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  1. SteveF

    Neck for x53

    During reassembly I discovered that the neck on my bike is bent. I'd like to find a nice straight replacement with good chrome. As close to nos as possible. It's a 1957 bike and it's a wald neck. Thank you.
  2. SteveF

    Western flyer x53 on FB marketplace

    Happy new year, folks! I found this listing yesterday while searching around for my missing headlight. The listing says 1953.Belongs to original owner and it's in Sugarland, TX. I'd really, really like to buy it for myself but I just bought one of these about 2 weeks ago and so I'm posting it...
  3. SteveF

    Found X53 light

    I just bought an x53 and it's missing the headlight. Seems like most of them are. The correct one for my bike would be a black base with a chrome top. I know this is fairly rare but I'm sure one of you fellas have one. Thank you
  4. SteveF

    Western Flyer X53

    This has been a bike I've dreamed about owning for years. When one came up for sale on Ebay and it was within a few hours of me, I knew I had to make it mine. I bought it from the original owner. He and his brother each got one as a Christmas present. His brother was hit by a car while riding...
  5. Rustngrease

    Racks gaurds a seat and a stem, perwar

    A few racks a few guards troxel mens seat prewar stem 200 shipped for all in the 48.
  6. Freqman1

    Withdrawn 1940 CWC Double Bar Roadster Western Flyer

    This is kind of an oddball. Most of the bike is CWC but the rack (Elgin?), guard, and truss rods are not CWC. What is really odd is that a '38 Colson snap tank fits this frame almost perfectly! This tank has been on this bike for at least 40 years so I'll leave it on. The dropstand bolts are not...
  7. SteveF

    Found Western flyer pedals

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking for a nice set of pedals for my Monark built Western Flyer. I'm fairly certain the pedals that are on it now are incorrect. Some correct pedals and some nice Goodyear tires should get this bike looking sweet. Steve
  8. SteveF

    Information please

    I have an opportunity to buy a bike just like the one pictured. Still has the delta light and looks complete. The seat has lost it's original covering. The problem is that I don't know what model it is or what I should give for it. I've always been in to the flightliners and spaceliners. This...
  9. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar or early postwar ? Shelby ?Western Flyer board track racer bicycle with 28" wheels

    I believe this is a late prewar/early postwar Shelby built? Western Flyer crusty track bicycle for display,It is a fixed gear bike.Seat is obviously dead/gone. The rims are metal clad. The tires are 28 x 1/8 US Royal Special Racer with some cracks but mostly pliable for display,,Unfortunately I...
  10. P

    Western Flyer i.d. Help

    Hoping someone can help me identify this Western Flyer. Thank you.
  11. kingfish254

    Reduced Lot of 19 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc

    Lot of 18 vintage bike grips Huffy Hunt Wilde Schwinn Flexgrip Shimano 333 Western Flyer Etc $20 shipped US 3 matched pairs plus 12 singles
  12. D

    Possible 1959 WF Golden Flyer??

    Hello, hopefully someone here can help me. I was looking at vintage bikes on Facebook Marketplace and found this. It was really cool looking and reasonably priced. So I bought it. The original owner was going into a home and I bought this from his son. Now that I own it, I'm trying to figure out...
  13. W

    My Grandfathers Western Flyer

    Hi everyone, I just pulled my grandfathers Western Flyer out of his basement. I believe he bought the bike when he got home from WW2 and he kept it for the rest of his life. He passed away a couple years ago at 99 years old so I can’t ask him anything about it, unfortunately. I know my dad rode...
  14. N

    Huge Project - Western Flyer - Help?

