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  1. PLERR

    "If that was my bike..." 1948? Monark Super Deluxe

    Hi all, My first legit post here on The CABE (after my intro). Just picked this up today (my first balloon tire bike!!!) and I'm hoping for two things from this post. First, getting the most common questions out of the way: what would you say this is worth, what year is it, and is it all...
  2. S

    JC Classic bicycle

    I need decoding of info found on JCHiggins bike. I also would like to know the value of the bicycle. This is info I found on the classic bike: 8-5013X1-122197 9 502 45954 98008 1-800-251-8007 Made in Lawrenceburg, Tn
  3. B


    Would appreciate opinions on what Krate fans think this original Grey Ghost may be fairly valued at. -- I am on the "buying end" --Thanks
  4. T

    Need help identifying Westfield bicycle

    Hey guys, This is my first post and my first vintage bicycle. So any info or tips are greatly appreciated! So I bought this bike this week with the intention of making an Indian replica type motorized bicycle. That being said, I really hate to start until I know more about what it is I...
  5. Kato

    Help Please - Value on 2 Schwinn Tornados

    A guy at work found these 2 Schwinn Tornado's in his Mother In Laws garage and asked me for help on value. All I have are these 2 pics and a Ser# on the original paint one of J825655 which puts it as a first year 1958 as far as I can find. The painted one may also be a 58 - trying to get Ser#...
  6. Wayne Adam

    Bianchi "Susanna" Folding bike value?

    Hi People, Does anyone have any idea of the value of a vintage Bianchi Susanna folding bike.? These were quality bikes made in Italy. Please let me know. Thanks, Wayne
  7. G

    1952 schwinn dx value?

    I recently acquired a 1951 schwinn dx frame. The frame overall isn’t in bad shape except for the fact that there are three 1/2 inch holes in the frame for a motor of some sort, and the original paint is long gone. What a would a dx like this go for?
  8. S

    Help with value of 1962 5 speed Schwinn Corvette

    Our family has a ‘62 Schwinn Corvette. We are not educated in resale value. It still rides but a few dings and needs love. I’m selling as is. If anyone has time to send me some insight on this gem, please help. I’ve been trying to educate my on the bike and know it’s special.Gratitude.
  9. Beeler2927

    Schwinn cranks help determining value

    I have these Schwinn cranks and rings. Any help determining there value would be appreciated so I can post them for sale. Hopefully someone can use these? Thanks in advance
  10. Euphman06


  11. D

    Need help finding value in Schwinn Stingray 1967

    Please tell me if this Schwinn Stingray I just acquired is worth anything
  12. S

    Early 80s Mongoose BMX - what is the value?

    Hi .. this early 80s Mongoose BMX (I think 1981) has been sitting in my parents garage for years. Just trying to see what is worth. Should I clean up and rebuild, or sell as is? The frame looks good, but everything else is a little rough.
  13. B

    Westfield compax paratrooper bike value.

    Looking at a bike for sale. wanting to know how much it's worth so I don't overpay. thanks for the help. Big Moe
  14. D

    Help! Found barn Whizzer , year? Value?

  15. buck hughes


    is the value of 1995 Schwinn phantom still in box worth a $1,000.00?--the color is GREEN.
  16. jpromo

    Saginaw powerbike value?

    So one of these is available locally and it's pretty intriguing. It's the Higgins "Moto-cycle" version, with a Briggs engine and looks complete though I didn't know enough about the kit when I saw the bike to know what to look for. It looked in good shape, with original paint, tank, engine...
  17. alecburns

    Value on 1920s Westfield??

    I cant tell what these are worth. I have seen some others with the rare Indian front fender that gets everyone's heart pumping, but how much would an average condition 1920s Westfield be worth? The specimen I'm looking as has no tank and no chain guard. It has this frame and fender. Besides some...
  18. E

    Help with Appraising Four Vintage Bikes

    Hi, new here, you all seem to be very knowledgeable so I am hoping you can help me. I am located in NH and am cleaning out the basement of an early 1800's building. I have found four bicycles so far. My main questions are, how much I should sell them for and are there any red flags you notice. I...
  19. Wayne Adam

    Stelber Drag Stripper value?

