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  1. B

    Sold teens 28” Dayton roadster, wood rims, single tube tires

    Teens Dayton Roadster 28”, wood wheels, single tube tires hold air. $1,000 local Portland pickup, cash or PayPal. $1,200 shipped in continental US. PayPal only. Feel free to message with any questions or if you need more pics. Thanks for looking.
  2. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Sold Paul Haber juvenile/ ladies saddle

    This is a pretty good saddle. I was made by the Paul Haber Pat. pending Original seat. $75 If you have questions just ask. I could trade for Something I need.
  3. Miq

    Troxel Nose Spring

    Looking for a long arm nose spring for either of my men's Troxel saddles. It could be the fully round one like this: Or the same basic long arm size with the oval nose shape like this: Thanks for looking.
  4. SchwinnFinn

    Troxel Nose Spring

    1954 Schwinn Flying Star: Hi Folks! The nose (front) spring on my Troxel seat broke this morning. Its a one piece wire that hooks on the cleat and is bolted to underside of seat pan. Anyone have this piece to sell or direct me to a source? Thanks in advance, Mike
  5. SchwinnFinn

    Troxel Nose Spring

    1954 Schwinn Flying Star: Hi Folks! The nose (front) spring on my Troxel seat broke this morning. Its a one piece wire that hooks on the cleat and is bolted to underside of seat pan. Anyone have this piece to sell or direct me to a source? Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Troxel Nose Spring For 1940s & 1950s Boys & Girls Saddles

    This is a nose spring that fits 1940s and 1950s boys and girls Troxel saddles. It was repainted and test-fit to a saddle, so some scratches. There appears to be no rust pitting, which is somewhat hard to find as they are the first part to get damaged by rust.
  7. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Girls Troxel Saddle With Original Upholstery

    This is a prewar Troxel girls saddle that's ready to install and use. It appears the upholstery was painted with black paint at some point. There is some rust, but fortunately there appears to be no noticeable pitting.
  8. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Boys Troxel Saddle With Good Original Upholstery

    This is a prewar Troxel boys saddle that's got great patina and is ready to install and use. It was taken apart and detailed without giving it an over-restored look. Rust was removed from the chrome springs, and the rest of the saddle had the rust chemically removed and then the parts painted...
  9. L

    Troxel Saddle : ladies or Juvenile, Blue

    Troxel Saddle : ladies or Juvenile, Blue believe this is mid /late 1950's Please see pics for condition $30 plus shipping from dc
  10. dave429

    Prewar Postwar Mesinger Sliding Rail Saddle Schwinn DX cycle truck

    Mesinger saddle for restore $85 priority shipped. Paypal as payment
  11. Krakatoa

    ~ Vintage Troxel Ladies Ballooner Saddles! ~

    Various good original postwar Troxel ladies ballooner saddles. Quality old school two pan style construction allows repad and recover! All are 9 1/2"l x 9 1/2" w Rear left Oilcloth dual action spring $40 shipped Rear right Vinyl teacup single spring $40 shipped Front Vinyl single spring $40 shipped
  12. L

    Reduced Ladies ? Troxel ? Saddle Nice shape

    $75 shipped Clamp / seat post rail binder not included ( available separately if you need one please pm) Here' s a nice condition saddle that appears to me a Ladies troxel pre war / post war i do not know. when i tried to research , it is not clear if this could be pre 1933 velocipede...
  13. Rustngrease

    Racks gaurds a seat and a stem, perwar

    A few racks a few guards troxel mens seat prewar stem 200 shipped for all in the 48.
  14. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1930 Elgin Saddle

    As usual I am just providing semi educated guesses on what I have here. I saw one like this on a very early burgundy Elgin boys bike. LMK if I am wrong and thanks for looking One left! Note that tapatalk will not see the pricing field
  15. S

    Custom seat pans

    Missing your seat pan? Send me your seat and I will make a 3D printed and thermoformed custom seat pan for you. The pans are printed flat, in 3 pieces, cemented together, then thermoformed to the shape of the seat. The joints in the formed seat can be filled (Durhams Water Putty works great)...
  16. bobcycles

