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  1. A

    Various Classic Bikes for Sale

    I have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell, in addition to bike frames and bike parts (tubes, spokes, seats, bolts, tires). I understand there is a separate parts section which I will also list in, however I am looking to sell my collection in its entirety for a...
  2. Nickinator

    Sold Vintage Sears Stamped White Grips with Streamers

    Very nice condition. Grips are nice and white still, and have some flex to them. Came off an early postwar JC Higgins but may be 60's or later. Stamped SEARS. $30 shipped PP no fees, or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick (Double post- accidentally put in complete bikes, awaiting...
  3. bobcycles

    ULTRA RARE "GENERAL SILENT SAFETY" Nygen Cord WW 20 x 2.125 Wide White Wall Tires F/S

    Never mounted TIME Capsule Mint NOS 1940s balloon white walls for your 20" deluxe balloon Colson or whatever you decide fits! These are MINT and perfect.... 1 set available....maybe 2 ...for now just one available. 150.00 Plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com pm here
  4. S

    Ladies luxury liner pAint scheme?Was it only the blue and white?

  5. T

    Red And White Messinger Seat With Crash Rail

    Very nice Messinger seat. $75 or offer plus shipping.
  6. T

    Nice Green And White Seat

    Great condition. No name on it. Looks like it was never on a bike. $55 or offer plus shipping.
  7. prewarmachine

    Goodyear Air-wheel Red and white 20

    Hoping to track down a match to this little goodyear. Goodyear all weather Air-wheel red and cream 20x2.125. Some drying is alright, the bike will be mostly display, and an occasional rider. Let me know if you have something you wouldn't mind parting with! Thanks!
  8. J

    1962 White Schwinn Traveler

    Any info or value on a 1962 mens white Schwinn Traveler. Appears to be all original and in mint condition. Reminds me of the rare white Schwinn Corvette's from the same year.
  9. P


    Looking to buy a nice original white deep tufted seat for a 1965 Schwinn Stingray. Would pay $450.00 for a nice one. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com or call (419) 566-8401
  10. GTs58

    White 1959 Corvette Three Speed......eBay

    Not mine and the sellers name doesn't ring a bell. Bidding starts at $300. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-Corvette/273193961671?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  11. Aaron65

    Schwinn White Touch-up Paint?

    Hello, I'm new here but not new to old bikes; my current count is 19, including a Bicentennial Sting-Ray I picked up last week in Ann Arbor. It has some paint scuffs and dings I'd like to touch up, being that it's white and they're quite noticeable. Does anyone have a good color...
  12. Nickinator

    Sold NOS Vintage Red White & Blue Streamers

    Have a few sets of these vintage streamers. Not sure what decade they are from, I would guess somewhere between 1950-70's. Brand new in package- package is brittle and yellowed, and may be open in areas. I took a set out (see pic), and they look nice and new inside. Ends are metal wire/clips...
  13. Glenn Rhein

    Schwinn S2 26inch wheels white blue pin

    Should clean up a little better. $49 plus shipping $49 plus shipping
  14. Bajaway

    Lightning dart white wall

    Looking for a lone 26” white wall or possibly a pair thanks
  15. kreika

    Found Wanted: Single 26in Dropcenter Red with White pinstripe

    wanted: Thank you
  16. S

    Repro vintage 1950’s 1960’s 3/8’ Junior Toy Co. tricycle pedals white

    When I recently bought an early 1960’s AMF Junior Toy Company trike, I found the broken remains of a really cool pedal and decided to reproduce a close replica of it. Here it is. The pedals fit 3/8” crank arms. Two sizes are currently available. The larger size fits the original AMF Junior...

    Sold NOS 24 X 2.125 Us Royal Chain red chain thread 3 rib white wall tires $350 SHIPPED

  18. Slight_Rust_is_Accepted

    Wanted: 26" Monark Drop Center White W/ Black Stripe Wheel

    Looking for a matching wheel for my Monark Roadster. Really only need a hoop but will buy a whole wheel.
  19. mongeese

    White Troxel comfort guaranteed seat saddle

    50 shipped from Wisconsin.
  20. island schwinn


    Here is a rare matched pair of white Schwinns. Corvette was 59 only and Fairlady was a 2 year offering in white.both are original and in working order, but the Corvette will need tires soon.vette has 2 speed manual and Fairlady has 2 speed auto.ask if you need more pics.PM works best,I might...
  21. GWLW7272

    Sting-ray & Solo Polo Seat Restoration - Deep Tufted White NOS Persons Covers

    we have acquired a limited number of New Old Stock 1960's Vintage Persons Seat Covers for restorations...we have them available in: -White Deep Tufted - Black Deep Tufted -Black Diamond we can restore your seat ( Solo Polo or Sting-ray style ) with one of these covers for $300 plus...
  22. marius.suiram

    Carlisle Lightning Dart white wall tires 26 x 2.125

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 50 $ plus shipping. (The shipping goes till 30$ for west coast). The tires are not dry, but they are cracked where the black comes together with the white walls. As you can see in the pictures. The worst part is in...
  23. bikesnbuses

    Sold Post war Cordovan ribbed white wall tires F/S

    Great original uncleaned Cordovan ribbed white wall tires for sale. These are marked "Nylon" Dirty uncleaned some small cracks(easily seen when deflated) great for a display bike. Asking $75 shipped or trade for 80s skateboard stuff oe trade towards a Delta Roadblaster "rooster" horn...
  24. jungleterry

