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  1. Demzie

    Sold '39 Elgin Twin-Bar

    Alright Fellers, another Elgin Twin finds its way to the market for you this fine Wednesday. FIRST 3 Pictures are as shown of how it currently sits. The following pictures are detail shots up close and progress of the build as a whole. Parts are as Follows: PROS -Correct front and rear...
  2. Demzie

    Elgin Twin/Columbia Fire Arrow parts

    BUYING!! ELGIN TWIN 20 Parts (Repop where possible, but willing to look at anything available) -Pedals- -Grips- -Head Shroud- -Rear Rack (complete or parts.)- -Fenders- COLUMBIA FIRE ARROW -Bars- (Rising cross brace mustache bars) please Inbox me where your ownership of these parts...
  3. Cooper S.

    Elgin twin bar parts for friend

    My buddy is looking for parts for his grandpas twin bar, please send me what you got for it
  4. WetDogGraphix

    39 Hawthorne Twin Bar

    I had another thread, but the title wasn't quite right so I'm starting this one.... https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/5-bar-project.81247/ I can't believe I've had this bike for 2 1/2 yrs, but it's time to get off the pot. I've got about 95% of the parts so no more stalling...Had some frame...
  5. Phattiremike

    Elgin Twin 60

    i picked this original Elgin up today. I usually prefer bikes with a shine but I’m not opposed to an original in such great condition. Mike
  6. Robertriley

    Sold Elgin girls twin light bike

    I picked this one up for the light bar and lights from my original girls bike and replaced them with repops. The tank looks to be from a donor bike but all in all it's a great bike. I will do a 30 day payment plan. $699
  7. higgens

    Cross dressing custom twin

    1200 plus shipping or pick up in orange ca
  8. A


  9. Freqman1

    1938-1940 Huffman Twin Flex Thread

    This is a bike I've been interested in for some time. The model has an interesting beginning with a rocky start and total recall (-1) of the original design. I would like to gather enough material to do a monograph on these. Please limit discussion/photos to the 1938-1940 Huffman built Twin Flex...
  10. carlitos60

    Thee Twin Bar!!!

    Took for a Spin!!!
  11. robert bell

    twin flex question

    what year or model of twin flex have a straight downtube? most appear curved
  12. JKT

    Elgin Twin Bar kick stand On eBay

    I know there were a few people looking for a Twin bar Kick stand.. there is one on eBay right now.. eBay number is.. 142819890583... I'm not sure how to add a link to it .. hope this helps they don't come along often.. its a buy it now for $145.00 + 8.00 shipping
  13. D

    68' schwinn mini twin

    1968 schwinn mini twin, all original. original paint, original rust. Has yellow band rear hub. It is rideable. No rounded off nuts or broken bolts. has new tires. asking $1000, let's talk. Has been hanging up in garage for a few years. located in south carolina
  14. Scribble

    Prewar Elgin Drop Stand/kickstand that will fit a Twin Bar

    I need a drop-stand/kickstand that will fit this frame style.
  15. oskisan

    Looking for a Twin 60 chainguard

    Looking for a chrome Elgin Twin 60 chainguard . PM me know if you have something.. Thanks, Ken
  16. bikewhorder

    Sold Barn Fresh Elgin Twin Bar

    Up for grabs is this one owner Elgin Twin Bar. What you see is what you get, all I've done is add air to the tires. $950 shipped in the lower 48.
  17. Scubes


    After twin headlights like those pictured, chrome or plastic, any condition considered.
  18. locomotion

    Found found

  19. rodeo1988

    Reduced Twin lights Generator set

    Rare Great shape dual ligts set working condition guaranteed.. was added and Removed from my Sting Ray , 2 set or one money $85 shipped 48 states PayPal as friends and family or add for the pp tax THANK YOU
  20. B

    Elgin Twin Bar local CL not mine

    Looks like this has been for sale for a while. Not mine...don't forget these are in Canadian dollars so 30% discount for our neighbours down south. Good luck Bill https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/bik/d/39-elgin-twin-bar/6535583267.html
  21. Robertriley

    1939 Twin Flex $3999

    Great bike! It will need a new tire and tube but a great bike and has been on many local and Cyclone Coaster rides. Accessories not included(Shur-spin and lock).
  22. ohdeebee

    Withdrawn Elgin Twin 20

    Complete bike. Rack looks to be aftermarket. Really nice original seat, nice grips and Original floating hub. $1400 delivered to memory lane with half down. Bike will not travel without payment. May have some wiggle room on price.
  23. R

    1968 Coppertone Schwinn Mini Twinn

    One year only coppertone Mini Twinn in original condition. I've replaced the rear tire and inner tube with a new one, I do have the original blackwall slick that was on it and will include it with the sale. The only other thing of significance that I added was the rear reflector under the seat...
  24. Glenn Rhein

    Reduced $750 Elgin twin light

    will trade this Elgin for a delta finned hornlite. I’ve since added the proper tank and rear light lens
  25. Bikermaniac

    Withdrawn Delta Horn-lite complete and working $250

    Bought the Horn-lite for my bike but not going to use it, it does not match the patina. It works well. Lens is repop. $250.00 shipped. The small horns are good for Elgin Twins, Miss America, Mercury Pace maker and Bowden Spacelander. $35 each shipped (SOLD). The brackets are new, bought them for...
  26. Pauliemon

    Twin Bar on Ebay.

