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  1. bikemonkey

    1973 World Voyageur

    Just cleaned the chrome and refurbished this for the original owner. The wheelset was missing when it came in and a few parts were changed in the past. It will never be catalog correct again but it's in nice condition and quite an eye catcher. 23" frame in Kool Orange made in Japan by...
  2. locomotion

    Found very nice Schwinn New World badge.

    very nice 1940 Schwinn New World badge.
  3. Boris

    One of One Reflector in This Style

    ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM HANDMADE REFLECTOR - Classic styling will look great on almost any collector bicycle. - Featuring a combination of perfectly matched NOS vintage bicycle parts. - Magnified dual reflector placement and chrome face provides increased nightime visibility. $27.95 inc. shipping...
  4. Junkman Bob

    Reduced World war 1 newspapers... OR BEST OFFER

    I have up for sale 30 newspapers from the Worldvwar 1 era .... these paper are in expected condition for being 100 years old ... the thing I like about old papers is the read ... what a difference from today ... any way there are 30 , 1 section papers ... no leaflets .... a lot of awesome...
  5. SirMike1983

    Sold Ladies 1940s Schwinn New World 3-speed $100

    1940s Ladies Schwinn New World. Nice old rider bike with some upgrades - modern aluminum rims; Schwinn-approved Weinmann brakes/levers; Kool Stop Continental brake pads. New shifter and brake cables. Sturmey Archer 3-speed rear hub with classic "upside down" Sturmey shifter. Fresh grease in...
  6. SirMike1983

    Sold 1940s Schwinn New World $300

    1940s Schwinn New World. Hand brazed Schwinn from the early years of the Schwinn 3-speeds. Nice maroon paint with generally good graphics. Mesinger World saddle; Sturmey Archer rear hub; Schwinn dural oiler front hub. Schwinn S6 stainless rims were a high-end touch in the 1940s. Schwinn grips...
  7. S

    Motorcycling Including Bicycling World 9-25-1929 Mead Cycle radio and musical instruments?

    Never knew that Mead Cycle/Ranger sold anything other than bikes
  8. gkeep

    1952 Girls 24" New World

    I rescued this one about 6-7 years ago from becoming scrap metal. Seem like someone rode it a fair amount but took good care of it. It's too bad it is only a 24". My daughter was not into riding back when it would have fit her size, wife says to small too...but I rode it around the block today...
  9. C

    Looking for info on Mom's vintage New World

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm looking for any information I can gather/verify about my mom's bicycle. This seems like a pretty knowledgeable group so I'm hoping someone here can help. My mom has had this bike since she was little (sometime in the 1940s). She doesn't remember exactly when she got...
  10. 3

    Sold ‘41 Schwinn BFG New World

    Here is a very nice schwinn BF Goodrich 1941 New World. I have never cleaned this bike. I just wiped it off for the pics but this bike would turn out great. My stuff is getting bumped and scraped in my garage so I’m letting stuff go. Beautiful pinstripes, schwinn Superior wheels, Schwinn script...
  11. rideahiggins

    Reduced Prewar The World DX Schwinn

    Schwinn The World men's bike. It's how I got it. It has a set of Wards Riveside tires. It needs a head badge. It has The World stencilled on the down tube. Rear wheel has a wobble to it. Serial nmber D37188. $450 shipped
  12. bobcycles


    Pictures tell the story. 100% original and incredible condition New World War Time 26" Mens bicycles. More Black out than I've seen on any war time bicycle by Schwinn. Even the Schwinn script glass fender reflector bezel is blacked out, as well as bars, sprocket, hubs, bottom bracket, braces...
  13. ByronsBygones

    Schwinn New WORLD *UPDATE* no saddle

    barn bikes, I've got too many and not enough time to love em all. this Schwinn New world is in decent condition, front fender still has some really great color to it. i haven't done any work on this besides a little love with some wd40.. but not in any way extensive. *UPDATE* I sold the...
  14. zedsn

    new world single speed coaster brake

    Just picked this up today from an old bicycle shop. Any idea on year? I am thinking pre war.
  15. KingOBO

    The World Badge and Bike LP's

    Up for your consideration, OBO The World Badge $120 shipped Michigan Bike LP $25 your choice shipped
  16. alecburns

    1939-1940 New York World's Fair "The World of Tomorrow" Architecture Book

    An original souvenir book sold at the 1939 New York World's Fair: The World of Tomorrow. See pictures for condition. $22.50 + Shipping https://www.etsy.com/listing/591387833/1939-1940-new-york-worlds-fair-the-world
  17. MsRock2

    Sold 1952 Schwinn World for sale

    1952 World Schwinn. $1150.00 - pick up in San Diego or arrange shipping with local bike shop. Serial number C16702. Experts will see some items may not be original but I do not know what those are as I'm a novice. I can provide additional pictures of anything if you pm me your number...
  18. MsRock2

    Schwinn aficionados! BF Goodrich & The World questions...

