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  1. cbustapeck

    Wanted: Vialle Freres bicyclette elastique

    Ever since I stumbled across this, I've wanted one. (Any of their similar models would do as well.) Image source: Copake Auction, April 18, 2015. I'm willing to consider anything in any condition, but I'd prefer one that is as complete as possible, so long as the basic parts are there and...
  2. cbustapeck

    Found Wanted: Original Tail Light for Roadmaster Luxury Liner (and other CWC bicycles) in any condition

    Edit, for what it's worth: Found a NOS example for $85. I'm looking for an original tail light for a 1947 (and a couple years following) Roadmaster Luxury Liner, in any condition. It was also used on some other Cleveland Welding Company bicycles. Here is a reproduction: I can either buy...
  3. deismangarage

    ‘48 JC Higgins 24" Front Fender and light

    In search of a 1948 24" JC Higgins front fender and light with original paint to match my bike! PM or email jaydeisman at gmail.com
  4. D

    1951 columbia bicycle

    I'm currently looking for a chain guard for a columbia I got from a neighbor. Just trying to complete the bike. I don't want it to look new or too far gone anyone got one?
  5. C

    Found ISO Prewar Shelby Chainguard

    Hey friends I’m in search of a chainguard for my 1938 prewar Shelby. Wishbone frame, men’s bike. No deep rust please. Thank you. Side note: If you have any rear square head adjuster screws I’m looking for a pair of those as well. Thanks y’all!
  6. C

    Found ISO Prewar Shelby Chainguard

    Hey friends I’m in search of a chainguard for my 1938 prewar Shelby. Wishbone frame, men’s bike. No deep rust please. Thank you. Side note: If you have any rear square head adjuster screws I’m looking for a pair of those as well. Thanks y’all!
  7. M

    Schwinn springer front fender

    Looking for a springer front fender. Doesn’t have to be a phantom.Perfer paintable but just a decent front fender will do. Thanks
  8. H

    WTB: 1968 - 72 Schwinn Stingray 5-speed or 1968 - 70 Schwinn Stingray Coaster with Bendix 2-speed kickback overdrive hub.

    Hello All! I just discovered this site after getting the bug to find my bikes that I had in the 60's and 70's. I loved and lived on my old Stingrays, as I'm sure that many of you have! My goal is to find a bike to restore or find one that is restored. I'm looking for a complete 1968 - 72...
  9. 5760rj

    WANTED 7/16" 20 Tap & Die Schwinn

    Tap and Die, 7/16" 20 tpi by Schwinn, example of one is the fork and steer tube bolt on 50s era big balloon tire bicycles with a springer fork
  10. J

    1981 Schwinn cruiser fork

    Looking for a good condition 1981 schwinn cruiser fork in color red. Regular not for schwin cruiser 5 with the break holes. Original color, surfboard decal... not repainted please. Thanks
  11. T

    WTB New Departure W front hub cones

    Looking for New Departure W front hub cones, but would also take replacement overhaul kit. I believe Wald #107 would work. Many thanks.
  12. Jon Marinello

    WTB Long nickel plated lucky 7 seat post

    Let me know if you have one you could part with.
  13. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Schwinn Dogleg Crank, B.B. and 1” Pitch Chainring

    Need a nice original set in good rider condition for my current build a ~1947 Liberty with locking fork.
  14. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Schwinn Seat Clamp Bolt, Washer and Nut

    Need a clean original seat clamp bolt, washer and nut for my current build a ~1937 Liberty with locking fork.
  15. Jon Marinello

    Found WTB Schwinn Prewar Chain Adjusters

    Need a clean set of chain adjusters for my current build a ~1947 Liberty with locking fork.
  16. TWBikesnstripes

    WTB Early ('38) ND DD 2speed Actuator etc.

    Looking for early first generation prewar New Departure DD 2 speed actuator part. Also need later version complete Shifter and Pulley with clamps with decent og plating Thanks!
  17. O

    Wanted red band hub shell made for 105 spokes

    Factory drilled for 105 or 11 gage spoled
  18. D

    WTB Schwinn Suburban BLACK

    Had my 1970 Schwinn Suburban in Black stolen recently, and looking to replace my pride and joy. Unsure of the frame size, but probably was a 21". Also was a five speed derailleur. Seems Black is a tough color to find.... Thanks for looking!
  19. jrcarz

    Wanted 1970's Huffy Thunder Road #4

    -Looking for Huffy Thunder Road # 4. Looking for excellent condition bike with number plates. P.M. me or call 847-401-1332 Thanks
  20. donniedee

    parts wanted for my 40 schwinn DX

  21. donniedee


    complete old working speedometer rear bike rack swing up kick stand rear fender glass reflector ft torpedo light lens AUSTIN TEXAS BIKE PLATE
  22. phantom

    Wanted - Middleweight Original Paint

    Must be 2 speed manual with front caliper - similar to my 57 pictured here. Tiger, American, etc:
  23. blincoe

    WANTED! Vintage "D" cell batteries

    Hello, Looking for old 1950's D batteries. Please send me a PM with a picture or text me.. Thanks! 562-391-3959 -Blincoe
  24. N