    Sold Restored prewar ELGIN "Troxel" brand deep pan, chrome chassis bell cup saddle--F/S

    Fully restored Original Troxel saddle for Elgin 1939-41 roughly era bicycles. Chassis has been completely chrome plated with the "bell" cups. Nickel plated wear bumps, leather top and bottom stitched binding trim! Nice! 285.00 plus postage I can swap the chassis to a black one and lower it...
  17. S

    Withdrawn Troxel Ladies seat 26" ballooner $35 shipped

  18. Brian weitz

    Troxel long spring saddle parts

    I have this troxel saddle that is missing what I would call half of frame rail and the brace between them on rear. Does anyone have these parts? Thanks!
  19. 1817cent

    Sold Troxel middle weight saddle

    This is a nice 10 inch long middle weight saddle. No rips or worn spots. Some very light rust on rail and under carriage. $30 shipped in the continental US.
  20. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens long spring Troxel saddle.

    Very nice original teens Troxel saddle. 325.00 shipped OBO CONUS payment via PayPal.
  21. stezell

    Withdrawn Very nice men's Troxel original seat

    Here's a very nice condition original mens canvas/cloth Troxel short spring seat with a small spot of white paint and a few scuffs around the nose. I'm going to say late prewar or early postwar. Asking $150 shipped/insured to the lower 48. If you have any questions or need more pictures please...
  22. T

    Western Flyer X53

    I may be bringing my X53 to the Bicycle Heaven swap this weekend if anyone is interested. Asking $1,500 for it. It does have a repop top to the light. Needs correct pedals...the ones I have are not correct and mismatched. Has all the hard to find parts and Davis Deluxe tires. I have not cleaned...
  23. frank 71

    Sold 1936 Rollfast Seat $35.00

    Men's Troxel 11 X 9 1/2 Just the right amount of Patina for your crusty Rider. $50.00 now $35.00 Free Shipping US 48
  24. Gordon

    Reduced Nice Troxel Saddle

    I seldom find saddles of this material, which I believe is oilcloth, in this condition. This one has no rips or tears and shows minimal wear. Measures approximately 11 x 9 inches and includes a 5/8 inch diameter seat post 8 inches long. Asking $80 shipped.
  25. Nickinator

    Sold 1950’s Ladies Troxel Seat

    Very nice, no rips or damage to top. No stamp on top. Under carriage nice, chrome on springs excellent, possibly rechromed. Actually it's possible the whole seat is restored, but material on top looks spot on. Hardware included, fits Schwinn style seat post. Great for a rider or restored bike...
  26. bobcycles

    Sold RESTORED 1940s-50s Troxel Mens Balloon Tire leather saddle --F/S

    Fully restored Troxel Mens 26" bicycle saddle in black leather with NOS clamp, rechromed springs and new gloss black chassis and pans! 100% brought back from the dead to look as good or better than new! Wide variety of applications...>Colson, Dayton, Elgin, Higgins, Cleveland Welding, etc etc...
  27. jimbo53

    Reduced Troxel saddle off a 1951 JC Higgins Colorflow

    Except for the big boo-boo, this saddle is in very nice shape for being 67 years old. Under carriage in nice shape. $50 + $17.50 USPS Priority
  28. bobcycles


    Cool late 1939-41ish TROXEL sewn edge Two-Button mens saddle for sale. Seat belongs to a Non Cabe buddy who had this on his ladies Elgin for years and is now going with an original unrestored saddle. Seat looks great... there is one very small "raised" leather flaw bump in the leather, small...

