1. W

    please help me identify this bike I found today, Westfield

    Westfield paratrooper, I would love to identify the year it was and possibly any type of value, Thank You!
  2. w00dboarder

    Need Some Help on Worth

    Hi! I am wanting to sell my 1970's Schwinn Varsity here in Seattle, WA. She has a smaller sized frame (51-52cm) and is mostly original. One pedal was replaced and new handle bar grip tape was put on. I have read all sorts of old posts and reviewed eBay and whatnot, but the ranges in prices are...
  3. 1936 Motorbike BMX Tribute Bike and Milkyway 640 x 400 x 144 dpi.jpg

    1936 Motorbike BMX Tribute Bike and Milkyway 640 x 400 x 144 dpi.jpg

    Experimenting with night photography and adding a Vintage / BMX Tribute to the Mix. To take this image I open the shutter for 15 seconds, flash a light on the bike for less than a second and hope that everything looks natural. the real trick is to get everything in focus...which will be the...
  4. Mr.RED

    1976 Fuji Newest

    I picked this up a while back and just finally got around to finishing it this weekend. A 1976 Fuji Newest with most of the original parts minus the saddle, pedals, wheels and brake levers. The saddle is a Belt made by Fujita which is period correct , 700c Campagnolo low flange wheels with a 5...
  5. bodhiboymtb

    1988 All White GT Team Avalanche

    One of GT's first mountain bikes, this was their flagship in 1988 (hand built in 1987 by TOYO in Japan). retailed for $2600. Features all white custom components by Suntour, white GT Power Series cranks. This one's got all original seat, tires, wheels, components, brake pads, "GT A'me" grips...
  6. S

    Anthony Brothers convert o tricycle

    Hey guys up for sale is this two convert o tricycles. One of them is ready to ride with no problems. The other one needs new front bearings, both are complete bikes. I would like to sell as a pair or individual if needed. Shipping on two bikes might be a bit expensive. Local pick up available...
  7. P

    Need help identifying frame (1980s? roadbike)

    Hello! I've recently came across a really good deal on an old roadbike. It has really high quality parts on it, mavic ma40 rims, campagnolo downtube shifters and brakes, shimano 105 hubs and crankset, cinelli handlebar, selle italia turbo saddle, laprade saddle tube. Now here comes the tricky...
  8. C

    1920s Iver Johnson Velocipede Model #230

    For sale only. Rare find 1920s Iver Johnson small tricycle. Very good mechanical condition. Looks like it's all original except for seat material and paint. Handle bar grip appears cut (see pic). Made for very young children (2-3 y/o). Front hard rubber tire missing. $250 obo. Will provide...
  9. W

    I can't find any J.C. Higgins bikes like this...

    Hey everyone! New to this forum. Been checking out all the different threads. Some very helpful people here. Maybe someone can possibly help me? What is this bike? I bought our house and in it came this surprise! I have done a bunch of research but i haven't been able to find anything like...
  10. Mr.RED

    New Project 1984 Bianchi Nuovo Racing 12v

    I am not sure I need another bike or project but a Bianchi in red is hard to pass up. Its a 1984 Nuovo Racing 12v with Columbus tubes, Campagnolo drivetrain, Modolo Flash brakes (Modolo brakes never work), Ofmega crankset, Ofmega BB, Ofmega headset, ofmega pedals, 3TTT stem/handlebars and...
  11. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 5/29/1958 Schwinn Corvette in CT $300

    Paint is pretty decent on this 58 Corvette. Original schwinn West wind on the front and a Schwinn Tractor Grip on the rear. Seat has a wee bit of red paint splatter. Pedals are not great, the front rack has been repaired (replacement available at $60) and there are some dents in the stainless...

    Bicycle Heaven Annual Bicycle Show & Swap Meet!

    June 8 & 9 - August 24 & 25, 2019 Swap Meet both days 9AM - ??? - Rain or Shine! Vendor Fee $25.00 + Set Up 7AM FOOD, DRINKS & MUSIC!! Antique/Classic Bicycles and Parts New Bicycles and Bicycle Dealers welcome to set up for display Free vendor spots Bike Groups Welcome! RJ Casey Industrial...
  13. ratfink1962

    NOS LEE Motorcycle Waffle grips fits 7/8" bars

    Vintage LEE Nos Waffle grips, Lee #7052 fits 7/8" bars Great for MX restoration, or maybe early BMX? Shows shelf wear but Grips have never been removed from package $20 shipped (1st class - 48 states) Actual shipping elsewhere
  14. Jim Barnard

    Nice example of Schwinn's "Bottom of the Line" middleweight in 1959

    Tornado: There is something unassuming about the cheap chainguard, abbreviated front fender, enameled rims, tacked on frame bracing and sparse screening. I found that the gearing seems to be more like a 3rd gear than a direct drive. I added the torsion bars and larger saddle. Another of...
  15. Jim Barnard

    My first real Schwinn Phantom (1955)

    Pretty nice find. There is a little bit of bad touch up. I have had to add a seat, springer bits, lens, pedals, horn, rack jewel and reflector. Can't wait to ride her in a month or two...
  16. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 1963 Schwinn AMERICAN slimline 2 speed in CT ****Free PU Copake

