western flyer x53

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  1. T

    Western flyer x53

    For sale Western flyer x53 $1500
  2. T

    Western Flyer X53

    I may be bringing my X53 to the Bicycle Heaven swap this weekend if anyone is interested. Asking $1,500 for it. It does have a repop top to the light. Needs correct pedals...the ones I have are not correct and mismatched. Has all the hard to find parts and Davis Deluxe tires. I have not cleaned...
  3. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Western Flyer X53

    $1250 shipped in the USA
  4. Colby john


    X53 up for sale very nice rider. $1900.00
  5. easyrider

    Found wanted chrome x53 fender set

    not to nice and not to rough [and chrome]
  6. TheFizzer

    Sold X53

    Original Western Flyer X53. $1,150 plus shipping or possible trade?
  7. T

    Sold X53 Rear Fender Spear

    Nice old Western Flyer Rear Fender Spear 125.00 shipped to the 48
  8. T

    Sold X53 Tank ---nice (Western Flyer )

    Nice old X53 Western Flyer Tank with horn, Good chrome 400.00 shipped to the 48
  9. T

    Sold X53 Headlight Western Flyer

    Original X53 Western Flyer Head Light. The spring tab attach clip at the rear of the top is broken. Pictures are the best description. 250.00 shipped to the 48.
  10. T

    Sold X53 Fenders, nice chrome

    Fenders from an X 53 Western Flyer. Original Chrome is surprisingly good. No Dents, has rear attach bracket & front brace. 150.00 + shipping from 67204
  11. TheFizzer

    Western Flyer X53 Pedals

    Looking for an original pair of X53 pedals
  12. T

    Sold WESTERN FLYER X53 coming to ML

    Pretty good X53, has all ornaments & head light. Coming to ML Thursday, Friday Saturday. 1100.00.
  13. jungleterry

    Sold Western Flyer x53

    We are selling this one for our friend . We owned this years ago and it's a grest bike. All original and complete . Has a few touch ups to the black paint here and there on the frame and tank . The gold is original .asking price is set fair for such a nice bike . Asking 2200 . Please let us...
  14. Neanderthal77

    Sold 1953 Western Flyer X53

    I am selling my 1953 Western Flyer X53. Here is a link to the clean up post in the project section. https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/53-western-flyer-x53-clean-up.118576/ Bike is pretty original, had to change the stem (broken), pedals (only one) and crank (it was bent but dont think that one...
  15. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold Western Flyer Super X53 Original

    1958 X53 Nice original reproduction light top missing rear reflector. 1950.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 500.00 down.
  16. higgens

    Western flyer x53 sold

    550 pick up in orange ca or + shipping
  17. higgens


    Cool project or rat rod western flyer x53. 300 pick up in orange ca or + shipping
  18. 123totalpack

    Sold His & Hers Western Flyer X53

    Westerners Flyer produced several flagship bicycles and the X53 was certainly one of them. Listed are a pair of X53 for the couple who love riding a piece of American history. I have own these bikes for some time now to which my wife an I have enjoyed them. The girls bike is a...
  19. Jay81

    1955 Murray Fleetline

    Picked this up a couple months ago. Then decided to sell it after determining some of the parts would be hard to find (like the headlight) So you have probably seen it in the for sale section here on CABE. Well I got lucky and scored some parts on ebay so I decided to keep it. Here are pics of...
  20. Sacket cycle works

    X53 wheels

    Chrome is decent and the rear wheel needs a little truing. 85 plus the ride. No tires. Thanks Chase
  21. Sacket cycle works

    Sold X53 project

    What you see is what you get. No damage to the frame and the chrome is in pretty decent shape. Chain is not included. Asking 140 plus shipping. Thanks Chase
  22. PackRatBikes

    Wanted X53 or Murray Chainguard

    Hello Da Cabe!! First wanted post..Looking for an X53 Chainguard or similar.. All help in search or leads will be greatly appreciated in advance. Price shipped to Chicago 60639
  23. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Found another x53!

    Well I have another one from the scrap pile but it is a little rough. The frame is pretty good, but I don’t know what to make of the orange paint. It is like it is flaking off? Maybe it was red I guess. The black paint is pretty decent, but it is black and hides everything. The one side of the...
  24. E

    WTB X53 headlight

    WTB X53 Headlight...if you want to turn yours loose just let me know Thanks Dave eisopt
  25. Christopher

    Sold 1950's Western Flyer X-53 dropcenter MO stamped 26" rim set. 2speed kickback

    These rims came from a 1955 X-53. The tires come with it. These are untouched and if you're so inclined I'm sure a little steel wool will shine them up nicely. All original except a 2speed kickback hub was added to the rear rim. It's a 2Gang torpedo Even though not shown, the original...
  26. Christopher

    Reduced 1955 Western Flyer X-53 X53 kickstand.

    From a 1955 X-53. Untouched all original patina. $33.00 Shipped CONUS Reduced to $28
  27. Christopher

    Reduced Toasty 1950's Western flyer X53 rear rack. Repainted

    1955 western flyer X53 rear rack. Includes the rack, bars and screws (everything in the picture). As you can see the red has been repainted. The bars are straight, pitted and have been repainted silver. $50 Shipped CONUS 46 Add $5 for FL and CA
  28. Sacket cycle works

    X53 value

    Just picked up this men's bike. I believe it's a western flyer x53. It does have original paint under the blue. I am curious on a value and any other information that may be relevant. Thanks
  29. easyrider

    Found x53 head light

    prefer red but any color just so it's origional
  30. Neanderthal77

    53' Western Flyer X53 clean up.

    I have had this bike over two years and finally started the clean up. Missing a couple of the acorn nuts and a pedal, but believe it is complete after that. Will need to replace the stem due to the wedge being broken off and will probably replace the bars too. Will post some updated pictures...
  31. Jay81

    Found Murray Fleetline / Western Flyer X53 Front Fender / Rear Reflector

    Hello, I need a chrome front fender for a Murray Fleetline / Western Flyer X53 Does not need to be perfect, but I would like one with decent chrome. Also need the reflector with the chrome piece for the Fleetline rack. If you have these parts please pm me with pics and price. (I also have a...
  32. Maskadeo

    Sold Western Flyer X53 Parts

    Original tank, needs replating: $230 shipped Guard: $120 shipped. Seat with post $70 shipped. PayPal F&F or add 3%
  33. 56 Vette

    58 Western Flyer X53

    Well I've been sitting on this X53, or should I say watching it sit in a corner of the garage since the spring Memory Lane swap meet. Was so excited to pick it up from Dave the Tinker, and tear into it, but one thing after another kept coming up, and there it sat. Well I did a lot of research on...
  34. Blackout

    X53 Blackout

    built this for the RRB build off this year, german fork, custom fit shaft drive, custom stem,bars,seat mounts,extended deep fenders,rear frame,tail lights, Fire......etc.
  35. 123totalpack

    Western Flyer X53

    SALE PENDING...For sale is a near complete Western Flyer X53 skip-tooth with Musselman Hub and Western Flyer tires. The tank has some pitting but no holes. As you can see near the brake bar, the bike has original red under the baby blue. Only parts missing is the fender light, rear reflector and...