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  1. A


  2. B

    VINTAGE 1967 Schwinn Deluxe Generator Set, part # 04140

    Hello everyone! I am a new member looking to get some feedback on this VINTAGE 1967 Schwinn Deluxe Generator Set, part # 04140. I picked it up at a sale. The woman said they had two, this one, and another that is on a bike. She said that they forgot they had it until they started cleaning...
  3. keithsbikes

    1950’s Hawthorne Pedals

    Good Straight condition. Not cleaned up yet. 99.00 PP FF
  4. bikesnbuses

    Sold NEW Pac-Man Galaga 60 in 1 parts ; board fuse kit Joystick

    I found these in a box I forgot I had bought 10 years ago.. For a project vintage Pac Man stand up arcade machine I never got around to.. You get what you see; All parts are NEW and unused for ONE PRICE SHIPPED $68 shipped in the USA or $55 cash porch pick up at my house in southern RI...
  5. bikesnbuses

    Sold Vintage 1980s BC America Rocky 15 mountain bike - $75

    LOCAL pick up only..sorry in southern RI on CT border 26" wheels Vintage 1980s BC America Rocky mountain bike good condition ,uncleaned but will clean up nicely . Sugino crankset .. 21" from center of crank to top of seat post tube.. approx 31.5" stand over /Top tube height from ground I...
  6. bikesnbuses

    Sold Sweet Shimano Silver PD-MX15 Pedals 1/2 PD MX 15

    Nice original unpolished vintage Shimano Silver PD-MX15 Pedals 1/2” . They spin decently, but could use a clean/repack bearings before riding. Asking $60 shipped in the USA obo
  7. L

    First post: What type bike is this? Any tips

    Hi there, this is my first post and my first time restoring a bike. I got a bike from a local antique shop that was closing down, and wanted to restore it. It is a JC Higgins bike and on the bottom says "MOSR", "MOD 502-281" and "66356". Anyone know the bike model/name? Also what type of...
  8. C

    Grants Sportsman III Vintage bicycle.

    Can anyone give me more info on this bicycle? I want to sell it. This is what I know so far. Very rare Vintage 3 speed bicycle. Manufactured by Huffy (I think) for TW Grants Stores in the 50s and 60s. Rims are rare Araya 26x1.375 36H with Exel Mark 80 hubs and Shimano 3 speed gear system...
  9. K

    1953 green Schwinn Panther

    Bought this beautiful Green Schwinn at an auction a week ago. Stunning condition yet missing a few originals. The seat and tires have been replaced and the light on the front is missing. Please message me for any inquiries on the bike. Cash preferred. Asking $1200. Will ship if needed but prefer...
  10. bikesnbuses

    Sold Vintage 60s 70s 80s? Fire Department (Police department style) dress blues hat

    Cool oldhat in great condition..Some dust from storage.. Asking $20 mailed in the USA obo..Thanks everyone
  11. bikesnbuses

    Sold Vintage 1950's 1960s Fireman's Dress Hat Size 7 1/8

    Anyone collect vintage Hats? Great old Fireman dress hat made by Sentry.Buttons on the sides are marked "FD" Asking $30 shipped in the USA
  12. B

    Vintage Azuki Bike

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at purchasing this Azuki road bike, but I'm not sure of the exact model of this bike. Also, what would be a fair price for this? It needs a new chain as well.
  13. bikesnbuses

    Reduced MORE ADDED! SAME price! 1970s? Globetrotter company Chevy accessory items promoting the tilt-steering option and leather coasters

    These were something kinda cool that came in the estate stuff. 1970s? Chevy accessory items promoting the tilt-steering option. The plastic "cups" held toiletries ,etc and I also have some cool nos leather drink coasters That go with them..Pictures coming in a few minutes,, Asking $35 shipped in...
  14. 2

    Vintage free spirit girls bike 1970s

    Schwinn ,free Spirit ,Sears and roebuck ,collectors edition girls bike from the 1970s. This bike is 99% complete ,fantastic color and age with the rack on back ,original rims and tires.
  15. bikesnbuses

    Sold Vintage 1970s 1960s OLD VINTAGE SKI-DOO snowmobile promotional model rubber band wound

    AWESOME Estate find OLD VINTAGE SKI-DOO snowmobile promotional model rubber band wound !! windshield frame in great shape. >ONE pivot pin underneath that track sits on os missing but could be repaired if desired or dispaly as is and it wont be noticed. ALSO comes with original papers!! ASKING...
  16. B

    1930’s Mead Ranger

    1930s Mead Ranger. Selling for $2500 or best offer, buyer must pay for shipping. Bike is used and in decent condition considering the age. Pre-war so it is perfect for any history buff or bike collector.
  17. B

    1930 Elgin

    Selling for $2500, buyer must pay for shipping. 1930’s Elgin. Used but in pretty good condition considering the age. Pre-WW2, very historic bicycle. Great for any history buff or bicycle collector.
  18. G

    Need help!!

