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  1. L

    Chrome Skiptooth Wheel Set Wheels WheelSet

    Chrome Skiptooth 26 inch Wheel Set Musselman D (rear) coaster hub pretty nice chrome. They have not been soaked or polished , they are as found, Tires appear OG , meaning it does not look as tho tires have ever been of the rim so I cant say what the inside ofr rims looks like. All i have...
  2. mongeese

    Reduced Nice Park truing stand

    Works great. 140 plus actually shipping cost from Wi. Price has been editted. It is very heavy. Just realized the ship cost will be more significant than I first realized.
  3. locomotion

    Sold Original wheel set off an 1930's Elgin Twin 40

    Original wheel set off an 1930's Elgin Twin 40 thanks
  4. frank 71

    Sold 1948 Schwinn No Knurl Wheel Set $289.00 - $250.00-$210.00

    Hard to find in any Condition. This Set is in very very good Condition, A little chrome pitting on the front Wheel, one curb ding & one other ding on the front wheel. Rear Wheel has Excellent Chrome, & one small ding. Hubs appear to be in very good Condition, Some pitting on the front hub...
  5. spomalley86

    Prewar autocycle rear wheel morrow hub

    26 skip tooth morrow hub with an autocycle rear rim, rim is free of major dents. Color looks to be very good, I cleaned a few areas and the chrome looks pretty good, definitely covered in some house paint. Ther hub might need some fine tuning. Stamped f3 36 13 . Asking 125 plus ship obo
  6. spomalley86

    Lobdell- monark silver king 24 inch triple step rear wheel nd hub

    This rim is in excellent shape, no major dents or dings, not pitted at all. This rim was stored in a dry barn for a number of years. The little black spots are grease from scrubbing the hub. 125 plus shipping obo
  7. S

    Sold 1891 original ad Overman wheel

    1891 original ad from news periodical. $ 10 shipped
  8. bricycle

    FS Tens/Teens 22" Victor? TRUSS. (Overman Wheel Co?)long wheelbase

    Tens/Teens 22"tall Victor? TRUSS. 28' wheels, Over $1400+ invested. Low serial # 11** A buyer crapped out and I received this in trade. (I hope he misses it). $899.95 plus shipping. (Bike flights?) Domestic only sorry. Disclosures: left fork leg had been straightened at some time, and could use...
  9. S

    $44 shipped 3 speed Sturmey Archer wheel 1963 aw. and shifter off Schwinn

    3 speed rear wheel S.A. 1963 a.w. off schwinn, and shifter S.A. $44 shipped
  10. T

    1951 Schwinn Cycletruck Delivery Bike S-2 Wheel Large Basket Typhoon Cord Tires

    1951 Schwinn Cycletruck Delivery Bike S-2 Wheel Large Basket Typhoon Cord Tires On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1951-Schwinn-Cycletruck-Delivery-Bike-S-2-Wheel-Large-Basket-Typhoon-Cord-Tires/113283688723?
  11. lgrinnings

    1940 Morrow 26" drop-center wheel set

    This 26" drop-center wheel set came off a 1940 CWC Western Flyer. Rims have been repainted red (original color was maroon) but don’t appear to have spent any time out in the weather. Rear hub is a Morrow coaster with a J-1 (January, 1940) date designation. Rear 10-tooth cog shows very minor...
  12. TheFizzer

    Reduced Worksman Wheel Set

    Heavy duty 26” Worksman wheel set. Good working nexus 3 speed and good working front drum brake. Nice straight wheels. Shifter cover is missing but works great. $175 plus shipping
  13. Maskadeo

    Schwinn Front Whizzer Wheel Drum Brake

    Front Schwinn S2 Tubular wheel with drum brake. Rim may clean up more, no curb dings. Brake functions. Goodyear G3 cracked and should be replaced if riding. $300 shipped CONSUS. Friends and family.
  14. tech549

    Withdrawn 28 inch wheel set

    28 inch wheel set,chainlink tires that still hold air.should clean up $325.00 shipped
  15. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Motomag wheel set F and R

    20 inch wheel set. 275.00 shipped
  16. jkent

    Reduced Drop Center wheel set with Snake Belly tires.

