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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold Big lot of NOS vintage pair caps for tricycle wagon pedal car in chrome and nickle

    What you see is what you get..I have a penny and quarter shown for size reference (Not included.. :p ) Asking $20 mailed in the USA for them all Thank you,Jeff
  2. S

    Vintage Aluminum Tricycle w/ Wagon - $175

    Vintage Anthony Bros 'Convert-O' Tricycle from 1950s or 60's. Complete with rare trailer / wagon and 4 extra wheels. $200. OBO Call 505-820-1126 email 310-502-5514
  3. looneymoons

    1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike for sale

    Hello-- I'm trying to sell a 1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike. It's in very good condition as the paint, tires, plate, etc are all original. The only replacement over the years were the pedals. It has a unique double bar frame, chain-drive, and original Firestone tires. The Colson...
  4. C

    Triang head badge

    Hi all, new member here. I regularly like to restore children's scooters, trikes and bikes, and am currently helping a friend with his restoration of a 1963 Triang Super Trike. We're having issues trying to find what the head badge should look like as the one that's on the trike is almost...
  5. D

    16 x 175 Hard Rubber Tricycle Tire Wanted (NOS)

    Looking to find a 16 x 175 Hard Rubber Tricycle tire (NOS).
  6. looneymoons

    Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike

    Hello-- Happy August, all! I was lucky enough to have found this Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike (in my neighborhood). It's such a cool little thing, I had to bring it home. Besides the info I got from the plate marker, I wasn't able to find out much about this bike and was hoping someone...
  7. S

    Anthony Brothers convert o tricycle

    Hey guys up for sale is this two convert o tricycles. One of them is ready to ride with no problems. The other one needs new front bearings, both are complete bikes. I would like to sell as a pair or individual if needed. Shipping on two bikes might be a bit expensive. Local pick up available...
  8. C

    1920s Iver Johnson Velocipede Model #230

    For sale only. Rare find 1920s Iver Johnson small tricycle. Very good mechanical condition. Looks like it's all original except for seat material and paint. Handle bar grip appears cut (see pic). Made for very young children (2-3 y/o). Front hard rubber tire missing. $250 obo. Will provide...
  9. Aehlers14

    Vintage 60s Murray Tricycle in spectacular condition

    This thing is almost perfect for it's age $200
  10. B

    Gambles Hiawatha Murray Tricycle

    I am wanting to restore a Gambles Tricycle. I am looking for parts for it. All 3 tires are shot and the rear wheel bushings are shot. The front bearings are still good. I was hoping to either find replacements for the rear wheels and tires or looking for advice on how to replace the rear wheel...
  11. S

    For sale Antique 1930s tricycle !

    1930s push trike !! 400 or best offer . Or trade ..antique / sports / anything with a motor or old I accept PayPal and ship ! 7158967347 for more pics Black River falls, Wisc!
  12. DJF

    TOC Tricycles trikes and dual trikes, Velocipedes?

    I am finding it hard pressed to find any information here on TOC ADULT trikes. Does anyone one have any information, or one of these machines to sell? Or even show off?
  13. S

    1930s sky king velocipede no. 451 .original / working condition

    Hello , my grandma was a doll dealer and antique dealer / collector for over 30 years in the Chicago I have this great airflow trike I'd like to sell It's a 16 inch front wheel , missing front light its obvious been repainted at some point . I do have ebay/ PayPal and may ship but...
  14. T

    2 vintage tricycles

    2 vintage tricycles, $100 call or text 208-337-1130
  15. Robertriley

    Sale Pending Prewar ElginRacer Tricycle

    Late 30's Elgin Racer tricycle. Hand brake is missing but never the less, it's on cool tricycle. $379
  16. Handyman

    Motorized "Tricycle" Shows Up at "Fitchburg Rides Swap"

    This incredible motorized "tricycle" showed up today at the Fitchburg Rides Swap. This was in the Iver Johnson Factory on River St in Fitchburg when they closed the doors and auctioned off everything inside. Perhaps the Iver Johnson Company bought it to study it? Who knows, but it was in the...
  17. B

    Schwinn, step 2 and radioflyer tricycles

    Hi, I have 3 tricycles which I think they are old but not sure. One is a Schwinn, one is a metal step 2 and the other is a retro radio flyer tricycle. Can you please tell me some info about them like dates and if I sell them, how much they are worth pls? Thank you. I think retro on a radio...
  18. C

    Sold 30’s streamline tricycle very nice condition

    Decided to move this trike on to someone who can enjoy this as I have. $645 shipped or obo Murray / Mercury Very solid trike Good rubber Little paint loss on nose but otherwise very nice patina on this trike. Displays very nice.
  19. L

    Tricycle i.d.... Found on the Suwannee River

    I found this tricycle just off the banks of the Suwannee river in some bushes and weeds. It was intact, but was missing the rear tires and axel. It is all metal in design, with a solid rubber front wheel. Original oainjob appears to be a bright green. There is an unreadable sticker above the...
  20. T

    Please help me identify this tricycle frame!

