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  1. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Torrington braced Steer horn bars set #2 wide

    These measure 30.5" wide. They have been rechromed but the center brace is cracked and the chrome peeling. Use as is or solder, braze and rechrome. $50.00 picked up in Whittier.
  2. Jaypem

    Torrington half moon bars SOLD, stem $17 shipped

    Bars are sold...stem $17shipped Stem is rather crusty but holds.
  3. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Torrington braced steer horn bars

    Nice bars, but the cross brace is a little loose, not ideal for the restored bike they came on, great for a rider. They have been rechromed at some point, measures just under 27" wide. $90.00 local pick up in Whittier Ca.
  4. Freqman1

    Pre War Torrington Bars

    Not sure of the application. Bars only for sale the stem and fork were just used for the pics. $90 shipped to lower 48. PP as friends or add the 3% ($2.70). Thanks, Shawn
  5. ZE52414

    Sold Torrington moto stem.

    Asking 80$ shipped.
  6. carlitos60

    WTD: Torrington 7 Pedals!!

    WTD: Torrington 7 Pedals!!
  7. bobcycles


    AS FOUND Torrington prewar handlebars in the WIDE profile Roughly 28" wide. No dings, kinks or bends, plating for the most part is gone. Nice legible script on the one end and the knurling has plenty of stem grip left. You also get a long seat post and the original Coke bottle grips. These...
  8. F

    Torrington Adjustable Handlebars SOLD !

    Very nice set of Torrington adjustable handlebars. Complete with bolt and wedge. Fully functional, threads are in good condition. $300 shipped in the lower 48.
  9. lgrinnings

    Sold 30's Torrington Deco Stem

    This Torrington art deco stem just came off an attic-stored, original owner, ladies 1937 Elgin. The bicycle appears to have been extremely well cared for, so I'm assuming the neck hasn't taken a lick of abuse in its 80-year lifespan. I'm also guessing it will polish right up if that's what...
  10. Thonyv1974_

    Sold Torrington Art Deco Stem

    Torrington Art Deco stem, I believe it's aluminum. No hardware , I didn't test threads but appear to be usable .Asking $100 shipped all 50 states. ...... Thanks for looking , Tony and Sue
  11. stingrayjoe

    Sold Torrington 10 Deluxe Mens Balloon Pedals

    Please PM direct with all replies. Please do not post here that you are sending me a PM. I assure you the PMs are all answered in order. Thank you. Shipping in the lower 48 USA is on you. Appear to be cobbled together.The end caps are the repops stamped with a typo missing an "N". In good used...
  12. Maskadeo

    Boys Torrington 10 Pedals

    Need an original set in 7-8 condition. Thanks
  13. Maskadeo

    Torrington Cross Brace Motorbike Handlebars

    I need a nice original set to cross brace Motorbike non-button handlebars in condition 7-8
  14. John Gailey

    Wide Torrington Handlebars

    WTB- Wide handlebars with cross brace. Patina / Rust a must. Cheers
  15. Freqman1

    Torrington Pedal-Really

    Don't know what to make of this?
  16. T

    Found torrington stem

    looking for Torrington stem like this one
  17. whizzer kid

    Old Western flyer pedal and 1 Torrington'

    I have this miss match pair of pedals. I can't use them Left , has western flyer logo on it. Right Old Torrington 6 or 8 idk Left has a very bent shaft , right is not bad but not perfectly straight. -------- 39 Shipped PayPal preferred as friends
  18. bobcycles


    NOS TORRINGTON DOUBLE BUTTED SPOKES 9 and 5/8" 72 spokes and long 4 sided Nickel plated nipples in MINT shape, plus a few rust or oxidation... ideal for Silver King, Schwinn, Colson, Elgin, Cleveland Welding, Shelby Donald Duck, Monark etc 24" bicycles! Box is pretty rough but...
  19. bikesnbuses

    Sold Ladies NOS Torrington Signal pedal JEWELS / REFLECTORS sets

    >>the 1 set of mens reflectors is NOW SOLD!<< that I have everyone confused..:oops: The reflectors are being sold in >>SETS of 4 ..two for each pedal= FOUR reflectors ..updating pictures in a few minutes.Thank you!Jeff I have 1 ladies set; 8 reflectors..left to sell. Thank you to...
  20. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Torrington 10's & 8's

