1941 Schwinn LINCOLN bicycle "paper boy double drum special" F/S

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    Nice original survivor Schwinn LINCOLN Chicago Cycle supply bicycle in the
    rare Dark Maroon paint with red pinstripes with front and rear drum brakes.
    I believe this color became Whizzer maroon after the war. I found this bicycle in a very old bike shop in the
    midwest a few years ago. The plating unfortunately had turned on some parts
    especially the wheels. So the drum brake wheels set was completely restored/
    rechromed...except for the pork chop backing plates. Also rechromed the
    struts/ truss rods ...both come with the bike but only one is shown in the pic. Also
    comes with both brake levers although only one is shown. Original
    Schwinn key in the cycle lock....Tall 20" frame with super long Lucky 7 seat post...
    Excellent original prewar leather Mesinger Deluxe B-1 Saddle....cross brace
    handlebars. Torrington 8 pedals (not shown in pic) Nice script Schwinn prewar
    fender reflector (not shown) Rare GILLETTE BEAR diamond sidewall tires...
    DEEP stamped lobdell hoops with 105 gauge Newspaper boy spokes!
    A very very cool bike for a non equipped model!

    2200.00 paint is outstanding on this bicycle although the guard has faded
    considerably although the original guard to the bike. One coat of maroon paint
    at the factory I guess? The back panel, ivory, is perfect!

    PM here or email bobcycles@aol.com

    IMG_2091.JPG IMG_2084.JPG IMG_2088.JPG IMG_2086.JPG IMG_2092.JPG IMG_2085.JPG
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    Slick looking Bike