    The old gal is a decent and complete with appropriate patina. Head light is vintage NOS. The guard screening was replaced with vinyl stickers. Has the right horn guts, but have not been tested. $400
  17. aaronklaz

    1976 SCHWINN STINGRAY junior all original parts $399

    1976 SCHWINN STINGRAY JUNIOR $399 Good condition! Can be ridden around! All original parts, rare find for this year and model! Great for a collector wanting to show off a piece of bicycle history, or for a sweet ride around town. The price is listed at $399, but I am open to reasonable offers...
  18. Aehlers14

    Vintage 60s Murray Tricycle in spectacular condition

    This thing is almost perfect for it's age $200 aehlers14@gmail.com
  19. DonChristie

    Sold 1950s Schwinn Dx

    Sold-Pretty cool 1951 Boys Schwinn! Original paint and painted Schwinn rims. Bendix hub out back and Schwinn stamped hub up front. She rides as she sits, kinda turn key! Missing chainguard, head badge, different size tires (2.125/1.75), wrong Schwinn seat and needs grips. Could make a cool...
  20. S

    AMF Shelby Flyer - Looking for information / sell

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. While cleaning out my parents shed, I convinced them to get rid of heaps of stuff, junk, and this bike. I'm looking for more information regarding the approximate year, and value of this bike. Is it worth much? Is it incredibly common? Can it be restored easily...
  21. J

    51 cm Vintage Trek Elance 300 Road Bike

    New tires, new handlebar wrap $240obo Chromoly Frame made in Japan Velo Italian Seat Mavic MA2 27” Rims Shimano Shifter Levers Shimano Light Action Rear Derailer Shimano 105 hubs Dia-Compe brakeset
  22. TophH

    (Sold) Late 50's Early 60's Thunder Jet Super Deluxe Double tube Men's Bike

    I have a Vintage Thunder Jet. Has double tubes..It's a great ride. Serial number is 6110197 Trim Grips, Mesinger Leather Seat Chrome needs polished. Very little paint chips (see pics).. As far as I can tell It's all original. This bike is stored inside took pics outside for lighting. This is...
  23. bobcycles

    Schwinn bicycle pedals 63/64 Stingray 'riders' and Mint NOS pair of 50s Schwinn Gems! F/S

    Here is an NOS pair of Schwinn 50s' or possibly early 60s? full size adult mens bicycle pedals. Look to be Nickel plated? Blocks are mint, pedals are unused and look like brand new mint pedals. Blocks are quite beefy and an unusual profile. Not sure what these were designated for but they are...
  24. J

    I.D. On this schwinn bike

    Hello, pretty new to the website. I’ve always loved schwinns, but never really took the time to research the history and what not. I’ve had this schwinn bike for a while. Some older gentlemen was going to throw it away, so my dad decided to take it. I got really lucky... This was around 2003...
  25. B

    1973 Schwinn Tandem Bicycle

    Vintage 5 speed ‘73 Schwinn de luxe Twinn Tandem Bicycle. This bicycle is a pristine antique! Original frame and paint, beautifully and lovingly maintained and kept indoors away from the elements. Added were a mirror, front light, and back light with a generator. More modern additions include...
  26. Tom B/Bike Karma Podcast

    BICYCLE MIKE INTERVIEW: Stories about Collecting Bicycles - Listen Like A Radio Show

    I do a show called the Bike Karma Bicycle Podcast which collects and shares all kinds of Bicycle Related Stories. It is mostly commercial free (tried only two commercial spots on 2 out of 30 episodes); and mostly a labour of love for bikes. I try to make it like NPR, but for bicycle stories and...
  27. J

    **His and Hers** 1974/75 Maserati Bikes- $800

    $800 for pair (includes shipping) Located in Washington DC Metro Area Original Maserati “Turismo” his and hers commuter bicycles. These 3-speed bikes were built for comfort and long-lasting style. Made in Italy, with some parts from France. New tubes 5 years ago. Wheels, spokes, hand brakes...
  28. B

    Odd vintage men's Western Flyer, possibly 1960s ?

    Hi all, I've had a vintage Western Flyer bike for a few years now, and I've began to look into selling it as I no longer have space for it. I've done a ton of research but I can't seem to figure out the exact model or details about the bike. I'm thinking that it's a 1960 model, but other than...
  29. T

    80s StumpJumper Sanwa Original!

    Reduced! Vintage 80s Japanese SANWA Mountainbike StumpJumper 12 speed! - $299 Great vintage men's 80s commuter mountain bike, chromoly steel frame and box crown fork, adjustable seat post goes high, slingshot stem and straight aluminum handles, Suntour detrailleurs and shifter, original...
  30. M

    help me with my bicycle age

    i have recently bought a bike in an auction , which is stamped BSa ,a small and sturdy bike with hub brakes, 3 gears , and feame number is H88160. can you please help me with to find which model is this .. i assume it is from 1930s.
  31. frank 71

    Sold 1936 Rollfast Seat $35.00

    Men's Troxel 11 X 9 1/2 Just the right amount of Patina for your crusty Rider. $50.00 now $35.00 Free Shipping US 48
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