    Bit of a long shot but can anyone help me, I’ve bought these two community playthings tricycles but I need to find 4 new back wheels and two slip on pedals, anyone have any idea where I could find these. Will be much appreciated
  19. S

    What tandem bike do i have?

    My dad and I recently purchased a Sears Roebuck and Co. Tandem bicycle. We are looking for more information on the bicycle. I know it says SportFlite. Any I information would help, year and serial number.
  20. G

    Sold Whizzer Pacemaker for Sale restored

    Whizzer Pacemaker Link to pictures - https://photos.app.goo.gl/C7ihfqcmKbqFpHwu7 Rebuilt engine (J217818) Crank machined -.040 Cylinder Std. new piston and rings, Rebuilt carb. Tall Breather Re-chromed 5” Rear drum brake, Re-chromed Schwinn front drum brake New dimpled Lobdell rims...
  21. Rayzur

    Sold J.C. Higgins

    Nice old Survivor from the Sears and Roebuck days . Made in The U.S.A. ! Made in the 1950tys this bike is still in great shape with nice patina from a long and well used life . It has the wider 26 x 1.95 Kenda tires on it and most of rest of the bike looks original . I repaired and painted...
  22. E

    Looking for legendary bike restorers for a new TV series

    Hey everybody! I’m working with a well-established T.V production company and we’re currently looking for legendary road, mountain and street biking mechanics and people related to bike restoration. We're on the lookout for mechanics to feature and bring some old bikes back to life on the...
  23. Mr.RED

    Just finished Trek 720 EL Mustacho

    Just finished bastardizing a beautiful 1984 Trek 720 touring bike into my own twisted idea of a dirt touring bike and I am totally in love with it. Inspired by Crust and Rivendell bikes but at a fraction of the cost well just ignore the fact of potential value of a complete original 1984 Trek...
  24. bikesnbuses

    Sold My small stack of 13 vintage 1970s Mad magazine comic books

    Local pick up $10 cash or will sell with shipping for $17 anywhere in the United states . >>>> 3 issues do have significant damage/rips ..please see last picture..><<< . the rest are in good/vg conditions but far from mint in my opinion. Thank you..located in southern RI
  25. 4

    Sold Books on Vintage Bicycles

    3 Books on Vintage/Balloon Tire Bikes Columbia Elgin - J.C. Higgins - Hawthorne Shelby Books are in very good condition. $40 for all 3 - Buyer covers shipping TBD based on location. no returns -prefer payment thru Paypal
  26. bikesnbuses

    13 vintage 1970s Mad magazine comic books

    Local pick up $10 cash or will sell with shipping for $17 anywhere in the United states . 3 issues do have significant damage/rips,loose cover ..please see last picture... the rest are in good/vg conditions but far from mint in my opinion. Thank you..located in southern RI
  27. atencioee

    Vintage Deluxe Bicycle Checkered Flag Mud Flap

    Vintage large checkered flag bicycle mud flap! I haven't seen many. Although used, this mud flap is in good condition. Use it on any bike, including Schwinn.
  28. Mr.RED

    Ciocc Designer 84 C40 with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group

    So a few weeks ago me and my father stumbled into a collection of vintage Italian bikes, vintage Treks, parts etc so I figure I share 1 of the gems out of that collection. I have Ciocc Designer 84 C40 with a Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupo. The only item missing from the complete group is the...
  29. D

    1951 columbia 5 star superb

    I'm currently looking for a chain guard for a columbia I got from a neighbor. Just trying to complete the bike. I don't want it to look new or too far gone anyone got one?
  30. Jim Barnard

    I drove by the old Torrington Company factory today...

    Made me sad to think how great this place used to be. Some of the beautiful products that came out of this building were art. Anyone have pics of the wonderful stems or pedals or...? 11/25/2019:
  31. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1930 Elgin Saddle

    As usual I am just providing semi educated guesses on what I have here. I saw one like this on a very early burgundy Elgin boys bike. LMK if I am wrong and thanks for looking One left! Note that tapatalk will not see the pricing field
  32. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Chainguard and rack from a MURRAY "Jet Fire X-65" middleweight

    VERY nice paint and screening on this rack and guard. Very nice turquoise blue. These are off a 26" ladies bike if that makes a diff. I would like to drill the rack rivets to ship, but will not if the buyer is not good with that. Might cost more to ship.
  33. Mr.RED

    Carlton Competition

    I finally dug out my Carlton Competition and I am bored so I figure I share some pics.
  34. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Cadet Head Badge 1930's

    Hawthorne, Rollfast, DP Harris and Zep have been associated with this badge from my research. Nice condition! $8 shipping
  35. Jim Barnard

    Sold Colson Chain driven art deco tricycle.

