38-39 Hiawatha Arrow Help Please!

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Look Ma, No Hands!
Hi everyone, my first post here and I'm not so much of a forum guy so I'm certainly going to screw up. Any help with this new project or me messing up posting something wrong would be very much appreciated. So I am mainly a car guy (Pontiac stuff is my passion). By trade I am a machinist but have been restoring muscle cars for 30+ years so I'm no stranger to BIG restoration projects. Never been into bicycles much but I'm very passionate about old mechanical things and always seem to be saving something that someone is about to scrap or throw away... I have a close friend that his dad passed away 4 or 5 years ago and about a year ago his mom passed also. They, like allot of us, had accumulated allot of stuff over the years and neither one of the two boys were much interested in allot of it so he invited me to come look at things and see if I wanted anything. Rescued allot of stuff from the dumpster and while looking in the back basement storage room surrounded by mis stuff and barely visible (other than this huge beautiful long tank) I spotted this Bicycle that I had never seen anything like before. I was INSTANTLY HOOKED by it!!! Hook, line, sinker and half the pole :). Butterflies in my stomach and everything... At first one of the boys wanted to keep it for a decoration but after a few days they agreed to let me buy it from them for what I thought was a fair price at the time ($600). They knew I wouldn't rest until it was complete and given a new life again. There dad had gotten the bike new when he was a young man and had kept it all these years. I really had no idea what it even was but I knew I LOVED IT and wanted to bring it back to life. So that was about a year ago and I have done my best to research it and I think it is a 38 or 39 Hiawatha Arrow. I have had a hell of a time trying to find parts for it... I have found that bicycles are MUCH harder to research than old cars and machinery. Maybe I just don't have the circle of friends that I do with old cars and machinery but every time I think I have one question answered I come up with 3 more... Mainly due to discrepancies I see in other bikes. Hopefully some of you guys can help me out. I have just been bitten by this bicycle bug in a bad way and look very much forward to learning more and adding to the beginning of this collection. Sorry to go on so much in the intro to this. I just wanted to give a little appropriate background...

So like I said I believe it to be a 38 or 39 Arrow. I have learned these were built by Shelby but I am missing several parts and would like to know what parts interchange between the Airflow, Speedline, Arrow, and others surely, in both girls and boys. I will post a bunch of pictures either tonight or tomorrow after I figure out the best way to do that. Also after looking things over, if you all could chime in on what you think its fair value is the way it sits. I would like to compensate the brothers accordingly if I underpaid, and I think I did...???

Bike Info
Best I can tell originally Red, White, and Blue. Lots of patina...
Ser #R618389
Chrome wheels
Straight, not curved down tube
Missing - Chain Guard, Front Fender (He took it off to install aftermarket basket and lost it somewhere)
Stand (I found one on e-pay a while back that I "think" is correct)

Thank you all in advance!!! I really look forward to learning from you all and building this bike as well as the collection to come ;)



Look Ma, No Hands!
BTW - I tried searching for the best way to post pics here but didn't come up with anything constructive... If someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I mainly use my IPhone to take pics but could email them to my laptop if I had to...

I did however find a post about things that annoy others concerning proper etiquette on here... If I break that just call me out... I'm totally OK with being frank... ie-Hey dumb ass don't do that :)


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Welcome to the Cabe Shon! 👍

Is there a box at the bottom left that says Attach files in your text window? Click on that if it's there and it should take you to your PC files. I don't use a phone camera so can't say if that is also used for uploading phone photos.


Look Ma, No Hands!
Thanks GTs58!
Ok here is a start.


























Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
First we are probably need some more pics of those cars!, great bike and looks like you only need a few things, front fender & chain guard, pedals, grips etc. and maybe a seat ( not sure, I've only had the Airflow version ), the stand you picked up is similar but Shelby brackets are a little different to clear the extra large fender braces. would love to see what paint could be brought back to life and it made a patina rider, It's only OG once but can always be restored.


Cruisin' on my Bluebird
Lucky you! A great start and understandable why you are smitten. It is missing very little, all easily obtained HERE on The Cabe if you ask nicely in the Wanted section. Anyone here would be thrilled to have that crusty lumpy Shelby. Keep us posted on your PLANS, as this site will help you not make any big mistakes with it! The Fork and headset may be wrong. Mystified by the alu stem a bit. Seat may be correct for 39 or 40. The $600 was a great buy. Maybe 1/2-1/4 the value. Quick cash for the boys and a good project for you! Seller beware. I will also add your example, a solid representative, to the Shelby Prewar Serial Number list.
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Riding a '37 Dayton Super Streamline
I’m not a Shelby expert but here are my thoughts. The serial would seem to indicate 1938 but I would expect to see the curved down tube with the Arrow. I believe the seat is original to that bike although a lot of people restoring it would probably put a horizontal spring Lobdell on it. A piece of one of the original streamline pedals is there. These are not cheap or easy to find in decent condition although there are suitable repos available. The front fender isn't hard but with the curved braces expect to pay $150-200 for a nice one. The Indian head ornament is likely to be another $150. This bike was likely equipped with the big guard and that’s probably about $500. Like was mentioned the drop stand is specific to these bikes. A smoking bargain at $600. BTW I kinda like these big tank Shelby’s! V/r Shawn



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First thing....Welcome to theCABE from the beautiful PNW. Next, this is an outstanding first bicycle to start your journey down the rabbit hole of cool rides. It's a good thing you have room and tools, you'll need both. Keep posting pics and questions.