    Here's a nice Torrington Art Deco stem. Un-broke without cracks. What sets this one apart from most others is the wide space between the pinch section. Most that you see have stretched enough where the 2 pieces are almost touching, but this one has plenty of room to slide a handlebar with a...
  24. catfish

    Sold Original Mens Signal Pedals Torrington

    I was saving these for a long time but no longer need them. Very nice original pedals. No broken glass. $$$$$$ shipped in the USA. Payment by USPS Money Order ONLY. Or Cash.
  25. Rust_Trader

    Found WTB Torrington Dallas Handlebars

    Looking to buy some Torrington Dallas Handlebars with original chrome 5+ condition. Let me know if you have something for sale. Thanks
  26. mongeese

    Columbia westfield headset complete with Torrington bearings

    Cups have some rust and easily replaced. All the hard to find parts are in excellent condition. 30 shipped from Wisconsin.
  27. Heart-like-a-lion


  28. Jay81

    Sold Men's Torrington Pedals

    Men's Torrongton Meteor 3 pedal set. Good rider quality pedals. Straight axles but the pedals themselves are tweaked a little. Some light over spray that should clean off easily. Good threads $40 shipped in the lower 48 PayPal friends or USPS money order only
  29. CWCMAN

    Found ***WANTED*** Torrington 8 BLACK OUT PEDALS

    Does anyone have a nice set of Torrington 8 black out pedals for sale? Thanks
  30. New Mexico Brant

    Gent's Torrington 10's and Lady's Persons Supreme Pedals

    Being offered: A pair of MISMATCHED men's Torrington 10's and a pair of women's Person Supremes, both are crusty, ladies could be cleaned up. All axles spin but need serviced; both may have one axle that is very slightly bent. The one men's has flat head slots in the one end (see images)...
  31. ohmybike

    Sold Torrington motorbike style stem

    Re chromed stem. 65 shipped or offer PayPal FF


  33. fordmike65

    Sold 30" wide Torrington steerhorns with crossbrace

    30" W I D E Torrington bars with bolt in crossbrace. Nicely patina'd for your original paint bike or replate for your resto. Nice and straight with good knurling. Asking $130 shipped obo.
  34. Tomato John

    Magna pedal swap

    Looking for a Torrington 8 left to trade this left airflow type pedal. Wood blocks would be ideal but will take rubber. PM me with pics.
  35. mynameislegion

    Sold Polished Torrington Art Deco Stem

    Professionally polished Torrington Art Deco aluminum stem. Hard to take pictures but it is not chrome. No cracks or dings. Original hardware. $130.00 shipped to Lower 48. First PM.
  36. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ WALD WW2 Era Men's Blackout Pedals! $50 Shipped! ~

    Nice hard to find pair of WALD WW2 era blackout pedals, straight shafts, one has a glossier surface on the black than the other, a little fiddling around with the finish and they will match nicely. Only one has the og blackout wood blocks however a set of four nos ones can be had @catfish for...
  37. That bike guy

    Sold cycletruck parts

    I bought a bunch of cycletruck part I have no use for mostly post war 26" very wide chrome cycletruck Torrington bars sold Wald cycletruck stem $75 Shipping is not included sold Very rusty but staight very usable front 20" thick metal cycletruck front fender with flat braces. Sold
  38. ZE52414

    Sold Nice Torrington Deco Aluminum stem

    No cracks breaks. Maybe a few hammer Marks on the left side. Other than that clean. Asking 85$ shipped.
  39. R

    Sold SOLD Vintage rat trap pedal Torrington 4 star $150

    Nice used condition right side
  40. C

    Sold Early crossbrace bars Torrington ?

    Nice set early crossbrace motorbike bars. 19” center bar to center bar handle. 20” to outer bars. There are a small flat spot on sides where bars curve. Maybe this is normal for bend . No dings or dents. I tried to give many angles for you to view. Believe these came off 20’s mead motorbike...
  41. Saving Tempest

    Some place that can clean up and possibly rechrome my Torrington bars...

    I have crossbraced Torrington handlebars that are hunky-dory on the ends, obviously. I don't have chemicals to clean them up or the facilities for it and I basically do what I can from my living room and the yard (in good weather). If I could get the newer pair I have used on Tempest repaired as...
  42. Freqman1

    Found Men's Original Torrington Signal Pedals

    Like the title says looking for an original set of these suitable for a condition 7-8 bike. Need something nicer than shown but here is what I'm hunting. Please PM pics/price. Thanks, Shawn
  43. Jay81

    LEFT Torrington 8

    Looking for a LEFT Torrington 8 pedal. Hoping to find one in similar condition to the right pedal pictured below. If you have a match, please pm with pics and price. Thanks
  44. Krakatoa

    ~ Cool Reverse Bend Bars!~

    Just a couple cool sets of handlebars... 1. Modern/Retro nice silver finish reverse bend/moustache, 21.25"/9.5"/3.5". $35 shipped 2. Reverse bend/moustache Schwinn post war tandem front bars, 22.5"/8"/3.5". These are great bars for your custom bike. $40 shipped
  45. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Men's Pedal WALD Blackout Single R $30! ~ ~

    Nice straight men's WALD single R Blackout w/wood blocks, aged worn great patina and mech good condition. SOLD
  46. ace

    Sold Torrington Lightweight Pedals

  47. bobcycles

    NICE restored 'rider quality' Prewar Torrington 10 Pedals w orig blocks 100 shipped

    These are original Made in USA Torringtons pedals with very nice slightly used but crisp edges original (Not repro) blocks. Nickel plated and restored inside and out. The plating process and polishing has eliminated the "10" on the end caps but they still look great with nice original...
  48. ZE52414

    Sold Torrington- Motorbike Style stem (Nice)

    picked this up few weeks ago and I’m Not going to need it. Stem has been rechromed by previous owner. Asking 75$ shipped.
  49. Robertriley

    Military Torrington bars?

    I purchased a bike with a very old restoration job and the handlebars were painted black and did not look right on the bike. I replaced the handlebars with a nice set of nickel plated cross brace bars. I was stripping a bike for a friend and decided to strip the black bars to see what the...
  50. Jay81

    Unusual Torrington Pedals

    I picked these up last year from ebay because they are cool and unusual. They are mens pedals. They look like Torrington 8s but do not appear to have the 8 stsmped on the cap. The block bolts have the push on things instead of nuts. Then there's the obvious difference, the reddish-orange blocks...