    SOLD Decent pair of Torrington 10's. They spin well, axles are good. SOLD
  21. Nickinator

    Girl's Prewar Torrington Stamped Bars

    Decent condition, look straight. Scratches, chrome loss, couple light scrapes. Good for a patina'd rider or for rechroming. Hole at right end and the Torrington stamp. Approx 20 1/2". $62 shipped PP as Friends or add 3%. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  22. Spence36

    Few Torrington parts

    looking for some Two types of Torrington bars , 1 extra wide pair prewar Non crossbar style original chrome 7 condition or better. 2 Cross bars need two of them In original chrome 7 condition or better also wider the better long pullback ok too. Also looking for prewar Torrington goose neck Art...
  23. mongeese

    Sold Nicer torrington 8 prewar mens pedals

    107 shipped from Wi.
  24. P

    1947 D.P. HARRIS Co, "American flyer" Rollfast, hawthorne skiptooth drop center, Torrington

    I posted this add a while back for the bike my girlfriend didn't want. Anyways, I had some interest on a couple items, but I was hoping to have at least 3 items sold before I split it up. So, I'm trying to top post the add again, to see where thing might stand. Oh, and $225 takes the whole...
  25. mongeese

    Prewar torrington 8 mens pedals

    87 or best offer shipped from Wisconsin. Left shaft bent before threads a tad. Should straighten if needed. Uncleaned original condition. Will clean up if desired.
  26. 3

    Torrington meteor 3n ladies pedals.

    Condition as shown, worn blocks, but great for original condition rider. 30 shipped. PayPal.
  27. carlitos60

    Torrington 7 and/or 18 Pedals!

    Looking for a Set of Torrington #7 and/or #18 Pedals! Rat Trap Style??
  28. rustjunkie

    NOS set of 72 original pre-WWII double-butted Torrington spokes and 2-flat 3/4" nipples in origi

    Unused set of 72 original pre-WWII double-butted Torrington spokes and very hard to find correct 2-flat 3/4" nipples in original Torrington Spoke Meter box. 9 5/8", the correct length for 36 spoke 4-cross Monark Silver King 24" wheels. Mint condition, unused. $150/shipped insured USPS Priority...
  29. bikesnbuses

    Sold F/S 1946 Schwinn New World lightweight 3 speed bicycle

    Listing my 1946 Schwinn New World light weight 3 speed with Sturmey Archer shifter and hub .Made just after WW2.(Has a few "blackout" parts) .Torrington 8 pedals All original except brand new tires and tubes. Wheels were trued by professional bike mechanic. This bike will definately clean up...
  30. N

    NOS Torrington 8-? pedals! Mint!

    Here is an NOS pair of Torrington pedals, no markings on outer caps, but the inner caps say "Torrington", & "Made in USA". The blocks are 4 inches long, and the threaded ends are 1/2 inch diameter. These did not come to me with a package. Asking $150 shipped to CONUS. Paypal as friends. Thanks!
  31. 3

    Military Bicycle G519 Parts Lot

    I decided to list these items as a package deal. NOS Eclipse 36-10 front hub shell only, no inners but a Bendix model K inners will complete this nicely. Morrow rear hub M4 date code but this is a 36-13 not 36-10. OD Repainted sprocket and chain guard, NOS OD correct rims, blackout Dayton...
  32. 3

    Cycle Truck Package Deal

    I decided to sell these items as a package deal only. AS prewar Cycle Truck stem and Torrington bars, front wheel with Eclipse hub, rear wheel with New Departure hub, CT seat missing parts but included is a woman's seat to finish up. $700 delivered to Veterans stadium long beach this weekend...
  33. keith kodish

    Wanted Fenders For My '38 Dayton Twin Flex

    looking for the correct fenders,rear reflector is a bonus. also,early 2 speed new departure axle,the one that has the outtie pin,28" torrington cross bars,too. i have a set of late '30's elgin chrome rims,w/aircooled hubs,7+ original chrome,and a set of steel clad,26" wood wheels,new departure...