    I have a super nice set of original painted drop center 24" wheels with a decent set of Carlisle lightning Dart Snake belly tires. Wheels are very true and in really nice shape. Tires have slight cracking but still very usable. Sorry, I don't have pictures right this minute, It will be tomorrow...
  17. J

    Found Looking for heavyweight frame/parts to match my wheel set

    Going to hold off until I know what the hell I'm doing.
  18. stingrayjoe

    20" Chrome Drop Center Front Wheel and hoop Huffy Musclebike & others

    Please PM direct do not post replies or comments here thanks! Front wheel in good shape with good chrome, hoop nice chrome all but one larger section with a bad area. $45. for the pair plus shipping in lower 48 USA
  19. bricycle

    Elgin Cycle Motor / Muncie Cycle Motor

    Besides the one Dan was selling, anyone else have one? (not that I wish to buy, per say, more curious than anything) I had 3 "just powerheads" not long ago myself, so I know some are out here... :cool: 53 177 237 411 556 1030 views
  20. ratdaddy

    Raleigh chopper stingray steering wheel bars

    no still has tag on them 16 wide 12 tall.nice original chrome.120 plus a little shipping to lower 48 states from Paris tx.pp to f&f.pms only don't post here
  21. S

    Withdrawn Campy light wt wheel set

    Campy record hubs, 700c clincher campy strada and mavic g40 rims ,6speed freewheel , Delta scewers. Specialized transition tires. $72 shipped obo.....48 states
  22. kirk thomas

    Manual Bendix 2 speed wheel set in NY

    https://syracuse.craigslist.org/bop/d/1960s-bendix-2-speed-26-hub/6606843407.html I can pick up and ship
  23. Krakatoa

    Smith Motor Wheel + Colson!

    This looks pretty amazing! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1917-Smith-Motor-Wheel-28-Colson-Bike/292586981578?hash=item441f8b08ca:g:31AAAOSwvDpbEIFP @fordmike65
  24. ADReese

    Sold 26" chrome S2 wheel pair

    Rider quality set of Schwinn S2 wheels. Came from a house painted '50 ladies bike that I used for parts. Front wheel wheel has script hub. I replaced the axle, but only have one axle nut. Chrome is nice but is hazy and has some areas that have been scrubbed aggressively in the past. Rear wheel...
  25. Slick4d4d

    Repurposed antique 26" bike wheel, should it remain repurposed or restored?

    So I found this antique bike wheel, repurposed into a gaming wheel, at a local flea market, the approximate measurements are 26" diameter, 4" hub width (not include bolt ends) and 1.5" rim width. As you can see it has a wood ring, missing a piece, screwed to it. They did a clean job attaching...
  26. MsRock2

    Wood / metal front wheel 26" Single Tube

    Missing a couple of spokes $50.00 plus shipping PM for more or pick up free in San Diego
  27. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ $40 Shipped! TOC Overman Wheel Company VICTOR Cycles Framed Magazine Ad! ~ ~

    TOC Overman Wheel Company framed original full page magazine ad from a Harper's Weekly. Approximately 11" x 16". Some old staining and small hole as shown. SOLD
  28. KevinsBikes

    TOC Cleveland Shaft Drive Rear Wheel or Hub

    I need to affix this gear/cog to something or find a rear wheel. Thanks for any literature as well, what this is?
  29. carlitos60

    Plymouth & Lobdell 28" x 7/8" Wood Racing Wheels

    Plymouth and Lobdell 28" x 7/8" Wood Racing Wheel Set!! Front BSA Hub, Rear Hub Unk. Rear is Slightly Thicker! Nicely Straight! $350 Shipped
  30. carlitos60

    1898-1905 Racing Wheel (Fat Hub)

    RARE, Up for Grabs! 32 Spokes V Racing Wheel, 28" x 1" OD x 6/8" i.d. Straight, But Needs Up/Down Adjustment! Perfect Join! $275 Shipped! OBO
  31. MotoMagz

    Front&Rear drum brake wheel set Worksman

    Mostly new worksman 11 gauge spoked 26” drum brake wheel set.Front drum brake gently used with new spokes ...New rear singlespeed freewheel and drum brake. Rear has used axle nuts .set has light scratches from storage New 26x2.125 tires and tubes $350 shipped
  32. MsRock2

    Sold TOC wood front wheel and tire

    28" Rim is really beautiful, tire is not really rideable. $100.00 - PM for info... can pick up or mail. San Diego area.
  33. tjkajecj

