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  1. Bikermaniac

    Sold Rap Trap pedal Torrington #1 & bonus

    Scarce Torrington (or Standard) No. 1, rap trap pedal. Good condition, spins free, axle is not bent, threads are good. $125 shipped. I will throw the other pedal (for parts) to sweeten the deal.
  2. cds2323

    Sold Torrington U handlebars

    Here's a set of Torrington U handlebars approximately 21 1/2" wide. Has small Torrington script on end. Chrome is in fair condition. The center knurling is in good shape. $40 shipped. PAYMENT BY U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER
  3. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  4. mongeese

    Excellent prewar Westfield Columbia BB hardware Torrington bearings

    Original finish - 60 shipped from Wisconsin. You will regret it at some point if you do not buy now.
  5. Dave K

    Sold Torrington 10s $60 shipped

    Torrington 10s with straight shafts. Need to be regreased. $60 shipped
  6. bobcycles


    FIRST UP---- Nice 1950s era Torrington 8's show almost NO wear whatsoever...very clean pedals with nice blocks... These are the Clip end Torringtons found on the post war bikes and mostly 50's applications... 50.00 plus postage for the pair... or msg here NICKEL...
  7. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Torrington Boy's Signal Pedals

    Pair of NOS repop Torrington signal pedals, branded: "Torrington, Westfield, Mass." Very good condition, minor shelf soiling and wear. Each pedal is 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/3". $60 shipped. PayPal F&F please.
  8. Krakatoa

    ~~Torrington & WALD Bars Many Types Pre & Post War!~~

    1 of 3 Great selection of bars tonight! I've added approx measurements for your conveneince and so you can compare profiles. Please note prices are shipped! Bars are odd sized and many of you are on the West Coast so factor this in when considering price, I've tried to make these affordible...
  9. 5760rj

    Torrington handlebars

    please tell me what or why Torrington handlebars have a hole on the right side on top and at the end of the bar, to bad also why they didn't stamp there name where it could be seen and not covered by handlebar grips......
  10. Rides4Fun

    Found Prewar Torrington Stem Wanted

    Hi fellow Cabers, I am looking for a prewar Torrington “R” bicycle stem like the one in the photo to fit my 1939 Westfield Motobike. My handlebars were rechromed about 10 years ago and are still pretty shiny, so I am wondering if anyone may have one that would be a good match or otherwise one...
  11. SJ_BIKER

    Right side threaded number 10 torrington pedal axle

    Needed to find a replacement for the bent one i have
  12. Jon Marinello

    WTB Torrington girls pedal blocks

    Need a couple of Torrington pedal blocks to repair these girls pedals.
  13. whizzer kid

    OLd 4” pedals , and Torrington woman’s F/S

    have these pedals I picked up to rebuild. Now don’t need them . 4 “ in size. Shafts seem to be fairly straight . Will need work. /////56 /// ——- ( 1st pics) Woman’s Torrington 3 3/8” Crusty but all there . ///46 /// PayPal preferred as friends Price includes shipping —-Lower 48 only—-
  14. bobcycles


    Two Cool 1950s Jet Fighters...both colors Red/yellow & Blue/yellow...NOS as found some minor plastic wear etc, but very cool handlebar mounted planes! Also a Squeeze horn in the original box ...very cool NOS piece that works fine with nice Fuselage style grill. All three items for 60.00...
  15. prewarmachine

    Clay colored grips, pedals, Torrington

    Hoping to find a rider set of torrington pedals in the clay red brick color. Rust is alright, worn out blocks are alright. Willing to rebuild. Just looking to save a couple bucks and give my bike the right look. Also, looking for the same color in a set of grips. Prefer a pointed streamline...
  16. cyclingday

    Torrington # 7 pedals.