    Nice maroon and cream with pin striping. Very heavy but cool. 1940's. Shipping available at your cost.
  36. bikesnbuses

    Withdrawn 0lNeat old early 70s? Open face motorcycle vintage helmet

    Cool old early 70s?(I found on the tag it says "meets/exceeds 1973 standards)..so..? I couldnt find any other maker names though..Size is Medium and it fits my fat head nicely :p Mostly wear from storage,I di peel the insides back a little to look for IDs(None that I saw Red "stripe"looks...
  37. S

    Vintage Vitus 979

    ~1985 Vintage Vitus Bike - Model 979 - Many years ago I switched out the front fork with carbon, but I still have the original aluminum part. The bike has all Campognolo components. Sew-up tires. It is now for sale - in excellent used condition. 20" (50.8cm) frame - also includes original Brooks...
  38. Jim Barnard

    Reduced Elgin Single speed balloon bike 1942 4 star

    Cool brown and tan bike wearing original paint. Grips are some "lighted" accessory, but I have not taken them apart to see if and how they work. Bike is in CONN and shipping at cost is available. I have not ridden this bike and can't say how well she goes. Seems to have sat for a LONG time...
  39. T

    Vintage prewar Elgin Twin Bar 40 Bicycle

    Vintage prewar Elgin Twin Bar 40 Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-PREWAR-ELGIN-TWIN-BAR-40-BICYCLE/303339517993?
  40. kingfish254

    Sold Lot of 19 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc

    SOLD - Lot of 18 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc $20 shipped US - SOLD 3 matched pairs plus 12 singles
  41. trustrust

    Sold 1987 Panasonic DX-5000 vintage 12 speed...

    Nice 1987 Panasonic DX-5000 12 speed. 23" frame. Should be in the hands of a collector of Japanese racers and being used.. I am NOT into packing and shipping this... So come pick it up or send someone...... Located 10 miles west of Boston MA. $500 or best cash offer..... PLEASE send me a...
  42. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1946 Schwinn Continental 3 speed in CONN $420

    By no means am I knowledgeable to say what is correct on this bike. I do know when something has been loved and cared for. This seem like this bike has not been altered from original. Looks like the original cables are still present. Front wheel says Schwinn Stainless. Looks like some war time...
  43. P

    Old school bikes for sale A Mint Condition ELGIN And A SCHWINN Super Sport SERIOUS Inquiries ONLY Please And Thank You !!

    Asking price for elgin is $500 ... Asking price for schwinn $300 ... Location : pittsfield ma Prices are negotiable ... I haven't checked the going rate ... these are my prices ... so if they are high to you then don't respond and keep it moving not trying to be rude just grown ... in which...
  44. eaglesfan

    1940's Schwinn Lifetime guarantee certificate

    I recently bought a 1940's Schwinn certificate from an estate auction. I was wondering if someone could please give me any additional information about the potential worth of the item. Thanks!
  45. W

    please help me identify this bike I found today, Westfield

    Westfield paratrooper, I would love to identify the year it was and possibly any type of value, Thank You!
  46. w00dboarder

    Need Some Help on Worth

    Hi! I am wanting to sell my 1970's Schwinn Varsity here in Seattle, WA. She has a smaller sized frame (51-52cm) and is mostly original. One pedal was replaced and new handle bar grip tape was put on. I have read all sorts of old posts and reviewed eBay and whatnot, but the ranges in prices are...
  47. 1936 Motorbike BMX Tribute Bike and Milkyway 640 x 400 x 144 dpi.jpg

    1936 Motorbike BMX Tribute Bike and Milkyway 640 x 400 x 144 dpi.jpg

    Experimenting with night photography and adding a Vintage / BMX Tribute to the Mix. To take this image I open the shutter for 15 seconds, flash a light on the bike for less than a second and hope that everything looks natural. the real trick is to get everything in focus...which will be the...
  48. Mr.RED

    1976 Fuji Newest

    I picked this up a while back and just finally got around to finishing it this weekend. A 1976 Fuji Newest with most of the original parts minus the saddle, pedals, wheels and brake levers. The saddle is a Belt made by Fujita which is period correct , 700c Campagnolo low flange wheels with a 5...
  49. bodhiboymtb

    1988 All White GT Team Avalanche

    One of GT's first mountain bikes, this was their flagship in 1988 (hand built in 1987 by TOYO in Japan). retailed for $2600. Features all white custom components by Suntour, white GT Power Series cranks. This one's got all original seat, tires, wheels, components, brake pads, "GT A'me" grips...