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  1. B

    Pre-War Elgin 26" Twin Bar wheels/ tires- good condition.

    Pre-War Elgin 26" Twin Bar wheels with tires. Good condition, tires hold air. $100 for the wheels/ tires, plus + $40 for shipping anywhere within the continental US. Please view all photos below, and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Thank you for looking.
  2. G

    Need help!!

    Bit of a long shot but can anyone help me, I’ve bought these two community playthings tricycles but I need to find 4 new back wheels and two slip on pedals, anyone have any idea where I could find these. Will be much appreciated
  3. L

    Chrome Skiptooth Wheel Set Wheels WheelSet

    Chrome Skiptooth 26 inch Wheel Set Musselman D (rear) coaster hub pretty nice chrome. They have not been soaked or polished , they are as found, Tires appear OG , meaning it does not look as tho tires have ever been of the rim so I cant say what the inside ofr rims looks like. All i have...
  4. L

    Sold late 1950s Schwinn Tubular S-7 Wheelset wheel set Painted Enameled Uniroyal Airflight 1x 1 3/4

    Late 1950's wheelset from Schwinn Tornado Tubular S-7 Schwinn script and approved markings, as found, not done anything more than a quick clean to take pics and post enameled / Painted rims with good pinstipes June 2020 update: finally cleaned these wheels up and put them back on the...
  5. atencioee

    Sold Postwar Lobdell Wheel / Rim Set Schwinn, Hawthorne, Colson, etc

    Here is a nice set of postwar non-stamped flat Lobdell wheels, which were used on several vintage bikes including Schwinn, Colson, and Hawthorne among others. Several Schwinn bicycles had these from 1946 - 1948. Aside from the the dulled away chrome plating, the rims look good, there is very...
  6. atencioee

    Sold NOS Schwinn Tubular S-2 Wheels

    This is a beautiful wheel set of NOS S-2 rims that I acquired from Craig Morrow (Bicycleheaven) and never used them. These rims can be used on any of the Schwinn balloon bikes, including the Phantom, Panther, Starlet, Hornet, and Whizzer anong others. They are knurled with the stamping. $215...
  7. atencioee

    Found Non Knurled Schwinn Tubular S2 rims chrome or painted

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a set of original 26 inch 1948 non-knurled Schwinn Tubular S2 rims or wheels. Wheels can be either chrome or painted S2s. It's great if they are in decent condition, but even if not in the best of conditions I'm open to what you have. I don't necessarily need...
  8. dave429

    Sold Bendix Aviation Corp 2 speed shift lever w/cable

    Bendix lever with cable. Please examine pictures. $25 shipped from 54703 pp/ff as payment. NOW REDUCED TO $20 Shipped
  9. 28 x 1-1/2 Wheel

    28 x 1-1/2 Wheel

    I'm building 5 sets of wheels. This is 1 of 10. Going slower than what I prefer.
  10. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn 20" S-2 wheel set with tires - S2 rims

    Decent shape, restorable or use on a patina bike as-is. Rear rim has one ding, as seen in pic. Dirty, but will clean up. Tires may be rideable. Front is an Allstate, rear is factory original Schwinn Typhoon Cord. $120 shipped in the continental USA.
  11. mongeese

    Reduced 1890s wood wheel set very lightweight 28” toc

    315 or best offer from Wisconsin. Super lightweight. Rear is straight and front is wonky but still together. Comes with original chain adjusters. The cog is 1/4 . The chain is for sale in another thread.
  12. PlasticNerd

    Prewar Schwinn wheelset

    Looking for a decent set of drop center chrome wheels, rider quality. For a 38-39 motorbike. Morrow hub a plus.
  13. marius.suiram

    Sold Schwinn S2 set of wheels, late 40's NOW 90$

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price: 110$ plus shipping NEW PRICE: 90$ plus shipping Front hub marked Schwinn, the front wheel looks straight, no bents. Rear hub is New Departure model D. Missing one spoke. Skiptoo th sprocket. One ding as seen in...
  14. Z

    Schwinn wheels

    Front and rear wheels off of a old Schwinn bike. 25.00
  15. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Monark wheels

    These were removed from a 48 Monark, a little blue paint and striping showing through, Bendix front and rear hubs with the Acorn nuts. I've rode on them, they're pretty straight. $45.00 picked up in Whittier.
  16. vazlov

    20 year collection of parts for sale

    Closing my bike shop wanting to sell a whole lot of vintage bike parts, mostly Schwinn. Located 2 hours north of Seattle. No individual parts, all or nothing and must be picked up, no shipping. Keeping most of the bikes in the pix. Lots of Bendix two speed hubs, pedals, racks etc.. Divorce...
  17. marius.suiram

    Wheels for the '57 Jaguar?