    Can someone tell me what a Stelber "Drag Stripper" is worth? It was supposedly designed by George Barris. I have a chance to buy one, complete, but with some rust and age. Thanks for your help, Wayne
  20. B

    T. Fane & Co The Comet Toronto-badge - age & value

    Looking for information on the age and value for this badge. It is non-magnetic and I think brass. The remaining tab has part of a factory hole at the end. 1 7/16" tall and estimated at 2 1/2 wide on the crest. There is a drawing of a 1887 highwheeler and it says This brassplated Highwheeler...
  21. T

    Aquired this vintage Stelber bicycle, Wondering it's value and other info anyone may have.

    Hello all new member here, name is Tommy. I joined and am posting due to me needing a little help and not sure where to turn to at the moment. I normally Buy newer Bicycles in need of a little repair or something, then do the work needed and resale for a little side money here and there...
  22. WetDogGraphix

    Need some help on value.

    This is out of my wheelhouse. He says it's a 1920 Excelsior. Needed some input if that is correct and a possible value. Thanks for any input.
  23. easyrider

    Found this bike have any value

    indian scout
  24. W

    Any Huffy experts? Trying to determine the value of my old Purple Huffy Camero bike

    I am trying to determine the value of my old Huffy Camaro bike. Its purple and white - I have had it since the early 70's. (As I recall it was a close out - older model bike that my dad got a great deal on at the time) . It is still in very good shape. I actually have the original white wall...
  25. Roadkill

    Silver King M35 Crank value

    Looking for help on the value of an M35 dog leg crank off of a Silver King. The chrome is excellent and has a polished aluminum sprocket. Any advice would be appreciated. Ride on Sean
  26. dogdart

    Dayton value ?

    Until this one became available , I did not even know of Dayton double bars existence. Not much to go on to determine value, just Amanda's beauty, which this is no comparison. As found with exception of chianguard , witch bike shows evidence of be equipped. Had to get a badge as someone two...
  27. Barto

    So, what do I have - value?

    So, this is supposed to be a 1939 Elgin. I'm told it has the correct bars, stem, trussrods, crank, and sprocket..possibly a chain guard as well. Total blue house paint!! Front end looks like it's bent back a bit. What is something like this worth...other than being it anything...
  28. John G04

    Value on 20’s rollfast

    As it sits but cleaned up how much is this rollfast worth. He said its a solid frame just missing some parts and is from the early 20’s he said. Wondering what its worth let me know thanks.
  29. D

    Rollfast Bicycle Value?

    We have had this in our basement since we bought our house. I seriously have no clue as to if it worth anything. All I know is that it is old. There is a serial number A029368 on it. I haven't found any luck locating a year or other info about the bike using that number. It is a Rollfast the...
  30. Stephanie Smithson

    1971 yellow lil tiger value?

    Hello Cabers, I recently became the new owner of a yellow lil tiger. I already have a complete red one. This yellow one is missing the sissy bar, top bar, and training wheels. Upon pulling the crank, I discovered it is a 1971 year. Back tire is good. Front one has some wear. Can anyone give me a...
  31. Claysgarage

    idea of value on this MW bike

    May have chance to purchase this bike. Any idea on value? This bike has been restored. They claim its a 1925 M Wards. Looks a lot like a Mead.
  32. Wayne Adam

    1954 Wasp Value?

    Hi Guys, I need to sell this '54 Wasp, can you please tell me the value so I can list it. I purchased it from the original owner in 2011. It is all original, not restored. It has nice paint with the typical scratches and dings, the chrome is also very nice. This is a 24" Bike. Thanks for your...
  33. Thonyv1974_

    Monark bicycle value

    Hello all, I have an opportunity to buy a non Schwinn for myself. The seller sent me two pictures, no chain guard for it. He asked me to make an offer on it and I'm not sure what a fair price would be. If I buy it it will be a companion bike to Sues Monark. Not buying it with the intention...
  34. Barto

    Anyone know what this is? Any value?