    Wanted! Torrington # 7 pedals. Dead or alive. Prefer alive, but dead's better than nothing. Whatcha got?
  17. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Sold Rt. side Torrington 8 parts

    2 RIGHT Torrington 8 pedal frames. Robbed the blocks for my last project. Been gone through, shafts are straight. Asking 35$ shipped for both from Louisiana, 70525. PayPal F&F only.
  18. B

    Silver king seat post and Torrington Stem

    Sold!! Cleaning up the garage and found these two. Seat post came out of my silver king and I assume it is original based upon some quick searches. It is ratty, no doubt, but functions as it should! Bought the stem to put on my silver king and went a different direction. Think it is a...
  19. bikesnbuses

    Sold Crusty Prewar Torrington #8s mens pedals

    >>>>>Crank is sold!<<<<< Only thing left I have from my 40 Columbia are the Torrington #8s!! $27 shipped.. Only picture I have of the pedals was grouped with the apologies if there is any confusion.. PM me or email me at Thank you I MAY trade for 1980s...
  20. Balloontyre

    Sold 2 pair mens pedals, Torrington 8 others

    Both sets could use servicing otherwise they spin freely cages are straight, Axles Good. Pair on the right is 9/16. $37 shipped Pair on the left is half inch, 8 and other Torrington markings visible. $47 shipped Usa lower from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends
  21. C

    Sold Torrington Both Crossbrace and Non Crossbrace Bars

    Torrington Crossbrace Bars - Nice shape Decent Plating $85 Shipped Torrington Non Crossbrace ( Exact same bar cut and sizes just no Crossbrace came off 37 elgin ) $50 Shipped Both are I believe 22" from center opening to center opening.
  22. azbug-i

    Deco stems for sale. Torrington & swan

    Torrington Deco Stems 1 really nice $100 shipped sold 1 broken shaft $55 shipped Swan deco stem off an elgin. Good condition but sprayed silver. Will come off. $55 shipped sold
  23. Bikermaniac

    Found Torrington 8 or 10 right axle

    I'm badly needing a torrington 8 or 10 straight right axle, mine is bent. Please send me a PM with pic and price. Thanks
  24. lgrinnings

    Sold 30's Early Torrington Deco Bevelock Stem

    I just picked up this Torrington Bevelock art deco stem with a parts lot. It appears to be an early model with the old style binder bolt. I'm also assuming it will polish right up if that's what you're looking for. It doesn't fit with any of my projects so it's yours for $90 plus shipping from...
  25. Tim the Skid

    Torrington spokes

    looking for 9 3/4" (248mm) double butted spokes. (not stainless) for lacing a Schwinn high-low fore brake hub.
  26. Rust_Trader

    WTB Torrington 10’s 7+ condition

    Looking for some Prewar chrome Torrington 10’s in 8+ condition. Please let me know if you have something for sale or trade.
  27. spencehouse

    Sold Red Torrington Pedals

    For sale: Red Torrington 10 pedals. Decent condition and spin pretty well. Bought these a while back for a project I don't have anymore. Right shaft bent, see pics. $60 shipped CONTUS, Paypal friends and family. PM works best.
  28. saladshooter

    Torrington "T" vs Script bars

    Howdy Does anyone know when Torrington changed from the "T" to the Torrington script on their handlebars? Thanks Chad
  29. Jon Marinello

    WTB Wide 27" Torrington Script Bars

    Looking for a set of the wider 27" Torrington handlebars. These would have the "Torrington" script and hole in one end. See pictures. Thanks in advance for your help!
  30. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Torrington T DECO Stem: VERY GOOD condition

    So this stem is dirty (I haven't tried to clean it) but it appears to retain its original plating and isn't all scraped and smashed up like many of these are. It does show some use and wear with some minor scratches and dings. I have owned a handful of these now and this is the best one to...
  31. M

    Found WTB Torrington 15 Pedals

    WTB Torrington 15 Shelby/Airflow pedals any condition.
  32. Balloontyre

    Mens Torrington 8 pedals

    First pic is flash on, rest of pics in shade no flash. Good servicable rider pedals, slight wobble left axle, both spin free. $68 shipped USA from Milwaukee Good Mesinger sliding rail seat clamp $39 shipped. Cash, MO, PayPal friends.
  33. Dave Stromberger

    Reduced NOS Torrington JR Junior Pedals

    NOS in the wrapper. Blackout WW2 era. These would nickel plate perfectly if you're restoring a Silver King, Iver Johnson, or other deluxe pre-war tricycle. $150 $125 shipped in the USA.
  34. M

    Torrington 15 Pedals

    Need Torrington 15 pedals, Interested in any condition or parts! Thanks
  35. bobcycles