    What wheels were on the 57 Jaguar? 3 speed, I think, but which model? The back rack is not original. What about the seat and fenders?
  18. bricycle

    Sold FS Tripple drop wheels

    Solid set of wheels. New Departure rear, unknown front. sorry for crappy pics, been dark and rainy out so garage lighting only option. Front true, rear has teeny blip where it probably hit curb. could use re-lube. $100.00 shipped domestic only. add $10.00 west of Rockies.... sorry.
  19. KingSized HD

    Drum brake wheels for your Phantom/klunker build

    https://bend.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-schwinn-town-and/6601335291.html $375 These are sweet expander hub wheels front and back, probably heavy duty spoke gauge too. I wouldn’t feel too bad about replacing them with standard cruiser wheels and selling the bike off, it’s so non-original it’s...
  20. stoney


    I have seen the deep smooth wheels and triple steps on Blackhawks---are there other wheels that are correct for the Blackhawk. Thanks all.
  21. MsRock2

    Reduced 26" wheels plus Bendix Hub $50

    I'm not certain that the rear brake on this set works so I'm including this Bendix hub set as part of the package... $50 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego. PM for sale, thanks for looking. Wheels came off a Speedway Special and the tires do not match.
  22. Tino

    Elgin twin bar head shroud

    Looking for an Elgin twin bar head shroud, thanks Tino
  23. D

    Tyres for 28" westwood rod brake wheels

    Id like to purchase wide tyres for my BSA military bike. 28 X 1 1/2 42 635 or 28 x 1 1/2 44 635 or possibly wider up to 47 without looking like a mountain bike tyre I purchased Continental 28 x 1 1/2 42 635 tyres from sjs.co.uk but these will not fit the rims. Can anyone tell of a website...
  24. ivrjhnsn

    Sold WHEELS Manufacturing PRESS 1 tool kit

    Up for grabs. This incredible bearing press kit from Wheels Manufacturing. See them on feebay for $250 and up, your chance to own this one for $175 shipped
  25. bricycle

    Reduced FS Raleigh 28's (about 3/8" taller than stantard 28" wheels)

    Set for rider TOC. why take a chance on old wood! $250.00 $275.00 shipped domestic only. For $30 more I'll put new rubber on them. 93 159 views
  26. S

    Sold TOC -TEENS Keystone road racer rider 27" wheels

    Vintage TOC -TEENS KEYSTONE ROAD RACER...would normally have 28" wheels, older 27x1 1/4" clinchers on with bendix coaster brake. ....as is shown.....$273 shipped 48 states. paypal cool friends or add 3%.
  27. ZE52414

    Sold Nice late model Schwinn s2 wheels

    Nice rideable heavy duty spoked s2 wheels. Tires not included. Asking 200$ shipped.
  28. slothagese

    Found ISO 16” 28 spoke wheels

    I’m needing a set of 16” 28 spoke hoops.
  29. ivrjhnsn

    1980's ROAD Wheels LIGHT Tubulars

    Up for sale. a set of high end road bike wheels from the mid 80's . American Classic hubs 28 hole , DT bladed spokes, SUN Mistral rims(one rim is a different year/stickers) , Continental LA tubular tires($200 each back in the day). Not used much as the rims show no brake wear. $90 shipped...
  30. MsRock2

    Sold 28" set of wheels from Heavy Service Bike $85

    Wheels came of bike - rear looks differnt due to coloring but I think they are the same. $85.00 + shipping for both - can't split up set. Tried to clean some grease up but still needs some love. PM for details or pick up in San diego.
  31. MsRock2

    Sold Set of wheels - 23" New departure front hub

    I'm not sure why the hubs are differnt brands... rims may be painted but look great. $60 + shipping.PM for info or pick up in San Diego
  32. rodeo1988

    Sold Prewar triple step new departure wheels set

    I bought this nice wheel set from the good guy nickimator last year but I never get to used, nice 26" ballon size New departure model D set they both nice and straight triple step also new lube was add to bearings after I bought them,,, $300 shipped to 48 lowers states PayPal paymet as friend...
  33. mongeese

    Complete set wood wheels with tires 28”

    Looking for 400 plus shipping from Wi. Wheels are fairly straight and spokes are a little loose so can be trued. House paint over pin striped wood do not think original paint is saveable. Tires are Gillette Ambassador. New departure A rear and ND front.
  34. mickeyc

    Wanted to trade-28" wheels

    I have a great set of non-clincher 28" steel wheels I would like to trade for a set of clincher 28" wheels in like condition. These wheels are straight, run true with no wobble, bearings feel smooth, all spokes good. The rear is New Departure but I am unable to determine the model of the hub...
  35. D

    Sold Schwinn S2 Wheels.

