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1962 Schwinn Typhoon 20" Pig Bike

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Yes, actually I do. I need to figure out where I put it.
Let me do so and we can come up with a price we can both live with man!
Just something to throw into the slush fund and squander on old bike parts!
Hey Rob, I went shopping today after my visit to the VA and found a nice pair of Fastback bars and a brand new solo polo for my 66 Ray project.. Looking good so far.. RideOnn.. Razin.. P.S, I LOVE that frame too..
Where do you go shopping at, 1974? I cannot seem to go shopping and come home with a set of brake cables and a good inner tube anymore!
Well, here I go again. Another change. I don't usually do change well but this bike is really testing me.
I bought a Spaceliner chainguard, the one with the louver slots cut in it. I was going to try it on my wheelie bike and if I liked it I was going to put the Flaming Stack Orange backing on it.

Then I thought.
Let's pause here a moment and ponder that.
I thought.
Those words have done everything from write love songs to start wars. Now back to the story at hand.

I thought maybe I would try it on the Typhoon Pig Bike. Now I am changing the plan and running with this chainguard with a red backing behind the louver holes. Kind of a George Barris/Iverson meets Huffy Flaming Stack.

I am going to clean off the Spaceliner logo area (GASP!) and maybe have a decal made to put in its place. Fold over the rear mounting tab and put a chrome bracket from there to the frame.

This is a rough idea of what I have going on that so far. If this bike would've really been built in the early 1960s it would've pre-dated the Super Deluxe Stingray for the fork, the Krate series for drum brake wheels and the Huffy Rail for the tall sissybar and Flaming Stack chainguard.

Who else have I ripped off building this bike?

I am also thinking about building a tank style tool box like one I saw for sale here for an antique bike. It would fit between the top bar and the seat stays so the style of the bike stays visible. Big enough for 3 or 4 wrenches, a patch kit and a tire gauge. Maybe have a lock keyed to match the fork lock.
I also want to get a small tire pump to mount below it with brackets for it hanging between the seat stay tubes under the tank.

Will this ever end? Will this bike ever be finished? Will I be judged mentally incompetent and be committed to a sanitarium?
Who knows, but it has been a fun ride so far.
Until later, Rob
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Where do you go shopping at, 1974? I cannot seem to go shopping and come home with a set of brake cables and a good inner tube anymore!
Geeze Rob, You must be using bit coin or somethings really wrong with your methods of MADNESS.. Got the 67 dated bars and a NOS Solo Polo for a fraction of flee bay prices, kinda like shopping in 1974 but that's a whole other story to tell...
A new twist, as well as an old plan delayed brought these two beauties together.
Actually months ago I looked at a speedometer that I thought personifies this build. Then a bunch of life went sideways and I thought I had lost out on it.

Then a week back I ran across something that color wise looked like it also belongs, and belongs with the speedometer as well. So I broke open my Piggy Bank (every Pig Bike should have one) and had JUST enough to buy the new find.

The question was, is the speedometer still available? It took me several days of spare time searching thru the forum I found it. I had saved it, but it was not visible in my saved items. After almost exhausting my options I saw a name I thought I recognized as being the seller, so I checked his posts and voila! I found it!
OK you have been patient so here is the speedometer.

And here is my new find, an Archer radio/horn/reflector. It is newer, because it is an AM/FM radio, but let's face it. 1960s WLS Rock and Roll is no longer being played on WLS, so I had to be creative. It looks like the AM Radio, but with one more switch for FM. Besides, this is not a concours restoration, it is a Resto-Mod so I can have a little poetic license.
Screenshot_20220223-185531_Samsung Internet.jpg

Honestly, if it did not have a horn or a reflector I would not miss them. I will never honk that horn when I can have something really cool. I will probably cover the reflector with an NOS in the package reflector I have with a Rebel Flag on it. I will add that photo tomorrow.

I received the Radio today, and will have the Speedometer in the next week or so.

Good thing I am going multi speed on this, the bike is headed past 50lbs at light speed, which is about 186,000 mps faster than this bike will move running downhill with a 100lb rolling ball dragging it.

Enough for now, at least until my plan changes again which never results in a cost saving situation.
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I am behind a little on the thread updates but I am trying to do some cleanup and reorganization around the place.

I bought these wheels in February and did not get to them until last week. I did a little cleanup and put my vintage Carlisle tires on them. I have a Lightning Dart on the rear and a Roadgripper on the front.

When I bought them I thought they were 20x1-3/8 wheels because they looked narrow and they were from a Raleigh Shopper/Twenty. I was planning to use the front wheel as is with an S-5/6 Rob gripper tire and respoke the rear onto an S-2 size rim. I was going to use the spare lightweight rim and another front hub on one of my other bikes.

Turns out the later bikes used 20x1.75 tires. At least for now I am running the 1.75 tire on the front. Later I will try to find a lightweight 20 France made wheel with the brake grip pattern on the sides.

Since these photos I have torn down the fork, cleaned off all the orange paint remains and put my "AS" bolts in from a Schwinn Cruiser fork I had off of a girls bike I found in parts back in or about 2014.

Who would've thought one of the reissue Cruiser bikes with the welded steer tube would have "AS" bolts? Maybe leftovers from the Phantom Reissue bikes?

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had reversed the steer tube so I could get a little more rake and length on the bike. I finally got around to bending the top bracket so it would sit level when I put the spacer on the fork to adapt it to the Stingray size front frame tube. You can see in this photo the top bracket is at an angle to the steer tube.

I plan to use a 2" axle spacer for a Harley Davidson 1" diameter axle for the fork spacer, that way I can have a spacer with a large OD in chrome so it looks like it belongs on the fork. The spacer will be installed on the top of the fork.


Man, those Lightning Dart balloon tires look cool. The next best thing to a Slik in my opinion. Besides, the Slik tires were not available in 1962.

I will update the front fork photos tomorrow if I get a chance.
A couple parts updates;

1). I found a 20x1-3/8 side knurled rim to match the rear wheel. I will be spoking the front drum to the lightweight rim. Thats the look I wanted!
The rim came spoked to a 1974 ACS 36 spoke hub. I will most likely sell it to someone doing a BMX freewheel rim to help recover a little of my investment.

2). An electric siren, of course its red to match the radio and speedometer. I think the bottom of the handlebars is officially filled with accessories now.


3). I have changed my plan for a tool box from making a frame tank. I do not want to hide the twin straight bar design. My solution?
I am buying another vintage flashlight and dismantling it for the battery box. The light I chose is a chrome Ash-Flash 6 volt lantern. The box has a louvered look, and the lid hinges like a toolbox should. Mounting choice will have to wait until i have it.
Either on or under a chrome rack, or attached to the side of a rack like a Sportster battery box.

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Now I am looking for a set of red lever hoods. I need something vintage. So far the only ones I have found are Raleigh, which would be ok but they are in England and the shipping is more than the price. Hard to justify $50 for brake lever hoods. I know Weinmann had to have made some as well. They would match my lever covers.

Maybe I am not looking in the right place. A'ME seems to make them in every color except red. They are kinda newer than I wanted, but they would do in a pinch.

I may put a post in wanted later if I dont find them soon.