    So, I was on my way out of a swap meet and saw this thru the fence...yelled an offer and he hoisted it over to me. The Bike looked much better from a distance but for 48 bucks I figure the parts are more than worth it and I can use most. What is it? The Badge says "Fleetwood". Who ade this...
  35. T

    1961 Schwinn Skipper All Original Top condition

    Hello, I am looking to see if anyone knows what an actual value would be for my 1961 Schwinn Skipper with all original parts, in excellent condition, I keep it in my apartment. She (even though a guys bike) was mine as a kid, but I had a pretty bad car accident 18 months ago, can't work and can...
  36. bikepaulie

    Fair value on this Coppertone '67 De Luxe Racer?

    Am thinking I may need to move some bikes out so boxed bikes may be built. This April 1967 Schwinn Deluxe Racer 3-speed would be the first for sale. Minus, the seat bag, what's a fair price to ask? Includes original pedals, seat, working light kit, rear reflector/bezel, and replaced tread...
  37. HARPO

    Columbia RX-5 Repro's...any value??

    Just as a general these have any value? Yes, I know condition on anything is what makes it worth more. But is this bike worth anything at all, or just a remake that people payed WAY to much for when they came out. I know they made 5,000, so rare they aren't. And I know they were...
  38. Sacket cycle works

    X53 value

    Just picked up this men's bike. I believe it's a western flyer x53. It does have original paint under the blue. I am curious on a value and any other information that may be relevant. Thanks
  39. A

    Found this silver king in the woods. Value?

    While walking thru the woods yesterday, I spotted this 35 silver king frame with a Hermes badge "Ward Hawthorne Flyer". It was buried under a nice moss blanket with just the pedal shaft sticking out. We left it until we decide if it's worth bringing home. Googled the badge and only one match...
  40. Adam1231

    Lemon peeler Krate, Fastback and stingray delux value ?

    Hi everyone...I know "what's the value" questions are kind of annoying and subjective, but I'm a newb so please bare with me. Any feedback would be much appreciated!! I have an opportunity to purchase 2 Fastbacks,(blue and peach?) a lemon peeler krate, and a green Schwinn stingray delux with...
  41. schwinnguyinohio

    Help on Value

    I thinking about buying this Huffy brand made in England . Thought it would be a nice rider , all original , any help on the going price is appreciated
  42. S

    1930's Monark "The Rocket" value

    I picked this up the other day at a garage sale. Any help on value would be appreciated. I don't know too much about it. It definitely looks very cool. Looks like there were some parts changed out...pedals recovered... rims painted...etc.
  43. Adam1231

    1953 Panther Value ?

    Hello, I don't have a ton of experience buying old bikes, so I thought I would ask for some feedback here. I'm looking at this 1953 Schwinn Panther. Someone obviously repainted the frame, wheels and fender? Possibly other parts as well. Seat has been poorly recovered and the brake doesn't seem...
  44. schwinnguyinohio

    Help on value

    I have a chance to buy this Monark frame and tank but have no idea on value any help would be appreciated Tank has one small hole
  45. szathmarig

    Help with value on Columbia please.

  46. A

    Reduced prewar true value roadway

    prewar true value roadway very rusty ,very cool bike the bike is located in Indiana $330 very rusty afraid to take apart to ship local pickup only , postal money order only
  47. Cooper S.

    What's my bike worth?

    Although i would never sell my bike, a guy at a swap meet asked what I wanted for it and it got me curious, so what's my 1937 mead crusader worth? It's all original as far as I can tell, I have the original tires and original pedals etc my cousin at one point house painted it and my great uncle...