    Sold Painted Schwinn S-2 Wheel set

    Cream with black accent, lots of patina, front hub - Schwinn script, back hub – Bendix skip tooth. $85 – local pickup preferred, can possibly arrange shipping for an additional cost. PayPal for payment PM if interested. Tim
  34. MotoMagz

    Worksman rear drum brake wheel

    New 26” rear drum brake wheel with 11 gauge spokes ...strong wheel! single speed free wheel... Wheel is new and does have some light scratches and is dusty from storage. Axle nuts and freewheel are not original but work just fine! Thanks $200 Shipped wheel is heavy
  35. carlitos60

    TOC Tire with Wheel Blk/White

    Up for Grabs, Pliable but Leaks the Air Fast! NICE for Display!!! with Broken TOC Wheel! $175 Shipped!
  36. robert bell

    triple drop wheel rims

    what bikes came with triple drop rims??
  37. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: 28" Wood Wheel with Period Goodyear Tire

    The wood has just a few traces of paint left. The tire has been holding air for a few months, but there is a lot of side wall cracking so probably best for display only. Spokes are tight and the wheel seems nearly true. $110 shipped or best offer.
  38. carlitos60

    Sold FS: TOC Wood Clincher Wheel

    I Have this TOC Wood Clincher Wheel w a ND Model M Hub!! Not Using It!! Great Shape for Age!! 90% Straight!! $190 Shipped!! OBO
  39. robert bell

    lobdell wheel question on prewar hawthorn

    restoring a 1941 snyder built hawthorn comet. original add says lobdell wheels, did lobdell make another profile of rim in 41 other than the flat ones like on 41 schwinns??
  40. robert bell

    39 zep wheel help

    what is the correct profile wheel rim for a CWC built 39 hawthorn zep?
  41. pedalpower17

    Pair of Prewar Westfield/Columbia Rear Wheel Adjuster Screws

    Straight and good threads, but also some patina. Not new and shiny. If from a Westfield frame, perfect!
  42. 49autocycledeluxe

    how much does it cost in your area to have a wheel re-spoked??

    tried to true up my S-2 wheel on my old Schwinn. most of the spoke nipples would not turn easily so I soaked them all with PB Blaster. later tried again and after the 3rd spoke broke without unscrewing the nipple I decided to get all new spokes. went to a local bike shop to see what it would...
  43. T

    Eagle High Wheel Roadster

    I am interested in purchasing an Eagle High Wheel Roadster, either a Jim Spillane reproduction (preferred) or an original. Please contact me via email at: namreblo@aol.com
  44. F

    Schwinn Fastback S-5 Rear wheel

    A straight 5 speed wheel with good chrome would be great. Please send me a P.M. with a picture and price. Thanks
  45. kirk thomas

    Sold Wheel Locks & a few Adjusters& nuts.$18shipped

    Here is another draw of stuff. There is old wheel locks and a few chain adjusters an nuts. I would like $10 plus $8 shipping.
  46. R

    WANTED: Porcupine front hub in clad 28" wheel.

    I'm wondering if any one may have a porcupine front hub or a line on a wheel with one... I'd need the ball end spokes too. I have a '98 Cleveland it has the rear but a newer new departure on the front. A wooden clad painted wheel with a hub would be ideal. Thanks for any help! I do have...
  47. stoney


    Hello all. I posted this in For Sale. Anyone know what make High Wheel.
  48. kreika

    Sold 24 in drop center wheel set

    What came on a Silverking I had once. Bike is gone, wheels turn now.....24in silver painted drop centers with a Musselman Model M rear hub. Front unmarked. If I recall the rear hub needs service. It would go around a rotation then grab, same for braking. :eek: Front has axle nuts, back no nuts...
  49. stoney

    Sold **$115.00** 1880's 1890's HIGH WHEEL CABINET CARD PHOTO

    Great image on a nice cabinet. Rider is all duded up. From a Raleigh area estate sale. Name on back looks like Orlo F. Ashbury Sr. Measures 4 1/4" x 6 1/2" PAYPAL $140.00 best offer shipped
  50. R

    30's 40's Schwinn paramount Track wheel

    Rear wheel as found. Needs to be regreased. Spins straight! $200bucks