    Have these two I want to list but not sure of value since I am new to this and don't know all the in's and out's of the vintage bicycle. I have the ladies BF Goodrich which is in need of tires and the men's The World (it says World Imperial on the frame in script.) A few photos attached. I have...
  19. SLM

    New Life for a Schwinn World

    This was going to be a parts bike and instead we built it up as a Klunker for 30 degree spring rides !
  20. 66TigerCat

    Rare RPPC of Iver Lawson World Champion track racer

    Rare real photo postcard of racer Iver Lawson, men's sprint World Champion in 1904. Lawson won races against the best riders of the day including Major Taylor and Frank Kramer. Lawson's brothers John and Gus were also involved in professional cycling. John was a racer and Gus was a motor pacer...
  21. alecburns

    Rell Clements WWII World War II Era Military Photo Panorama Fort Bragg, N.C. 12-28-46

    PHOTO NO 2964 CO. C 23RD. BN. REGT. R.T.C. FORT BRAGG, N.C. 12-28-46. by RELL CLEMENTS World War II ended on September 2, 1945. 16 months later, Rell Clements arranges for this group photo of Recruit Training Command members in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Little did anyone know that 3 fateful...
  22. barnyguey


  23. barnyguey

    Sold Schwinn The World brass badge, Late 30's-early 50's, $35.00 free shipping, headbadge

    Schwinn used these starting in 1938 and used them into the 1950's. Free shipping Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry
  24. zedsn

    Sold green schwinn world badge $35 shipped

    Have a decent green schwinn world badge with touchups around the mounting holes only. Includes 1 complete rivet and the other rivet head for $35 shipped. PM if interested.
  25. Kenny Middendorf

    Vintage Orignal Schwinn World

    Here is another auction find I have been lucky to find . no one wanted it for more than the 15.00 i had to give for it .It could use a stem and handle bars , looks like it was dropped on them from the rafters of a barn or something. I aired up the original tires and rode it the whole weekend...
  26. barnyguey

    ad removed

    ad removed
  27. bobcycles


    Presentable survivor with some good original paint left. First year straight bar tank, and "fender light" locking springer has Yale key, super straight (even chromable) rare 6 hole rear carrier. 2 year only tank with Ea bakelite button (tray is good, should work!) Small switch? for accessory...
  28. B

    Schwinn new world

    Do this look to be prewar or postwar. Thinking about getting it. Would appreciate the help.
  29. bobcycles

    World Record Price---Ebay home run Pogo

    Anyone see this listing? Seller told me it actually did sell for 2600.00 WHAT the? Who would pay that? Also not an original cover...older recover no logo and glue perimeter on pan which never happened at factory...
  30. bobcycles


    BARGAIN BASEMENT VINTAGE SCHWINN LIGHTWEIGHT FRAMES ===================== 41 Prewar NewWorld sold! ===================== 1940 or 41 Schwinn original paint (fair) New World frame set black original paint with head badge on board. All you see here, bare frame, fork and badge. 25.00 plus...
  31. wrongway

    Schwinn World

    I picked this up for $20 and it seems to fit pretty good and ride decently. I've been told the serial number makes it a 1982, but the 1983 catalog shows one. Any ideas? It more closely resembles the 1983 except for the cotter-less cranks. Mine have cotters. I'm just going to clean it up, put...
  32. bobcycles

    1936 "The World" Schwinn Motorbike frame & 1yr only locking fork F/S

    Solid and sound 36 Motorbike frame Nice early and rare Oval badge 250 plus shipping Or 200 without badge 1 year only motor bike / autocycle Locking fork center locking complete with struts and top headset. As is with broken key 200 shipped With repaired lock and new key And plug 245...
  33. P

    Schwinn World Sport Men's 12 Speed

    Schwinn World Sport Men's 12 Speed in great condition. All original parts. Purchased approximately in 1980. 4130 Cro Molly alloy Wheels, Araya, Quick release front hub. I believe the serial number is GO285. Asking price : $200 which is negotiable. Please see pictures for details or feel...
  34. prewarmachine

    1941 Schwinn The World Father and Son

    This is the bike my dad and I first cut our teeth on in the classic bicycle category 15 years ago. I bought the bare frame with the money I saved and he had to go with me to get it, since i couldn't drive yet. We spent the next 2 years building it together. I loved the whole process. I know it's...
  35. bikiba

    Sold New World

    I've had this bike for a few years and had wanted to refurb it, but like another 15 projects i just dont have the time [ nor energy for ] This is as received except for an area on the front rim where i saw if it cld be polished. Stem and bars seem to have the worst rust and a lot of chrome...
  36. KingSized HD

    1952 Purple Schwinn World -S.F. CL

    Unusual color,3 spd $200 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bik/d/antique-purple-1952-schwinn/6228374073.html
  37. mongeese

    wtb 30s 40s schwinn lightweights

    Parts or completes. Please start private conversation and if able a phone number really speeds up the process. Thank you kindly.
  38. mongeese

    Sold Schwinn adjustable stem 50$ shipped

    50$ shipped from Wisconsin. Missing hardware and insert needs help.