1920’s East side motorcycle “ACE” update

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    E088DD42-5E16-478B-8E70-9C8D6504B50C.jpeg 3990968A-9DE4-41E9-B164-DB4CD523FD08.jpeg 2D15B0A7-AC63-49AD-86C4-1D1514929BC6.jpeg A bit of history this company bought and sold used Indians and Harley motorcycles and parts in the teens..still currently in business. i.d. Bet they would kill for this one...Must be a special order bike for promotion of the business.. truley a rare bike with a rare badge... It’s a Westfield built ace. Definitely a lot of Indian elements on this one... I'm finally catching up with putting parts on it for a visual look on it...Thought I’d Show some pics of It.. think I’m going to look for flaired front fender.. the fender on it is Westfield but flaired looks much cooler. I need the correct fork too. A tank would be a mirical but not necessary.... if you have one let me know.