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  1. mongeese

    ND TOC model A new departure brake arm

    Overall nice- pictured band is wrong. Have the right one somewhere. 55 shipped from Wisconsin.
  2. trustrust

    Old COLUMBIA BICYCLE wooden crate board... How old do you think it is ??

    Any educated guesses as to how old this Columbia packing crate board is ? It is about 41" long and 3.5" high.... When do you think Pope/Columbia stop using wood crates?
  3. locomotion

    TOC wood handlebars

    TOC wood handlebars also would like to find a 2 pieces stem to fit them for very special project
  4. mongeese

    Wheels sale 1 lobdell 1 clad lots of vintage racing

    Prices are on board shipped. From Wi.Add 5 to price to California. U
  5. carlitos60

    Sold FS: Wood Racing Bars Complete!

    Antique Prewar Racing Wood Handlebars Used on Dayton Racycle Iver Johnson Schwinn Elgin Size: 14" x 5" x 2" +- Not Perfect, But Great for an Antique Display Bike!!! Left Hand Piece Almost Broken Off! Can be Fixed by Wood Person! $520 Shipped!! OBO
  6. O

    " The Cabe " Handmade Wooden Signs

    I am making " the cabe " wooden signs , i can do them in horizontal or vertical styles, i can even add a name of your bike or whatever you want to them as well , this sign is 5 " x 24 " , I do the background in any color & the words in any color , thanks again and have a great day ! Most signs...
  7. tommydale1950

    Wooden Chain Guard

    Anyone have a wooden chain guard they would part with ? Future project needs one ..Thanks in advance ..Tom
  8. rusty_apache

    TOC American cycle Co. Wasp

    The wasp is on the right with the display rims off of the Century Marathon, left. Here’s the front rim as found.... This is the front rim from the Wasp after a scrubbing and soak in hot water followed by an afternoon spent between two truck tool boxes in the 100 degree Texas heat. This...
  9. toyman

    Wood Rims made by Amish

    Can anyone give my the contact info on the Amish man that makes the wood rims?PM me please.Thanks,John
  10. J

    Sold ND metal/ wood rims

    Model C hub and rims seem to be in good shape Just need some love the chrome should clean up nicely Price is $200 shipped anywhere in the lower 48, includes the forks and fender
  11. SJ_BIKER

    Winchester super x wood box

    Measures 7 inches long 29.00 shipped
  12. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn ....... WOODEN MUDGUARDS....never used

    wooden mudguards- NOS....never used....be quick for 700- 28" wheels pay pal for friends only
  13. kirk thomas

    Sold 28" Wood wheelset,NDModel A,Wards,tires$325

    This set came from a 1918 Mead. The front rim is nice an straight, the rear rim has a slight tick and they spin freely. The brakes are little soft. After 100 years they just need a good cleaning. You can still see the paint with the center line mostly there. There is no splits or cracks in the...
  14. MsRock2

    Wood / metal front wheel 26" Single Tube

    Missing a couple of spokes $50.00 plus shipping PM for more or pick up free in San Diego
  15. MsRock2

    Reduced Vintage Wood rims single tube (metal covered) set 28" x 1 3/8 $50 delivered in USA

    28" 36 holes. $50 includes shipping. PM or pick up in San Diego. If pick up, $35. I also have un matched single 25" 36 hole rims as well.
  16. mongeese

    Complete set wood wheels with tires 28”

    Looking for 400 plus shipping from Wi. Wheels are fairly straight and spokes are a little loose so can be trued. House paint over pin striped wood do not think original paint is saveable. Tires are Gillette Ambassador. New departure A rear and ND front.
  17. carlitos60

    Plymouth & Lobdell 28" x 7/8" Wood Racing Wheels

    Plymouth and Lobdell 28" x 7/8" Wood Racing Wheel Set!! Front BSA Hub, Rear Hub Unk. Rear is Slightly Thicker! Nicely Straight! $350 Shipped
  18. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: TOC-Teens Bars, Stem and Leather Wrapped Wood Grips

    Surface is a little gnarly but just right for an original bike. Everything's solid and tight. $150 shipped or best offer.
  19. redline1968

    Early 28” wood clincher rims and tires.

    i have 4 clincher rims that are all wood. 28” size. No cracks or damages or severe warps.. They are all 32 hole which means most likely used for the front rim. Wish they were front /rear but beggars can’t be choosers.....lol. It comes with replacement tire sorry no inner tube.....One rim is...
  20. kirk thomas

    Sold Old Bicycle Shop Wooden Sign $100 shipped

    This sign is 3' x 2' and is very heavy. It is made of wood and has 2 rings on top for hanging. Look at the pictures it is 2 sided. This sign is from a old bike shop in Oneida NY. I would like $100 shipped
  21. MsRock2

    Sold TOC wood front wheel and tire

    28" Rim is really beautiful, tire is not really rideable. $100.00 - PM for info... can pick up or mail. San Diego area.
  22. MsRock2

    Sold TOC Women's Wood Fenders $48 shipped

    Nice finish and includes both. 36 inch rear. $48 includes shipping to US location or pick up. San Diego. PM for more info.
  23. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: TOC Wood Fender

    For a 28" bike from the 1890s. Retains a nice original finish. I forgot to picture them but the sale includes the skirt guard clips as well. $110 shipped.
  24. Tom Ca

    One 28inch wood clad tire

    I will buy one or two. Just need it to hold air for a day or so, color doesnt matter aswell
  25. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: 28" Wood Wheel with Period Goodyear Tire

    The wood has just a few traces of paint left. The tire has been holding air for a few months, but there is a lot of side wall cracking so probably best for display only. Spokes are tight and the wheel seems nearly true. $110 shipped or best offer.
  26. carlitos60