    Found Red white and blue Shelby

    Hello tammy and I would be looking for another boys to match this one or the ladies version if there out there . Please let us know what you have . Thank you terry and tammy
  25. jungleterry

    Ladies Shelby in red white and blue

    Wondering if anyone has a picture of the girls version of this one . Like to get one for my wife if they even made one . Let us know what's out there I think they refer to this color as americacolor or something like that . Thank you Terry and Tammy
  26. Krakatoa

    ~ CL Birmingham Red White Blue Western Flyer Huffman Ladies! ~

    Kinda cool... https://bham.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-antique-1950s-western/6507051852.html
  27. LarzBahrs

    White Solo polo

    For sale is a solo polo. Had the bottom cardboard / cloth cover off so it ended up getting touched up by a friend of mine before I got it. Top cover is in great shape with one indent, not a rip. Asking 70 plus shipping in the conus.
  28. Freqman1

    Sold Schwinn Stingray Grips White and Blue Sparkle

    White grips could use some Whestley's to clean them up. I believe correct for cotton Picker but I'm no expert so please do your own research. $18 shipped to lower 48 PP F&F A really nice pair of blue sparkle grips that need a light cleaning to be nearly perfect. $18 shipped to lower 48 PP...
  29. Freqman1

    Firestone White Walls and TOC Seat

    The tires are be pick-up/delivery only. I took a bunch of pics so you can see the condition. You should also notice that these are NOT a matched set. I would consider these display only. $175 PP F&F delivered to Commerce (Pedal to the Metal), Cleveland, TN (Get a Grip), or MLC/AA. These are some...
  30. zedsn

    white delta front fender light $60 shipped

    Have a nice (looks new) older repop? working delta front fender light for $60 shipped. Light has delta on the top cover but nothing on the lower side. PM if interested.
  31. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Patriotic Red White & Blue Banana Seat w/Sissybar! Sunday Special $45 Shipped!~ ~

    Cool vintage 1970's red white and blue sparkle banana seat with sissy bar. Good condition used seat, no rips! SOLD!
  32. partsguy

    '59 White Corvette, A Gentle Restoration

    It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full water bottle, we're wearing sun glasses, and we're riding a 1959 Schwinn. HIT IT! With a list of techniques to try on the frame, fork, and guard, most of my parts lined up, and a goal to have him done by mid spring, now is the time for another build...
  33. tommydale1950

    White Stingray

    I came across a White Sting Ray and was wondering how many years Schwinn offered this color . It looks to be og paint and is a single speed. It does have a slick on it .I will be getting the serial # later today...
  34. blincoe

    Goodyear white wall tires 20"

    Hello, looking for whitewall good year tires for my 20" Donald Duck. I need 2 sets but send me whatever you got please.
  35. Velo-dream

    NOS old white tires 700C- nice pattern- no reflection

    up for sale = a nice paire of NOS old white tires 28" = 700C- nice pattern- no reflection !! New Old Stock- Never Used 700C= ERTRO 622-37mm width perfect on wooden rims 200$-shipped with tracking pay pal for friends only
  36. Jrodarod

    Trade, Stingray White Wall 20” S2 Tire

    I’m looking for a good original schwinn black slick . I’ll trade for my white wall schwinn studded tire. Picture shown. Works great not hard. Does have a bunch of surface hairline cracks on the white wall. Nothing deep or unsafe. I’m in Whittier Ca.
  37. stingrayjoe

    Schwinn Stingray KRATE original Raised White Letter Slick

    Please PM direct with all replies or questions please do not post there thanks. You pay lower 48 USA shipping. Fair to good condition raised white letter slick for display. Made in USA for Schwinn by Carlisle tire and rubber Co. The tire is dated C2 4. $75. *S-2 three speed wheel is not included.
  38. Danny the schwinn freak

    Looking for this black and white 1950 Schwinn striaghtbar that sold on Facebook last Saturday

    Hello. Last Saturday the bike in the pics below was posted in a vintage bicycles and parts forums on Facebook and got sold the same day. It’s a black and white 1950 Schwinn straightbar with fenders and is in worn but decent condition. It was located in New Ulm, Mn and I think the buyer was...
  39. Danny the schwinn freak

    Sold Original white Schwinn ballooner grips and streamers *nice*

    Here are a pair of white OG balloon tire Schwinn grips with streamers. They are in excellent shape with some nice age to them. I didn’t clean them at all since I like the look they have, but they would clean up nicely. No cracks, rash or damage at all. They are nice and pliable. Price is $35...
  40. Phattiremike

    White Corvette Registry

    I've heard of a registry for Schwinn white Corvettes. I can't seem to find serial #'s or a registry but wanted to add this original 1959 to whoever is keeping track, for all I know this serial # is on the registry? @islandschwinn, are you the keeper of the registry? I need to tweak the 3 speed...
  41. partsguy

    A White Fox in the Hen House!

    My second dream bike arrived Friday, and I unpacked it yesterday. The sixth known, complete, original white Schwinn Corvette is permanently in my collection. The Sturmey Archer transmission and Weinmann brakes still work. I should be able to get this in a 6/10 condition. Yes my friends, there...