    BOAT load of vintage bicycle pedals...some restored for riders, others "patina" originals for riders.....Check my sales threads.... First up! Replated (nickel) Torrington 8 1930s-40s pedals "rider quality" in that the plating did not make the grade for a show bike with some pitting showing and...
  36. zedsn

    odd prewar torrington stem $50 shipped

    Have a prewar torrington stem that has an odd top handlebar bolt head and along with the TOR stamp on the bottom it also says BBJR nearby. Threads are in good shape and stem has no beat on marks or similar defects. PM or email if interested.
  37. saladshooter

    Sold Torrington 1 Pedal Blocks

    Howdy, Believe I was told these are Torrington 1 pedal blocks. No chunks missing. Script worn on most sides. See pics. $80 shipped Thanks Chad
  38. SimpleMan

    Sold Extra wide Torrington handlebars

    For your consideration. 30 1/2" wide. Torrington script. Straight but rusted....not sure how to describe the rust but it is even and not pitted. I'm sure they would clean up for a rechrome or run them as is. The knurling where the stem bolts on is still crisp and not worn. $65 shipped to the...
  39. Jon Marinello

    Torrington 14 Gauge 1" or 3/4" Nipples

    Looking for Torrington 14 Gauge 1" or 3/4" Nipples. Want to build 4 wheels. Thanks all, jon
  40. Balloontyre

    2 pr pedals, Schwinn

    Boys Schwinn 60s waffle tread, some say for sting ray $28 Boys Torrington 8, SOLD Ladies Schwinn, $28 All pedals move freely with straight 1/2" axles, decent rider quality pedals. Prices shipped USA from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends
  41. 47jchiggins

    Sold Torrington 8's, Mens

    Gently used set of Torrington 8's, both shafts spin freely, left has slight wobble, otherwise good, $55 shipped conus, pp ff or save 10% postal mo. Thanks Todd
  42. 47jchiggins

    Sold Prewar Torrington Art Deco Stem

    Nice Torrington stem with nice patina, no cracks, includes sleeve, $100 shipped conus (won't be able to ship till Monday), pp ff or save 10% postal mo. Thanks Todd
  43. Velocipedist Co.

    Mystery Torrington Markings

    I found these markings on a set of Torrington handlebars that I removed from a restored 1935 bluebird. They've been replated, but there is a marking at the center along with the usual "T" Torrington at the bar end. Has anyone seen this before?
  44. klunk!

    Sold Torrington 18 Rat Trap Pedals

    Pair of Torrington 18 Rat Trap Pedals. 1/2" thread. These were found in an old shop basement several years back, They are New Old Stock but were stored in a damp Missouri shop basement for several decades and resulted in some surface rust. Spin nicely, look good for an original bike or rider...
  45. Dave Stromberger

    Sold NOS Torrington 10 Pedals, With Wrapper

    Just what you need! NOS, with the original wrapper. Some of the wrapper is still stuck to one of the blocks. One pedal has a couple very tiny rust specs, you really can't see them unless you put on your "readers". $475 $400 shipped in the USA.
  46. Dave Stromberger

    Torrington 10 pedal variations

    Many of you have probably noticed slight variations in the way Torrington 10 pedal end caps look. Never gave it too much thought until about a year ago, I acquired a set of NOS 10's that had "1937 style" written in pencil on them. They came from the owner of a bike shop that was in business...
  47. Maskadeo

    Sold Torrington 10 Reproductions

    these came on a bike I bought. They basically look brand new. Someone probably went around the block a few times. $75 shipped. F&F or add 3%
  48. whizzer kid

    Torrington pedals lot

    Torrington Pedals 3 large size (used ) 1 child's ;( vg shape ) Need these gone!!! Shafts on all but one of the #8 Mens pedals are straight . I circled the bent one . One child's pedal too Good for someone building some up . 60 obo Shipped PayPal as friends -------- Also: Skip chain too...
  49. Dave Stromberger

    Sold NOS Torrington 10 Pedals

    Hell yeah! Torrington 10's, NOS... who can't use a set of these bad boys? $350 shipped in the USA.
  50. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Torrington braced Steer horn bars set #2 wide

    These measure 30.5" wide. They have been rechromed but the center brace is cracked and the chrome peeling. Use as is or solder, braze and rechrome. $50.00 picked up in Whittier.