    WTB G519 Tyres

    I am trying to complete the restoration of two Columbia WW2 Military bicycles and need to find 4 US Royal (chain pattern) tyres, size 26x2.125, that can be posted to the UK.
  25. alecburns

    WTB - Torrington #13 Bearing

    Hey all, The one in my Elgin was trashed. It was a Torrington #13 Bearing, with a 1" outer diameter, and 6 balls. Let me know if you have one in NOS or good condition. Cheers!
  26. C

    Wanted Fastback front fender

    I need a 66' and a 70' Fastback front fender in good condition text preferred 8014585594
  27. JKT

    WTB Huffman springer fork

    Looking for a Huffman springer fork, or parts of this style of fork.. boys or girls I don't think matters as I only really need this top chrome piece that holds and goes around the spring..
  28. kreika

    Wanted: New Departure 2-speed parts

    I have the hub and pulleys... Looking for the rest: Actuator, cable, and lever...Thank you!
  29. JKT

    wtb Whizzer drop stand

    Looking for a vintage Whizzer drop stand for 26" wheels ..
  30. O

    Wanted Arnold Schwinn brake handle!

    Not looking for a showpiece. Want it for my rider.
  31. bobcycles

    WANTED and $ paid for NICE chrome Shelby sprocket...

    Looking for this 48 tooth sprocket for 1940 era Shelby bike.... Need nice orig chrome please!
  32. 6

    WTB 1948 Hextube Fork

    This is for a men's 26" bike fork only, have the springer part.
  33. M

    WTB, Womens Airflow Pedals

    Looking for woman's Airflow Torrington 15 Style Pedals! Restored or in restorable condition! Thanks Mike
  34. M

    WTB Huffman Fenders

    Looking for 1940 Huffman Lit Tank Fenders with braces, Front fender needs to be Springer Fork style. Anything out there? Thanks Mike
  35. G

    WTB 1946-52 Schwinn DX 26" bicycle

    I am looking for a 1946-1953 Schwinn DX bicycle with a camelback frame. PM me prices and pictures please Thanks!
  36. donniedee


    Im looking for an old crusty cruiser please text pics and price to 512-740-2197 must be complete or close too as poss thanks thinking 30's-50's bikes thanks
  37. Phattiremike

    UPDATE parts found.TRADE for Speedo Byke Tire/s

    PARTS FOUND, NEED TIRES!!!! Does anyone have speedo byke parts for sale the year does not matter. TIRES grips, seat, frame w/ patina needed. Please send a PM on what you have and price. UPDATE... I now have parts to trade or will pay cash for tire/s Thanks - Mike
  38. donniedee

    fender set and rear rack rusty patina wanted

    im needing a no holes but rusty patins set of fenders for my rat rod bike size 28"x 1 1/2 as well as a rear book rack same condition prefer no color but rust/patina please pm or text pics and price to 512-740-2197 no chrome please.
  39. J

    Colson Rear Steer Tandem Rear Sprocket and Crank

    Looking for the rear crank and sprocket setup for a Colson Rear Steer. Thanks!
  40. P


    I am looking for a vintage original factory black paint Schwinn Stingray bicycle. Call (419) 566-8401 or E-maIl to popmachines@hotmail.com
  41. alecburns

    WTB - Musselman Model E Part or parts hub

    Just finished lacing my first wheel and it went great! Then when I went to inspect the action of the Musselman Hub, this piece snapped in my hands. Definitely a hit to my self esteem, but I'm glad it happened. Rather have it happen tonight than while I am riding down the road. The hub is a Model...
  42. JKT

    Found WTB stainless steel spokes

    WTB a set (front & rear) of SS .105 spokes & nipples for 26" X 2.125 FOUND !!
  43. T

    late 60's avenger 5 sp. WTB

    looking for this bike as had it at 14..... AMF avenger 5 sp. not the areo style.......OK in winston-salem, NC
  44. M

    Wanted: Huffman Fender Ornament

    Looking for 1940 Huffman Big tank Fender "Ornament" and Front fender "Braces"! Forgot to mention the Fender Braces are for the SPRINGER Front Fork.
  45. A


    Im looking for a Manta Ray for sale in Ohio if you have one. 614-519-4919 Thxs Mike
  46. J

    WTB 85 or 86 Haro Sport BMX

    Hi All: I am looking for a new project. I currently am looking for a 85 or 86 Haro Sport freestyler. Can be a complete bike in need of restoration or just a frame a fork set. If anyone know where I can get one please let me know and thank you!!
  47. GTV

    Info/Pictures On 28” Bicycles Wanted

    I’ve decided that my next vintage bike should be one that originally came with 28” wheels. Problem is that it is really hard to find info on the internet, pretty much the only thing that comes up is new Taiwan bikes with 700c wheels. And yes, I’m young enough to know how to search the internet...
  48. C

    WTB: Seat Clamp

    Looking for a seat/saddle clamp for a 5/8" post and seat with 1/2" flat rail. The one I have, had miss matched teeth, they won't interlock and the seat is not stable. If you have one for sale, let me know. CharlieO
  49. O

    Wanted 105 & 11 gage rear coaster brake hub!

    Prefer no pitting!
  50. M

    Colson Tank Wanted

    Like This one ...