    Sold FS: TOC Wood Clincher Wheel

    I Have this TOC Wood Clincher Wheel w a ND Model M Hub!! Not Using It!! Great Shape for Age!! 90% Straight!! $190 Shipped!! OBO
  27. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Set of Womens Wood Fenders

    Good condition women's wood fenders. Back fender has 36 holes. Width of fender is 2". Both fenders have stamp on inside - hard to read but you can see it in photo. Location San Diego. Selling only as a pair. $150 OBO. Shipping shouldn't be too much additional as they are very lightweight.
  28. New Mexico Brant

    Sold TOC Bars with Wood Grips and Stem

    Nice solid, straight, and heavy duty weight TOC bars with wood turned grips and stem. The bars/stem have rust overall with very fine pitting; the wood grips are solid enough to be ridden but both have an open crack at one spot each. The brass or copper grip ferrules have a very dark patina...
  29. SJ_BIKER

    1980s Vision psycho stick boogie wood board

    Wall art 1980s era 130.00 shipped
  30. SJ_BIKER

    Wood sign porsche

    On wood 11x13... 35..00 shipped
  31. bricycle

    Reduced FS Steel clad wood 28" wheel set, Musselman armless and unkwn frt.

    Steel clad wood 28" wheel set, Musselman armless(working) and unkwn frt.(ND?) Perfect for 1919 to 1930's bike. Plating still pretty dang nice. True, couple very teeny dimples. $185.00 $195.00 $215.00 $235.00 shipped domestic. 122 175
  32. B

    NOS 28" Lobdell Wood Motobike Rims $325 shipped

    36 spoke holes. There are scruffs and scratches as shown in the photo but the rims are straight and no cracking. Paypal is accepted.
  33. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Carved wood coal box with scoop end

    Local pick up only. $30.00
  34. Bikermaniac

    Sold Wood clad wheel set with hubs and one petrified tire.

    This set came with an Iver Johnson I bought 6 months ago. Hubs are New Departure, good condition. One of the rims is in better condition than the other. Both could use a Oxalic Acid bath? you decide. The petrified tire is partially cut. Asking $100 + the ride.
  35. John zachow

    Wood Clad 1920's Bicycle

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/atq/d/1920s-era-bicycle/6547985327.html I could help with pick up and shipping if it helps Not mine
  36. mongeese

    Nice block chain

    Moves very well. In original condition and has not been cleaned. Master link works very smoothly. One pin seems to have been replaced. 3/16ths width 51 link - 52 1/2 inches long 130 shipped from Wisconsin
  37. Rollo

    ... Got Wood? ...

  38. carlitos60

    FS: Racing WOOD Wheel BSA Hub!

    This is an Extra Wheel I Have! It's a Racing WOOD Wheel w Racing BSA Hub! 28" Rim w 3/4"+- Thick! $179 Shipped! OBO
  39. S

    28" rideable wood clad,28h,wheel set,or rims

    Looking for a 28" rideable wood clad wheel set, or bare rims..... Thanks/Bob bobsarbacker85@gmail.com (if you perfer email)
  40. gtflyte

    Cleveland model 104 cushion frame wood rimmed bike powered by a 1918 Smith Motor Wheel.

    http://vintageccm.com/content/vintage-cleveland-lozier-smith-motor-wheel Enjoy
  41. buck hughes


    this one has got some age on it -solid wood weights 13#-pick up Lima,Oh but if this is a must have I would see how much it would cost to ship-paypal as friend. $60.00
  42. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Solar TOC Lamp in RARE Original Wood Box!

    So I am in the final phase of my building purgatory and I need to sell one lamp to buy three 2-circuit gallery lighting tracks. Over the next week I will be offering some items that I never thought I would sell. Being offered: an original 99 Solor Acetylene gas lamp in the original rare wood...
  43. SJ_BIKER

    1960s 70s wood skateboard

    75 shipped
  44. SJ_BIKER

    Wood boat

    Boat wood model 50.00 shipped
  45. corbettclassics

    Old Ship and beautiful wood Showcase - Large

    I have the famous old Cutty Sark ( not sure of scale ) in this beautiful old wood showcase. I do know that an older gentleman built it about 25 yrs ago up in Victoria, B.C. Canada. It's beautifully done with no damage that I can see and all rigging intact. The wood showcase is beautiful just...
  46. Lux Low

    Wanted 40 Hole Wood Rims

    Hey I am looking for 40 Hole Wood Rims, Mainly Pointed Racing Wood Rims. But also interested in any 40 hole wood Riims. Can Pay or trade them out for a rim you may need, Got a good amount of vintage but not th 40 hole I need. Thanx tyler
  47. spencehouse

    Sold CB Italia wood rims

    For sale: Wooden wheel set: CB Italia wooden rims, 40 hole rear, 32 hole front. Look in good condition. Bought these as a wheel set, sold the hubs already. For clinchers. Never rode them so don't know the history. $120 shipped CONTUS, Paypal friends and family.
  48. mongeese

    1960s wood racing peaked rim

    Need a match to this rim. Able to purchase or trade. Just need the rim but will also purchase whole wheel or sets.
  49. mongeese

    28” tires and wood metal clad front wheel

    Tires are 200 shipped for the 2 or 100 a piece plus shipping from Wisconsin. One tire has no valve stem. Front wheel is straight and rolls nice. House paint is covering very nice nickel. Front wheel is 70 plus shipping.
  50. Sven

    Phil Wood Tenacious Oil - Opinions

    I was just wondering if a 4 oz bottle of Phil Wood Tenacious Oil is worth the price. I read in another blog where Lucas Oil Stabilizer and chainsaw bar oil are the type of same lubricate, consistency of grease but flows like oil. Some mentioned it was the same lubricate put into a nifty...