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  1. Krakatoa

    SWEET Prewar Badges! ~ Manton Smith CWC Westfield! PLUS 1966 CT Bike Plate GLASTONBURY!

    Prices are shipped! 1.Nice SUNRACER badge w/og screws! $45 Thanks for the heads up Sean! Looks like the Sunracer was a Hibbard & Co Hardware store badge found on Manton & Smith and Snyder built bicycles 2. CWC Fleet Wing w/og screws $35 3. WESTFIELD early perforated w/og screws $65 4...
  2. Mountain Trail Andy

    Men's Pre-War 1929 Wood Rim Westfield Crescent Motobike

    For sale is my men's pre-war wooden wheel Westfield Crescent Jr. Roadster Motobike with an 18" frame, as compared to the Roadster model with either a 20" or 22" frame. This is original paint with remnants of the painted white stripe on the center of the fenders. The blue paint on the BB is the...
  3. Cruzn62

    Found 1941 Westfield

    Looking for a pair of 1941 Peaked men’s Westfield fenders. The ones on the bike are not correct. If possible patina is preferred Thanks
  4. patmcclerren2

    Nice 1934 Westfield motobike frame

    Nice straight low miles 1934 westfield motobike frame, no cracks, dents etc. Surface rust only, nice frame. Might even be able to dig up some cranks,chain ring, stem, bars, seat and forks if someone might be interested in it more so that way, price will go up though.
  5. D

    ISO Parts for my Stem

    Looking for a few bolts for my stem. Not sure of what the exact name is for each but have a picture of the stem and bolts needed. I also need a bolt that tightens the frame around the seat post. The bike is a prewar westfield, 1936 I believe. Any information would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Krakatoa

    Sold 1945 Westfield Men's 26" Civilian Blackout Ballooner!

    Offered is this nicely preserved 1945 J serial N overcode Men's 26" balloon Civiian model. It sports many blackout finish parts: Torrington script 22" paperboy bars with 'R' stem and turned wood grips, headset and bottom bracket hardware, turned seatpost, 26 t skiptooth gear, Westfield front hub...
  7. Krakatoa

    ~ Prewar Westfield Columbia 26" Lightweight Forks! ~

    These are from the mid 1930's and are in good condition. Your choice $50 each shipped Add $25 to rethread and cut to length with keyway cut Black 7 7/8" steering tube Siver 6 1/2" steering tube Red 7 7/8" steering tube
  8. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Prewar Elgin Westfield Columbia 28" Fork! ~

    Nice straight mid 1930's 28" fork. From a Westfield Columbia Elgin ladies bicycle. Current headtube length is 8.25". Complete headset included bearings are poor. SOLD thank you CABE!
  9. Krakatoa

    ~ WW2 Era Westfield Columbia Blackout Parts Assortment! ~

    Great hard to find WW2 era Westfield Columbia 26" balloon tire bike parts! Moderate discount available for multiple items. Prices INCLUDE Shipping! 1. Torrington 18 Blackout men's pedal set crusty not redone but shafts spin straight and the black plating is still visible SOLD 2. 24t bean...
  10. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ WW2 Era Westfield Columbia Flatbrace Fenderset for 26" Ballooner! ~

    C 1945 Westfield Columbia flat brace fenderset for "26 ballooner fits men's and women's bikes. Very nice set with flat braces straight with og blue paint. SOLD
  11. Krakatoa

    ~ WW2 Era Torrington Blackout Handlebar Setup 26" Ballooner! ~

    Great original WW2 era blackout handlebar setup for 26" ballooner. Period correct for Westfield Columbia and others. Torrington 'R' blackout stem Torrington blackout bars 22" w 3.75" rise 10" pull Blackout wood grips $165 shipped
  12. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ WW2 Era Westfield Columbia Fork for Ballooner! ~

    C 1945 Westfield Columbia 26" ballooner fork from a ladies model. Very nice super straight and with good threads. The current tube dimension is 7 3/4" from crown top/lower race to top of tube. SOLD
  13. dave429

    Sold Westfield Columbia Dogleg Crankset with complete Bottom Bracket

    Westfield Columbia dog leg crankset from a men’s 1946 bike. Has the complete bottom bracket including the bearing cups. Torrington bearings. Chrome on crankset is pretty much gone, chainring is decent but has some pitting. Would be great for a rider or rechrome and show! Asking $65 shipped...
  14. Demzie

    Repop Torpedo Fender Light

    There's a dozen or better styles of Fender lights,. Handlebar lights and even some horns that are repopoed over the years.. Columbia five stars.. Schwinn trains.. Monark trains.. A few winged styles of the Torpedos.. The list goes on. Did NO ONE repop the original Torpedo Fender light that...
  15. oldmtrcyc