    Hello! I chanced upon this forum while looking for information on this Western Flyer a co-worker gave me. I'm totally in love with it but don't know the first thing about it. Couldn't find much with a google search about it, either. She definitely needs a lot of work. Anyone have some decent...
  15. T

    Help Western Flyer bicycle

    Found an old western flyer bicycle in pieces in a shed and was hoping to restore it to its former glory! Any help with what this bicycle is would be greatly appreciated! Missing pedals and other misc. pieces as well
  16. kevin x

    Western Flyer Sturmey TCW

    Hello, Please help with a little info on this bike. Is it a Raleigh? Is the SA TCW hub safe to ride? If not what should I replace it with? The Sheldon Brown site says these hubs are unreliable and sometimes unsafe because the brake might not work if the hub gets stuck between two gears. I am...
  17. Dave Stromberger

    1964? Western Flyer Buzz Bike

    Looking for some help from the muscle bike experts. I only have this one photo... may buy the bike on Saturday. Going by the photo, is this a '64? Did it have fenders originally? Thinking about buying it for my nephew who turns 7 soon.
  18. H

    Withdrawn Selling Out Entire Pre-War Parts Collection One Lot!

    I have decided to sell most of my pre-war bike collection including my inventory of 11 wooden cannon ammo boxes full of Pre-War bicycle parts. Great inventory for builds or that needed part and some really cool stuff like NOS Silver King spokes in the box among others in original boxes...
  19. swhirstein

    Western Flyer Hi Lo For Sale / Trade

    I have a unknown year (Anyone know how to date these please let me know) Western Flyer Hi Lo for sale or trade. Would like $300 obo. Prefer pick-up. I can meet any weekend within a reasonable driving distance. Would consider shipping at buyers expense. Located in Davenport, Iowa. (Quad Cities)...
  20. S

    Western Flyer brake question

    I'm working on my X53 girly bike and note that the brake anchor arm says Western Flyer. Who actually made this setup? Thanks George
  21. Vintage Paintworx

    Girls western flyer, prewar

    I pulled the Morrow out if the back wheel, never got around to lacing up the ND. I have the rear hoop, tire and spokes. All you need is a hub and seat. A very light bike, easy to ride since no rack or tank. Has the arched seat tube. $100.00 picked up in Whittier.
  22. A

    Western Flyer skip tooth

    Western Flyer skip tooth bicycle looking to find out the year of a I purchased series number FOOO24. Any help appreciated
  23. TheFizzer

    Sold Western Flyer x53 or Murray Reflector

    Nice rear reflector and housing. $110 shipped to lower 48 via PayPal
  24. R

    Murray built western flyer

    Has anyone seen this s# or know where to get info.
  25. B

    Odd vintage men's Western Flyer, possibly 1960s ?

    Hi all, I've had a vintage Western Flyer bike for a few years now, and I've began to look into selling it as I no longer have space for it. I've done a ton of research but I can't seem to figure out the exact model or details about the bike. I'm thinking that it's a 1960 model, but other than...
  26. bobcycles


    This is just an unbelievable find. 1941 original owner Shock ease fork long tank bike that resided its entire life in the farm town of Taft Calif. and story goes belonged to a girl whose mother rode her to school on the bike in the 1940s and had sat in storage ever since. As found the handle...
  27. lgrinnings

    Sold 1940 CWC Western Flyer 26-tooth men’s chainring

    This 1940 CWC Western Flyer 26-tooth men’s chainring retains very nice original chrome. An ideal chainring if you need one, or a sweet upgrade for short money. $30 shipped in the US. Payment via PayPal family and friends is preferred. Please review pictures closely and message me if interested...
  28. AndyA

    Western Flyer followed me home. Can I keep it?

    Murray-built girls Western Flyer Cosmic Flyer. Clone of 1964-65 J.C. Higgins Spaceliner. Complete with Spaceliner-type crank cover, tank, and rear rack. Maybe I'll spiff it up so that my wife can ride with me when I'm on my 1960 Flightliner.
  29. stoney

    Sold **$28.00 shpd. ** WESTERN FLYER SPEEDO

    Plastic chrome housing, cable measures 26 1/2" to center of mount hole for wheel. Has a 1/2" crack on bezel edge on the side. Really can't see from straight on. . Also some spotting on the plastic chrome. Needle moves when spun. PAYPAL $59.00 shipped POST ON THREAD PLEASE
  30. rickyd

    Western Flyer?

