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Riding a '38 Autocycle Deluxe
This one, was another one of those,
“Getting the Call” stories.
I was at work, when I got a text message from the Cabe’s own, @sarmisluters He said, that his coworker, Charley, had just inherited a bike and that he wanted to sell it.
I asked what it was, and he said, he thought it was a 1940’s Schwinn Paramount.
That piqued my interest, so I asked if he had any pictures of it?
The next text I got, were a series of pictures, of what I could clearly see, was of a first generation prewar Schwinn Sports Tourist model, Paramount.
At that time, I had never even seen an actual set of the Schwinn Webb, “Ten Spot” brakes.
So, right away, I knew I wanted this bike. I made an offer, that I figured would be considered fair, and which was accepted.
We made arrangements to meet up that evening after work.
He lived up in Palos Verdes, which would be a tough drive at that time of day.
Rush hour traffic in Los Angeles is legendary.
So I left right after I got off work and started working my way up there.
I stopped for dinner, all the while, educating myself on all things, Prewar Paramount.
Our meeting time was for 8:00 pm, so I drove up the hill, to get to Charley’s house.
It was a steep drive, so I’m thinking this bike didn’t get ridden much, if at all, while it’s been in Charley’s care.
The view from Charley’s house was spectacular!
It seemed like you could practically reach out and touch Catalina Island, and the lights from Los Angeles Harbor were incredible!
Best light show on Earth!
But, back to the bike.
It turns out, that Charley’s dad had been riding buddies with the Paramounts original owner.
He had been a Dentist in Santa Monica, and had bought the bike locally.
Hans Ohrt was a famous local shop on Santa Monica Blvd, that specialized in early Lightweights.
There is a remnant of the shops decal on the frame, with only the word Santa visible, so I can only assume, that this is the shop, where this bike was purchased when new.
Anyway, when the original owner passed away, he left the bike to Charley’s dad, and when Charley’s dad passed away, he left it to Charley, and then me.
We had a nice visit and consummated the deal.
While I was loading the bike up, Charley asked me, in an inquisitive tone, if I had actually planned on riding that bike?
My reply, Absolutely! View attachment 1739828
View attachment 1739830
View attachment 1739831
View attachment 1739832
View attachment 1739829
Here’s the;
1939 Schwinn, Sports Tourist model, Paramount.
Cruising the Pacific Coast since 1939.
Thank you, Sarmis!
Daaaaang is that you Marty :)


Riding One Of My Monark Super Deluxe's
The "Toad Lick Special" !
1941 Monark built Spiegel Airman. Original survivor!
Long story short!! A woman called me and sent me this picture. She said she lived in a small town in Indiana, named "Toad Lick" and they were cleaning out the barn/shed. After thinking she was yanking may chain, the picture took over! It was quite the trip!

The picture she sent!


The bike now, in my shop!


Jesse McCauley

McCauley Cycle Works
I think my longest and most rewarding hunting expedition was for my 1894 George Hendee's Silver King.
As far as the collector's world knows this is the oldest surviving Hendee machine / Indian precursor.

It was in a major motorcycle collection in New England and after tracking it to that collection I still had the uphill battle of convincing the widow of the previous owner to sell.

After a few years of patient waiting (with periodic check ins) and the help of a few good friends in the bicycle world I was able to secure this machine and bring it back into the fold.
Incidentally I finally got the 'perfect' saddle for this bike some time ago thanks to @cr250mark but have not yet taken it out for a proper photo shoot, that will be a priority.

First picture 'as found' and as it sat for decades: missing tires, broken / incomplete chain etc.
Second picture after a bit of tinker time.