    Sold TROXEL seat - bell cup

    The original material is in amazing condition. As is the chrome on the wear tabs The bottom pan is original paint but I think the chassis might have been repainted. I have a seat post clamp for it. $150 + shipping
  30. C

    Troxel top notch seat

    Wanted Troxel Top Notch seat.
  31. John Gailey

    Head light and Brooks Saddle

    Light is clean and untested. $60 shipped Brooks saddle Sold
  32. MsRock2

    Sold Men's Pre-War Saddle Three spring $150

    Saddle is in excellent shape - $150 shipped. PM for additional photo's or to discuss.
  33. tech549

    Withdrawn womans troxel saddle

    nice saddle for a womans jc Higgins $55.00 plus shipping
  34. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ TROXEL Ladies Hopalong Cassidy Saddle! ~ ~

    Here is a hard to find saddle correct for a ladies Hopalong Cassidy ballooner bikes and others! Deluxe post war Troxel chrome spring crashrail saddle with simulated hide cover. This seat is dirty and the cover has a small rip at rear and small surface cracks on the cover. The base appears to be...
  35. ZE52414

    Sold Troxel top. Leather and pad only.

    Had this laying around wondering if someone could re-use it. 30$ shipped.
  36. tjkajecj

    Sold Prewar Troxel Seat #2

    Prewar Troxel seat, refurbished by Cabe member. Maybe a juvenile boys seat. $225 Shipped PayPal for payment PM if interested. Tim
  37. tjkajecj

    Withdrawn Prewar Troxel Seat #1

    Prewar Troxel seat, missing post clamp. Maybe a juvenile seat. $80 Shipped PayPal for payment PM if interested. Tim
  38. filmonger

    Sold Troxel Star 3 spring saddle

    Nice Troxel Star 3 spring for sale. Fair shape, raised back...... fantastic looking saddle with great patina. 3 spring is interesting. Bought this off a cabe member a few months back. 290.00 usd was 380.00 usd shipped
  39. Robertriley

    Troxel Frame Needed.

    I'm in need for a frame like this one or the parts to fix mine. Used, not pretty.Thanks you
  40. Rusty72

    Reduced Troxel Seat

    For sale is a restored Troxel seat. Done by Bob U. Never been mounted. Asking $250 shipped. Paypal only. Located in So. Cal
  41. kirk thomas

    Sold Ladies Troxel seat 1920's-30's $40 shipped

    This seat is nice and straight and not to bad condition on top. The seat comes with the clamp. I would like $100 shipped for this seat.
  42. Robertriley

    Mens Frame wanted for a PREWAR MESINGER/TROXEL seat

    I pretty much need the whole frame. Both rails on one side are cracked along with one of the springs and spring stabilizing connecting piece. Thanks, Cristobal
  43. 66TigerCat

    Reduced Nice Troxel saddle

    Black Troxel sprung saddle. Unsure of age (40s?). Some wear to edges and top. Some surface rust on frame. Has bag loops in back. Asking $65. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks !
  44. ohdeebee

    Sold Redone Troxel

    This seat has some issues but would work for a rider or a place taker. Front spring is broken and recovery job isn’t perfect. Stamp is nice. $125 shipped.
  45. A


  46. bobcycles

    Four EXCELLENT unrestored Saddles Pre and Post war Troxel, Mesinger, Persons Majestic F/S

    FOUR VERY NICE original unrestored bicycle saddles For Sale #1-----SOLD Prewar Long Spring Troxel saddle with the nose skirts. Practically an NOS 80 year old saddle Incredible original condition with the Troxel logo on the flaps and super nice chassis... You could put this on a restored bike...
  47. catfish

    Sold Deluxe Troxel Saddle

    Price Drop $200.00 Nice saddle with beautiful chrome trim and under carriage. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order only. Sold as is and untested.
  48. mongeese

    Teens Troxel Tip Top display saddle 185 shipped

    185 shipped from Wi. Or best offer.
  49. MsRock2

    Sold Troxel reflector for banana seat - $35 includes delivery

    Located in San Diego - $35 includes shipping. PM to discuss or to get more information. I can measure more or do a video for those interested.
  50. frank 71

    Sold Troxel Seat $45.00

    Troxel Seat in Fair to good Condition. Scuffs on the sides, good for a rider, $73.00 Now $45.00 Shipped Priority Mail.