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  1. G

    Need help!!

    Bit of a long shot but can anyone help me, I’ve bought these two community playthings tricycles but I need to find 4 new back wheels and two slip on pedals, anyone have any idea where I could find these. Will be much appreciated
  2. C

    Triang head badge

    Hi all, new member here. I regularly like to restore children's scooters, trikes and bikes, and am currently helping a friend with his restoration of a 1963 Triang Super Trike. We're having issues trying to find what the head badge should look like as the one that's on the trike is almost...
  3. looneymoons

    Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike

    Hello-- Happy August, all! I was lucky enough to have found this Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike (in my neighborhood). It's such a cool little thing, I had to bring it home. Besides the info I got from the plate marker, I wasn't able to find out much about this bike and was hoping someone...
  4. DJF

    TOC Tricycles trikes and dual trikes, Velocipedes?

    I am finding it hard pressed to find any information here on TOC ADULT trikes. Does anyone one have any information, or one of these machines to sell? Or even show off?
  5. O

    i.d. These 2 Art Deco Trikes

    These are not mine, just wondering what they are and aprox value of each. I love the looks of them.
  6. MsRock2

    Sold Trike Tires and Rims $40.00!

    Pick up or mailed - located in San Diego. PM for more info. $40.00
  7. John Gailey

    Nice Trike

    Not much knowledge on these things. Appears to be in very good condition. Missing spoke on front wheel. Cool stuff. $200 p/u
  8. G

    Help in identifying trike

    I picked this trike up at a estate sale. Can’t really find anything similar. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  9. COB

    Trek "MOD" Drift Trike

    Trek "MOD" drift trike. Rugged steel frame, adjustable seating position.These trikes were quite expensive when new and there are not many of them around. Paypal as F&F only or USPS (only USPS) money order. $150.00 plus shipping. Located in Edinburgh, IN. 46124. Thanks.
  10. E

    1898 Tinkham Adult Trike - Bars??

    For almost 2 years I have been attempting to correct the sins past owners have inflicted on my 1898 Tinkham Adult Tricycle. Now I need advice on the last part of this puzzle. What type of handle bars would have been used on a 1898 bicycle or adult Tricycle? In my mind it seems like they...
  11. rustyrelicks

    Airflow Trike i.d.

    Can anyone i.d. the manufacture of this airflow tricycle ? It's big, stands about 32" tall, has 20" front wheel and 11" rear wheels. I'm guessing mid to late 30's. Also looking for an original seat and pedals if anyone knows of a parts source. Thanks !
  12. C

    Dave ,Colin -Need some help - Teens Three Spring Suspension Trike Seat.

    Acquired this Cool full spring suspension seat off a teens strap framed tricycle. Looking for a refernce article , picture or Info to see what top looked like. Horsehair padding wooden pan. This is the first I’ve seen. Looking to see if I could possibly replicate top and let Bob work his...
  13. prewarmachine

    Colson trike? 1930's?

    Just stumbled onto this little piece of work. I'm guessing it's a Colson. If anyone has any info on it, possibly the model or year, I would really appreciate the info!
  14. fat tire trader

    Pop Up Trike Exhibit

    I have my trikes and bikes on display until the end of the month at 1344 4th St. in San Rafael
  15. kreika

    Old 20’s-40’s Trike bayarea Craigs $125

  16. OldSkipTooth

    Flea market trike

    this was at the flea today.
  17. bike

    Reduced $23.80pp HOPPY license plate Bike Trike Wagon?!?!?

    PP= post paid, As IS,returns at my discretion, PAYPAL F&F or US POSTAL mo. Notoriously show shipping from central NY. Patina intact- I have not cleaned or tested it except as noted below. Please Do Not post here, rather PM with interest or concerns, thanks. Seems a bit big for a bike,trike I dunno
  18. gymmanager

    $30 Colson Trike

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/VIntage-Colson-Tricycle-1940s/263314454216?hash=item3d4ec3b6c8:g:Q3sAAOSwLdBZ~MUs I know there are a limited amount of trike collectors here, but maybe this strikes a chord with someone. Damaged, but at $30 BIN, good for parts or to repair. Ad reads: Vintage Colson...
  19. klunk!

