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♦️ 26th Annual CYCLONE COASTER free SWAPMEET & RIDE ♦️ SUNDAY Sunday SUNDAY ♦️ NOVEMBER 6th 2022 ♦️

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cruisin my 80s bmx bikes


















Good times with good people all day.thanks to frank for putting on a killer swap.chris for putting up with us and mike for organizing the double bar get together.big turnout today for sure.


Finally riding a big boys bike
After Sunday’s ride and gathering back at Pike’s restaurant to eat, wife and I started our drive up the coast. We are home after spending a couple of days along beautiful California central coast from Carpenteria to Morrow Bay.

We were glad to make it down for this swap and ride especially that it was our first SoCal vintage bike ride. Wasn’t much of a buyer at the swap, was going to purchase a prewar Schwinn ladies for my wife, but because her favorite bike was already the same color, a '47 ladies DX, she wasn’t feeling it. Otherwise, swaps are fun for me, to see all the cool old vintage stuff that were available. This is where I got to meet a few SoCal members for the first time. Introduced myself to @markivpedalpusher, @CWCMAN, Jesse, not sure of his handle here, @Velocipedist Co., @birdzgarage, and I’m sure a few others I forget. Oh, and Santi, @Rust_Trader. I missed Dave @BFGforme, if he was there. I talked to him leading up to the weekend. But I did talk with Marty, @cyclingday, for a while about his bikes and learning about the little details on handlebars even sharing our ideas of extending existing bars. Then I met Mark “Sparky”, @tripple3. We talked a lot, during the swap and at the lighthouse. What stories we shared about riding these vintage rides. Dig Mark’s spirit very much. Because I love riding, maybe one day I’ll go on one of his super long adventures. It was nice to meet Todd @srfndoc for the first time and his wife Robin. I’m glad Todd and Robin decided to join. Leading up to the swap and ride, wasn’t certain Todd would make it. And always good to see Mike @fordmike65. A big thanks to Tony @The Hat for the old metal basket. Last month during the Folsom COBOA ride, he mentioned about a cool old little basket that would look pretty cool on my granddaughter’s 20” prewar Rollfast. When I first saw Tony, to our surprise he handed us the basket. “My granddaughter will love it,” I told Tony. Also thanks for the deal on the @JAF/CO plates. Good to see Ted @tryder. We talked a while during the swap and after the ride. Thanks Frank @cyclonecoaster.com for organizing the swap and ride, though short, still was pretty cool along the beach and lighthouse. Thanks Mike for making this month the DB featured ride.

It was a great day for my wife and me. I’m passionate about these vintage bikes, and when we can get together for a swap and/or ride, it’s worth the time. And while we were riding along the beach, calm waters of the big blue pacific, looking over the Long Beach water front, Queen Mary in the background, the beautiful weather, I told my wife, “So this is how it is riding in SoCal.” “We’ll come back again.” She said. Like Marty and I were discussing, I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, the cool vintage rides and stuff are fun, but it’s talking, meeting, and riding with other people that makes it the best part of the day for us. Thank you Cyclone Coasters and SoCal. We will definitely be back again.

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