    It has been in my uncles yard for decades, Im having trouble identifying it. Couldn't let it be thrown away. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.
  21. T

    Really nice bicycle or tricycle seat NOS?

    really nice vintage bicycle or tricycle seat! Not sure if it’s ever been used. Price is $50.00 shipped within the Conus. PayPal accepted
  22. ratdaddy

    very early tricycle bars and stem cast

    I have this set of early solid bars 16 wide half inch dia.and the stem is cast iton.the base of the stem has putting 60 shipped from Paris tx.pms only don't post here
  23. D

    Wagons, tricycles, and bicycles auction June 10

    I'm new to the site, but thought I would get the word out there to the collectors. We are having an auction of my grandfather's stuff June 10 in Clarks, NE. Starting at 9:30 a.m. He loved collecting and fixing old wagons. There will be 150-200 radio flyer, coast king, Hiawatha, and couple...
  24. Nickinator

    Sold Antique 1920's Gendron Wheel Co Pioneer Tricycle Toledo, Ohio

    Pretty cool old trike. Don't see these real old ones very often. Has the long spring seat, which is usually missing. Has adjustable bars, may or may not have had a repair, seen a few that look like this. Front of headtube and built-in badge is good. Missing one pedal, other pedal missing one...
  25. Stephen Gheorghiu

    Any help is greatly appreciated..

    Have had this since I was a kid. I'm not sure what year or kind it is. I would be thankful with any information. I decided to start restoring this tricycle in my free time, so I'm really new to all this. Thanks in advance!!
  26. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Colson chain drive tricycle

    Original paint Colson chain drive tricycle. One rear tire is cracked . $150 pick up only in sw Ohio. Looks like I posted in wrong section could someone please move it to tricycle for sale section .
  27. Jrodarod

    Tricycle Grips

    Red grips with tassels. $27 shipped anywhere in the us main land. Black grips sold.
  28. MsRock2

    Sold Tricycle Tires - $20.00

    Located in San Diego - can ship or you can pick up. PM for info. $20
  29. schwinnguyinohio

    Colson Tricycle

    Here's a tricycle I picked up at ML last month , I know nothing about these but thought kinda cool with the chain drive and all original,guessing 50s
  30. irene_crystal

    1932 Garton Tricycle for sale or trade

    Ok, I bought this tricycle years ago and planned to restore it for my daughter but she is now 5 years old and it is still sitting in a box in the garage... It is in good shape overall for display but the rear step plate was missing when I bought it and I have bought a replacement step but not...
  31. gtflyte

    1950’s Humphrey Tricycle

    Purchased this tricycle recently and came really complete and OG except missing the 2 piece hubcap one side. Just completed reassembly all serviced and ready for my granddaughter Enjoy
  32. irene_crystal

    1932 Garton Tricycle

    Ok, I bought this tricycle years ago and planned to restore it for my daughter but she is now 5 years old and it is still sitting in a box in the garage... It is in good shape overall for display but the rear step plate was missing when I bought it and I have bought a replacement step but not...
  33. dave the wave

    Roos Flyer Tricycle

    my newest find Roos Flyer Tricycle Omaha,Neb
  34. Rambler

    1920's-30's Tricycle Identification

    I would like to know if anyone can identify who the manufacturer was? There is a name plate but mostly illegible. I'm hoping someone can identify and post a photo of a matching nameplate in better condition. Thanks in advance.
  35. buck hughes


    seem to be original-some pitting going on-would look great on vintage tricycle-$68.00 shipped-paypal as friend
  36. Trying live

    Anyone know what year this is from?

    Hello Cabe, I have a Western Flyer tricycle and I can't figure out from what year it is from.Help
  37. R


    I hung in the bidding and I had to have to go with my chainless CCM Cleveland
  38. MsRock2

    Sold Colson Tricycle

    Colson tricycle - best guess is that it was one from the 1940s before Colson was bought out by Evans Products Company of Plymouth, Michigan in 1953. It was at that point in the company's history that the bikes were sold under the name of Evans-Colson. See the photo of the badge on front of bike...
  39. MsRock2

    Sold Iver Johnson Tricycle

    Hard to find, and in good condition, a 1920s (probably 1929) Iver Johnson tricycle. These were solid built bikes for kids and all parts appear new except for the seat which has been recovered (or replaced) and grips that look a little new too. $350 Local pickup in San Diego or possible meeting...
  40. jchicago

    Colson Tricycle on Craigslist Buffalo
  41. higgens

    Tricycle seat?

    tricycle seat? 30
  42. S

    Repro vintage 1950’s 1960’s 3/8’ Junior Toy Co. tricycle pedals white

    When I recently bought an early 1960’s AMF Junior Toy Company trike, I found the broken remains of a really cool pedal and decided to reproduce a close replica of it. Here it is. The pedals fit 3/8” crank arms. Two sizes are currently available. The larger size fits the original AMF Junior...
  43. buck hughes

    Sold 1934 Elgin Racer tricycle

    has been repainted (who ever this trike did a great job) break knob has been replaced with wood knob break lever needs adjusted-nice tricycle $165.00 plus shipping-will deliver to Memory Lane on Thursday-paypal as friend.
  44. kirk thomas

    Sale Pending Box of mostly NOS Tricycle parts $30 shipped

    What you see is what you get. There is all kinds of parts for tricycle repair. I will be shipping in a priority box.
  45. Tim the Skid

    help I.D. this tricycle?

    I'm looking for help identifying this tricycle I found. Also wondering if there is a source for replacement tires.Thanks
  46. R

    vintage tricycle pedals

    Looking to buy teardrop pedal for 1960 midwest tricycle.
  47. KingSized HD

    For you wine lovers....

    I’d never seen this before; lister offers to trade their wine collection for an electric or recumbent bike. I wonder if they’d ship their collection via Bikeflights?!? I like the last line... Ad copy: 200...
  48. mack0327

    Silver King Tricycle

    I am on the lookout for a good condition Silver King tricycle if anyone comes across one. Thanks, Joel
  49. ivrjhnsn

    Sold PERSONS tricycle sidewalk bike seat

    Up for sale. This new old stock Persons tricycle or sidewalk bike seat. Still has wood plug in clamp. Surface rust on springs as you can see. Covering is amazing . $85 shipped within U.S. .. paypal okay. Please converse if interested. Thanks