    Columbia Westfield with wooden rims

    I bought this a few years ago because I needed the seat. Things have changed since, but I would still like to know when it was built. I am guessing 1905, give or take. Bike is very light. It still needs a good cleaning. I meant to look at the serial number but got distracted. Saddle says...
  16. DJF

    Happy new year! Help me find a 1914 - 1924 Tall frame Indian or Westfield

    Hello, I am trying to find a Westfield built bike from 1914 - 1924 tall frame roadster, one top bar, will pay fair price. Paying more if equipped with leaf spring fork and any other goodies. I hope this brings a good year to all who read it. Thanks
  17. Jim Barnard

    Poll question regarding a SWAP MEET on Mother's Day.

    See Poll Question below. I need lots of responses to make the right decision. This means not holding back if the answer ins a negative one. I would like 50 responses, so tell all the kids. Answer based on the Mother's Day aspect and not how far you are from Westfield. Poll closes in 10 days.
  18. M

    Westfield built Barnes

    Hi guys I'm new here, I recently picked a Westfield built Barnes 28" with flared front fender ,I would like to know the year. I'm assuming early 20s s# L43521 I need an expert opinion thanks.
  19. Slick4d4d

    Cleaning up my new Westfield.

    Hello fellow Cabers, I'm looking for some advice on what to use to clean up the the original paint on this 1930's Westfield bike. It looks good in the pictures because it is wet but the water dries and it is dull dingy looking. I want that wet look all the time but I don't want to damage the...
  20. T

    Need help identifying Westfield bicycle

    Hey guys, This is my first post and my first vintage bicycle. So any info or tips are greatly appreciated! So I bought this bike this week with the intention of making an Indian replica type motorized bicycle. That being said, I really hate to start until I know more about what it is I...
  21. Krakatoa

    Bike Riding in the East

    Shout out to @Kstone and the Philly crew!
  22. tech549

    Sold 1935 westfield elk badged

    35 westfield balloon 26 inch tire,raingutter fenders all original paint 600.00 shipped without the light and battery tube


    Hello fellow cabers ,looking for an original Columbia / Westfield tank and rear rack for a 1940-41 mens bicycle. No repro..all original Blue if possible ,BUT will take what you got ..Horn unit too.. Let me know what you have ...
  24. cyclingday

    Westfield employee badge.

    Ok, which ever one of you guys, that won this auction, I will quintuple your profit margin on it. I had this on my watch list, and remembered about it just as it was ending. Uggh! $27.00 dollars! Come on! Unfortunately, I've inadvertently started collecting cycle industry employee badges, and...
  25. rustjunkie

    Sold Westfield G519 WWII Military Bike Truss Rod Plate

    good condition, ready to refinish or rock it as-is. $60/shipped tracked & insured
  26. Euphman06


    I'm thinking Westfield, but I'd like to learn more about this age of bike.
  27. ADVHOG

    1942 Westfield Wings Hi-way Patrol

    I finished up my Westfield Wings badged bike today and took some pics. It came to me a complete bike with original paint. The right side definitely sat facing the weather for a long time. I broke it down and gave it an OA bath. I acquired a tank off eBay that was house painted. I stripped it...
  28. B

    Westfield compax paratrooper bike value.

    Looking at a bike for sale. wanting to know how much it's worth so I don't overpay. thanks for the help. Big Moe
  29. carlitos60

    FS: Racycle Badge (Westfield?)

    $46 Shipped! OBO PM!
  30. locomotion

    Sold .

  31. whizzer kid

    Columbus-Prewar Westfield headbadge f/s

    Nice original headbadge , In great condition Comes with screws 45 shipped //PayPal as friends preferred// Thanks
  32. alecburns

    Just had a revelation on my '41 Westfield...

    When I got this bike 2 years ago, the owner had told me that the original paint had faded to a light blue, from the dark blue and dark red with white pinstripes as it originally was. I took this as the truth and got a deal on the bike, took it hoe, put it in them room and didn't pay any mind to...
  33. S

    Sold DOUBLE D crankset and pedals westfield indian..pope

    DOUBLE D crankset westfield, indian, pope...others......includeds pedals and cones $ 73 shipped.
  34. John Gailey

    Blackhawk, Westfield, Rollfast tank

    Does anybody out there have a tank that fits this frame style? I'm not a purist, but would like the tank to put the power in for my light display. Condition not very important. Regards
  35. Jay81