    Badge robbers beat me to this one. I associate this chain ring with Western Flyer badged bikes, is that correct? Holes are vertical and 2 5/8 apart. Thanks Rick
  31. T

    Prewar Western Flyer? Age/year help please

    Trying to find some help on finding the age of this Western Flyer I purchased recently? Serial #51212. Your help would be very much appreciated thanks.
  32. S

    Western flyer bicycle identification help needed

    I need help with identification of this bike I was given I will try to post pics. I am new to this forum. It has MO Stamped on the crank housing along with.23×10 and 106811 below that.Any help would be appreciated greatly
  33. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn Western Flyer X53

    $1250 shipped in the USA
  34. 3-speeder

    Ladies Western Flyer Super in Saline, MI on CL

    not mine. They're asking 200
  35. kirk thomas

    3 spd Western Flyer in NY I can pick up and ship for you.
  36. partsguy

    Reduced NOS Rims!

    Here's a lil somethin' that is getting very scarce today. Vintage, NOS chrome rims from the 50s. I originally bought these from the Hearn Bros, and intended to use them on a Radiobike. I decided to go with the original zinc finish. This is a pair of vintage 26" new old stock rims. They are 1...
  37. mrg

    Sold 1941 Western Flyer (Shelby) klunker

    1941 Shelby built Western Flyer, old repaint, good rider, frame, badge, crank & sprocket original everything else newer. $150 local pickup
  38. rodeo1988

    Western flyer little bike

    Can some tell me if this little bike is original parts or someone built this with different parts? I will like to know if worth to save or going to scrap metal,,THANK YOU
  39. S

    Western Flyer

    Need help with original Western Flyer. Cleaning out parents garage and found my sisters old bike. I’ve attached pics of serial numbers on bottom of bike. I know for a fact it’s an original Western Flyer purchased between 1960-196. So can someone help determine model and reasonable value...
  40. T

    Western Flyer Seat

    Very nice Western Flyer Seat. Bright colors, great condition. Should clean up nice. $75 or decent offer plus shipping.
  41. Mike Franco

    Old western flyer

    I picked up this old Western Flyer frames seems to be about the 50s but I am trying to date the tank it's a 20 in frame doesn't quite fit the frame it's a bit tight
  42. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Speedometer - Western Flyer $20 shipped

    PM for any additional information. $30 shipped to US address. $25 pick up in San Diego

    FS original Western Flyer X 53

    Selling one of my highly collectible and favorite bicycles A original Western Flyer X 53 this is one of the ones that everybody is looking for very nice condition for its age... original light original grips original rear reflector with spear original paint... bike is exactly the way I...
  44. V

    Western Flyer from Western auto

    Inherited adult girls Western Flyer bike late 1980s not sure age of bike then. Great + condition seldom used til I got it. Some rust (typical Fla.) Nothing major. Best ride ever! Smooth, fast, easy. Tires/wheels, seat & grips replaced. Want to add original to its era any accessories available &...
  45. T

    Sold X53 Tank ---nice (Western Flyer )

    Nice old X53 Western Flyer Tank with horn, Good chrome 400.00 shipped to the 48
  46. T

    Sold X53 Headlight Western Flyer

    Original X53 Western Flyer Head Light. The spring tab attach clip at the rear of the top is broken. Pictures are the best description. 250.00 shipped to the 48.

    Sold Western Flyer Tires

    26 x 2.125 These are really nice and soft tires. I’m not sure if these have ever been riden. There is some light cracking on the sidewall of one. Once inflated it shouldn’t have any negative affect. $100 plus shipping
  48. rollfaster

    Western Flyer Super

    Carcass. Would anyone know the year?
  49. S

    Western Flyer Curved Braces

    Starting work on my Western Flyer project. Need a curved brace for the forward position on the front fender. They may all be the same on the front and rear I can't say for a fact ? Would also like the curved braces for the rear pod style rack. The straight ones I have will work, might even be...
  50. Tyler Rice

    Western Flyer Super

    Really like this bike!