1. WetDogGraphix

    39 Hawthorne Twin Bar

    I had another thread, but the title wasn't quite right so I'm starting this one.... https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/5-bar-project.81247/ I can't believe I've had this bike for 2 1/2 yrs, but it's time to get off the pot. I've got about 95% of the parts so no more stalling...Had some frame...
  2. carlitos60

    Thee Twin Bar!!!

    Took for a Spin!!!
  3. JKT

    Elgin Twin Bar kick stand On eBay

    I know there were a few people looking for a Twin bar Kick stand.. there is one on eBay right now.. eBay number is.. 142819890583... I'm not sure how to add a link to it .. hope this helps they don't come along often.. its a buy it now for $145.00 + 8.00 shipping
  4. Scribble

    Prewar Elgin Drop Stand/kickstand that will fit a Twin Bar

    I need a drop-stand/kickstand that will fit this frame style.
  5. bikewhorder

    Sold Barn Fresh Elgin Twin Bar

    Up for grabs is this one owner Elgin Twin Bar. What you see is what you get, all I've done is add air to the tires. $950 shipped in the lower 48.
  6. Scribble

    1938-41 Elgin Twin-Bar

  7. B

    Elgin Twin Bar local CL not mine

    Looks like this has been for sale for a while. Not mine...don't forget these are in Canadian dollars so 30% discount for our neighbours down south. Good luck Bill https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/bik/d/39-elgin-twin-bar/6535583267.html
  8. Pauliemon

    Twin Bar on Ebay.

    It was $1250 now $925 + $125 ship. Seems like a decent deal. I almost pulled the trigger a couple of times.
  9. stingrayjoe

    Sold SOLD1940 Elgin Twin 20 Twin bar balloon tire bicycle

    Please PM direct with questions comments or concerns do not post replies here thanks You pay Bikeflights shipping I bought this on the CABE restored as is a couple years ago. The saddle has the original cover but chassis is restored. There were some big chips in the paint when I bought it. The...
  10. Local 13

    Sold Elgin Twin Bar

    Time to let this one go. Tires and grips are new The rest of the parts are original. Repainted a long time ago. Good rider. $1,500 obo Local pick up only I’m in Orange Couny, California Think I will be keeping the Sur Spin Bomber though.
  11. F

    Withdrawn Elgin Twin Bar For sale

    1938? Elgin Twin bar. Tires are worn, and front rim is warped. rattle can refin, but appears to have red and white under paint. SOLD AS IS. $1250.00
  12. 41rollfast

    Looking for twin bar kickstand

  13. jchicago

    Elgin Twin Bar on Ebay

  14. Freqman1

    Sold 1939 Hawthorne Twin Bar (CWC)

    First, this is NOT an original paint bike. For the story see this thread https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/1939-cwc-built-hawthorne-twin-bar.113544/ Asking $850 if you pick it up or see me at the Charlotte, NC Hurricane Coaster Show (Feb 3), Petal to the Metal Show Commerce, GA (Mar 3) the...
  15. Kickstand3

    40 Elgin Twin Bar - Star Deluxe

    Does any one on the Cabe know any history on the bike that pops up on Nostalgic ?
  16. M

    Elgin Twin Bar 4 Star

    Wanted. - Chain guard ,kick stand ,& grips . What ever else you might have for an Elgin Twin Bar 4 star.
  17. Scribble

    Elgin Twin Bar fenders

    Alright I have this Twin Bar, don't know what model it is Twin 60, 20, 40, 50 etc. Just need some complete fenders, any condition regarding paint. Just need fenders with struts and no big dents or pitting.
  18. F

    Sold Elgin Twin bar lights and housing

    Lights and housing, no bezels, lenses, or screws. Lights are painted over, otherwise good. 220 shipped
  19. S

    Sold Elgin twin bar 60 gothic chain guard

    For your consideration. A pretty straight Elgin twin bar 60 chain guard. I left it as found. No brackets. Chrome is flaking on the front kind of like gold leaf flakes. One small dent on the inside above the sprocket opening. $600 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal accepted.
  20. jungleterry

    Nothing here

  21. rfeagleye

    Sale Pending Elgin Twin Bar 4 Star Rear Rack with Light Can

    A solid Elgin Twin Bar 4 Star rear rack with light can. I believe this can be used on the Twin Bar 60 also. Solid rack, truss arms are good. The rack has very little marks from rust in the steel, but the truss arms have a little heavier rust. I only have the rack, I don't have the battery bomb...
  22. K

    Restored Elgin Twin Bar 20

    Restored 1939 Elgin Twin Bar 20 with period Carlisle Lightning tires. The bike is offered for sale on the Myrtle Beach Craigslist along with my contact info. Asking $1600, Located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sorry, no trades or shipping. Craigslist link...
  23. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Anybody needs Twin-bar parts?

  24. carlitos60

    Twin Bar w Attitude!!

    My TWIN BAR with My Old FALCON Attitude!! Just Took for a Spin, Great Ride! Just Need a Tank!!!:)
  25. carlitos60

    Found Elgin TWIN BAR "TANK" Original or Repo

    Looking for an Elgin TWIN BAR "TANK" Only!! Thanks!
  26. xmtnrider

    Elgin Twin 60 Value

    Hello, I have a line on an original paint Elgin twin 60 with the gothic chain guard. Any idea of the value? Also what would make it a twin 70 vs a 60? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Maskadeo

    Elgin Twin Bar Kickstand

    Need a kickstand so Ole Lazy Eye stops falling over. Can pick up this weekend at Cyclone Coaster ride
  28. bobcycles


    Couple of restored seats up for grabs---- Red leather mid 1930s long spring Troxel saddle found on a wide range of Non Schwinn bikes including Elgin, Monark, Cleveland Welding..... fully restored and not ridden or used 260.00 shipped! Very cool late 1930s Chrome Bell cup Troxel great for...
  29. Dan the bike man

    Sold Elgin Twin bar 26"

    26" Men's $750 family/ friends PayPal.
  30. M

    elgin twin bar forks

    wanted- elgin twin bar forks, Headset too. ALSO WANTED Other twin bar parts WHY?
  31. Lynn43506


    Does anyone think this bike is the 53rd anniversary offering?
  32. kevin x

    Twin Bar Head Shroud Screws

    Looking for oval head screws for Elgin Twin Bar head shroud. Its the basic twin 20 with no lights or other do-dads. thanks
  33. MOTOmike

    Delta / Stimsonite Reflector, Nos, For Elgin Twins W/ Peaked Fenders

    For sale is a reflector that is stamped " Delta Electric, Marion, Indiana, Made in USA, A1932 " on the back. On the red plastic it says Stimsonite at the top. I believe this is NOS. There is some shelf wear. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe these reflectors are for Elgin Twins with the...
  34. brwstrmgmt

    Elgin Twin Deluxe Carrier And Battery Pod

    Crusty carrier from an Elgin Twin Deluxe including battery pod and battery holder. No hardware, only what you see in the attached photos. There is also what appears to be some sort of tape wrapped around the carrier arms that was painted years ago. Arms seem solid but I don't know what's...
  35. P

    Pre-war Delta For Elgin?

    What I don't know about this light is alot...please let me know any correct information you may be aware of. Do know its Delta pre-war front load style. It has no switch or battery as I've been told it was powered by a battery tube or used batteries inside a tank & maybe from an Elgin.You can...
  36. R


    I’m starting this thread as a posting area for information on and discussion of the history of the Sears Elgin Twin-Bar models. I have observed and gathered a lot of information on them and I hope that sharing that information and bringing up observations and questions about Twin-Bars will widen...
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