    Schwinn S2 wheels. The rims are real nice without having been cleaned yet. The spokes are ok but should be cleaned up or possibly replaced at some point in time. On the second photo you will see a ding and I believe that is the only one. The rear hub is a bendix and there is some rust on the...
  36. D

    Unidentified Painted Wheels with 2.125 tires

    I don't know the manufacturer of these wheels. $130.00 shipped in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  37. S

    Sale Pending Reasonable $ Schwinn parts bendix yellow 2 spd wheels ,carrier, wing guard

    1. one set of schwinn s-7 wheels used 3 yellow ring 2 spd rear brake hub. brick yard tire 2. 1.75. Front schwinn script hub and white wall schwinn tire. rims have some rust good for original bike restore. Tires hold air but cracking... $87shipped. 2. Front Schwinn mouse trap carrier, just need...
  38. rollfaster

    Webster on Wheels Sunday May 6

    Gateway Coasters will be in attendance with our vintage bicycles. Several of our guys did this last year and had a blast!
  39. Nickinator

    Sold Schwinn Chrome S-2 Wheels ~ Nice

    Double knurled, really nice shape with shiny chrome, a couple minor indents/scratches, better than you usually see. Stamped "Schwinn Tubular S-2". Hubs are very nice too. Bendix coaster, 1/2" (non-skip). Insides have some spots of rust but are solid. Don't know when they were last serviced...
  40. lounging

    Please i.d. These Wheels from a mid 1940's B6

    Please reply if you know the maker of these 26" wheels with a New Departure model D rear hub. thank you
  41. Glenn Rhein

    Early 60s S7 26 inch kick back wheels schwinn

    I spent about one minute with Some WD-40 and find steel wool and And they started to clean up really nice. Tires are OK and seem to hold air. $125 shipped
  42. Maskadeo

    Withdrawn Motorbike Frame Phantom Drum Wheels Tank B6 Memory Lane Ann Arbor

    nice set of early S2 wheels with drum, cable lever and old Goodyear blackwalls. Should clean up nice. $450 delivered at show. Great deal. You buy now! OG paint black and white B6 tank. Was on a bike but apparently not too long. No horn Very nice shape. $300 (sold) OG paint black phantom tank...
  43. Barto

    26" Stainless Steel Middleweight wheels

    FOUND!!!!!! I'm looking for a nice 26" Stainless Steel middleweight wheels. These will be going on my daughters build so must be in nice shape. Please PM me Bart
  44. Glenn Rhein

    Schwinn S2 26inch wheels white blue pin

    Should clean up a little better. $49 plus shipping $49 plus shipping
  45. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Red line hot wheels 1969 sand crab car

    Red redline hotwheels 25.00 shipped
  46. K

    S5 wheels with yellow band 2 speed

    ://thecabe.com/forum/threads/schwinn-s5-wheels-yellow-band-kickback.129327/ I also listed this in classifieds
  47. K

    Schwinn S5 wheels, yellow band kickback

    Decent set of 26" S5 wheels with original tires and the yellow 2 speed kickback hub. $150. Plus shipping
  48. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Ballooner Chrome Drop Center Wheels & Tires

    Good looking rider set. Chrome is pretty nice, some spots of chrome loss and scratches, see last 3 pics. Currently has a JC Higgins brake arm. Kenda white walls pretty nice and holding air, 26 x 2.125. Hubs pretty clean and nice chrome, spokes clean and nice as well. Have no idea what year they...
  49. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS 28” Wheels $139

    Solid pair of 28” wheels with display good year tires. Solid spokes, nice nickel plated ND hubs $139 shipped
  50. B

    28'' wheels for 1938 Elgin Motobike

    Need 28'' wheels for an Elgin motobike,currently has 26'' not sure they are correct.