Any Schwinn Tandem Experts Here?

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    I am a bike collector/rider but don't know much about Schwinn bikes. I have a Schwinn compact tandem (like the later Town & Country) and am trying to obtain more information. My web searches have not been very productive on this particular bike.

    It appears to be Serial no T 20, and has the wartime hat in ring All American headbadge. There are three "Schwinn" decals as follows: Forward top tube, rear down tube and large chain guard. The forward seat tube has a round Schwinn cross decal. There are no model designations on the bike.

    Three generations of a family owned this bike. The second generation replaced the rear wheel with a modern wheel/Shimano 3 speed hub...and replaced the brakes, pedals and saddles. Thankfully the second generation was wise enough to save most of the original parts....including Torrington blackout pedals. I acquired the bike from the third generation. Sadly, the front fender is missing, as is the original rear wheel.

    Any information regarding this model, possible production year, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

    20170819_184411.jpg 20170819_184628.jpg 20170819_184536.jpg 20180103_145713.jpg 20180103_145824.jpg
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    It looks rather like the tandem in this 1946 Schwinn catalog. I'm thinking early post-war with the AS&CO chain ring, double adjustable handlebar stem and the gold Schwinn script. Would have thought the front wheel would have had a brake hub though. Might be worth posting photos to show the larger chain guard on the other side and the original pedals.
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    With that serial number I'd say that's one of the very first few built! :eek: There were only minor changes through out the years and production ended with the 1963 models.
    At the beginning of 1949 there seem to have been 1000 produced, or maybe just the rear BB shells were stamped with a serial number. By 1961 the serial numbers were only up to 3900 +.
    01/19/1949 ------------------ T001000 ----- T001217 -(TDM)
    By 1950 there may have been 3035 built or possibly just the frames were built and stored. .
    07/24/1950 ------------------ T002663 ----- T003035 -(TDM)
    1961---------- T003913 +. I've seen one 1963 model but I did not record the serial number.
    Here's a 1961 model with a mess of wrong parts on it. Seller doesn't have a clue on the year. Serial number is T003913



    1946 model
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