    10" & 12" Single Tube Tires Bike Trike Wagon Ride On

    12" PAIR SOLD. 2 of each available. 10" are 10 x 2 Gillette Standard. New Old Stock. Soft and Pliable w/ some light cracking. 12" are United States Overland Button Tread. NOS about 1 3/8" in width, soft. 10" Tires, $60/each tire shipped to lower 48, Or best offer.
  20. jrcarz

    MattelX Rrrumbler Trike

    Complete and original . Very hard to find in this condition. Partial resto. done. Looks nice. Missing a plate to go over gearbox. Thinning the herd for other bikes. $395.00 Local pickup in IL. Call 847-401-1332
  21. jrcarz

    Mattel Trike

    I regret to sell this but thinning the herd for other bikes.This is for sale call me if any questions $395 Local Pickup IL 847-401-1332 Thanks
  22. B

    Taylor trike year identify

    Can anyone tell me the year this Taylor trike was produced? The picture is me at 5 years old. I am now 70. And the other is the trike I just bought to restore, very nice bike to restore one bent wheel missing one handle grip and one rear hubcap very nice find Bill
  23. S

    Need photo of head badge decal for AMF Junior Trike

    I am restoring this trike. It looks like there was some sort of oval head badge on the plastic head tube cover, but if there was, nothing is left of the printing. I suppose it could have just been reflective to look like chrome. I haven't found a photo of an oval AMF Junior Trike head badge...
  24. S

    is this a wingbar trike?

    anyone know what wheels and set go on it?
  25. gymmanager

    Colson trike 12" wheel

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-Colson-Tricycle-Velocipede-Ding-Dong-Delux-Bicycle/322936354554?hash=item4b3081b6fa:g:BGcAAOSw8b1aKBKj Starting at $75, auction ends Sunday 17th at 6:24am. Seems reasonably priced. Ad reads: This is a Evans/Colson Tricycle in original untouched as found...
  26. M

    Sold $45 Juvenile Childs Bike Trike Seat Saddle Bakelite or Early Plastic 1930's 1940's

    Maroon Bakelite prewar plastic or hard rubber seat for kids bicycle or tricycle with springs and seat post. A bit dusty but very nice condition. Saddle width is 7" and the length is 7 1/2". $45 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  27. Balloontyre

    Reduced Gendron Pioneer Trike parts

    16" Front wheel, rear wheels replaced. Good paint on frame and front wheel some pinstripes show, left fork leg has pin repair. $75 shipped USA lower from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends
  28. onecatahula

    Colson Trike

    Check out this cool Colson trike . . . Mike? https://kalamazoo.craigslist.org/gms/d/kalamazoo-estate-sale-filled/6404898550.html

    Help i.d. trike, circa 1933.

    Mother in law on same trike circa 1933.
  30. fordmike65

    Teens Trike?? Original or early custom?

    Just saw this pic of what looks to be a teens truss frame trike. Could it be original? Or something modified years ago? No other pics, but any idea who the manufacturer is?
  31. KingSized HD

    Tandem trike i.d.?

    Hoping someone can help with this one- Maybe approx age & value? I've never seen a two seater trike, or stirrup brake trike. Any opinions whether sprocket is 1/2" pitch or not? Looked wider to me but not 1"?? Thanks for any help.
  32. Adam1231

    Trike i.d. and date?

    Picked this up the other day. Don't know anything about old trikes. I liked the red wheels and pedals and I thought the lady painted on the head badge area was cool! Is she common? Anyone know what make this is? How about when she was born?
  33. 66TigerCat

    Colson trike

    Nice chain drive Colson trike. https://boston.craigslist.org/bmw/bik/d/1940s-antique-colson-chain/6317568613.html
  34. KingSized HD

    Streamline Troxel trike seat saddle

    Hi, just wanted to make sure you trike folks saw this post in the EBay/Craigslist forum. Excellent condition, rare seat (I believe, but I'm not a tricycle expert): https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/trike-with-30s-troxel-seat-norcal-cl.117847/ Not sure of the brand but you all know more. Let me...
  35. KingSized HD

    Trike with 30s Troxel seat- NorCal CL

    The seat profile matches the Troxel toolbox seat. They're asking $100 https://fresno.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-antique-tricycle-with/6305296398.html
  36. Hawthornecrazy

    Iver trike Tampa

  37. C

    Help identifying this vintage trike please

    Just picked this up at a swap meet can anyone help me identify it? I'm looking for tires grips and pedals for it. Really want to put it back original Thanks
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    1980 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 1

    Kid's novelty trikes and the iconic Cozy Coupe.
  41. ranman

    First Trike

    just picked up my first trike. Wondering if they repop the tires? My front needs replaced. Dig the og pedal blocks as well. I may be in the market for grips as well. Just not sure yet.
  42. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 19

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 19

    Check out these trikes! I actually want the Rebel and Rougneck - very cool!!