    It was $1250 now $925 + $125 ship. Seems like a decent deal. I almost pulled the trigger a couple of times.
  27. Scribble

    Prewar Elgin drop stand or kick stand for a Twin 20

    Looking for either a drop stand or kick stand thats correct for the bike.
  28. stingrayjoe

    Sold SOLD1940 Elgin Twin 20 Twin bar balloon tire bicycle

    Please PM direct with questions comments or concerns do not post replies here thanks You pay Bikeflights shipping I bought this on the CABE restored as is a couple years ago. The saddle has the original cover but chassis is restored. There were some big chips in the paint when I bought it. The...
  29. Local 13

    Sold Elgin Twin Bar

    Time to let this one go. Tires and grips are new The rest of the parts are original. Repainted a long time ago. Good rider. $1,500 obo Local pick up only I’m in Orange Couny, California Think I will be keeping the Sur Spin Bomber though.
  30. F

    Withdrawn Elgin Twin Bar For sale

    1938? Elgin Twin bar. Tires are worn, and front rim is warped. rattle can refin, but appears to have red and white under paint. SOLD AS IS. $1250.00
  31. 41rollfast

    Looking for twin bar kickstand

  32. Bikermaniac

    Sold Schwinn Autocycle Seiss twin lights

    There are the hard to find twist lock bezel version. The chrome in cones is good, hard to find fluted lenses, reflectors in very good condition. Cons: each lens has a chip. One cone has a dent near the bracket holes (not visible when mounted), and a small ding in one side. Both bezels has some...
  33. mynameislegion

    Sold Elgin Twin 60 Chain Guard

    Elgin Zeppelin style chain guard for Twin Bars. Has the correct brackets to mount on a Twin Bar. See enclosed picture of it mounted on a Twin Bar. Straight and complete. Was originally chrome but you can see in the pics the chrome has flaked off quite a bit. There is a ding in the top of the...
  34. Dave K

    Sold Seiss Twin Lights

    Nice pair of lights and tube. Some patina. $150 plus shipping
  35. Dave K

    Sold Delta twin light bracket, CWC Supreme Hawthorne Zep Cleveland Welding OG chrome

    Original chrome with some patina. $75 plus shipping
  36. C

    Sold Twin Flex Chain Gaurd

    I purchased this a while back thinking that I will find more parts at a reasonable price but I'm throwing in the towel. I picked it up for a great price and passing the deal on to someone here. $99 delivered to your door.
  37. M

    Which Elgin Twin used this guard?

    Have a similar guard in chrome on a Twin 60, anyone have a red and cream Twin that uses this one? Thanks, Mark.
  38. jchicago

    Elgin Twin Bar on Ebay

  39. W

    Sold Elgin Twin Parts All Gone

    Hi Folks, Although I don't post on the CABE often have been a member for quite awhile. (Mostly on RRB, nearing 1000 posts aka Latefor Dinner). With that quick reintro,I will now offer my wares. Thanks, Dan EDIT : ONLY SHROUD ASSEMBLY NOW AVAILABLE. BATTERY TRAY- SOLD AND SHIPPED. RACK IS...
  40. Freqman1

    Sold 1939 Hawthorne Twin Bar (CWC)

    First, this is NOT an original paint bike. For the story see this thread https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/1939-cwc-built-hawthorne-twin-bar.113544/ Asking $850 if you pick it up or see me at the Charlotte, NC Hurricane Coaster Show (Feb 3), Petal to the Metal Show Commerce, GA (Mar 3) the...
  41. Robertriley

    Sold Original twin Flex Springs

    Original twin Flex Springs $30 shipped
  42. Kickstand3

    40 Elgin Twin Bar - Star Deluxe

    Does any one on the Cabe know any history on the bike that pops up on Nostalgic ?
  43. saladshooter

    53rd Ann. Elgin Twin or 20?

    Howdy Is this a 53rd anniversary bike? Or a 20 with a chrome guard added? As the 20's didn't come with guards did they? I would assume the rack is wrong in any regard. Thoughts? Thanks Chad
  44. Miyata FL.

    Dayton twin flex

  45. Classic Cool Rides

    COLUMBIA Twin Headlight NEEDED for 62 Firebolt

    Hello CABErs !! I need your help locating a Twin Headlight Unit (Housing/Lenses) for this '62 Firebolt "Barn Find" I would consider ANY condition...... The pics attached here of the Headlight Unit I need ..... were "borrowed" from somebody else's pictures...... My "Barn Find" is pictures as I...
  46. M

    Elgin Twin Bar 4 Star

    Wanted. - Chain guard ,kick stand ,& grips . What ever else you might have for an Elgin Twin Bar 4 star.
  47. carlitos60

    FS: Twin 40 or 50 Head Shroud!

    Twin 40 or 50 Head Shroud! I Have the Screws Too! Used It for a While, But Going Back to My Old One! $375 Shipped! OBO
  48. M

    Sold Schwinn Bicycle Vintage Panther III Delta Twin Light Bracket $30

    Schwinn Bicycle Vintage Panther III Delta Twin Light Bracket 1960's Schwinn twin light bracket and bolt, no lights. $39 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  49. bobcycles

    WANTED! Twin Flex items

    I need the correct shoulder bolts and pivot plates for a 1939 Twin Flex front end and back end.....? Anybody have these original or dead on reproduction?
  50. Jrodarod

    Mini Twin

    So I just picked up this mini twin and would like to return it to it’s orig glory. My problem will be getting an original center seat. Is it a solo polo or something else. Do any of you Stingray Freaks have one for sale? History on the bike is that it belonged to a resort in Palm Springs and...