    Sold Prewar Columbia Westfield Aluminum Hornlite

    Untested. Mounting nut was missing when I got it, but I found one that works. The mounting stud threads were a little rough in a couple spots but have been cleaned up enough to get the nut to thread on and off. Over all a nice aluminum hornlite for your prewar Columbia. I have seen the same...
  36. kirk thomas

    Sold 1939 Westfield built Rugby men's, $400shipped

    I found this bike today. It is a Westfield built bike with a Rugby headbadge. The paint on this is in very nice condition. I have not even wiped it down yet. The tires are like new Goodyear Airwheel G-3's. The seat is in great condition. The bike serial number is F10 xxxxx. I would like $500...
  37. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ ~ INDIAN Bicycle DD Crank & Chainring Westfield Men's! ~ ~ ~

    Super cool rare parts here! Crank & chainring from a post 1915 Westfield built Indian bicycle for Hendee Mfg. Springfield MA.. True 7" DD crank with 26 tooth DD chainring Crank is straight with good pedal threads, and crank threads. Races go on and off as they should. Significant wear and...
  38. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ WTB Pre War WESTFIELD 26" Balloon Fork in OG Blue Paint ~ ~

    Please like this as shown. Will consider women's for so long as cross section if fork leg is a stout. See pics red fotk is also balloon 26" but off Women's and has more slender arms. Blue fork has heavier larger cross section. Thanks, Nate
  39. whizzer kid

    Very old chain rings F-S// Westfield ect.

    Here I have 4 rings for sale , all used condition. Sure can be used again A& B approx 8.5” 8o shipped C 8.25” The keeper hole has a little slipping wear . 40 shipped Last the smaller one , is 7.25” and looks to me a Miami possibly..? 50 shipped Thanks for looking
  40. S

    Pre war Westfield mens

    All original not sure of the year, but the frame is sound and in great shape. The original blue paint has seen it's days however. Asking $380.00 PLUS shipping
  41. pedalpower17

    30s Westfield Chain Ring

    Either the "bean" or the "coffin" type. Chain ring only. 26 tooth. Cash or trade for pictured ring (only ring), which I suspect is 1910s Davis built.
  42. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ POST COPAKE SPECIAL SOLD! Sweet Westfield Pre War Ballooner Frame Straight Downtube! ~

    Moving along a few cool project frames tonight! Here is a very nice og paint E/G serial Westfield badged pre war 26" ballooner frame with straight downtube and dropstand ears. A good candidate for a G519 style MIL tribute bike. Solid and straight with nice dropouts, seatpost bolt, 7 seatpost...
  43. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ POST COPAKE SPECIAL SOLD! Cool Postwar Hudson Badged Westfield Ballooner Frame! ~

    Moving along a few cool project frames today! Here is a neat post war HUDSON badged Westfield 26" balloner frame. Solid and straight with nice dropouts, incorporated kickstand, seatpost bolt, headset and bb cups. I have the og crank and skiptooth sprocket in my chainrings & cranks ad. PM me if...
  44. mongeese

    Columbia westfield prewar headset torrington bearings

    35 shipped from Wisconsin. Complete headset.
  45. U

    G519 Westfield Columbia parts finishes

    Hi Guys, Is there some one who can tell me what the correct finishes are of the following parts: seat post, crank nuts, headset nuts and bearing cups, pedal metal parts, spokes. Thanks in advance, Brett.
  46. Nickinator

    Sold Half Moon Bars Elgin JCH Murray Westfield +

    Pretty nice, look straight. A few spots of chrome loss and scratches. Hard to find, especially in nice condition. 23" across. $75 shipped if PP no fees, or $79 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  47. Jay81

    Sold Prewar 1937 Westfield Peaked Fenders

    1937 Westfield peaked fenders with flat braces and drop stand clip. Original paint. Mounting tab on rear fender needs repair (see pics) $60 shipped in the lower 48 Paypal as friends or USPS money order
  48. Jay81

    Sold Prewar 1937 Westfield Chainguard

    Original paint $55 shipped in the lower 48 Paypal as friends or USPS money order
  49. cds2323

    Westfield military bike picture from 1956

    @Mercian requested that I post this picture that I had posted in my old photo album here in the military forum. It's a color slide from 1956. It was labeled Hawaii, 1956 USMC soldier and Jeep. The bike looks to be a Westfield built Columbia.
  50. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ WW2 Era Blackout Hubs ~ New Departure, Morrow, Westfield, Bendix! ~ ~

    Great Blackout hub selection today @Krakatoa! These are in a raw as harvested state and have been surface cleaned only~ 1. ND D SOLD 2. ND WL SOLD 3. ND W SOLD 4. Morrow O1 36 13 SOLD 5. Westfield SOLD 6. Bendix SOLD